TmoNews Hands On With Rocket 3.0, We Test Out HSPA+ 42

T-Mobile isn’t ready to secede the speed wars to Verizon just yet with a first real world look at their recently announced HSPA+ 42 network in Las Vegas, New York and Orlando. So how does T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ 42 network work in the real world? Fast, VERY fast. As you can see in the image above we were hitting download speeds around 24 – 25 Mbps and uploads speeds from around to 2 – 4 Mbps mark.

Obviously Verizon’s LTE network is the speed leader right now and they certainly have a head start in the marketplace. More to the point they already have a line up of devices on the way with the HTC Thunderbolt already available. However, none of this takes away from the fact that T-Mobile’s real world speeds are extremely competitive to what Verizon is offering.

T-Mobile made it clear to us they would have handsets out this year that are capable of running at the speeds we see in the Rocket 3.0. With the knowledge that many European networks are going to release similar network enhancements this year we can hope that quite a few of those handsets might make their way over to the US along with T-Mobile frequencies.

What remains to be seen is how a finalized merger with AT&T would affect things. T-Mobile is MUCH more lenient with data caps whereas AT&T decides to pretty much provide you with the minimum amount of data a power user really needs. In that respect, we hope that AT&T will adopt some of the T-Mobile practices which makes them our favorite carrier.


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  • Garet

    that just means I will be throttled faster like in a week and a half instead of in 3 weeks now :( oh then at&t will probly lower the cap so might even throttled in a day DOH!!!

    • J-Hop2o6

      But look at that ping! 32ms?! o.0 !! thats close to Comcast/Coax pings.. I soooo hope AT&T doesn’t win over the Feds (DOJ & FCC).

      But nice job Tmo.. can’t wait for 42mbps HSPA+ to light up in Seattle.

    • J-Hop2o6

      But look at that ping! 32ms?! o.0 !! thats close to Comcast/Coax pings.. I soooo hope AT&T doesn’t win over the Feds (DOJ & FCC).

      But nice job Tmo.. can’t wait for 42mbps HSPA+ to light up in Seattle.

      EDIT: How did ppl respond seeing Tmo’s 42 HSPA+ results David? I bet they we’re shocked.

  • Prod1702

    Those are crazy speeds for a Cell phone when they are out for phones. Hopefully the G2X has them.

  • Where was this speed test done? What server are you hitting?

    • In Orlando at CTIA.

  • Meagan

    Since Tmobile proudly uses their own 3G/4G mhz, these devices will use AT&T “Edge” happily ever-after.
    Is that a good investment, verses going ahead and purchasing a AT&T data plan / AT&T stick?

  • Bispatrick

    Im in a 4g area with a 4g phone and I can only get 4 mbps. That sucks. Ive been with tmobile since before they changed their name from voicestrean. But if I have to have att then I am going to verizon and maybe then get over 4mbps.

    • Garet

      I also get 4-8mpbs in my area the thing you have to realize is once more people get LTE devices verizons speed will slow down where as T-mobiles is already congested since every 3g and 4g device shares the bandwidth so their speeds most likely are not going down only up everytime they upgrade the system your speeds will go up. Now we only have to worry about the AT&T merger that might kill it for me also.

    • I get that on my 3G HD2… you must be getting a 3G signal.

      • Garet

        3g signal is the same as 4g in some areas its the same but only some devices can get the max speed the hds can get up to 7.2 where most 4g get up to 14.4 and then the galaxyS 4g gets up to 21

    • Sorto7

      Me too I’ve been with T-Mobile since it was VoiceStream
      Sad we’re going to see urs T-Mo… go
      at&t sucks…

    • Dalton

      I’m still on edge and can’t hit a half a MB. Quit complaining. I’d love 4mbs.

  • Guest

    This is ridiculous. I live in Orlando and see 2-3!!. Please. They hardwire the fiber for these shows. Get a life!!!

    • MagentaMadness

      “They hardwire the fiber for these shows.”

      That made me chuckle

    • Anonymous



      We hardwire fiber to every site sir. The device you are using needs to be capable of utilizing the 42+ or it will never go that fast. If you have a 3G device it will see an average of 2 to 5. MAX. period. First 4G devices will see fro 5 to 10 and new ones will see from 5 to 15. We are not selling 42+ phones yet. only web sticks and mobile hot spots. So it may be beneficial for you to know how things operate before you open your mouth and look like an idiot.

