Price Changes For The Samsung Exhibit II 4G, LG myTouch And myTouch Q For Sunday

With just one day before T-Mobile’s Valentine’s Day “All Phones Free” sale, we’ve got some updated pricing info for Sunday, the day after the “big” sale. First off, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G receives a $20 price drop on both invoice and 2-year contract pricing. Next up are the LG myTouch and myTouch Q, both receiving $70 price increases on their invoice pricing but a $30 price drop with a 2-year contract. That’s all for price changes this week. I hope that plenty of you are planning on taking advantage of tomorrows offers.


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    the mytouch goes up in price? what are they smoking?!

    • Stonerslane

      Tmobile is being run by apes

  • Mark

    The sale comes at exactly the wrong time for my budget… wait another week until my tax refund arrives!  PLUS… after seeing the ads I’m wondering if the Galaxy Note will make it to Tmo.

  • Djclove007

    Hey Dave what’s with all these annoying T-Mobile advertising pop up now and the miscellaneous pop up when u go to this website now? Please get rid of them very annoying and gets in the way

  • Djclove007

    Get rid of the annoying pop ups

    • Np6s4x

      this site doesn’t have pop-ups, you should probably run a virus scanner

      • Np6s4x

        a ad company may have hit you with something, i know i recently did at phandroid

        • BiGMERF

          it shows the ads on my gnex and prime.. i run adblocker on my pc, so im good there

        • Anonymous

          It’s a t-mobile popup that only appears on mobile. It is really bad.

  • Bruin81

    The Exhibit II is available at Walmart for $200!

    • Bruin81

       that is contract free price :)

  • Np6s4x

    so if you buy either mytouch outright for prepaid it’s still $279, buy if you get it with a plan it’s $349, odd, lol (though if you really want to phone you’dbe smart to buy it the day before for $249 outright or $20 after rebate on contract)

  • Djclove007

    Oh ok I keep getting a T-Mobile thing popping up on the bottom of my screen like a ad or something and has a hide or show bar on it does anyone else have that? How do I get rid of it? Please help keeps popping up

    • Anonymous

      It only does not happen if you view in desktop. It’s annoying as hell isn’t it?

  • Sanam

    hey folks,

    please get this,   the price shown above is a TOTAL RIP OFF. DON’T BUY PHONES FROM TMOBILE UNLESS U GET IT FREE OR FOR A HUGE DISCOUNT. for example,

    the EXHIBIT 4H II  is  being sold, non contract, non upgrade, no tax, no activation fee, free shipping and brand new for less than $200 on TMO sells it for $329.99. that is a rip of of $135.  i bought it for $189 last time and worked perfectly on my existing postpaid plan. amazon sells it as prepaid but it works on prepaid, post paid and on any plans and same 4G speed.

    DAVID should have posted about the price amazon gives too.

    it’s  all about awareness and help others save money and not get ripped off.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why anyone would buy the Exhibit II 4G from anywhere but Walmart where it’s $198.99 and no contract. T-Mobile isn’t necessarily competitive in this regard…

  • karma

    david is deleting or not approving comment. this is not good,

    any way hope this works .

    The price shown above are rip off prices folks! $20 discount on EXHIBIT 4G II from $349.99 to $329.99? really? You can get the same, exact EXHIBHIT 4G II from AMAZON , no contract, no tax, free shipping, brand new for less than $200. I bought it for $186 2 months ago. It works on postpaid plan and also in prepaid plan.
    my advice, never buy phones from TMO  unless you   get it for big discount and take it if it is free with your contract  or upgrade!

    • Rob

       i was about to say the same thing, the other phones are overly priced too,. same message here, DON’T BUY PHONES directly from Tmo store or tmo customer care.
       phones such as GALAXY S2 or the AMAZE free with contract renewal or free with upgrade is the way to go, otherwise buy phones from amazon , ebay & other sites.

      • Harisson30

         i bought the EXHIBHIT 4G II from amazon for $199 , brand  new and used it on my existing postpaid plan, saving of of $150 including tax and didn’t require any contract renewal or upgrade.

