T-Mobile Posts Promo Vid For HSPA+ 42 Network, Have To See It To Believe It

With respect to this video, watch it all the way through once if you can, twice if you dare. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 network is most definitely fast, but I would much rather see Carly demo it. Just saying.

T-Mobile YouTube

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  • This is how NOT to do a commercial.
    Talk about not showcasing the 42 megabits/s.

  • oh that hurt..

  • Jeremy

    I could not watch that all the way through. It was terrible 3 days ago…still is. WTF at the pointing?

  • Dewey Cox

    I am surprised that they don’t make him the new spokesperson. Maybe AT&T will change their mind once they see that.

  • seriously?

    Sorry but this is weak… beyond weak.

  • Who the HELL thought this was a good idea?! Seriously, who?!

  • I had to mute his voice. He annoyed me and thusly, I could not watch all the way through. How about running some of those vaunted speed tests? I didn’t in Orlando, and on my MyTouch 4G, I went from averages of around 4meg to 7-10 meg. Way below, but hey, that’s still wicked fast for a phone.

  • that was soooooo wack

  • I made it till he said tiger blood. Then I had to stop it.

  • Anonymous

    Worst actor since Justine Beaver

  • Rdfrancis516

    Wow… TMo really has checked out already. Did they lay off their already-terrible marketing department in prep for the AT&T buyout?

  • Justinbauder

    Holy shit, looks more like he had 42 grams of crack than 42 mega ;)

  • So what? I’ll be nothing once AT&T put AWS HSPA+ offline and replaced by 24kbps HSPA+!

  • SuperNova

    Well think about it if we make t-mobile look crappy maybe at&t wont want it. who knows . . . .

  • Anonymous

    i thought he was going to demo a live 43mbps speed or something.ehh…..

  • QDOG8

    wait. ..his girlfriend is pregnant? *top story on the news*
    “T-Mobile Promoted Premarital Sex!”

  • zig

    I felt like he was trying to reach through the screen to pinch my cheek or something. Did anyone watch a second time? That was painful.

    • Jonathan

      A 2nd time? The 1st time was painful enough.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, was that a Cricket 4G commercial?

    David, smack yo self for showing this to us!!

    • Cricket is actually better than this terrible “commercial”. Lets hope they don’t air it our AT&T will back out and Cricket might just pick us up.

      • Anonymous

        LOL Well to some that may be better than ATT

        • Anonymous

          Well Anyone but AT&T and Verizon really hell even US Cellular i would be ok with

    • Jonathan

      Agreed. I mean, REALLY?! REALLY David. :-( Big thumbs down. I think I speak for the majority of us that we could have done without that stupid video. That told us ABSOLUTELY nothing about the 42+ speeds.

  • No one

    I hate myself for watching this even after the comments…

    • hahaha, I’m about to watch it right now.

      • Jesus Christ that was bad. Anyone notice the dude only had two bars when he was on twitter. Nice one T-Mobile, feel free to find a hot spot next time. Couldn’t they get a shot of him downloading or uploading something or use the web browser to show off the speed. Don’t really see how talking on the phone while playing angry birds show how fast the network is. Failed!

  • brandon

    dumbest video ever! no wonder they company is sinking!

  • WT….. Who wrote this script? I super <3 TMO, but I think high schoolers could have written and produced something better. Sure Tmobile is a great value, but this video says "Hey TMOBILE is for Losers with no life" How does Angry birds utilize a faster network. How about uploading high rez pics or video. #DUH

  • Stratspider230

    Well…they just lost a customer. o_O

  • Jonathan

    One word, STUPID. :-/

  • Techguy

    Knowing that this video is on the internet which basically means it will be out there forever makes me die a little inside.

  • BigMixxx

    Hilarious….I gotta go find his store..

  • Techguy

    If AT&T does buy T-Mobile, this is the first guy to get canned.

  • This video = How to lose respect at 42mbps

  • Telekinetic13

    What does the D stand for douche?

