HTC Talks Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade On Facebook

We have to hand it to HTC for keeping us apprised of their timetable for Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades with frequent updates regarding a release date. This morning’s post on Facebook tells T-Mobile customers exactly what they have hoped to hear: the HTC Sensation 4G will receive the ICS upgrade in the first HTC rollout before the end of March. Later in the year, HTC says that Ice Cream Sandwich will arrive on the HTC Amaze 4G, along with a host of other handsets in on T-Mobile competitors. We don’t know why the Sensation 4G gets dibs on the upgrade, but we’re just happy to know HTC has updated us with plans to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the Amaze 4G. Given that so many of you unnecessarily worried about the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade after we discovered the end-of-life status for the Amaze 4G, this should be comforting news.


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