T-Mobile TestDrive Website Now Live And Ready For Your —- Test Drive

Update: Perhaps calling this a “cop-out” was a little too strange of language, but I stand by my assertion that this is wrong and that T-Mobile should test 4G against 4G or not at all. I hope T-Mobile recognizes that their strength lies in comparable speeds, but really shakes things up when it comes to value. 

T-Mobile’s TestDrive website is now live and I will say at first glance, I’m disappointed. I’ll just get right to it — T-Mobile, I’m really puzzled by this. The idea that you claim “America’s largest 4G network” and design a new commercial campaign around speed and then compare your “4G” network against “3G” smartphones is a questionable act. Speed should no longer be the focus of T-Mobile’s marketing campaign, Value and Technology should. Speed should be a secondary thought. If you can’t win on speed, highlight where you can, Value, Value, Value.

I get it, why did I expect them to compare their service against LTE? Honestly, why should I expect a company introducing a brand new marketing campaign focused on speed to compare it to the fastest phones on other networks?

Here’s an idea T-Mobile, drop the Carly commercial campaign and run these TestDrive spots. That’s where you’ll win customers over, the customers who care about speed but don’t know the difference between LTE and HSPA+ and instead value “value.” This is what they should have teased this morning and aired this evening. People have to go to the website, but they are already sitting in front of the television, reading the paper or listening to the radio — so T-Mobile, I beg of you, play these ads (without LTE comparisons if you must) as your new marketing campaign.

In any case, the website is live and the link is below. Two fun facts before we go, first, T-Mobile compares the pricing using Classic plans and not Value plans…THANKFULLY! Second, an iPad version of the site is coming, awesome.

T-Mobile TestDrive

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