  • urmail

    yeah this guy is the first to get the boot

  • Bigger Mac

    Oh wow ya Tmobile is going down at 42mbs rate!! They’re not even trying anymore, I heard Carly’s contract got bought out by ATT so dont be surprised to see her in some Iphone commercials soon, It looks like everyone is getting off the ship before it completely sinks. The question is what are YOU waiting for?

  • Josh

    Just registered at http://www.savetmobile.com. Hopefully more people register and remain active so we can make a huge difference. I HATE AT&T.

    • ATL Guy

      WOW more bleeding hearts and poor wittle tmobile!!!!
      I KNOW ITS PAINFUL but the it is the truth!!

      • For the last time it’s Deutsche Telekom not T-Mobile.

  • Daisyblondy26

    Wow well u cant really expect more from a crappy company. Hopefully att buys t-mobile what a horrible company me I could care less what happens to t-mobile I have verizon so yea idk wtf im doing on this website I was in vzbuzz.com which is exactly the same as this website and clicked on tge tmonews link on top by accident which brought me here first time I been on here I feel bad for the employees at t-mobile that saw this if I worked at t-mobile (thank god I dont) I would be embarrased to work for such a lame company that makes horrible commercials. Good thing I work at verizon at least verizon doesn’t make pathetic commercials like this

    • Drivethruboy168

      It’s not a commercial! It’s just a video that an employee made and T-Mobile was kind enough to post it!

      • ATL Guy

        Does TMobile have a recruiting team at the gates of San Quentin?

    • Silverhayes

      Good thing they don’t make you use punctuation at Verizon. Otherwise, you’d be fired. :)

  • Jordan

    Is this a commercial for T-Mobile or for Boost? Holy crap…

  • I think their youtube account got hacked.

  • Anonymous

    This is very interesting. If this gets widely deployed, I could find myself back on the Magenta network.


  • pdx503otron

    Is it 42 megabits/sec or megabytes/sec?

    • Scwrath88

      MegaBITS if you are talking about data sent/received

      MegaBytes is a definition in terms of storage capacity such as in a hard drive

  • Quailallstar

    Imagine watching this video on those snazzy new 3D phones (sarcasm) as this dude flashes his hands towards you a 1,000 times per second… LOL

  • Climber42104bg

    I feel like I just wasted 2’53” of my life, crap video, but hopefully they can actually show the network off before the death star makes is bend over without lube and take it.

    • ATL Guy

      Oh ya tmobile is the poor victim riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
      I guess AT&T must have held a gun to DT’s head?
      Oh wait tmobile bent over like a little biotch and allowed AT&T in.

  • Scwrath88

    Nobody cares about HSPA+ anymore cause its all dead technology at this point and all the phones compatible with it will become obsolete in 1-2 yrs

  • Gizmojoc

    I think for a second i died…

  • Youngt82

    Haha wow now that was too funny lol only in america y’all smh

  • Guest

    that was hilarious. 2 bars on his phone in an area that has handlaid fiber backhaul.

    Uh Huh
    Uh Huh

  • Farhan

    Looks like AT&T has already taken over the T-Mobile marketing department. I thought the acquisition was going to take another year. :)

    • ATL Guy

      WOW really?
      AT&T has much much better marketing.

  • alt-mobile

    the D in D-Mobile stands for douche right?

  • ATL Guy

    Wow David you really have wasted people time here.
    What a joke to read, “t mobile posts promo vid” and than you open up and view that garbage.
    It really is no wonder that Tmobile is the red headed step child of the wireless industry.
    They are the laughing stock of the industry.
    Yet another good reason for AT&T to buy this sinking ship.
    Thanks again for this time waste.

  • ATL Guy

    WOW that guy is a typical tmo customer.
    Ghetto fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    I guess there are a lot of flies and mosquitoes where he filmed this.

  • ATL Guy

    lets just get past all the crying about poor tmobile and we need to save tmobile!!
    guess what folks:

    • Tito!

