New T-Mobile app for Android and iOS said to be debuting December 10


December started out with a bang for T-Mobile thanks to the addition of 11 new streaming services to Music Freedom, but according to a new report, that’s not the only big news that T-Mo has planned for this month.

Reddit user (and T-Mobile employee) BioBlueDemon says that a new T-Mobile app will debut on December 10. According to BioBlueDemon, the app will have “a much cleaner user interface” and will allow you to make one-time payments, arrange payments, check your usage, check the status of an order, and test your device’s health. Another T-Mo employee and Reddit user going by the name Marshall_St says that you’ll be able to report coverage issues within the app, too.

The app is expected to land on Android and iOS, with both versions arriving on the same date. It’s also said that this new app will be separate from the current T-Mobile app rather than an update. Some other the other details on the app — like a data usage widget or Touch ID support on iOS — remain up in the air. Also unknown is exactly what the app will look like, but in response to a user asking if the app will adopt Google’s Material Design, BioBlueDemon said “not from the looks of it.”

While the current T-Mobile app for Android and iOS isn’t the worst looking app I’ve ever seen, the promise of “a much cleaner user interface” is pretty enticing. The ability to report coverage issues will make for a nice inclusion, too, letting you quickly report any problems you might be having and rely more on the app for your T-Mo needs.

Are there any other changes or new features you’d like to see in a new T-Mobile app?

Source: Reddit

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  • If it still doesn’t have Material Design and continues to use Cocoa Touch—it is not allowed on my phone.

    • zz

      Who cares about material whatever, zzzzzz.

      • NinoBr0wn

        Obviously people do.

    • EndlessIke

      trix are for kids, tho.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Not allowed on your phone LOL I’d much rather all apps follow suit myself, but to say not allowed is silly as hell, like it offends you or something.

      • Gmo

        It’s not silly, it is offensive that t mobile phones in the android version of the app by ignoring material design and using cocoa touch which is a ui framework built for iOS apps. It’s bs.

        • NinoBr0wn

          Please do explain how it is offensive. I am genuinely interested to hear this.

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          It uses technology not meant for Android but Ios. Meaning Android has to go outside its native language to utilize the app. Its a lazy development solution that’s bad for Android users.

        • AJ2

          Maybe they’ll force it on Tmobile Android phones

        • You are one smart cookie. I’m glad you recognize what Cocoa Touch is. ;]

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      I am glad you you mention it I had no idea their was such a sophisticated layer as that. I would have live to see this happen if tech does go with this idea in the future. So far I am impressed Ubuntu, Mint, Windows 10 have to offer when speaking of reliable multi tasking layers, however iPad Pro is far in the easy of convinces I have had been playing around with it for about almost a month now. The biggest issue Is I can’t yet use Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, illustrator other then that it has got my attention so that it would be really hard for me to go back to Android tablets.

  • Mike Palomba

    It’s about time, the current app is useless

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      And the servers the app connects to are incredibly slow.

      • Cam Fas

        Yup! Right about that it’s long overdue for an update

  • Fujitsujeff

    This is intriguing … Hoping for an app with much more utility as the current app is unusable and one I uninstalled on both platforms IOS and Android.

  • RealShit

    Current tmobile app is trash. Slow as hell, and it pretty much uses the mobile version of the website, lmao. Literally the app is so garbage that it kinda doesn’t even exist. It’s a seperate app to open up the same browser page, lmao!

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      I just use the mobile site also. The app keeps resetting my choice to not scan my phone for battery and other issues.

  • guest

    If this coming app is going to be baked on future phones, please make it disableable.

    • steveb944

      You’re doing it wrong. Don’t buy carrier devices to avoid carrier bloat. There’s no other way around it.

      • PC_Tool

        “There’s no other way around it.”

        …for people who don’t want to use the other ways around it.

        • steveb944

          Exactly. OP doesn’t want to seek an alternative unfortunately.

      • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

        WiFi calling and specific band support. Look into it. Tmobile branded phones are not identical to world versions. However i don’t want to root as I’ve heard they can make note and prevent warranty claims. I just want to be able to disable or uninstall it like every other app!

        • steveb944

          I’m not sure if you’re OP, but I assume not?

          You can buy unlocked devices from OEMs without the carrier bloat. Look into it.

          I wasn’t talking about world versions, T-Mobile compatible devices is what I’m referring to.

          I told OP “there’s no other way around it”, I’m not suggesting root.
          Regardless..That’s not true unless you brick your phone while rooting. Otherwise it depends on the terms of the carrier/warranty company to accept your claim. Read your fine print. Or better yet if you don’t know how to properly root, don’t bother.

          You don’t want carrier bloat, don’t buy their stuff. Period.
          Or you buy Nexus, and maybe Apple but if there’s a mention of disabling that’s not what Apple does. Otherwise we could remove/disable Apple bloat.
          I haven’t checked an iPhone for T-Mobile apps so I wouldn’t know tho.

