TmoNews Video Hands On With the T-Mobile G2X

The T-Mobile G2X was easily the most impressive T-Mobile device I had an opportunity to spend time with during CTIA 2011. The combination of stock Android and the dual-core processor really impressed me and this may be the first Android phone I purchase. Although physical hardware didn’t wow me, the performance of the phone sure did and this is definitely going to be a winner for T-Mobile. Throw in the combination of possible AT&T 3G bands and we’ve got a winner!

As an added bonus, T-Mobile has posted a first look in combination with the LG girl Stephanie a first look at the G2X. She’s obviously much more enjoyable to look at. So check out our very own hands on and then take a look at Stephanie’s.

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  • joshua

    give us a solid date already!! is it the 20th? for sure?? me want that phone!!

    • Randy

      Yeah TMO…shit or get off the pot. I want to get my name on the list for this. The ol’ G1’s days are coming to an end.

  • if the Optimus 3d falls through for Tmo then im getting this or get the Thrill and have it unlocked

    • AL X

      but if u unlock the thrill would u get 4g speeds?

      • michael

        no..only 2g (edge)

        • the LG Thrill has 850/1900 for AT&T and 1700/2100 AWS and 2100 for Tmobile

  • Jimmcparty

    Does this work with the 42 Mbps T-Mobile is putting out?

    • No, unfortunately T-Mobile told me it’s a 14.4 device.

      • Jimmcparty

        LOL do they have ANYTHING that can use the 42Mbps??

      • Aerofanbig

        seriously? why do phone manufacturers spend so much R&D and promo money only to release outdated phones?

  • joshua

    i am pretty sure it is only 14.4 thats what intomobile said

  • ptol21

    Forget the phone, can I get her with a 2 year contract?

    • pantlesspenguin


      • Cliquser

        LMFAO! that was pretty funny.

  • Ilyas_k15

    It’s either this one, or HTC Pyramid for me. Also, if Optimus 3D comes out, it will be another option. I am sick and tired of my Cliq and I want a really powerful device this time. I just hope that all 3, or at least 2 of the choices are going to be out by the end of September, I’ll be due for an upgrade around that time, can’t wait.

    • Deff

      like like like like like like like!!!! i hate my cliq. i guess you got sucked in by those darn world series commercials too? Lucky for me, my dad took advantage of the BOGO sale at the end of last year. SO he got a phone for my mom for FREEEE. Therefore, her line is due for an upgrade and this will be the phone I am getting. SWEEEEEETTTT

    • Anonymous

      Is there anyway that the Pyramid is better than this device?

  • Anonymous

    I have never owned an LG phone but now I will buy anything “LG Girl” is selling!

  • kuni

    “Late Spring” doesn’t sound like April 20. Closer to June 20.

  • Khmerweezy

    so are we getting it with LG UI on top of it? or just vanilla 2.2?

    • Deff

      vanilla. its g series. AND gingerbread release less than 2 weeks out of box

    • whosaidwhat

      I wouldn’t call it vanilla 2.2 but it doesn’t have LG’s UI. Google’s stock Android doesn’t come with swype.

      They are starting to use the word “stock” to mean something different now. That’s my only complaint with this phone. Bloatware and swype doesn’t pass as stock Android in my book.

      A super nice phone none the less. I will get it if I don’t hear anything about the SGS2 or Pyramid before this comes out.

      • Cybersedan

        By that measure, the only true Stock Android phone would be a Nexus series then.

        • whosaidwhat

          Pretty much…But that’s just me though. I feel like stock should be just that, stock with no modifications or enhancements. And by that I don’t mean that enhancements or modifications are a bad thing. Google will have to come up with a different way to categorize their unmodified OS’s if “stock” is going to be used lightly now.

          My G1, The two Nexus devices and I believe one or two or the Mytouch phones are the only stock devices I know of.