      Dude, seriously. Shut up. what’s with the CAPS LOCK?
      Yes, ‘Deutsche Telekom’ are sell outs.
      Enough, that T-Mobile is a different entity.
      We here, Like T-Mobile USA. Not Deutsche Telekom.
      Sooo, how bout you boot it. because this thing is final either :)
      father clairvoyance see into the future.

      • Tito!

        *isn’t final

        • ATL Guy

          soon it will be ATT Mobile.
          CYA Tmobile

        • God you need to be quite.
          T-Mo arent the sellouts.
          DT is the sellout.
          T-Mo does care about us, and thats why they’re the best. (Ik they care about us)
          So go away.

  • ATL Guy

    I wonder how many car dealerships that guy used to work for?
    Maybe if tmobile had better hiring standards they wouldnt be selling us all out right now.
    After watching that I honestly hope that tmobile bleeds customers at a record rate.

  • Tito!

    I know. when I saw this I was like ‘SMH
    there are better & hotter, more charismatic camerabound employees who work in Vegas .

  • Tito!

    I’m angered by the proposed acquisition, but “ATL Guy” seems like he took it to heart! XD
    Rather then an AT&T Cheerleader, he seems like an angry user that lost his way.
    Seriously, shut up haha the thing is not even final. & it won’t be approved either :)
    Now, be gone.

  • Anonymous

    I hear you people. Let’s show another commercial with skinny girl Carly holding up a handset and smiling. This little video is drawing hate because it is different ( most of you probably don”t “identify” with a guy like D-Mobile).
    I am glad they put it out there.

  • Toimoi

    GEEZ people…LIGHTEN UP! It’s just a video and a funny one as well. Tmo didn’t sell YOU out, it’s called business. Now if more people had spread the news about Tmo’s Great services & prices…hint..
    then maybe att wouldn’t have bought us. The deal only has about a 20% chance of actually going through, so sit back, relax and enjoy the Many benefits of being Magenta! BTW…point your finger at others ONLY after getting your own act together. Some of you just Love to rant about Anything because you’ve made poor judgements in your life. Shut up already! We have FOUR NEW FLAGSHIP PHONES coming out in the next 6 months…LG g2x, LG Black, HTC Pyramid and the Samsung Galaxy S2…now when did you last hear of ANY carrier with such an incredible (no pun) line-up?
    Decisions, decisions, decisions …!!!!!

    • Jayq330

      Sprint is the only competitor that has & releases phones just as good,btw the G2x has only 512mb ram, so far the only dual core phone with that low ram, most have 1 gig of ram. So that phone isn’t worthy in my eyes.

  • Meagan

    States VIDEO IS PRIVATE when trying to view it.

  • ColdFeet

    Dude’s an independent dealer in Vegas. Prolly doesn’t have the huge marketing budgets that major corporations have. Personally, I thought it was ok for being made by a guy who’s just trying to sell phones. Creative, too. Maybe not the best when it comes to production value, but still. Think you guys can do better? Post it and prove it.

    • Anonymous

      So what did you learn from that promo?

      • ColdFeet

        What did I learn? Other than there’s a lot of cocky mother f@#kers who read this site? Nothing, really. I was already aware of everything he talked about. But if I wasn’t someone who visited this site, Engadget, Phandroid, and others to keep up on what T-Mobile’s doing, I woulda learned that T-Mobile increased the speed in Vegas. That’s a big deal, especially with Verizon sales guys telling people “Haha, yeah right… T-Mobile doesn’t have 4G! Buy from us”. He also showed a couple apps and games and made an entertaining promo to sell phones. I only watched it once and now that it’s private, I can’t watch it again.

        He was local to Vegas and I think that’s important. My local store has posters up all over the place talking about 4G and that’s a bit misleading. Shady, if you ask me. We barely got our 3rd G in my town and getting a 4th ain’t gonna happen for a while. So what is it that I learn from watching Carly? That T-Mobile is trying to lure more customers with information that doesn’t apply to them locally. “Oh, we have 4G service… just not where you’re going to be using your phone.”

