TmoNews Goes Hands On With The T-Mobile G2X

With the official T-Mobile G2X announcement out of the way, we’re free to get some hands on play time with the device and our first impressions are very impressive. Regular readers here will know I’m not easily impressed with Android phones but the T-Mobile G2X is a serious piece of hardware. While the plastic on the outside doesn’t conjure up thoughts of a device durable enough to fall 10 feet and survive, the dual core processor really struts its stuff.

We’ll have some video up for you to enjoy tomorrow so until then, enjoy the gallery below with 22 shots (some of the same angles, sorry about that but the lighting was better) of the G2X is all it’s glory. T-Mobile customers looking for an excellent device need to give serious consideration to the G2X. I came away seriously impressed with the responsiveness of the screen and the speed with which apps opened and performed. The hardware didn’t wow me, but I don’t have anything bad to say about it either.

Until the video goes up tomorrow, enjoy the gallery and after the video goes up enjoy the gallery again!

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  • TheF3Z

    Mentally I’ve already purchased it. lol

    • Anonymous

      Same here. I hope its leaps & bounds faster than my MT4G on royalginger overclocked to 1843 GHz. My phone is blazing so the replacement will have to be 2-3 times faster and I’m upgrading. This LG just might be it.

      • Rage

        did david take a break or is there no more TMONEWS? this is like 3 days old! i remember when there would be like 3 new things a day! i guess im gonna have to go check out at&tnews…….. LOL

        • Are you not seeing news from beyond March 23rd?

        • Rage

          lol nope. is it my computer?

        • Rage

          sorry david! its working just fine on my phone.

        • I’m already on top of getting it fixed, hopefully they’ll respond back to me today!

        • Rage

          its working on my computer now. thanks again.

    • +1

  • I literally refreshed the page and this was posted haha. I actually really like the device, being that I’m all about having a physical keyboard, it actually caught my eye. I’ve never used an LG device, so it just may be my first, if I can decide not to get the SK4G lol. Being a hardcore “GOTTA HAVE A PHYSICAL KEYBOARD!” guy, I’m hoping I can transition from that soon. Maybe this will help. But like I said, really awesome device though.

  • TmoRep

    I will get one.. For sure..

  • Dp4609

    Does anyone know if there’s LED indication on this phone for missed calls/text/etc? I see the proximity senor(s)? and ,I believe, a sensor for auto adjusting screen brightness on the upper left side, but it looks like there is another sensor or possibly led there too…I’ve watch multiple hands on videos and saw in a couple that the notification/status bar had a voicemail icon but no signs of a flashing led. Still a very tempting option for my upcoming upgrade, The only other consideration right now is that htc pyramid, but there’s not enough known about it, officially at least.

    • Anonymous

      There’s no LED notification.

      • Dp4609

        Interesting :P, I wonder if there’s a way to hack the thing and have the bottom buttons light up, like the nexus s hack.

        • Blahbot90

          I hope so, I really dislike that the phone is missing an LED light, like seriously, how hard is it to add those? Someone please explain the trend where they’re removing those in a number of phones. They’re minimal on battery drain and so useful.

  • Netflixer

    Does this have the right hardware to play Netflix when it becomes available for Android?

    • Anonymous

      no but the optimus 3d does its a hardware drm chip required for some damn reason dose apple devices even have one?

    • Ggfb20

      this phone would so be mine….if it only had the required DRM to be allowed to run the official Netflix app….here’s to hoping the HTC Pyramid can blow the G2X out of the water, including quad bands as well for the possible att merge. Or else I guess I will be waiting for the Optimus 3D as well.

    • whosaidwhat

      “Netflix is using the Tegra 2 development platform to bring the Netflix experience to Android super phones and tablets. We’re working closely with NVIDIA to ensure Netflix takes full advantage of Tegra’s outstanding acceleration and security capabilities.” — Greg Peters, Vice President, Product Development at Netflix

  • 83893

    I really hope that iphone 4 of urs is unlocked running on tmo, otherwise I’m very curious as to how u can dis att n vzn all the time and praise/blog tmo…just wondering since an iphone p.o.s. seems to always be ur comparison phone in pix/vids, perhaps cuz most ppl know the size of them idk, laterz….

