Updated Inventory Sheet Offers New Details For LG myTouch Line, Sensation 4G

Last week we ran a story showing off a recent T-Mobile inventory report highlighting a number of handsets T-Mobile was preparing to send to the smartphone graveyard. As it turns out, some of that information was right and some of it apparently, was not. We can’t say for certain why the first report had…what now appears to be incorrect information, but we now have the most recent inventory report which does reflect a few differences from last week. Our best guess is an honest mistake by someone preparing the report accidentally listing everything as “end of life” and not separating them properly as this new report does.

So what’s changed? First things first, we’ll notice that the Sensation 4G is now listed as “Sell Through,” which generally means that the phone won’t be in production for much longer but that it could still take months before T-Mobile stops receiving shipments of them. Also marked as “sell through” are the LG myTouch and myTouch Q and myTouch 4G Slide black. Interestingly enough, both the LG Doubleplay and HTC Amaze 4G remain end of life. We still can’t say why that is or what T-Mobile has up their sleeve to replace the it. We’ll continue to emphasize however, that end of life does not mean the end of customer support or that T-Mobile or HTC will no longer provide updates. All recent information points to HTC absolutely releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for the Amaze 4G (and Sensation 4G) in the near future.

Also, we should highlight that leaks such as this one are often filled with incomplete information (as is often the nature of leaks), especially since we have no idea what phone will follow-up the Amaze 4G. If we did know the answer to that, the Amaze end of life status may not seem so troubling. In the meantime, we’ll continue to wonder why the Amaze is getting killed off before the Sensation? That is something we’re eager to know an answer to‚Ķeven so we unfortunately may never get one. We’ll also stay focused on working our own angles to try to uncover what T-Mobile has in the 2012 pipeline, with a doubled effort on figuring out what is replacing the Amaze 4G — and when it’s coming.

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