        I dunno, I just think that people are being a little to harsh on this guy (saying he’s a crackhead?) when he’s just trying to run a business selling T-Mobile.

        Just my opinion…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I wanna see Carly and the LG Girl really get it in!

  • HTC Pyramid

    i like. funny stuff!

  • Schippma

    Here is my take on this whole T-Mo/AT&T merger

    T-Mo is not stupid. In the US, there are too many regulations holding back smaller carriers from really shining and moving toward the top. T-Mo needs spectrum in order to gain customers and signal and the only way they can achieve this is by bidding with carriers for an acquisition. If this deal fails, and I am pretty sure it will by the FCC/DOJ, then T-Mo gains $$$ and spectrum, the things it needs to grow.

    And why would T-Mo put on their homepage that AT&T will acquire T-Mo and provide information to customers on a deal that has yet to be heard by the FCC? T-Mo knows that if enough customers really cared, then we would fight to keep T-Mo by expressing our concern over this takeover to the powers that be.

    In any case, T-Mo wins in this deal but I truly believe that this deal will fall through in the end. The wireless market is dominated by two huge companies, AT&T and VZW, and Sprint and T-Mo cannot compete on coverage and spectrum as those two can. Yes smaller carriers can roam on other towers but it costs a ton of money to do so and especially right now with data roaming rates. Unfortunately, the only way to try and grow is by doing what T-Mo is doing right now.

    • exactly that’s why I love this deal tired of people hating it. deal may not look good right now but its the best option for our future.

      • galaxylover

        Schippma’s whole point that I guess you missed is that we are SUPPOSED to hate on this deal, so that it will fall through when we complain. Get it?

        • but nothing we do will make any determination on it failing especially when at&t is lobbying and I happy that they are :D

        • Ithitmeallatonce

          I’m sorry but you my friend…are retarded. ANYONE who thinks this isn’t the worst possible scenario is ignorant, plain and simple.

          If you think it’s good to be taken over by AT&T (and pay anywhere from 20-30 dollars more A MONTH), then go to AT&T now. It makes NO sense to me. Literally, if this deal ‘excites’ you in the least, just go now, AT&T is a company and would love to have you

      • galaxylover

        Schippma’s whole point that I guess you missed is that we are SUPPOSED to hate on this deal, so that it will fall through when we complain. Get it?

      • Anonymous

        Whats the best option for the future? Paying more for wireless service with several caps? AT&T is a company FILLED with asterisks. Trust me, I work in an ATT call center, i see what goes on back stage and this company makes me sick. Internal systems are a mess.

  • CactusCat

    When I try to watch the video, I get a “this video is private” message. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Derp

      Same problem here. Looks like T-Mo didn’t want us watching that..

  • Anonymous


  • Dewey Cox

    To the people who think that T-Mobile is so brilliant and KNOW that the deal will not go through and will get 3 billion and spectrum: you are either naive or stupid. Granted, the deal MIGHT not get approved as is, but it will get done. Do you really think that AT&T is that stupid???? They have back up plans and know that they will have to give up customers. THEY HAVE LAWYERS AND LOBBYISTS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN., If T-Mobile is that smart. they would not be #4 and be in the process of being dumped. DT wants to recoup their investment and stick to Europe. T-Mobile would be in last place until Sprint finally lost enough customers to fall below T-Mobile.KEEP WISHING THAT IT WILL FALL THROUGH…..they will just sell to another company.


      i’ve had a cellphone since 1990, been through 4 carriers.

      anytime i changed the service got better. anytime i didn’t change the service got better.

      dewey, are you a stockholder or just a customer? if the latter, why should you care who’s logo is on your phone as long it’s from the company who gives you the best service.

      when t-mo is no more, i’ll be with the company who gives me the best service.

      at the current offer ATT is going to pay 4700 bucks for me and my 4 lines to stay with them and give me new phones and better service or i’ll leave.

      BTW; vodafone is going to offer them cash in euros in the near future anyway.