      • Guest

        Hey moron! I should be getting a theoretical 14.4 and would settle for 5-6. There is no fiber backhaul from most towers. It was in their annual report. If you read it, supposing you can read, you would know that they have put their backhaul on hold.

        Note, I said my G2!

        Look at the PC mag test results. TMO averages 2-3 thats it.

        • billibolas

          I would first like to point out how stupid you sound by quoting pc magazine as the source of all of your information. Those results were the average of a survey conducted in 4G and non 4G markets.
          In the word theoretical is THEORY, in the case of data speeds meaning the best possible case in absolutely perfect conditions. 14.4 will have you live around 5-7.
          You’re also an asshole for assuming your experience is shared by everyone, my picture is a speedtest screenshot I took when I first got my Galaxy S 4G, I average 7.5Mbps – 8.5Mbps down in NYC. Nobody cares about your problems.

          You also never said anything about a G2 in your original post douche, so before you go calling people morons, proof read your posts.

  • Soon it’ll be 24kbps on H+ with AT&T.

    • Anonymous

      Ooooch! lol

  • Nice speeds…

  • Somestone

    yes indeed, let hope ATT doesnt ruin it for all of us, otherwise, with a freshly signed familiy plan contract i would be sadly forced to leave TMO…

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful Speeds – just curious though, what are the LTE modems hitting currently on average?

  • Realdeal1205

    I have a g2 how do I find out my download and upload speeds???

    • Guest

      Easiest way is to download Speedtest at the apps store.

  • Virtue

    I think I’m asking a stupid question right now but will HSPA+ 14.4 mbps phones benefit or is the new 42 mbps tech the only thing that can utilize the speed boost?

    • J-Hop2o6

      It will benefit with the increased ping, and a higher average.. I used to avg. 5mbps down/1.7 up.. now i avg. 7mbps down/ 2.5mbps up.. So u should hit your phones max peak at 14.4 (same as my G2) more often.. So basically your throughput will be more efficient.

  • Anonymous

    I am a long time T-Mobile customer who has bought outright 3 of their devices, (phone geek) I have the BB9700, MyTouch 4G, and my favorite the Nexus One rooted and loaded. My fear is all those devices will not work on the new AT&T Network. I spent over $1500.00 for paper weights. My speeds are great, customer assistance is the best and my phones will be paper weights. That really pisses me off. The new AT&T Network will never be able to give me a Nexus One that works on their Network, that phone is my go to phone every day and it is what I will miss the most. This is what pisses me off. Maybe I’m foolish for buying so many phones but I remember just a very short time ago when T-Mobile said “we are not selling T-Mobile USA”. That s when I bought the MyTouch 4G. I was with AT&T before and they have data caps that you will blow thru in one week. I never spent that kind of money with any other carrier before, I really enjoy T-Mobile as my cell phone carrier and what a loss it will be to all it’s customers who know why they stay. They are the best, that’s all I can say. I am very close to buyng the Thunderbolt from Verizon, new technology of the future and the phone will never be a paper weight.

    • my 2 cents

      Unfortunately you are correct. Those phones do not have a Pentaband radio required to work on AT&T 3G/HSPA+ network. The only phones that I know will work right now are the Vibrant, Vibrant 4G, and the upcoming G2X. If you want to stay with T-Mobile/AT&T look for phones with a Pentaband radio. Or as you said invest in the tech of the future and go with the LTE phone. You may have to suffer for a while with coverage issues, and switching back to CDMA. But again at least you won’t be stuck with as you said a “paperweight”.

      • Mtnman

        I was under the impression that the Vibrant/4G and the G2X were only Quad Band and not Pena Band radios? Correct me if I’m wrong?

  • sino8r

    Man… that’s as fast as my home internet almost. And now tmobile decides to sell … what luck!

  • Spook

    That’s nice. Too bad you’ll lose those nice speeds when AT&T starts shutting down the 1700 MHz band for their LTE testing.

  • Anonymous

  • Vibrant addict

    That’s crazy fast!

    I really wish tmobile wasn’t being butchered at the worst possible time, soon as they start pulling the big guns!

  • Anonymous

  • Marvin8

    Outrageously fast, but can ya TETHER?! :D

  • I live 50 miles away from Olympia…… :'( so much speed that my G2x Craves but it’s simply out of reach!!!