HTC Blog Post, Email Highlights Ice Cream Sandwich Software Update Status

While we’re not going to be terribly surprised by HTC’s newest blog post, we applaud them for continuing to keep us in loop for their current Ice Cream Sandwich rollout timetables. As expected, the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE are the first to receive the update, which has already begun rolling out. This means that the HTC Sensation 4G, T-Mobile’s very own device is up next. In HTC’s own words, the Sensation 4G “…will soon follow” the Sensation and Sensation XE.

It was back on February 9th that HTC took to their Facebook page and announced the HTC Sensation line would be the first to receive the ICS upgrade, with a end of March timetable. That gives HTC over two weeks to continue rolling out the update and start sending it to HTC Sensation 4G devices. If you’ve yourself a Sensation 4G, I’d keep an eye out for an update as March continues. HTC Amaze 4G owners should fret not, you’re still on the schedule for ICS, but no timetable has been provided for devices outside of the Sensation line.

HTC Blog

The full text of HTC’s blog post:

Few innovations have improved upon ice cream as much putting it between two cookies and making a sandwich. Which is why we all want Ice Cream Sandwich! Ok, that’s not the real reason, but we’re all excited about Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, coming to HTC.

Here’s the scoop. The following HTC devices are confirmed to get a tasty treat of Ice Cream Sandwich:

  • DROID Incredible 2 by HTC
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC EVO 3D
  • HTC EVO Design 4G
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Sensation 4G
  • HTC Sensation XE
  • HTC Raider
  • HTC Rezound
  • HTC Rhyme
  • HTC Thunderbolt
  • HTC Vivid

As for timing, HTC is in the early stages of rolling out Android 4.0 for the HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation XE and upgrades will be more widely available in the next few weeks. The update for the HTC Sensation 4G and HTC Sensation XL will follow. Please note, once HTC start pushing out updates it will take time for all carriers in each country to get the update. We are working closely with our carrier partners to nail down update schedules for our other smartphones and will have more to share very soon.

Darren Krape,

Global Community Manager

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  • Reysanchez03

    Why isn’t the htc evo 4g going to get the update

    • PimpStrong

      LOL good one.

      • Jizz

        Says the man who can root his phone but doesn’t know how to return it to stock. Lol! Lol!

        • PimpStrong

          Hmm not sure if you’re serious or not but FYI it’s not that I don’t know how but the fact that I have not tried yet.  I ROOT and ROM Samsungs which is click click boom compared to dumba ss HTC unlocking.

        • Last_high_king

          I prefer HTC because it forces you to learn adb and stuff so that you know what you’re doing and not get stuck trying to figure out how to return to stock

        • PimpStrong

          I abused and even bricked my Vibrant but always managed to end up with the result I was looking for.  Returning to stock was always just use ODIN to flash the stock ROM.  Very easy.

          And just to be clear, I’m not stuck because I haven’t tried yet.

        • Jizz

          Excuses, excuses

        • Wilma Flintstone

           I prefer HTC because it makes “Sense” Lol sorry, I actually don’t but I just COULDN’T pass up that shameless joke

        • moron.

        • PimpStrong

          How so?

        • timmonss

          The initial unlocking and super cid is a long process, but loading the roms is just as click click boom as the Samsung roms.  You’ll get it, just a little more research and nerves needed.  BTW I got you that link higher up on the posts.

        • PimpStrong


  • Rfgenerator

    It’ll be nice to get it, but I’ll believe it when I see it.  I’m still of the mind that T-Mobile will sit on the ICS update for the Sensation 4G at least until after the One S is released.  Remember upgrades mean increased call volume to support, and increased calls mean more $$ on the wrong side of the bean counters ledger.   There is nothing for T-Mobile to lose and some to gain by delaying ICS.

    • i think the same

    • PimpStrong

      They can lose frustrated customers.  But I agree, they probably will delay it to remove some good stuff and add some bad stuff.

      • UlyssesGhost

        I understand what you mean.  At the same time, I think that most customers have no idea what version of android they are using, and probably for the most part don’t care.  The people I know with samsungs think that awful touchwiz skin *is* android.  When htc updates these phones, the net result will still be a sense skin so it doesn’t freak out the average customer with a different looking interface.

        • PimpStrong

          No doubt. Whenever I throw around the words Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, or even 2.3 and 4.0 people have no idea what I’m talkin about.

  • PimpStrong

    Does anyone have directions(a link) for returning a Sensation to stock?  I put a new radio, ROM, and HBoot on there and wanna go back for this update.