      • qwerty

        “why should you care who’s logo is on your phone as long it’s from the company who gives you the best service”

        Some people care about other factors such as whether their company has demonstrated, time and time again, their total disdain for freedom of information, customer privacy, public interest, and general civic responsibility.

        • MIKEEEEE

          i still have 2 unlocked nokia 3650’s that cannot be triangulated, pre 2005 i also own an att nokia 6600 that i used on t-mobile.

          att prepaid simcards will work fine with them and they take wonderful pictures and videos and pair up nice with bluetooth keyboards with the nokia drivers you can get from nokia germany..

          go on ebay and buy some pre 2005 phones just in case they’re cheap

          or take your tinfoil hat off and get real.

        • Querty

          I wonder how this has anything to do with what I posed…

      • Dewey Cox

        My response was aimed towards the people who think that DT entered into this deal KNOWING that it will be declined. Very naive. Also, I have had 3 carriers in the last several years but every time I switched it was MY DECISION . It was not forced upon me. I don’t care whose name is on my phone. I care about my choices.

        • MIKEEEEE

          @dewey, if the deal had a timeframe of 3 months instead of a year, i’d be in a quandary right now as i live in a very remote area and have to have a signal booster no matter who my cell carrier is.

          if the deal was a cash deal instead of ‘i’ll pay you some now and some later’ i’d be concerned.

          ATT made a low ball bid and they know it, t-mo accepted a low ball bid and they know it.

          it’s like ebay but, with billions of dollars at stake.

          if sprint/clearwire or verizon/vodafone can come up with a sweeter offer or if the feds modify the deal who knows?

          ATT screwed up bigtime by selling way too many bandwidth hogging devices in urban areas and they’re still doing it.

          don’t think that DT or t-mo USA is the victim here, they’re playing a shrewd game of international corporate chicken here and it’s going to be fun watching it unfold.

          i’ll give you a hint, keep an eye on the dollar/euro exchange rate until the deal closes.

        • Dewey Cox

          I hope so. I just hope that if DT and TMO benefit from this……and do something with it other than maintain.

        • MIKEEEEE

          @dewey, last night i went to the ATT store near me. ECCCCH! looked at a motorola ATRIX as it is a close thing to my DEFY. i like my defy better.

          t-mo’s current customer base chose t-mo over ATT already, think they’re goin’ to stick around after?

          let’s see what the sub numbers are in 3 months, ATT might gracefully back out if the sub numbers drop.

          like i said, the fat lady aint even got her dress on let alone make up.

        • Dewey Cox

          The sub base may drop but is that what they are after? It seems that they want spectrum and will take whatever customers they can get along with it..I agree that AT&T phones are lacking but to the average consumer ( non tech site readers) we all carry the same thing.
          You are also correct that most current customers chose us over AT&T but one fact is not being addressed…their is a significant number of current customers that are with TMO because they could not get credit with the other 3.That is why the churn is so high

        • Dewey Cox


        • Anonymous

          Im with t-mo because they have the cheapest plans and in my area (los angeles) the clearest calls.
          Now Im not sure what to do. Im thinking of going with Sprint, they are cheaper than ATT and Verizon. I dont care about a iphone, I dont care that a cellphone can download at 15mb a second.
          I have a Nexus S right now and everything is perfect. Ill just wait until the Nexus S 4G is on Sprint and go over to them.

    • Schippma

      Both DT and AT&T are not stupid. Both are taking a risk, as all businesses do. However, I think this is DT’s last cry for help. If the FCC denies this mega merger, then T-Mo has a chance since they will be gaining valuable AWS spectrum and money needed to build out their network. However, if the FCC approves the deal, then AT&T will gain the spectrum it needs to deploy its LTE network faster than what they can today.

      If T-Mo keeps doing the same old thing, it will get the same old results. This is a big risk for T-Mo but what else would you have them do if you want faster service, better coverage, better phones?