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          I’ve rooted phones before but kept the stock rom. My Nexus 7 gets a custom rom though so I’m more than tech savy enough to get it done. My issue is that the extended warranty states root will void warranty and I can’t disable their app so I’m worried it’ll be noted if it’s rooted.

          As per unlocked devices from OEMs they generally still lack wifi calling built in. you have to get the branded versions that include all the bloat. Also again some of those don’t include all the bands supported by Tmobile. Buying a tmobile phone for tmobile is the only way to assure full compatibility. I just want to be given the option to disable their stupid app like I could my previous carrier’s and every other program on my phone. It’s a simple request I think.

          P.S. I’m not the OP..

        • steveb944

          Ah OK. I wouldn’t know as I haven’t bought a device from the store in years, I only buy from OEMs.

          The Nexus 6, Blackberry Priv, and soon the 6P would be the only ones to have full compatibility as far as I know. You can maybe get a Sony, LG device directly from the OEM and have full support. Otherwise have to read up on the WiFi calling support on Marshmallow for non Nexus OEM devices.

          It’s not so simple. The way things are is you buy a device from them and you get their bloat. It’s their internal propaganda.
          What carrier let you drop bloat? Surely not any of the top 4 carriers?

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          They didn’t let me drop bloat. Just disable it from the App list in settings. If you go to applications in settings then all you can disable apps that they don’t let you uninstall. Its not as great as uninstalling but better than nothing.. Big Red let me disable believe it or not..

          The new android phones do have wifi calling built in though correct. My buddy got a Nexus 5 without the bloat a while ago and it couldn’t wifi call on tmobile. What phone do you have from the OEM without bloat that allows Wifi Calling on tmobile?

        • steveb944

          Wow that’s shocking from Big Red. Ha-ha.

          Marshmallow has WiFi calling built in, but I have yet to try it myself. Did he have Marshmallow on the 5? I have the 6 currently sans Marshmallow so I have not been able to try it.

          I would want to say any future Marshmallow released device will have support on T-Mobile WiFi Calling, but I can’t promise that until we see it. It’s at least working on Nexus from what I’ve read.

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          Yup thats what I read too about wifi calling, but that seems to be device specific still on marshmellow from first hand accounts. In either case I buy CPO phones, the tech doesn’t advance enough to warrant the expense. $130 for a LG G2 CPO is actually VERY GOOD, so good they sold out.

          Quad Core SnapDragon
          2gb of Ram
          13mp Camera
          32gb Memory
          5.2″ 1080P screen
          For $130
          Android 5.x

          Yea that’ll do just fine for the next 2 years ;) Then I’ll sell it for $80 bucks and spend another $100-150 on “upgrade”. Been doing that for the past 15 years on big red. Thats how I kept my unlimited data for so long.

        • steveb944

          Wait did you seriously just have a discussion based on your initial argument of “specific band support” yet you have a G2? I know what the G2 has, as well as what it doesn’t. B12

          What was the point of that? Obviously you don’t care for having full support as you’re purchasing older CPO (certified pre-owned?) phones that don’t even support the latest tech/software/radios. You’ll be on B12 in two years, and with the upcoming auction support in 4.

          It’s a completely viable option and I’m not arguing that, I’m just arguing defending a third party that neither of us is part of, carrier device owners.

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          Haha yea no band12 is correct. I didn’t actually know at the time otherwise I would have considered different option. WIth that said I’m still happy with the device and don’t feel like I’m lacking. However I did notice after my purchase when I was researching phones and their different bands that Tmobile branded phones had different bands then the non branded models. WiFi calling was really the biggest requirement for me though which is why I’m still happy with my purchase. I just don’t like getting on payment plans for phones it feels stupid, if I leave before they are paid off then I have to pay them in full. It’s basically a contract termination fee but I’m not getting a free phone, other carriers won’t pay it off to switch, and most of the time it’s even more than if I was under a 2 year contract and paid the contract termination of generally $300. Considering phones these days are like $500 new!

          I really don’t understand why people are so excited about this option over the 2 year contract. The contract was a much better deal even if you broke it. Other carriers would pay it off and you’d have a free phone, or you’d stay with the carrier and have a free phone..

        • steveb944

          That’s so true. Everyone was brainwashed into thinking it’s better than an ETF. But in reality you pay more than an ETF. Wow, ha-ha.

          The only device I may cave and get is the Priv, but it’s looking less and less likely I’ll pay up for that.

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          Yea the BB Priv seems nice but I just never liked those keyboards, think my fingers are too fat or something I always hated those keyboards. But I know others LOVED them so to each their own..

          In other news I figured out how to disable all the tmobile apps without rooting!!

          debloater – posted the how to up top. if it gets approved.

    • Ohh

      Haha, disableable, LMAOROTF. Disableable isn’t a word.

      • PC_Tool

        But you understood it.

      • In America we make up words on the fly. It’s called “makeupability”

    • bumrocky

      Root + delete

  • kgraham182

    Wonder how long it will take for them to update there Windows phone app

    • Wyn6

      Or, their devs could make use of the new iOS bridge (Project Islandwood) and port the iPhone app over with relatively little work.