    • ATL guy

      It really should be a mental disorder when you hate a phone so much.
      I mean it’s just a phone!
      Does matter if it’s apple android or windows.
      If you really hate a phone that much that you don’t even own you need to seek mental health professional assistance.

      • meagan

        Watch your back… the h8r might be packing heat.

  • this is so an hour ago… BRING ON the Optimus 3D!!!

  • tmobeast


    • joe

      Too bad we don’t have a 42 MBPS network anymore.

      • meagan

        42! Huhhh… I know lots of LosAngeles barely have 3G…
        Its too bad in 11 months, no more high speed Tmobile.
        Hello AT&T Edge.

  • Anonymous

    I always knew you were an iPhone owner. You’ll be right @ home with AT&T.

    • pantlesspenguin

      He’s never hidden the fact that he uses an iPhone. He uses it on T-Mo’s network, giving T-Mo his money every month. Who cares what phone he uses?

      • Anonymous

        It’s a novelty joke I suppose.

  • All these reviews on the phone yet no one runs a speed test. WTH?

    • Meagan

      There is a speed test on another site. Do you really think someone visiting a booth can walk up to a mobile and try to load software on it for benchmarking? The 10 other people behind you waiting to touch the mobile will roast you and the vendors will call security. Look, snap pics/vid, and move along…

      • Anonymous

        If I am not mistaken the speedtest app is already pre installed. I saw it in a few videos.

  • I wish they’d announce the release date and upgrade price. My G1 is getting pretty old in the tooth.

    • Aerofanbig

      My G1 doesn’t even 100% function anymore. Starting to lag all over itself, can only make calls with the speaker phone because the ear speaker died….ugh. Get on with it and announce some f-n’ dates! Getting tired of this “coming soon” “coming in spring” even from other carriers that I might switch to. Just put out a date and be done with it

      • Famous8055

        Haha I also am still using my G1 and yeah, for the past 5 months its been losing its mind. The screen doesn’t work when the phone is closed and when I close the phone for any reason I have to mess with it for 20 minutes to get the screen on. Lag is just awful when opening or closing any app, brower, anything.

        Been following this phone for what seems like an eternity. Will def pick one up on release day

        • Blahbot90

          Same, the G1 has been slowly losing it, but removing most apps has made it nice. But I live in an area where EDGE is the only thing I get so I really wouldn’t know if it was the phone that was slow or the connection lol. This phone is taking forever to get here, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it….even if it doesn’t have a keyboard

      • If you aren’t against custom roms, the Vibrant running Bionix is absolutely stunning. I had a G1 until about August when my screen died, and have been running TeamWhiskey roms since, and I’ve never been let down.

    • Tracksforhire

      wow u still have a G1

      • Anonymous

        I have *two* G1s. Both running Froyo, and both very usable. Some lag, which manifests itself as inaccurate touch in some games, and yeah, they wig out every once in a while. Google Maps is just too much for it now.

        I’m moderately interested in the G2X, rather than the G2. My wife will take anything that runs Flash.

  • Heyyou488

    As soon as I heard that it would still work after the takeover from the Empire, I knew I would own it. I am prepping my Fender for Craigslist and will be picking up my G2X on release day.

    I tried to buy my Fender on release day, but the SKUs were not in the system yet, so they couldn’t sell it to me, wonder if the same will happen with the G2X?

    • I wish they’d announce the date and price…just do I can be prepared. :-)

      I preordered the G1 when it came out and expect that TMO will do similarly with the Optimus – oops – I mean G2X.

      • Bob Harris

        I called TMobile on a whim, talked to a CSR and it’s still not in their system yet. She said she’s had one call today for the phone already and already e-mailed their business center to see when it will show up in the system. She seemed to indicate possibly couple of more days before it will show up. However, since my contract is up with TMobile(I’ve been with them 10 years). They offered me a $30 credit if I would re-up now for 2 years. It wouldn’t effect my upgrade status, but all it would do is give the credit and lock me into 2 more years. I declined. Just want to keep my options open, but I do plan to get this phone.