        • Aerofanbig

          The “G” series and the Nexus series are the only “stock” android phones. MyTouch have UI’s on top of them.

        • Guest

          The 3G mytouch was running vanilla.

      • michael

        i’d say vanilla means stock with a couple add ons
        stock is a nexus phone

        • whosaidwhat

          Well, that’s an interesting way to put it. I guess I can go for that.

        • Cybersedan

          I agree, thats a good way to quantify. So I guess Vanilla is what I like, I do love swype, can’t imagine going back to tap-tap typing.

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you. It’s a custom TMO version of vanilla but you can’t call it “stock” vanilla. That’s like calling a reproduction of an origional painting an “origional” paintaing. It’s not.

        And yeah where is are those two damn phones!

  • Hey LG Girl, does this mean that I will get better T-Mobile coverage? Oh, maybe I just have to be in downtown Orlando.

  • michael

    This better be under 550 unlocked? :D

    • Anonymous

      ATRIX is only $499 (and there’s nothing cheap about MOTO right now) so I’m expecting this next TEGRA phone (which is pretty similar tech wise) to cost the same.

      I SWORE that the Galaxy S 4G would be more than $499 but to our suprise and benefit they didn’t make it expensive.

  • guest

    I just hope its not trash like other LG products and the battery life is good.

    • Prod1702

      Not sure what your talking about the Optimus T is one of the best phones in its price point. The battery life is also good if you know how to mange a Android phones sync setup.

  • Marketing

    The Tmobile G2X will have a whopping 512mb of RAM for all those high end games.
    Enjoy WiFi calling while it lasts. I don’t think WiFi calling will work on AT&T.
    If the G2X does not work on AT&T 4G, then enjoy AT&T Edge happily ever-after.

  • Anonymous

    WGAS?!Bring on the LG P920!

  • phaet2112

    How was the camera? Any better than the silkscreen scenes on the global 2x? Wondering whether there was a software bug in the contrast settings LG included with their custom cam software vs. stock android using the same lens and hardware.

  • Khmerweezy

    notice in the LG girl video, @ 1:41 instead of a stock vanilla 2.2 it has the LG UI on it…

    • whosaidwhat

      good catch

      • Anonymous

        thats the old version the vid is probably old. im pretty sure tmobile is getting it stock

  • Wilma Flintstone

    @2:08 I FINALLY have seen the face of DAVID!!!

    • IsThatYou?

      Is that David with the camera or the guy with the tattoo (and what is the tattoo)?

      • Nope the guy with the tattoo is a product manager for T-Mobile. The person filming…well thats me.

  • Youngt82

    It must be two videos done at two different times@Khmerweezy and is it me or do you guys think the LG girl and the T-Mobile girl looks like twin sisters??? :) lol

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Its just you.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that is some very smooth gaming.

  • TMoChris

    cant wait for g2x ive already purchased it mentally!!!!

  • Jamielee710

    I DOUBT the LG girl knows what the hell shes saying lol

    • Aerofanbig

      who cares! much hotter then Carly

      • Pcj14

        ah no Carly is much hotter

        • Guest

          They both need to EAT

  • Ash

    Someone needs to get this unlocked, pop in ATT’s sim card and see if it really have ATT’s 3G bands as well.

    • Meagan

      Why not try AT&T 4G?

  • How many times can I watch hands on videos? I want this phone now. Hopefully April 20th will be the real deal because my days are dragging as it is, and any longer would suck

  • unknown10

    I was told by a T-Mobile rep that it is coming in April.

  • How does the screen on this phone compare to the Samsung Galaxy-S (Vibrant) models? That is one thing I absolutely love about my phone.

    • Aerofanbig

      One of the phone sites recently had a comparo of top end screens. LG’s came out on top with everything but really extreme angels. And if you consider the OTHER top screen which was on the iPhone…is also made by LG lol I think one could assume they got their ish together.

      • Quailallstar


        Thanks for that clarification. So this phone has AMOLED-like technology?

