LG Optimus 3D Coming to Magenta?

T-mobile is not letting this whole AT&T thing stop them.  Their announcements at CTIA have been rather exciting, I would say, but this may top them all.  Following the LG G2x and the LG G Slate, T-Mobile may be adding the LG Optimus 3D.  It may be just a rumor, but an AWS version of the LG Optimus 3D is real and was passed by the FCC.  Of note, AT&T just announced their version of this phone, dubbed the LG Thrill (not) 4G (that may be my last joke at the expense of AT&T, sad).  Either way, this will be an interesting one to keep an eye on (because we all love 3D, right? right…..).


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  • Anonymous

    GoD DAMIT i had my mind made up on g2x what is this …..

  • Sumflipnol

    If this comes to T-Mobile, I will be very intrigued! Maybe this could replace my beloved HD2.

    • haha you and me both, i already have offers to buy my HD2

  • Anonymous

    Doing my Chris Farley OMG impression here….I have to say, I could care less about 3d. The ram is the same, the processor is different than the 2x, and it probably isn’t stock android. Still nice, however.

  • the G2X was jus starting to look awesome to me…this is the best dilemma to have…lol thank u T-Mobile!!…we finally have OPTIONS!!!!

    • even tho i can kinda see this turning into a Vibrant/Vibrant 4G kind of situation…but i’ll continue my happy dance until then

  • Anonymous

    HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry David, I warned you when I would get like super exited…………it just comes out of my fingers naturally

  • Anonymous

    That was a good joke!!! Accurate at that.

    • None

      The joke has been Carly. That is why we are in this mess to start with.

  • ok sorry Pyramid and G2X but im getting this baby and with a Gslate im alls about the 3D

  • Anonymous

    And I guarantee the whole at&t deal does not go through! Guarantee!

  • Jcooper615

    I still like g2x by lg. This i might buy for myself

    • Anonymous

      same the LG 3D wont be stock they need their 3d stuff in the phone

  • Anonymous

    Live wallpapers should be nice on the new 3D devices, in my opinion. That’s one thing the feature will be good for.


    • Anonymous

      Yeah that would be cool.

      • Anonymous

        naw eats battery

  • Youngt82

    Wow I’m loving the sound of this david:-D I think it does sound like we might be getting it after all. And T-Mobile is going in strong this time around because they’re independent now so they could do whatever they want and it might sound like they’re ain’t letting no company buy or take over them like they’re some losers or lame company haha so I say come on T-Mobile this is your time to takeover for reals, get all the hottest and latest phone you can get and go hard!!! Because I promise you guys will get the #1 spot real soon. Let’s Go!!!!!!!!! :p

  • tmobeast


    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure if this means anything but…


      • Anonymous

        Update: We reached out to HTC directly — this is just a mistake, and will soon be corrected. No GSM Evo 3D after all.

        I no longer believe in the mythical Pyramid.

        • Anonymous

          Wow not cool, well I guess stuff did start looking suspect when shots of the HTC Shooter looked exactly like the pyramid.

        • Anonymous

          we don’t need evo 3d nor we will so im just waiting on the pyramid to put on my HTC collection.most likely to be release by end of june or maybe sooner(crossing my gingers)

        • Anonymous

          Idk the pyramid is looking kinda like a unicorn.

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          a unicorn that poops rainbows

        • Anonymous


        • Aerofanbig

          Why would there be a GSM EVO 3D? The name EVO belongs to Sprint, like DROID belongs to Verizon or SideKick/MyTouch/”G_” belongs to Tmobile. Thats like asking if there is going to be a CDMA Vibrant…no, its going to be a Captivate or whatever.

        • Anonymous

          Hey I didnt make the report nor did I suggest a GSM or TMO EVO 3D.

          Besides, usually when something is said like a “T-Mobile EVO” its not referring to the name EVO but the hardware design itself. Example: “ATT and VZW are also getting an EVO of their own.”

        • Christophermcwhirter

          the captivate is att which is gsm.

        • Anonymous

          lol I missed that.

        • Anonymous

          Hey I didn’t write the article read it for yourself and see what it says.

  • i hope by some miracle from the heavens this will also be quadband data

  • Anonymous

    I had a feeling they were getting this phone. I’m just wondering why are they going hard now?

    • 70537101

      They getting 3billion dollar paycheck from AT&T and roaming agreement :D

  • Anonymous

    Way to go T-Mobile. Flood us with all them cool gadgets—hurry because we don’t know if we’ll get those things from AT&T should we choose to move forward as customers…

  • Anonymous

    If its quad band I most likely might buy two.

    Being quad band it can be used internationally. G2X Ill let it go by for now.

    If its not quad band, Ill drool but thats it.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope this pans out better than the Pyramid because I’m ready for a big screen already!

  • Anonymous

    Although the Thrill 4G can run on both carriers just like the G2x nothing actually points to TMO carrying it just like ATT doesn’t seem to be carrying the G2x.

  • let me guess its Tmo name… Tmobile G3D?

    • Anonymous

      hmmm…..it seems anything with “G” in t-mobile relates to pure Google experience UI.but in this case the LG has its own UI so i guess no “G” in this one.lol

  • Anonymous

    Do not hate this phone.

