T-Mobile Simple Choice Amped plan pricing details


UPDATE: John Legere sent out a handful of Tweets tonight to try and more clearly explain the new Simple Choice Amped plans. He confirms that current customers can keep their plans and get Binge On video optimization or switch to the new Simple Choice Amped plans and get additional data. Additionally, T-Mobile has told me that its limited time fourth line free promo applies to all plans. So, for example, you could get 4 lines of unlimited for $180 ($80+$60+$40+4th line free) per month.


Yesterday T-Mobile announced Simple Choice Amped, and with those updated plans comes new pricing. Shortly after the event ended, I updated yesterday’s post with an image showing the new pricing, but some folks may have missed it, so here’s another mention.

The new Simple Choice Amped plans will go live on November 15. The data allotments will be double what they are right now, but the pricing of most high-speed data allotments will go up as well. Here’s how the new prices break down:

  • 2GB for $50, an allotment increase from Simple Choice’s 1GB for $50
  • 6GB for $65, up from Simple Choice’s 3GB for $60
  • 10GB for $80, up from Simple Choice’s 5GB for $70
  • Unlimited high-speed data for $95, up from $80 (now includes 14GB of hotspot usage, up from 7GB)

T-Mobile says “We’ve doubled the high-speed data included in our base plan at no extra cost for new activations or migrations starting 11/15.” So it sounds like if you’re already a Simple Choice customer, you’ll have to actively switch to a Simple Choice Amped plan to get the added data. As for the doubled hotspot data on the unlimited plan, T-Mobile tells me “Those who enroll for the unlimited simple plan as of Sunday will get the 14gb of hotspot data automatically.”

T-Mobile is also launching Family Match, which will negate the above price increases if all of the lines on a family plan sign up for the same monthly data allotment. So with Family Match, a family plan on which all lines have 10GB of high-speed data per month will pay $70 for line 1, $50 for line 2, and $30 for each additional line, up to 12 lines. That’s the same pricing that Magenta offers today, but with double the data.


Additionally, T-Mobile will run a limited time promo that’ll offer 4 lines with 6GB of high-speed data apiece for $120 per month. That means that with this promo plan, the 4th line is free. T-Mo hasn’t said how long this promo will be around.

There’s also one other note related to Data Stash. As it works now, there’s no limit to the amount of data you can have in your Stash. With Binge On, though, T-Mo is putting a 20GB limit on Data Stash. You can opt out of this limit, but you won’t get the free Binge On streaming. This is opt-out, so if you’re thinking that you’ll want to avoid the 20GB limit on Data Stash, you will have to tell T-Mobile using this form.

Whew. I think that’s all of the new plan details. So are any of you going to be moving to a Simple Choice Amped plan this weekend?

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