    • Frankvallynot

      When you update it to ICS it should erase all of that I had my vibrant on 2.1 when the froyo update was released it removed everything the rom and root

      • PimpStrong

        So it will force the update even on a custom ROM? I’m not too sure about that?

        • Wilma Flintstone

           I don’t have that info, but you may want to check this news out @PimpStrong:disqus .  This may make me get an AT&T Note off Craigslist

        • Wilma Flintstone


          It would make sense for me to put the link wouldn’t it?  Lol That was Uber Fail LOL

        • Wilma Flintstone

           I posted the link but it has to be approved 1st.  Of course, it was AFTER I realized that I didn’t post the link in the original post.  LOL

        • Approved! Sorry, I’m still fighting spam links so I keep every post with a link requiring approval. Sucks and it’s certainly not a desirable solution, but it’s the best Disqus allows.

        • Wilma Flintstone

           No problem David.  Glad you approved so quickly.

        • PimpStrong

          I see you stopped the insertion of websites via EDIT.  Blast!

        • Ryan

           I wonder if you can have disqus auto approve links for certain domains, like say,

        • MarcusDW

          There’s ways around David’s approval lol

          See :-P

        • PimpStrong

          Yeah I seen we can run the Note now.  I went and played with one at BB 2 weekends ago and man that thing is awesome.  The screen size was pretty cool but the screen quality was just bonkers.  I couldn’t imagine using it as my phone though.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Same that thing is amazing!!!  I did however notice a tiny bit of lag even though it’s a dual core device but it’s nothing I can’t deal with and it’s LIGHTYEARS count it, LIGHTYEARS better than this HD2.  I’m watching vids on how to unlock it now.

        • PimpStrong

          Light years is right.  That thing’s gotta have arthritis by now!

          BTW my G’Nex will be here this evening.  This Changes Everything.

        • Wilma Flintstone

           You get on my NERVES!!!  Lol

    • Concerned

      The stock/optimized version of the update is already available if you’re rooted. I would post a link but that would mean less ad revenue for el goog.

      • PimpStrong

        Are you referring to the official XL build or an actual T-Mo USA ROM?  I’ve tried the stock XL ROM but couldn’t install certain apps so I switched.

        • Concerned

          Android Revolution HD 6.5.1 is t-mo all over the place, and I haven’t had any issues with apps.

    • timmonss

      Here you go.  You may have to follow it backward, but it worked for me!  This OP has another post in the dev section around page 3 that may be helpful as well. 

    • UlyssesGhost

      The sensation (not xe)  was called the Pyramid.  You need the RUU file on the root of your sd card, boot into hboot and it should see the RUU and load it.  I am sure that you can get exact instructions at XDA if you need them in the Sensation section.

      In any case, you need the RUU file which is in the link below.  If you are on Tmobile US, scroll down to find the link for you.  Just remove the spaces and put the link back together.

       droidangel.     blogspot.     com   /   2011/ 06   /    htc-sensation-ruushipped-roms-packaged.   

      • PimpStrong

        Good lookin’ out! I’ll be getting on it this weekend.

        • UlyssesGhost

          I took a peek at the link that timmonss listed on XDA.   That would seem to be the best course of action if you need s-on back and stock.  I think if I was going to do that I would reread it about 20 times though, so I got it right, it looked a slight bit more complicated than usual.  Good luck.

  • haters on the rocks

    I hope the mytouch 4g slide get ice cream sandwich. Sense stupid LG wont upgrade the g2x to it.

  • Bruce Banner

    No g2 update means no more htc phones for me(unless it’s a nexus phone). I guess I’ll give in and finally spring for the galxy nexus.

    • Phozfate

       you think Samsung supports phones longer? lol  go get the hauwei!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Thank You for being Sensible Phozfate.  I mean come on, because ONE phone doesn’t get support, they drop the whole brand and move on to another brand (Which does the exact same thing and then they’re back to complaining and saying *I’m never buying that brand again*.  Seriously if you don’t like not getting updates, don’t buy a Smartphone.

        • Bruce Banner

          It’s clear that neither of you clowns actually read my post. If I get the galaxy nexus I won’t have to deal with the manufacturers or the carriers because the updates will come directly from google. Hows that for bring sensible? I guess it’s as sensible as constantly wishing for mobile os’s that will never succeed(meego,tinzen) huh wilma?

        • Wilma Flintstone

          I prefer to be called Dorko the Clown Thank You very much :P
          And oh really?  You mean how the Original Galaxy owners didn’t get the ICS update because GOOGLE said their phone was too old?

