T-Mobile Confirms New Domestic Data Roaming Plans, Posts FAQ

While it’s been up for a few days, we just got word of a FAQ in T-Mobile’s support forums highlighting the upcoming changes to their domestic roaming policy beginning on April 5th, 2012. Most importantly, this FAQ confirms our leaked information that such changes were taking place along with any material changes to the Terms and Conditions of your contract term. So why is T-Mobile making this change?

“To continue providing the most competitive pricing options in the industry, T-Mobile has chosen to introduce a domestic data roaming allotment on all data plans. Very few customers will use enough domestic data while roaming to be impacted by this change. Domestic roaming allotments are used across the wireless industry and so this is common with other carriers as well.”

It’s a quick but interesting read as T-Mobile highlights that only a very limited number of customers will actually be affected by this policy. This FAQ reminds customers that most importantly, you aren’t charged anything extra for data roaming, you’ll just be limited in how much off-network roaming you can use. For those of you who do a lot of road tripping around the country, it’s a document worth looking at.


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