  • Anonymous

    Am I just dreaming David, it appears that the phone you are photographing is running stock android 2.3? Is LG bypassing a custom UI? Just curious do to other videos and picks of this device looked like a” touchwizesque” like UI.

    • Anonymous

      International version of the LG Optimus 2X have the touchwiz interface but t-mobile/LG have said that they chose to go with the stock 2.2 so they can easily and quickly upgrade to 2.3

      • j-man

        I liked the original LG Optimus 2x, but now that I know that it is running on stock “vanilla” android, I am totally going to get this. It will definitely be worth the wait, and I was about to upgrade to a BlackBerry yesterday! Another month won’t hurt.

      • j-man

        I liked the original LG Optimus 2x, but now that I know that it is running on stock “vanilla” android, I am totally going to get this. It will definitely be worth the wait, and I was about to upgrade to a BlackBerry yesterday! Another month won’t hurt.

      • It’s not Touchwiz, just.. LG’s copy of Samsung’s copy of iOS.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone that thinks touchwiz 3.0 is a copy of iOS has used neither of the 2.

  • Doncapo

    Yes, this phone is stock android. Its confirmed. has confirmed this. Comes out next month around the 19th. I will sell my nexus s on eBay before anybody else finds out this baby is also stock. Lol. It’ll be 2.2. Stick tho…. not 2.3
    Gingerbread. Not that it matters coz I see no big difference.

  • Derekaggz

    Hows this phone compare with the verizons thunderbolt?

    • FAIL :) j/k

      Well the Thunderbolt is clearly faster in Data speeds due to the 4G LTE Network but by solid hardware capabilities the G2x is better since it packs a dual-core 1Ghz processor (Tegra 2) vs. the Thunderbolt’s single core 1Ghz processor.
      Asides from the screen size differences there’s not much to differ..
      I mean there’s the 1080p video capture at 24fps (It’s not that great it shows some stuttering ’cause it captures multiple frames of the same thing so it looks to be stuttering)

      Okay I’m not going to make a huge list.. but here’s the basics
      G2x – Thunderbolt
      1080p / 720p video capture
      Tegra 2 (Dual-core)/Snapdragon 2nd Gen
      HDMI Out vs Kickstand (Specialties I guess you can count.. oh and I believe the G2x comes with the HDMI cable)

      For the most part the G2x is better I’d say.. based off hardware specs, but HTC definitely has the Dev support… but the Optimus 2x (European G2x) has been rooted already so I wouldn’t be worried.

      If the G2x comes with support for At&t and T Mobile 3G/HSPA+ then it’s definitely worth getting especially since it runs stock; but I’d hold out for the upcoming HTC Pyramid if I hear more news of the Pyramid prior to the rumored April 20th launch of the G2x.

      • Derekaggz


  • ATL guy

    Did I read the t mobile specs for the phone correctly?
    Will it sync with Outlook?

    • joe

      What do you mean? I have had phones syncing with Outlook since 1.6 on the G1, and the perfectly syncing (calednar et all) since 2.0+ …

      • ATL Guy

        I am not talking about ActiveSync.

  • Soon to be Owner

    am I the only one here who dislikes the non static icons on the bottom of the phone like menu key, and back key, I currently own a vibrant 3G and i’m going to replace it with this phone. However I really like the Kindle app and whenever i’m reading late night whenever I touch the side key the buttons light up and that is constantly annoying I wish there was a way to turn off the lights, I hope there will be with this phone, that being said I bet it’s going to be a power-house and one of the last great smart phones on t-mobiles network before it is “turned” to at&t.

    • I have a gripe with buttons on the bottom also….seems to be a little too much wasted space on them…

      • Should have added a optical trackball.. and made them Physical haha, I always imagined capacitive buttons might be accidentally pressed while playing a game in landscape.