  • Anonymous

    It better hurry the hell up. My G1 makes me want to jump in front of a train.

    • Phonyfake

      i’d welcome back my g1 over this cliq xt stuck on 1.5

      • Anonymous

        Rooted my g1 or there was no way i could last this long. I like this and the S2, but i’m wary of the price tags.

    • I’m in the same damn boat I’ve been waiting since last spring for one of these dual core phones… tortuous just tortuous…

    • Scarf22

      You should

  • Anonymous

    It better hurry the hell up. My G1 makes me want to jump in front of a train.

  • Anonymous

    Y U NO GUY SAYS: Y U no make phone with bigger screen yet!?

    • Aerofanbig

      yea mean like the 4.3″ Optimus 3D?

      • Anonymous

        joke @ TMO

  • Anonymous

    she is so hot

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? When are they going to announce the S2 or HTC Pyramid?

  • Anonymous

    LG Girl:HOT “check,check,check and CHECKK!!”
    now where is the HTC Girl with the “Pyramid”? lol

  • I love her.

  • If only it came with a QWERTY . . .

  • Javi080

    i want that phone it looks great

  • Youngt82

    The guy said gingerbread will be pre loaded fast once the phone releases. So if it comes out at the end of April hopefully then it will get gingerbread ota update by may. If that’s true then maybe ill get it but I’m really looking forward to the Htc Pyramid

  • Youngt82

    The guy said gingerbread will be pre loaded fast once the phone releases. So if it comes out at the end of April hopefully then it will get gingerbread ota update by may. If that’s true then maybe ill get it but I’m really looking forward to the Htc Pyramid

  • what’s the point of making us wait. i’m still slogging along with myTouch and i can’t take another force close or i’m killing myself. SELL ME THE DAMN PHONE ALREADY!!!

    • Meagan

      The wait is killing me too. :o)
      If you think you’ve been waiting forever for the right replacement mobile, if it makes you feel any better, I’ve been slogging with a G1 from the day it was released.

      I am still dreaming owning a Tmobile 4.3″ Android with at least one LED (for cam flash). Like Sprint, Verizon & AT&T mobile owners… Didn’t think I’d have to hold out this long since Tmobile was the first Android mobile carrier. Boy, was I wrong… :/

      • Well at least you have a G1. I am stuck with a feature phone that is apparently “the most affordable touch screen phone”…Well…it restarts itself constantly (i tried everything to fix it), when i type fast on the messaging feature, it either doesn’t pick up some letters, lags, or it deletes the word when I press space. And the thing is…it’s made by LG, it’s called the LG Cookie (I’m sure not many people here in the United States know about it, but I’m certain those in the United Kingdom would know. It’s been 2 and a half years since I bought this phone unlocked and am certainly hoping for an upgrade. I wasn’t hating on LG in anyway, I actually love them and Samsung (well not only because I’m Korean, but they do make great products). In fact, I probably pick this phone up on the launch day :)

  • Why is the status bar black during the Google Maps portion??

  • Meagan

    Here’s my future list. Check it…

    Purchase G2X. Check
    Call Tmobile for unlock code to use overseas (& on AT&T). Check.
    Turn on video camera and press record. Check.
    Remove active Tmobile 4G sim card. Check.
    Insert active AT&T 4G sim card. Check.
    Power up G2X. Check.
    Make call after AT&T logo shows on screen. Check.
    Browse web. Check
    Anything better than “E” displaying in notification bar? Check.
    If no 4G, return G2X before return policy expires. Check.
    If 4G is displayed, celebrate! Check.
    Do speed test using AT&T data connection. Check.
    Verify if WiFi Calling works on AT&T. Check.
    If not, grab box of Kleenex. Check.
    Upload clear video to YouTube. Check.
    Advise my Tmo Peeps of YouTube URL so we all know whether those AT&T 4G bands work. Check.
    Yes we all know you can use any unlocked Tmobile mobile on AT&T. Check
    Its AT&T 4G we want, not AT&T Edge. Check.