        • Bruce Banner

          No, the fact that you don’t know that the nexus line gets it’s updates from google and not the carriers or manufacturers means YOU are the one that just owned yourself.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Nope.  :P
          You did by not even knowing the correct spelling of Tizen AND for not knowing that NO phone will receive constant support. 

          Also, you just owned yourself again.  Even when you switch, just like YOU said, “The Nexus Line gets their updates directly from Google”, so when you get the Galaxy Nexus, and 2 years down the road when GOOGLE again says that they will no longer support it, you’ll be back to this very point in time. 

          You should join the fanboys over at this other site that I go to because after every Android update, they whine and complain just like you did about their device not receiving an update.  They make ridiculous statements such as the ever so popular:
          – “My phone’s not on the list.  Well this is the last (Insert Brand Name here) phone that I’ll ever buy”

        • Bruce Banner

          If this is your comeback then I’m good. Banner out.

        • Wilma Flintstone


        • 30014

          Come on wilma, he’s owning you right now. The original galaxy wasn’t a nexus phone. You have to crush him now while you still can. Lol.

        • Wilma Flintstone

           Lol you know what I meant Lol

        • Wilma Flintstone

           Oh and it’s *Tizen*  You sir, have just owned yourself.

        • Dirk Diggler

          He makes a good point wilma flintstone. The majority of your comments that I have read have been about os’es that alot of people have never heard of.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Doesn’t matter.  I like Android as well as other OS’es.  The fact is that he wants to have his phone to ALWAYS have the latest update (Which nothing is wrong with) but to go against a brand because they didn’t update your phone is just ridiculous.  Even Google doesn’t support their own devices forever as I already stated so what makes most android fanboys think that another company will?

        • PimpStrong

          I caught it!

        • Wilma Flintstone

           You’re not a clown, you’re a Jester.

      • PimpStrong

        He said the Galaxy Nexus, not a Samsung.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    David, Here’s an interesting article about a Software Hack for the Galaxy Note to work on Tmobile:

    Now there’s a way to get the 3G and 4G to work on Tmo’s Network.

  • You didn’t read any of today’s articles did you Wilma?! :-)

    • Wilma Flintstone

       I read this one :P Lol  That’s about it as of now though Lol

  • SensationUser

    My Sensation 4G got a random HTC Watch update today…I was all excited when I saw it and thought it was my ICS…

    Does anyone know if this ICS for Sensation 4G contains the Sense 4.0?

    • SensationUser

      I’d like to point out that I only thought it was my ICS when the box saying UPDATE AVAILABLE showed…Of course once I saw HTC Watch I knew what it actually was…Figured I’d save myself from critisism now!


      • Wilma Flintstone

        Nice save Lol

      • jaZzyjeff

        Lol this happened to me 10 min ago. I saw the update icon and was all :o but then I pulled down the notification and read HTC Watch and was like -____-

    • Guest

       i got Watch update too on my Sensation 4G.

    • Bostonmoores

      It will be Sense 3.6. I’m running it now. Head over to XDA.

    • TechHog

      No. It’s HTC Sense 3.6, which still looks and functions exactly like a Gingerbread skin. The upgrade isn’t even worth it, since you’re still stuck with a Gingerbread-style UI.

  • SensationUser

    @David, do we know if the ICS update will bring Sense 4.0 to the Sensation 4G.

    • timmonss

      will have Sense 3.6, running the leaked rom as I type this

  • Which way is Up?

    Still no official ICS from HTC for my XE… Loving the acronyms, lol (that one too)

  • TMoFan

    Aw no G2 ics love. Shame, it’s a great phone even though it’s “old”. At least there’s the dev community for us.

  • Silk7412

    I warned people many months ago not to get this nexus phone. Why?
    It went from being a developers phone to being a brand. And my lack of trust with samsung is enough for me not to get the phone anyway.

    • Jizz


  • WTF, no MyTouch Slide 4G (HTC Doublshot) love?  SMH, it figures.

    • UlyssesGhost

      I don’t think the MT4G Slide sold particularly well and it was EOL’d pretty fast, or so it seemed to me.  Generally speaking, phones that don’t sell real well don’t often get updates  :(

      On the other hand, it has a lot of the same internals as the sensation so I would be really surprised if some enterprising dev at xda did not port it over and get the keyboard working.

      • Todd

        They already have. I’ve been using ICS on my MT4GS for a while now

  • WTF, no MyTouch Slide 4G (HTC Doublshot) love?  SMH, it figures.