  • how much do you guys think this beast will run without contract?? I’m usually out 500 every time I have a phone issue unless its insurance related, but I have been following this phone and the European sites are speculating that this is an 800 device, an iphone is 649 w/o contract. What is everyones thoughts? i’m getting it regardless since I’m tired of refurb HD2’s

    • michael

      i dont think it would be that high…the US no contract prices are always lower

    • My bet is about 499.99-549.99 off contract at most from T Mobile, from Best Buy it’d probably be around 599.99-699.99.

      • that is kinda what I’m hoping for, it is a lot of money but I’ve spent near that on junk phones that were flagship for like a week, Tmo is the only provider that works where I live so I have learned to deal with the subpar devices like the mytouch series and that god awful cliq lol

      • I’ll probably just order it as soon as pre sale is available, I love HTC but damn the batteries are hit or miss regardless of conditioning. The G2 is a great phone at the moment but I’m still running gingercomb 2.3 on my HD2 and it is very stable for daily use as was the Desire Z build. 500 bucks isn’t bad when you can replace your ipod, gps, and use the hdmi for always being able to share your pics and videos on an actual hd screen.

        • Anonymous

          gingercomb? Is that a custom build?

        • yeah I picked it up from XDA a few weeks ago and haven’t had any issues with it, it comes with everything you’d want app wise for dev tools and such.

        • also I use mainly SD builds since its virtually painless with the HD2, a few buttons and your done.

  • whens it to be released??

  • Bigmerf

    Were you able to check for hotspot?

    • Jonk

      I saw another video where the reviewer verified tethering and hotspot was on board. :)

  • Digg7er

    were you able to do a speedtest on this via 4g?

  • (the former) SEFan

    Sigh, it never fails. I just got the MyTouch 4G like 6 weeks ago, and here comes the next great leap forward. And… AND stock Android. Sigh…

    Still, the MyTouch is a pretty nice phone. Wonder if my kid would like a new phone ;-)

    • Realdeal1205

      where have you been this phone haas been known about way before you got your my touch 4g

    • The G2 has near stock android aside from the bloatware preinstalled

  • Menchi

    Battery size and life?

  • @theANTOeffekt

    these pictures are terrible. nervous much ?

  • Jeffreysabol

    release date tmobil..? You have to be the worst company in the world at keeping customers I informed. It is no wonder you can not retain customers .

    • GlockBuster

      Yeah T-Mobile is the only company that doesn’t immediately announce release dates. Tell me again, when does the iPhone 5 launch?

      • Yancy1024

        They already released a date April 20th..

      • Jeffreysabol

        Last I checked iphone 5 grass not been announced yet. I am talking about announcing a product and getting it to market. 3 months since gslate was announced and still no release date officially. Ipad 2 released 2 weeks after announced. It is called maximizing anticipation, I was excited about this when it was announced I would have bought it then .

        • Anonymous

          I’d hate to see how you’d act if you were waiting to get the thunderbolt…or the dell streak….or the xperia…it happens bro all the time this isn’t the first or the last time :-)

    • Michael_in_Orlando

      One thing that I always found helpful…was to think before I talk. April 20th.

    • Jeffreysabol

      April 20th has not been confirmed by tmobile. It’s a rumor just like March 23 was.

  • Kimberlyhoney41

    Did I saw correctly? Does this phone have a 4g icon next to the signal? I have a my touch 4g and I dont get that icon I only get an H icon .it would be coo if this phone showed a 4g icon when your in an hspa+ area and a 3g icon when your in a regular 3g area cuz the mytouch don’t do that so its hard to tell when your in an hspa+ area or rehular 3g area on the mytouch cuz it always shows H

    • GlockBuster

      The Galaxy 4G already does that

    • Anonymous

      Since T-Mobile has upgraded their HSPA+ network, the Galaxy S 4G was the first device to sport an actual 4G icon, with it’s 21Mbps 4G speeds. The G2x also sports the 4G icon, with about 15Mbps download, and about 6Mbps upload. As for the H icon on the G2 and My Touch 4G, that was the indicator between HSPA and HSPA+, which pulled around 14Mbps

  • Toimoi

    G2x, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Pyramid … I don’t EVER remember choices like this on Tmo! Decisions, decisions, decisions …

    • omnipointorigdiva

      so is that confirmation solid on tmo being carrier 4 gs2? been holding out on upgrade process since that beast been revealed.