  • Andrew

    Will business customers be able to do ANYTHING with it, or we still be treated like second-class customers?

  • steveb944

    I’m not putting my hopes up. If it doesn’t even have Material Design, I expect more garbage.

    • Material Design

      I really don’t care for the Material Design to many colors. I wish Google Developers had included an option for a darker theme… similar to KitKat.

      • steveb944

        It’s better than the iOS centric apps. Agreed on the dark theme, maybe N will have it.

        • Material Design

          Simply said, I agree. I just prefer the darker theme. So, hopefully N will have that option available. Also, I did contact Google with my suggestion.

  • Brian

    What ever happened to the Advanced Messaging app that was announced back in July, that would be on most of T-Mobile phones?

    • Bradley Karas

      The Advanced Messaging Feature has been active for some time

  • Rob H.

    They need to revamp their horrible MetroPCS app next.

    • Matt

      I wouldn’t call the MetroPCS app horrible. That’s an exaggeration. It’s fairly basic but it does work.

    • Walt

      Metro has an app? I cant find it

  • Carl

    “…you’ll be able to report coverage issues within the app” But you will have to wait until you have coverage again… ;-)

    • Daniel Marchand

      The current app let’s you to, but it’s buried…

    • Paul

      Or when you connect to WiFi, WiFi Calling.

    • Shopper123

      it really depends on where you go as to which carrier is the best for you, but i have an unlimited verizon line, with an htc one m8 currently, and for the past year and a half whenever one is down, so is the other. sure sometimes verizon has better data speeds, sometimes it’s tmo. even on 2g i can use navigation and stream music. so………….verizon is number 1 in the nation, but tmo is a strong number 2 haha. att is bad.

      • Allen Alberto Enriquez

        Finally thanks for sharing my pal has Verizon wireless and me T-Mobile US I have notice that too! through out all California, North Carolina Durham, Raleigh, South Carolina, Texas, especially Chicago T-Mobile kills Verizon and AT&T!

  • Ordeith

    T-Mobile’s platform bigotry continues to foster an anticompetitive duopoly of phone platforms. If the OS duopoly is ok with T-Mobile, I’m sure they would be similarly fine with an ATT-Verizon duopoly for wireless providers.

    • (J²)

      That sounds like an Apples to Oranges comparison.

      T-Mobile doesn’t have the competency to manage its website let alone its existing mobile apps. This is one problem area that T-Mobile has neglected. This is not a matter of fostering a platform duopoly its just an area T-Mobile is lacking in.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the successors to the existing apps are just as bad.
      T-Mobile needs to focus. You can hardly do anything on the full website (when compared to many other carriers).

      • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

        So true my previous carrier even let me change numbers and a slew of other features without calling in. Definitely lacking with tmobile. But the price and services are right. Personally i don’t want an update to the tmobile app i just want to be able to disable it from Android app settings!!!

  • Ordeith

    Pure awesomeness. you wouldn’t understand.

    • And then you open an app, if you have one.

      • Ordeith

        and awesomeness continues. I have about 260 apps installed on my phone right now, with many of them the best that can be had on any platform.

        • Allen Alberto Enriquez

          Way to go ordeith I thought I was the only one I have now 304 apps I wanted to down load my games however I have an addiction to video games.

  • Paul

    My concern is with them seeing if my device is rooted or not. I’ll pass, and keep their apps off my phone.

    • mrpickem

      They could care less if you’re rooted, but if you abuse tethering they will know. I root for adblocking and custom roms sometimes, but not lately.

      • Paul

        I agree that they are very concerned with tethering, but they are also concerned with rooting when it comes to warranty. I’ve read enough instances where their system noted a rooted phone and refused warranty coverage.
        I’m not worried but you just never know.

  • mopar6464

    A phone that does’nt need 1000 fart apps .

  • Mike

    I find the Tmobile app to be slow to respond. I hope that gets fixed.

  • Steve Frank

    I wonder if it still hijacks DNS? Installing the current Tmobile app in on my MotoX breaks my ability to use my 3rd party VPN client due it it grabbing and resolving all DNS for me.

  • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

    I hate the my account apps! My previous carrier allowed me to disable it from Android settings.. Wish it let me remove or at least disable it like i can all other apps!! Try to disable it from your app list you’ll notice it’s not possible! I use the mobile site for my account. How can i disable or remove the my account app without rooting?!

  • mikeZo6

    Don’t see new app

    • Dustin Maki

      Yeah someone on Reddit contacted T-Mobile Help on Twitter and now they’re saying Jan or Feb. So this BioBlueDemon might be lying.

      • Greg90814

        “So this BioBlueDemon might be lying.”
        Reporters can only go on information they get… it’s not LYING if it turns out not to be true.

        • Dustin Maki

          BioBlueDemon is not a reporter he works for T-Mobile. Also I detect some hostility here. Using all caps is basically yelling. I wasn’t imply the guy is so wrong that he needs to be shamed. >_>

  • Melvin

    I also don’t see the new app.

  • Homer Simpson

    Where’s the new App?