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PSA: Don’t Forget to Disable Roaming When Traveling Internationally

PSA Reminder: if you’re traveling internationally, make sure to disable roaming on your device. Otherwise, you might be shocked with your bill when you get home.  This is what happened to a family who came back from vacation with a monthly bill of $78,240.61. As the post shared, the family forgot to disable roaming and got hit by charges while they were on vacation.  As shared by … [read full article]

MetroPCS adds Cuba to World Calling Add-on

News from the prepaid side this afternoon, as MetroPCS has announced that it’s adding another country to its World Calling add-on. The $10 add-on now includes Cuba. For those unfamiliar, the $10 World Calling add-on is available to any MetroPCS customers on the $50 or $60 plans. For ten bucks you get the following: While You’re in the U.S. · Unlimited calling to land-lines in over … [read full article]

Croatia and Paraguay added to Simple Choice international roaming

T-Mobile’s list of countries supported by the free international roaming – as part of Simple Choice – continues to grow. Android Police noticed that Paraguay and Croatia are now included. Since launch, the list of supported countries, where you can get unlimited texting and 2G data roaming free of charge as part of  your Simple Choice plan, has now grown to over 120. Oddly, Vietnam has … [read full article]