    This is a good handset, negativity about 3D was passed onto the phone wrongfully. It functions perfectly well in 2D, you can even turn 3D effects off but most reviewers failed to spare the phone when they actually hated 3D.

    It will be the first 4.3″ IPS display Android phone on T-Mobile. It has a dual core OMAP4 with a speedy GPU, dual channel memory and HDMI out.

  • Quailallstar

    3D sounds like another gimmick courtesy of some marketing team. No thanks, not for me but might be for some.

  • So I guess the att thrill will work on tmo network?
    It tmo doesnt launch a 3d phone … I will have to purchase this one!

    • michael

      No it wont..G2x will work on att 3g/4g but not viceversa

      • E.

        That makes no sense. It has t mobile bands, so you would just need to unlock it for it to work.

  • whosaidwhat

    G2X, Optimus 3D, mysterious Pyramid make one heck of a line up.

    • Too little, too late, IMO. I’ve been with TMo for 6+ years and always dreaded their meh phone selection…so I mostly bought unlocked phones that never made it to US carriers.

  • Dthompson

    I’m surprised that they even bother with new product now, whats the point?

    • whosaidwhat

      Well, if the new phones run on both T-mobile and AT&T’s networks then why shouldn’t they be releasing new products.

    • Johnny Chimpo

      Are you kidding? Really? The point is what if the FCC doesn’t approve this merger? Is T-Mobile and AT&T supposed to just stop running their businesses until they get word? Thats pretty silly to think that T-Mo shouldnt continue to run their business and keep getting great phones while this process is run through its checks…. Amazing…

  • Anonymous

    lets just hope all t-mobile upcoming phones are future proofed to work on at&t like the latest LG G2X.

  • Anonymous

    I think what is going on is that LG is just making universal American GSM phones. That would explain why the G2X has AT&T bands and this phone has T-Mobile bands. The newly anounced merger doesn’t even have to have anything to do with it. It could be a general “unlock ’em if you’ve got ’em” policy.

    • the last highend nokias like the N8 had pentaband and all were unlocked so LG following isnt dounbtfull since they werent the 1st to use universal 3g bands

  • Bigger Mac

    I really hope this is true then I might just stay with Tmobile for a little longer!! =)

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if this was covered elsewhere, but at CTIA Sprint just announced the HTC Evo 3D:


    So I think it very likely that T-Mobile will have to get a 3D handset in the lineup quite soon.

  • Jeffreysabol

    A release date should be announced in 4-6 months. Give or take 2-3 months. Than we should have the day the release day may our may not be announced. 2 more months than good bye forever tmobile

    • Johnny Chimpo

      Hell why even wait, Peace out now dood, better off, Holla!!!

  • Anonymous

    assuming this wont be stock android sense they need the 3d add ons that are in the os ( correct me if im wrong ) if i do get a phone its the g2x or pyramid if it exists,which i doubt.

  • abel2fresh4u

    omg now atnt scared me the hell out of me tmobile is announcing these super cool phones…. i atnt dont get to buy tmo

    • Crazythunder1968


  • Anonymous


  • Tmo dude

    I work for tmo, someone from LG said the 3d is for att only…

  • Curtpopejoy

    The HTC Thrive is on the floor at CTIA. Saw video of it on cnet. It’s branded for AT&T. Not to say Tmo won’t get a similar device, but AT&T has the Thrive for sure.

    • Curtpopejoy

      Sorry for the typo. I was watching the video of the HTC HD7S when I was typing this. It’s the LG Thrill that’s the Optimus branded for AT&T.

  • Anonymous

    dont worry. Tmo will just cripple the damn thing with no flash or ffc.lol

    • pantlesspenguin

      Um, what?

      • Anonymous

        i second that wtf are you talking about

    • Olographics28

      This phone already have FLASH AND FFC no matter what carrier bring it to U.S.A.

  • Anonymous

    Looks much better than the g2x.If it comes to tmo i’m getting two.

    • Olographics28

      This phone HAS FFC AND FLASH no matter which carrier will bring it ti U.S.A.

  • mack

    Yes, but will it work on at&t’s 3G freq’s? Otherwise it’ll be useless in the next year!

  • Punisher2all

    Kinda looks like a Droid from Moto

  • Anonymous

    i like the G2x more

  • Olographics28


  • Olographics28

    I really will love to get this phone, but I have a question….
    Somebody know why the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant 3G when is rootend and unlocked can work at full 3G sppeds under AT&T network?
    I just did that to mine and I test it with my friend AT&T sim card and my Vibrant reads 3G (not EDGE) and in the speed test I got like 5mbps.
    I thought unlocked TMO phones will only run EDGE on ATT?

    • Anonymous

      The Vibrant has the 1900 MHz HSDPA band enabled in hardware, which means in areas where ATT uses 1900 MHz band for 3G, it will work. While it does work, ATT has switched to 850 MHz 3G in many areas a while a go so the usability of this “feature” (from the need to support 2100 MHz in europe) is fairly limited to most.

  • Sam_in_Austin

    Does anyone know how long phones typically take to get to market after FCC approval? This phone (Optimus 3D) is the one I’m waiting for to exercise my upgrade, but I don;t want to wait much longer.