      • Dewey Cox

        I agree. My point was that I do not think that DT entered into this to benefit from the deal being declined. They want TMO USA gone. I do not blame them for selling us off. They had numerous chances in the past to give us faster and better service along with better phones. What they did was invest $$$$ in gimmicks such as @Home, My Faves, FlexPay, and the like, which are all gone now. When they had the chance to make a difference, they failed. The Sidekick was the iPhone before the iPhone. Every young celebrity was shown with a Sidekick. It was the “cool” phone to own.What did they do????? gave us LRG and Tony Hawk editions of the same phone. FAIL. When they launched the very first Android phone….no one other than existing customers knew about it. If you ask the non tech person who launched Android I bet most would say Verizon because of the Droid commercials.I remember when the Shadow was going to be the flagship device for the company.
        I really think that DT put so much pressure on Dotson that forced him into making quick fixes to appease them. He put kept putting band aids on a gunshot wound and we simply bled to death.

        • Schippma

          I also agree with you. I think that DT is trying to get out of the US market. It is a tough arena to gain customers with all of the regulations. And T-Mo should have advertised long ago with the G1, their @ Home service, the Sidekick, etc. but they failed. I think T-Mo tried to fix things when it was too late. Why did they get rid of myFaves which made them famous and other carriers have today? Why did they get rid of the Sidekick and now are bringing it back on a new platform? Why did they not advertise their @ Home service more and offer it to any customer, regardless if they had T-Mobile service or not?

          I guess these are all questions that don’t matter anymore. I will miss the good of T-Mobile, CS, pricing, and grandfathered plans.

        • MIKEEEEE

          @dewey, i still have an @home line, i still have myfaves, i use wifi calling.

          gimmicks, yes but, i’m a ten year customer.

          how many poster/pundits here were emerging from diapers when i signed up with voicestream?

    • Anonymous

      Go crawl back under the rock you came from. Go away, you stink.

      • ColdFeet

        Why? Because Dewey’s opinion differs from yours? Make a reasonable argument as to why this merger should or shouldn’t go through and we’ll discuss it like reasonable people. Till then, keep your fingers off the keyboard unless you can actually bring something to the table. Ya know, something other than “you stink”.

      • Dewey Cox

        Oh yeah???? Your Mama !!!!
        What a well thought out response to my post. What prompted this sharply toned put down? Did they cancel Yugi-Oh ?
        I refuse to get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

  • Anonymous

    It says video is private and won’t play.

    • MagentaMadness

      +1…it won’t play.

  • Blkscorp75

    Video won’t play

  • JLo

    Lets see how many more retards can say the video won’t play.

    Hey the video won’t play, says it’s private.

  • Jayq330

    Nice attempt, t-mobile is going all out & trying to get as many new contacts/$ money$ before they go bye bye.i won’t be buying any phone until I know what’s the deal. “right now is a great time to buy a t-mobile phone” oh yeah? You sure about that buddy! Your basically giving t-mobile allot of $money$ before they leave you hanging out to dry with at&’s grubby, greedy cheap low budget network & plans. Say hell no to these new phones, the G2x, HTC Flyer & all the other goods stuff cause when start takes over you’ll have a phone that’ll need wifi to get decent speeds.

    • ThinkAboutItWillYa

      Dude, you really think that a NAME CHANGE is going to affect physical towers and things that Tmobile has built? Get with it, if you get good service with tmobile its not going to change when and IF at&t takes over. And yeah it is a good time to buy a Tmobile phone, you can get a new PHONE at a DISCOUNT if you do a contract yeah just keep reading, if the merger goes through you can leave with out any kind of cancelation fee or anything because AT&T is not Tmobile who you signed the contract with. Idiot.

  • Anonymous

    If they had this kind of speed nationwide, they would have a customer in me!


  • Deke

    Hey David, why not remove this post or make the video public. Can’t see the point in this post if you can’t watch the actual video.

    • Quailallstar

      The video was public when this post was originally posted. It has been since removed and probably because they realized what joke of a video it was.

    • I don’t know why some people are seeing them as private, they aren’t!