HTC Talks Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade On Facebook

We have to hand it to HTC for keeping us apprised of their timetable for Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades with frequent updates regarding a release date. This morning’s post on Facebook tells T-Mobile customers exactly what they have hoped to hear: the HTC Sensation 4G will receive the ICS upgrade in the first HTC rollout before the end of March. Later in the year, HTC says that Ice Cream Sandwich will arrive on the HTC Amaze 4G, along with a host of other handsets in on T-Mobile competitors. We don’t know why the Sensation 4G gets dibs on the upgrade, but we’re just happy to know HTC has updated us with plans to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the Amaze 4G. Given that so many of you unnecessarily worried about the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade after we discovered the end-of-life status for the Amaze 4G, this should be comforting news.


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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    What about the T-Mobile HTC G2 with Google?


    • Juanellobo

      Well if they upgrade htc desire s we have a chance lomg live g2

      • Anonymous

        Its the Desire Z that I think the G2 is based on, which isn’t in the list.

    • Anonymous

      Tragically it will almost certainly be abandoned, as will my Mytouch 4G. We are much more likely to get our updates from XDA than HTC. :(

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it is tragic, because the G2 is actually a great phone with great hardware but for some reason wasn’t that popular I guess.

        • Blitzkrieg

          I guess the lack of RAM to run the memory-hungry Sense is what made the DZ miss the cut. If you notice, all the phones have a minimum of 768MB of RAM on board. Its sad that such a brilliant phone will be obsolete soon. LG and SE too have 512 MB of RAM on their devices and yet they have promised upgrades to ICS. HTC should at least release a vanilla ROM of ICS for DZ. I won’t miss HTC Sense if i’ll be getting ICS.

    • Roger

      I have this phone too.  Note that it took almost a year from Gingerbread being available to the update actually installing on my phone.  HTC has been spreading themselves very thin by doing lots of different models so I’d be astonished if they pick up the pace or even both.

      But I am taking into account upgrade timelines as the single biggest issue in my manufacturer choice for my next phone.  I may even change carriers.

      (I use wifi calling and am an Android developer so I have to keep my phone as representative as possible hence various ROMs not being an alternative.)

    • TMoFan

      I love my G2 …. put ICS on it an I’ll love it even more. It has the hardware to run it so there’s really no reason for it not to get ICS.

  • So the Amaze was Q1 now just 2012… :(


    by the time tmobile upgrades the sensation it will be late summer..euro gsm will be updated in march, so dont get to exited

    • Anonymous

      “…HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4g”  

      That would be our phone wouldn’t it?

      • BiGMERF

        based on the past i imagine the update will be ready in march and submitted to tmo for them to make there adjustments.. which past has shown takes tmobile months to do. I hope I am wrong though, my wife has a sensation

        • Anonymous

          Gotcha.  They make it sound like the update will be issued to our devices but it would definitely have to go to the carriers first.

      • Fucker

        Of course the sensation would get ics first , its the cheapest priced phone on the cheapest phone carrier. It is always on sale for 40$ at target, bums even have it in nyc.

    • Anonymous

      Luckily there’s xda. I’m running an ics leaked build from HTC. Pretty smooth.

  • Anonymous

    My wife is gonna flip when she hears this about her Sensation.

  • thanks a lot for the post! very interesting!

  • Anonymous

    “We don’t know why the Sensation 4G gets dibs on the upgrade”

    Why wouldn’t it?  I mean was out first so it kinda should get first dibs.

    • It’s not the “premiere” handset out of the two…if anything I would think the Amaze would have it first since it’s a 42HPSA+ device.

      • Anonymous

        That would have pissed off sensation users like me. While the Amaze is a premiere device in its own right, so was the sensation when it came out. Its only naturally that the sensation should come first as its been out longer than what 3 or 4 months? 42 hspa is premiere for t-mo not really htc.

        • Anonymous

          His quotations relieved me because he’s speaking from TMO’s POV.  I’m sure he feels the same way we do right David!?