    • Wtfdude

      You can’t get phone unlocked within return period

    • Fluxx51

      Give you mad props for going out of your way to verify that it art least works on ATT 3G, check.

  • *will have*

  • Benzworld

    Can’t wait to grab this and the G Slate check!

  • ShelbyOwner302

    Do you have any new specs for the HTC Pyramid and do you know if the LG G2x has DLNA capabilities?

  • ihatefanboys

    its not a G-series phone unless its made by HTC, just like a Nexus isnt a Nexus unless its made by HTC….i still believe and will probably always believe that HTC is THE BEST phone maker. But, as I said, its not a G-series phone, ill wait for the real G phone next year when the G3 comes out. Keep in mind the G-slate by LG might change my mind, but LG is good at making TV’s..usually companies dont excel at more than one thing.

  • Amac86

    lg cant make a g phone and no keyboard they should of named it something else

  • I have been an HTC fan since Android debuted (MT3G and Nexus One owner), but there’s no sense complaining about the “G” branding when HTC is apparently not interested in putting up a competitor against LG’s Optimus 2X. Also, HTC’s new locked bootloaders take them from something special to “just another manufacturer that doesn’t get it”.

    This HTC owner is opening his eyes to competitors who want to pick up the customers HTC is throwing away. Are you?

  • My issue isn’t that LG is getting to call the phone a G-series handset. At the end of the day, the specs are good.

    My issue is the above. It isn’t about specs anymore, it is about experience. What good is the best specs in the world if it has a bad user experiences.

    From what I know, the G-Series is supposed to represent two things. A Screen with QWERTY form factor (and the QWERTY often opens in an interesting way) and a fairly PURE Android Experience.

    If you look at the youTube video, there is a lot of TMO bloatware on it, including T-Mobile TV, TeleNav GPS not Google Maps GPS (which is MUCH better IMHO), T-Mobile mail, TegraZone, EA Games app, etc, etc….

    I thought G-Series wasn’t about 3rd party services. But of course, what often starts as a good idea is often thrown under the bus when app revenue is needed.

  • Anonymous

    The more I see it the more I’m leaning towards getting it. Basically vanilla 2.2 (soon 2.3), I have the gingerbread keyboard .apk so I can throw it on instead of Swype. The HTC Pyramid will be running HTC sense 3.0 and have T-mo apps pre-loaded and possibly have the locked bootloader, Galaxy S2 will be running 3D TouchWiz UX (per their specs on the website- + T-mo apps + Samsung HUB (Readers Hub, Social Hub, Game Hub, etc.) and of course Samsung Kies.

    This means that the GalaxyS2 and HTC Pyramid will not be close to vanilla Android but will both have 768 (rumored, as RAM is not shown on Samsungs website but Pyramid has been speculated as having 768) vs. 512 RAM and 4.3′ screens vs. 4″. Additionally, if specs are correct the G2X will be the only one of the 3 to support AT&T bands should it be necessary. We do not yet know if we will be able to easily remove the pre-installed apps without rooting the G2X so I am not concerned about that. G2X has 8GB internal memory while Galaxy S2 will have 16GB and 32GB & Pyramid is unknown.

    So for me the choice will be the LG G2X as most specs are comparable in most areas except for vanilla Android. That one goes a long way for me.

  • Mysnizbetta145

    Is this phone gonna support 42.2 Mb?

  • Acezeonpilot

    im still slugging around on a G1, and my 18th month is almost up must now have this phone so i can smash my sisters MT4G with my shear awesomeness.

  • V8dreaming

    I am leaving Verizon for this phone.

    • jaZzyjeff

      You should wait for the Droid Bionic since you’re already on VZ. I on the other hand am waiting for the Pyramid, hopefully it does come to T-Mobile!