  • Nick

    Once again the G2 is still forgotten.  Mine ran Andromadus v12 great except for the camera and some echo while on the phone.  If HTC cared they’d give it an official upgrade.  They don’t even have to fool with putting Sense on the thing since it’s practically vanilla.  It was super smooth on 4.0.3

    • Mikeybot

      Thank [deity] for Cyanogen.  
      Though at least this isn’t like the G1 where updating to the next version was necessary to keep it running decently. 

  • Maierchebus

    what about samsung?

    • Frigadroid

      Lol You don’t buy a samsung unless you plan to do your own updates and are willing to give up features like 911 calling.

  • Nice try. It’s not MY approval either. Silly pimp.

  • Steve

    Really upset about mytouch 4g slide not getting updated

  • gun2hd

    Where is the mytouch?

  • BigMixxx

    Wilma, Submit that stuff.  David is really responsive!  I dig that about him and this site…

    • You guys both missed the already existing article on this huh? :-)

      • BigMixxx

        I read it earlier, read it again over on XDA.  Tempted to go buy one and do it, but samsung was on my ‘F* you list’, they are off now, replaced by LG.

        I was just commenting on your responsiveness (which is awesome btw)….

  • The Reeves Law Group

    I use my MyTouch as a truck accident attorneys all the time. Where is my update? :(

  • jian9007

    I hope it gets on my Sensation 4G soon. I’m ready for some ICS. It’s also interesting that we’re getting the 4.0 rollout before the Nexus S line. They tried to roll out their update in December and stopped it because of too many issues. Really glad I stuck with HTC. I would be belligerent if I had bought a Nexus S and other phones had the ICS update before me. That’s a Google and Samsung fail for sure.   

    • s0uLjah

      My wife got hers on December and no problems that she’s voiced.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hopefully the Amaze 4g isn’t too far off from getting the update. I am really hoping we get it soon because I am afraid if the HTC One was the Amazes replacement they might just say to forget the update. The same thing happened with my MDA when a newer phone was launched. No windows update… maybe that is why I dislike windows phones although they are better than they use to be.

  • Silentone77

    Well I guess I’ll root my G2 since its not on the list at all.

    • weinerschnitzelboy

      You should have done it a lot earlier. The GB update made the phone so hard to root. I swear, I thought I bricked my phone nearly 100 times. And It took me about an hour to do it and when you do do it, You have to go back to the first stock firmware of the G2. It’s extremely buggy. So you have to update it again, and it first I had a heart attack because I thought it was going to undo the work I did and update to GB again. But it didn’t, and I was so relieved.

  • Hammertime

    I just got a notification on my Sensation that there is a software update available.  Downloading now.  ICS already???

    • Juan Jose

      My sensation just got a lousy application update . . . :(


        What city are you from?

    • Hammertime

      Nope.  Something else.  No ICS.  I thought that would be way early.  I’m not expecting this to arrive for months….

    • I Got It Too, It Was For The HTC Watch App, I Thought It Was For ICS Too :/ 

  • Im So Happy I Decided To Get The HTC Sensation Rather Than Getting The MyTouch Slide 4G Back In July!!!! 

  • Jmart922

    Give me the myTouch 4G Slide ICS update already

  • TechHog

    I hardly even care. Sense 3.6 is Gingerbread. I don’t care what the version number says, it’s fucking Gingerbread as far as the user experience goes. Fuck HTC. I hope everything goes wrong for them from now on and that they go under.

  • TechHog

    Sense 3.6 still uses a Gingerbread interface. It’s not ICS in any way beyond version number. Such a rip-off. I’m never buying an HTC phone again.

  • David Kephart

    Some here may _think_ that Sense 3.6 is GB, but that ain’t true. The point, however, and the subject of this article, is ICS, Android 4.0.3, which is faster, consumes battery less intensely, and on which Sense seems a lot more comfortable. But you can try it out for yourself … XDA … and if we ever get Sense 4.0, that’s even better.

  • Rob

    has anyone seen what T-mobile said to a customer on Facebook when they asked about ICS coming to the sensation this month? “T-Mobile USA: we are currently testing ICS on the Sensation but it isn’t the experience we are looking for so HTC is working on our feedback before we send it out and we don’t have a time yet”
    XDA developers has picked up on this rumor too (they also have the ICS update from Europe on their website and you dont need a rooted sensation or any roms so if tmobile holds off on us we still have that…)

  • Mad6920

    Could u put a link to that page. Id like to check that out thx

  • Murtazakalang

    when i got my ics in kuwait for htc sensation when it come to my country