    • Samantha

       this is another example of tmobile company assuming its customers as stupid and fool.

      don’t always believe in all the  fake discounts  tmo talks about, whether it is  the plan or the costs of phones, many so called deals on plans are not a real discount.

  • Guest

    You can also get the Exhibit II or the Nokia Lumia with M4G/Prepaid for $200 at T-Mobile.

    •  either you don’t know what you are talking about or you are just lying here.

      the TMO prepaid price for EXHIBIT 4H II is $349. 99 plus tax, where as same  phone on amazon is  about $200, no tax, no contract, post paid or prepaid and free shipped.

      • Guest

        I work for T-Mobile. I activate these phones with M4G everyday.

        • you are lying for tmobile regarding the price for exibhit 4g 2, online shows $349 plus tax it becomes $370. tmo store price is about the same or worse. we all know how store price sucks. amazon sells it for $200 final price, no tax brand new free shipped. saving of over $150 less from buying at tmo store or online, u fool

        • Guest

          Well ok. I’m not going to argue with you anymore. It just shows like that in the store but ask any reps and they’ll tell you it’s 200 with Monthly4G activation. I know it doesn’t show that on the price cards but they’re discounted through POS. Don’t call someone a liar when you don’t even have your facts right.

        • me

          LOL. Don’t bother with that person. I picked up my Lumia 710 for $199 + $50 Monthly 4G activation = $250 no contract. Do you know if there are any other deals that ring up with a discount at POS? Or do you know if you can get it by buying a $50 prepaid card/epin instead of activating? I went to see my friend at T-Mobile to pick up my Lumia and HE didn’t even know about the deal.. but he rang it up and sure enough, -$150 showed up. SCORE!

        • John

           Karma I —the problem is (and I did see that price on the Tmobile website, too, for prepay at the exact same time I bought mine from the wireless center at Walmart for $199)    –DON’T GO TO TMOBILE…go elsewhere.  Same manufacture warranty, and you do NOT get that little sticker below the battery that that turns redish/pink that the customer service has you check when you call them that says, “Sorry, we are going to screw you because it had ‘moisture damage’ “…. that is if any of you have ever been screwed over by TMOBILE like I have.  Their phone service area is decent but their customer service belongs on the floor of a barn!!!!  Just my opinion, oh, and I guess, thousands of other peoples opinions too :-)

      • Rachel

        Exibit is 189 elsewhere BUT ITS DEFECTIVE HANDSET..DONT GET IT.

      • John

         I just bought mine at Walmart a couple of weeks ago for $199 +tax + extended warranty (covers everything IF you have the phone to turn in–doesn’t cover LOST phones).  I see they are now $179, so a drop of $20.  I love mine!  I have had no problems so far, and since I am not using it as my mobile computer, it does great for me!

  • Anonymous

    Stay far far away from the retail cellular stores. Always check amazon wireless first. The sales tax savings, as well as usually being 100 dollars cheaper is worth the wait for the item to be delivered. You can renew your contract on the amazon site as well, and get a cheaper subsidized price than you will receive in the retail store. Again, stay far far away from the retail stores, unless money is no object.

    • sinclair

      Agreed. AMZ routinely has great deals on all phones/carriers. they have galaxy nexus for 99 now

  • sinclaiR

    Dont buy exhibit2; Tmobile admits it has Known Issues. Phone freezes,power cycles & has text issues. But they say theyre sorry;theres nothing they can do.

    • Bruin81

      I’ve had none of these issues with my Exhibit 2, works great.  Can’t beat the no contract  under $200 price tag.  Plan to keep until I can get a Galaxy Nexus.

  • EXIBITman

    Exhibit2 came out on nov 2 2011 on for 199.00$ plus sales tax wich comes to 217.99$ with free shipping. it sales numbers were so high tmo decided to raise the price because it is a hot selling headset.

  • EXIBITman

    I like my Exihibit2 4g

  • Brittney2_h

    I have this phone! Love it was. but does anyone know how to screenshot ?