      • Anonymous

        Thankfully it appears that HTC is making the call on what gets updated first because if it were left up to TMO, they would certainly have the “premiere” mentality that you point out.

        Sadly though, TMO could still actually hold back the update and OTA update them simultaneously vs in order.

        • Anonymous

          The carriers make the final decision, not HTC.

          Doesn’t matter if HTC has a release ready, until TMO approves and accepts it, there will be no “official” updates.

          Always remember, the manufacturer’s customer is the carrier, not the end user.

        • OhTMO

          I have the Sensation and hope TMO doesn’t make customers wait long.  Wish it was handled like Iphone and Nexus updates, take the carrier out of the equation.

    • Johnsciara

      In sure it is getting it first because March 1 the white sensation will have it.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, I read that the Sensation will begin shipping with ICS soon.

  • Jose Hernandez

    That is all good and dandy for the phones listed above, what I want to know is when are the other phones not listed going to get some attention? For example: I have a MyTouch 4G Slide, I would like to know when and if this phone will even be considered for an upgrade. I just want to know if the are going to try the update fof the phone or not, I am not asking for an ETA for the update, when will it happen, How will it happen, or if it won’t. If this phone will not get the upgrade that is fine, then I know I will have to buy a new one to get ICS, but the waiting for MONTHS just to find that one way or the other. Other OEMS are already upgrading they handsets. I am gratefull that HTC is even trying to get the updates to as many of their phones as possible, but they are really not doing their best to keep everybody up to date. Sorry! had to get that off!!!!

  • mrbean

    As a proud sensation owner im glad its coming first. I think it deserves it since it came out first.

  • Anonymous

    yayyyyyyy htc sensation i hope it doesn’t make it buggy, I hope it improves battery life. My battery dies too quickly. Juice defender Saves my butt.

    • Anonymous

      Does yours reboot Sense occasionally and lock up requiring a battery pull too?  

      • Anonymous

        Yeah occasionally

      • Drewjacobo81

        My phone doesn’t lock up it just restarts sense whenever I’m using flash for a long time

    • Anonymous

      I’m getting 24 hours battery life on the leaked HTC ics build. Pretty awesome.

  • ABE

    And once again, the Mytouch 4g is MIA.

    • I have the MyTouch Slide 4g, guess we’re in the same boat. I’m sure though there will be a way to get the update in the near future. XDA might have it, here is to hoping.

      • Kurt

        Really don’t like that since it came out as the best camerphone on the market. Very upset at this news

        • Vim

          Judging by some comments made by Motorola, there is an unexpectedly large amount driver code for all non-Nexus hardware that needs to be rewritten to work with ICS, and that has seriously slowed their update timetable.  I wouldn’t be surprised if HTC was experiencing the same issue. So you’re probably looking at some long waits for official MyTouch 4G Slide and MyTouch 4G versions of ICS.

        • Guest

          exactly… we’re having a hard time on xda developers on certain models ourselves. I guess it’s tough for the manufacturer developers too lol although we usually blame the carriers for delays hahaha!

        • DetroitTechnoFan

           I wouldn’t mind seeing it, but for me, Gingerbread is just great. Already an incremental improvement over Froyo since I have had it. But, if they bring ICS to the MT4G it had better have Sense!

    • J Jackshaw

      I want to kno about the mytouch 4g slide? Smh

  • Should’ve got a Sensation instead.

  • Rfgenerator

    T-Mobile USA is absolutely not making any commitment to rolling out ICS to the Sensation within the HTC timeline.  Reading between the lines, it looks like any ICS update for the Sensation is still several months away for T-Mobile USA customers

  • EXIBITman

    Will samsung be upgrading the Exibit2 to ice cream sandswich any time sOOn?

    • Anonymous

      Nooo…Exhibit 2 will not see ics. Galaxy S2 & Galaxy Note only. Samsung doesnt provide updates unless its their high end phones. It sucks. I like samsung & Im on a gs2 now because its a great phone, but samsung doesnt keep up on updates. They always want you to buy the new latest & greatest.

