Did Tony Hawk Just Out A T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus? I Think Not

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way and ask ourselves if Tony Hawk “accidentally” Tweeted a picture of a T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus? The answer? We tend to think not. In fact, we’re almost sure of it considering the imagine contained within his tweet. Now, we’ll back up for a sec and admit that Tony Hawk has always been a friend to T-Mobile and even lent his name to a Sidekick back in the day. As we come back to present time, we ask if T-Mobile loves Tony Hawk so much that they would give him access to an unreleased and unannounced handset? We just don’t think so. Stay with us and we’ll explain why.

The boys over at Androidandme surmise this is a Galaxy Nexus image we’re looking at since it’s the stock Android 4.0 data usage menu in the settings. Let us not forget that the international version of the Galaxy Nexus works just fine on T-Mobile. So the most likely reason for the picture? The data usage chart itself. Tony could have posted ANY picture of an unreleased Galaxy Nexus and he chooses this data chart a few days before the end of his usage cycle? We think that’s the reason for the pic and it’s likely he’s just super pleased with his data usage on T-Mobile. He’s also got a tethering app pictured at the bottom of the display so we’re betting this image is all about the data, and less about the phone.

So while anything is possible, I’d say getting your hopes up based on this image could lead to a disappointing future. We know that plenty of you would jump at a chance to buy the Galaxy Nexus subsidized on T-Mobile, but we don’t think this is evidence of that happening.

Androidandme via @tonyhawk

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