myTouch 3G Receiving Software Update, Allows For Google Security Fix

Lookout original myTouch 3G owners, we’re going back in time today as T-Mobile has released some info on a software update heading your way. Unfortunately, this update is rather “minor” as updates go, but it does allow for the application of a Google security fix. Unfortunately for any myTouch 3G owners out there, Google no longer supports Android 2.2.1 Froyo for any further OS updates, however this update is just a bug fix so you’re receiving it anyway.

I do love how T-Mobile adds in “If you have a T-Mobile myTouch 3G and would like a newer software version, please consider a handset upgrade to a newer and faster device.” Yes, if you are using a myTouch 3G, it is time to consider new hardware. In fact, you should be considering the purchase of a new device right this very minute to get something a little more “with the times.” In the interim, enjoy your Google security fix!


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  • Anonymous

    I have a Google branded version of this device running some version of Cyanogen based on 2.2. It’s not my main phone, but it’s still a decent little device. It’s kind of funny to remember that just a couple years ago you could have a major high-end Android device released without a headphone jack.


    my cousin still uses this

  • Vim

    I’m impressed that HTC cared enough to push this out.  Samsung wouldn’t have.

  • tommy

    I am still using my Moto Cliq.  I need to put Cyanogenmod on it…2.1.1 will I get a security fix or should I just feel InSecure in perpetuity?

  • Mark

    Does anyone know anything more about this security issue?  What other phones/OS versions are affected, for instance?

  • Snapdragon S4

    Still using mine right now. Lol. Just waiting for either the Ville or the Endeavor. Not a big fan of Samsung. Nice screens (if there’s no bluish tint) and processors but not build material.

  • Cupcake

    Good.  My son is using the mytouch 3G.  But can my mytouch 4G EVER get its software upgrade??!!!   GEE whiz!

    •  Exactly what I’d like to know. I’ve been waiting forever.

    • ski

      enter at dial screen and you will get the update *#*#682#*#*

  • Harry

    hahaha The day I get a new phone upgrade, an update comes along for my mytouch3g

  • Heidi Allen40

    Oh, yes here I am with my dinosaur My Touch.  If it ain’t broke…