  • Vim

    Reading between the lines, the only thing we can be certain of is that T-Mo’s web site spokes-people haven’t been told anything yet.  Given that these very low level minions have no say or influence in either the decision-making or development process, that isn’t a surprise. This is why their answer to the question is a laughably vague non-answer.

  • trevb87

    Im hoping a leaked official ROM hits XDA soon. A month and a half-ish is too long to wait! Lol

  • Going_home

    Thats just messed up.
    Amaze owners hung out to dry for the Sensation.


    • Gentleman559

      No kidding. The Sensation? You’ve got to be kidding me. HTC is really a piece of work upgrading older phones first. Good thin g i have a Galaxy S 2…LOL. Although Samsung Sucks even worse when it comes to updates.

      • twest

        Pure business move. If you update the Amaze too early, then why would you need to buy this year’s HTC with ICS on it?….you wouldn’t…so they want to have time to at least sell some newer models. Upgrading the Sensation will probably work okay, but due to hardware differences and the fact that the phone is so old (probably beat-up) and wearing down it will be enough to make you want to upgrade to a newer model…which just so happens to be the 2012 HTC model (because by then the Amaze will probably not be sold/offered much anymore).

        • guest

          So old?  What?? The Sensation came out last July and is still sold.

  • Steve

    They need to post an update at least once a month.  Nothing customers hate more than being told to wait in the dark.

  • K0246945

    I don’t really notice anything different from 2.2 to 2.3. I could careless about a 4.0 update…Google’s smart about updates… tweak tiny things… sell manufacturers on the idea… create a hype…. generate revenue….

    • Dyke

       …Its couldn’t careless, if you could careless it means that you somewhat care in the first place in order to be able to careless

      • Alex

        It’s care less, not careless (as you were with correcting grammar).

  • Dutch

    Its because there are more sensation owners then amaze owners so if you wasted your money on the amaze thinking it was going to be different then the sensation that’s you fault to bad.

    • Magmaspawn

      Other than refined software and a better camera.. Maybe a stronger chipset and mass amounts of sensation owners who wish they had the amaze I guess they are the same.

    • Anonymous

      It has a 42 Mbps chip set and twice as much memory. The sensation has a 14.4 chip in it. Big difference. not to mention a better camera.

    • I dropped the Sensation in favor of the Amaze and I’m glad I did.  It’s soooo much smoother given its just a little bump in processor speed.  I love the dedicated camera buttons and the overall look of the device, too.  I don’t mind waiting longer for ICS since I have a phone that i a joy to use everyday.

    • Gentleman559


  • hating my HTC HD2

  • Webersuz147

    Will Boost be upgrading the lg Marque to Ice cream

    • Anonymous

      Who cares, this is for T-Mobile phones for one, and secondly, this story is for HTC phones.

  • “Later this Year”….seriously.  You guys need to hire two 12 year old software engineers instead of one working on this project.

    • I agree….I think the sentence wasnt finished…”later this year…..when a new version of android is released and no one wants ICS anymore, we might release it”

  • And the HTC Desire Z??? If the Desire HD is getting an update to ICS, why not the Desire Z? They were launched at the same time! :/

  • Confucius718

    I love my sensation I don’t plan on upgrading my phone until a high end quad core phone comes which can be awhile from now but I have it running android 4.0.3 on the latest insertcoin Rom.I swear to u my phone exceeds 20+mbps download speed and upload speed of 5+mbps on WI-FI which is what I use 90% of my time

    • Andresgalvan98

      The brand new HTC One X should be your next phone…Sprint, AT&T, AND Verizon get it, and maybe T-Mobile later on.

  • Josephmina

    What about the 4g slide? I called htc and they told me it will get the update, but cannot say when. Now to me, that means they are too worried about it yet. Anybody have any other news? I spent too much on this phone to be this far behind, 5.0 is coming soon and I don’t even have 4.0 yet

  • Forceg3

    what??? htc amaze is not getting it in March!!!!