T-Mobile simplifies domestic data roaming on new Simple Choice plans


When T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice Amped plans launched on November 15, they brought with them double the monthly data allotments of the previous plans. Turns out that that’s not the only data change that came with the new plans, though.

T-Mobile support documents show that the new Simple Choice plans now include 200MB of domestic roaming data, no matter which plan you’re on. That’s a change from the old Simple Choice plans that offered varying amounts of domestic roaming data depending on how much your data your regular plan included:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 8.31.04 PM

As you can see, 200MB of domestic roaming data is quite a bit more than most folks were getting previously. This increase also brings T-Mobile more in line Sprint, which offers 100MB-300MB of roaming data based on your plan, and AT&T that offers 400MB. Verizon doesn’t have a limit. And while 200MB isn’t a ton of data, it should be enough to do some light web browsing or navigation while you’re roaming and finding your way to Wi-Fi or native T-Mobile coverage. This new 200MB domestic data roaming allotment is also much simpler than T-Mo’s old domestic data roaming rates, which is another welcome change.

One other detail worth noting is that if you do happen to use up your 200MB of domestic data roaming, T-Mo says “most data services” will become unavailable, though you’ll still be able to use My Account features. Data will be restored once you return to native T-Mobile coverage or when you start a new billing cycle.

Via: Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

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  • Matt

    Great news. I do need roaming data often in the state of Wisconsin. It’s mostly for quick map lookup, address & phone number search. 200MB is more than fair. Thank You T-Mobile!

    • David

      Not sure if it’s helpful to you or not, google map now has offline feature allowing you to download the map of an area defined by you.

      • eanfoso

        Or, here maps which make Google offline look like a kindergartener’s dribble.

        • steveb944

          Considering Google is so widely used and readily available on most devices, it’ll probably be an easier option for OP.

        • eanfoso

          Considering here maps is available for ios, android, windows phone, blackberry OS, Jolla, tizen, symbian, meego and any operating system, with frequent updates for offline searches, he’d be missing out a lot, plus here maps can be downloaded per sta and country, and it’s fully-featured offline, you wouldn’t think you don’t have an Internet connection.

        • steveb944

          I’m informed on HERE Maps, there’s no need for you to list redundant information. And I was mainly referring to Google Maps being preinstalled on a majority of devices already so OP doesn’t have to download another app.

          OP needed maps, addresses and phone numbers, something Google Maps can provide offline. Maybe you haven’t used the latest version which provides that.

        • Doble-A

          Thank you for properly capitalizing where needed. I didn’t understand his statements until I read your reply.

        • Sectime

          Just tried HERE maps on my iPad. iPhone only app so it looked like crap and worked like Google maps in 2011 or so. Maybe you are using a different app. Since they were sold have to see what happens, but for now on iOS to me just a complete joke.

        • eanfoso

          Can’t really say from experience on ios, but am talking about the offline capabilities and how it downloads enough information to do a search for a business and even a phone number, I’ve used here on symbian, windows phone and android, never had an ios device. Google maps is crap offline.

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          There are tons of very decent offline map programs. However I don’t like installing multiple map programs on my phone as they are quite large in size.


          From what I’ve been able to gather the only benefit to here maps offline is that it allows for walking and public transit while offline. Which is actually a huge perk.. However I routinely use google maps because I can enable data shortly to get traffic updates then disable data if I want. Also google maps offline also allows for looking up places by name, the video review above is outdated in that regard.

          For myself I’m going to stick with google maps because I have it, I know it, and I don’t want to get rid of it. So installing side by side is my only option and thats just another program I dont want installed. So I’m going to stick with google maps for the time being and use offline mode. Especially because I generally don’t need large map areas and if I’m traveling I’ll just download that specific area on google maps before I depart.

    • eanfoso

      Download here maps, it also downloads businesses and phone numbers it’s amazing.