  • Anonymous

    does it have gorilla glass? is that standard for smart phones by now ?

    • Anonymous

      yes it does

  • Anonymous

  • Jimmcparty

    Will this phone take advantage of this….HSPA+ 42 Mbps

    • Anonymous

      No. Right under 15Mbps download, and right under 6Mbps on the upload. Also, T-Mobile optimized stock Froyo (2.2.2) on the device, for a definite upgrade to Gingerbread, no later than summer. You have go give them kudos for that!!

  • ide hit it

  • Tmoguy

    I heard it only rocks 5 screens…… What happened to 7 screens?

    • ob18

      Do you really put that much extra on the phone that you need 7 screens.

      • ATL guy

        Some of us have a lot of friends so we can fill up 7 screens sorry to hear you’re not 1 of them

        • ob18

          or you think they are friends in which case I feel sorry for you………….7 screens is overkill IMHO yuo don’t like it I don’t care

  • Anonymous

    And don’t forget everybody, T-Mobile has secured pure stock Froyo (2.2.2), for a definite update to pure stock Gingerbread (minus the couple of added on T-Mo apps) – no later then summer. You gotta love how they treat the G-Series!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Root the phone and u no longer need to wait for gingerbread update plus other custom gingerbread roms and ONLY if you are a power user :)

  • tmobeast

    1500 mah is the battery! UGH!

    but its all good!

    here is the pic.

  • Anonymous

    So the G2x is a serious piece of hardware, but the hardware didn’t wow you

    • ATL guy


  • ob18

    I am curious to know the price w/o a contract and if this is going to be able to work on t-mobiles network & AT&T’s

    • my 2 cents

      It’s safe to buy all of T-mobile’s new high end phone’s coming out. The Vibrant and Vibrant 4G, and also the G2X have a dual band radio inside that can run either on 1700/2100 UMTS/HSPA+ (T-mobile) or 1900/2100 UMTS/HSPA+. I’m assuming as well that any non Mytouch series phone going forward will be dual band as well. This only makes sense for AT&T financially as well, because the fewer handsets they need to replace when the switchover takes place the better.

      Also AT&T will have to honor any T-mobile contract still in place by the time of the deal close. So you can sign up for the cheaper T-mobile contract now, and then once your on AT&T you’ll be with them at cheaper rate’s until the end of that contract.

      So Purchase your G2X, Vibrant or Vibrant 4G with confidence, and any other High End phone coming out this year. It was kind of a bitter/sweet finding that these phones have dual band radios. It just shows that Apple does not need to make 2 versions of the Iphone to work on AT&T and T-mobile. All they would need to do is us a dual band radio that works on both. Maybe this year Iphone 5 will release on both, and customers can lock in at T-mobiles lower rates!!

      • Actually the Vibrant doesn’t work on At&t’s 3G.. but oddly the Captivate works on T Mobile’s… not so sure about the Vibrant 4G.

        • my 2 cents

          Sorry but you’re wrong. This fact has already been confirmed by T-mobile. When unlocked the phone will pick up the 1900/2100mhz band that AT&T uses.

        • Kimberlyhoney41

          At&t doez not use the 2100 mhz band were u got that? Att only uses the 1900 AND the 850 mhz band for 3g no 2100 band

        • Kimberlyhoney41

          At&t doez not use the 2100 mhz band were u got that? Att only uses the 1900 AND the 850 mhz band for 3g no 2100 band

        • My2cents

          I stand corrected, but its irrelevant. your correct at&t uses 1900 for up and down for 3g. Europe uses 2100 up and down. t-mobile uses 1700/210 simultaneous one for up one for down..

          but again your point is irrelevant. a vibrant unlocked will run on 3g 1900 and will work on at&t’s network. as will the vibrant 4g and the G2X. so those who are worried about having to possibly pay for a new phone when the switchover happens need not worry.

        • my2cents

          Here’s the specs directly from t-mobile. here is you’re 1900/850, so purchase your G2X in good health all.