  • Daniel

    I get unlimited roaming up here in AK thanks to the GCI agreement :)

    • nps_ca

      They need to do a better job on listing which carriers have agreements that don’t count towards this: e.g. GCI ads you identified and iWireless. Shame that you have to go through an escalation rep to get this info most of the time

  • Brad C

    Arizona on CellOne and Commnet both are included as native network, Cell One is capped at 2/1 on HSPA but that’s more than enough speed for most things

    • Dylan Romero

      There is no longer any data roaming on Commnet. Only voice, as of November 15.

      • nps_ca

        Noticed this Monday in rural Yavapai County – Comnet fine to get a network for SMS or voice but no data. Bummer

  • steveb944

    “most data services” will become unavailable, though you’ll still be able to use My Account features.”

    Thank goodness because the first thing we think about doing in these remote areas is check our service plan.

  • Philip

    I have data roaming check mark on. When I am out of Tmo coverage, I just dont get any signal. This was many months ago. Things have change now?

    • BKPhil

      I’m in the opposite boat – roaming checkmark is off, yet on a recent trip when I thought I was enjoying Tmo data, I apparently ate through my entire 50MB roaming allotment, and got a text message from Tmo telling me they were cutting me off.

      • GreenMonkeyPants

        I have always had the Data Roaming un-checked on my iPhone, and I always get a text message from T-Mo that I’ve blasted through my allotment when traveling. I’ve contacted cust support and they tell me that the selection doesn’t work at all. :(

        • BKPhil

          Funny, right?
          From traveling internationally, I can attest to the fact that the setting works ‘there’ – strange that it breaks down domestically.
          Also feels odd that free 2G (or better!) roaming can be arranged internationally, but not domestically. Direct competitors, sure, but still feels silly.

  • Dylan Romero

    Yes. I live in NM and it has not worked for the past few weeks. I think it is across their entire footprint.

  • SpaceGho5t

    Does this only include the new simple choice plans? Do the grandfathered plans remain the same? Doesn’t really concern me, but I’m just curious.

    • Marianne Myers

      I’d like to know the answer to this, too. I do roam in South Dakota occasionally. I do not want to “upgrade” to a current plan and lose my old unlimited pricing just for this.

      • Torry Skurski

        I just posted about this, but I hit my 50mb data warning (80%) this past weekend. I’m *not* on a new amped plan, I’m on the old 3gb plan. So it appears to not apply to grandfathered plans, only the new amped plans.

  • YABD

    My phone never do roaming whenever I don’t have coverage. My settings have roaming checked.

  • Acdc1a

    Good news bad news kind of deal. 50MB for unlimited users is just silly. The good news in this whole thing is there are far fewer places that you need to roam domestically.

  • Torry Skurski

    Just this past weekend I was in northern MI and going in and out of a roaming AT&T signal to T-Mobile LTE (new coverage area, so it’s hit or miss). However, by the end of the weekend I got a text message saying I’ve used 80% of my 50mb roaming allotment. So has this 200mb been verified in writing anywhere? I know in the footer of the T-Mobile site it says plans have up to 200mb domestic roaming included now (instead of the prior tiered structure), but it didn’t seem to be that way this past weekend.

    • Torry Skurski

      Oh, after a second read through, I’m not on an amped plan, I’m still just on the 3gb plan. Maybe that’s why.

      • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

        yea old plans still are locked into the old structure

  • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

    Looks like Tmobile has been keeping you busy the past few days Alex Wagner ;)

  • Jesus

    What happened to unlimited text and data when in mexico and canada?

    • Jasonv

      Nothing happened….where did it say those where changing?

  • Carl

    Verizon’s domestic roaming is unlimited because it is basically a nonissue? Since they have great coverage?

  • SirStephenH

    I’m on the $100 for 2 + $40 per extra line unlimited plan on Android with data roaming enabled and I’ve never received a roaming warning. This isn’t going to convince me to change.