        • I stand corrected, for the reason I knew one of them worked on the other GSM network, just mixed them up was all.. hehe. x] (I believe I was wondering one day if the Captivate would work on T Mobile 3G since the Vibrant works on At&t 3G, I was looking this up because the Captivate had a nicer design.)

  • Meagan

    The G2X will have a whopping 512mb of RAM.

    Check this vid

    • That might be the only downside to the G2x.. well the 1080p recording isn’t the best and it doesn’t have qHD res.. but it’s still a really great phone.

    • Guest

      Really! Check again. It’s 512mb, but it’s dual, which means 1024mb…

  • Marketing
    • None

      She is such a slut-bag. I cannot wait for the ATT nerger just so she can go back to hooking on the corner. She is part of the reason we are in this mess with such candy-coated marketing!

      • pantlesspenguin

        You’re retarded. SHE isn’t the reason why we’re in this mess. It’s not like SHE created the commercials herself. She was reciting lines givien to her, & looking damn fine doing it. She’s a model, not a hooker.

        • mattrawlins

          She is hideous! Have you ever seen her smile? I’m sure she has no problem flossing with all those spaces between her teeth. Put your damn pants back on, Penguin. She may be a model, but she’s a fugly one.

        • Guest

          She is a marginal “model” at best and the continued lack of any real marketing campaign has certainly played a part of Tmobile’s demise. Anyone with even a marginal education in marketing groans with each commercial (and not in a good way)!

        • Chris

          She looks good but I just think her face is too skiny.

        • Ha, I’m not going to debate you on if she is hot or not because I don’t have feelings either way. But if you think she is hideous I would hate to see your girlfriend, or past girlfriend, of if you’ve ever had a girlfriend.

        • my 2 cents

          I find it amusing that people on this board would comment on someone else’s attractiveness… I bet a lot of you throwing stones, rate really high on the ugly scale yourselves.

  • Joe

    This will be a monster.

    • Reg1233

      Will it have 42 HSPA+ or 14 HSPA+?? Some sites say 42….some say 14. I would hope at least 21.

      • Hopefully we’ll get 42, wanting at least 21, but 14 is better than nothing; but proven by the Galaxy S 4G, the 21mbps ability bumped up it’s real word speed higher than the G2’s and MyTouch 4G’s so I can imagine the G2x will top out as much as possible on data speeds if it supported 42mbps.

  • i thought this came with an hdmi cable? the tmobile site doesn’t show it as what’s included.
    i’m assuming it’s mini hdmi to hdmi? if so i’m good to go, my camcorder cable is the same.

    • The Optimus 2x comes with mini HDMI I hope this does.. saves some cash and trouble getting one.

      • angry birds on a 58 panny plasma viera is going to be …..different lol

  • Chris

    Nice phone, if it has good battery life I’ll buy it.

    • stevo


      • Rage

        ummmm its been like 3 days! any more news…… on ANYTHING?!?!?

    • Really_NO_NEWS

      @DAVID — Has there really been no news at all for 3 days on ANYTHING tmobile related??

      • Crazythunder1968

        i only see it getting worse with the merger. on another note, i heard sprint is challenging the merger in congress. and an fcc employee said they will in no way just rubber stamp the merger. it will be a steep uphill climb.

        • 4everchuck

          Sprint can challenge it all they want. Its not like there causeing a monopoly , there still four 5 other cell phone companies , what it comes down to is if its approved that would make at&t and tmobile the biggest cell phone company and sprint thinks thats not fair. Tmobiles now saying that yes at&t is buyng them but that there talking of leabing the companies seperate. also I talked to tmobile yesterday and they said as soon as deal is sealed tmobile costumers can buy at&t phones as wells at&t costumers can buy tmobile phone because they will be seperate companies but will be on the same platform , The good thing about it is that tmobile will have better service because instead of just having tmobile towers they will also be on at&t towers so over all better coverage.

  • Acezeonpilot

    must resist and wait for the next Qwerty keyboard android phone

  • ummm to the pperson saying carly wasnt a real model, she’s a calvin klein model !

  • ummm to the pperson saying carly wasnt a real model, she’s a calvin klein model !