iPad Pro will arrive at T-Mobile on November 18, here are the pricing details


After confirming earlier this week that it will sell the iPad Pro through JUMP! On Demand, T-Mobile today revealed exactly when it’ll start selling Apple’s big ol’ tablet and how much it’ll cost when it does go on sale.

The iPad Pro will be available online and in participating T-Mobile stores starting Wednesday, November 18. You’ll have two options when it comes to paying for the ginormous iPad. First up is an Equipment Installment Plan, which includes a $199.99 down payment, 23 payments of $36.67, and 1 payment of the remaining balance, which would be $36.59. The iPad Pro’s full retail price is $1079.99.

Another option is JUMP! On Demand. With JOD, you’ll make a $199.99 down payment and then pony up 18 payments of $34. After that point, you can either trade in the iPad Pro and jump to another tablet or pay off the remaining balance — which would be $467.99 — and keep the huge iOS slate.

The cellular version of the iPad Pro supports HSPA 850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, and 2100MHz as well as LTE bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29, 38, 39, 40, and 41. There’s no support for band 12 LTE to be found here.

The iPad Pro is available in silver, space gray, and gold versions. Unlike, the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2, though, the cellular version of the iPad Pro is only available with 128GB of storage. That amount of storage is good for folks that intend to use the iPad Pro like the laptop replacement that Apple is touting it to be, but it also means folks wanting a cellular iPad Pro won’t have any lower priced options to choose from. If you’re ok with a Wi-Fi-only iPad Pro, Apple offers a 32GB version for $799 and a 128GB model for $949.

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  • besweeet

    “…starting Wednesday, October 18.”

    Dang, we all missed it! :D

    • Adrayven

      Alex! Fix me!! LOL

      It’s November man… hehe

    • Alex Wagner

      Ha. You mean T-Mobile can’t go back in time and release something one month ago?

  • Crikey, that’s a big monthly installment for a big device.

    Mind you, that monthly installment does not include any data plan pricing, which I think starts at an additional 10USD per month for 5GB for users with a smartphone plan, right?

    • Alex Wagner

      Yep. Tablets are $10 per month when you add to a smartphone plan, and T-Mo will match your smartphone’s data up to 5GB. With the tablet alone, pricing starts at $20 per month for 1GB.

  • StevenM

    No Band 12? No thanks!

    • Rupesh

      Unless you have no coverage inside in your apartment or condo or house, Band 12 does not equate to better performance. If you have zero coverage right now then yes it might be able to penetrate the buildings so you get some coverage but if you have higher frequencies in your location then you get better performance (w.r.to speeds) compared to Band 12

      • Andrew

        I have way more coverage with my iPhone 6s than I do with my current iPad. I would like to use the tablet in places other than my home. For $1200 I’m gonna say it’s worth waiting and investing in a better device later.

      • Except in buildings. My 6+ was almost useless inside downtown buildings and I live in Houston. The 6S + though runs great even in places I used to get zero signal.

        • Rupesh

          Yes – I see the same with my 6S. I shuttle between Austin and Reading and never had issue with reception in Austin but in Reading their LTE coverage is spotty. When I got the 6S it did get better marginally.

        • StevenM

          Go out to areas like Cinco Ranch and you will be really impressed with the improvement.

      • StevenM

        Carrier aggregation and I use my service in areas that are band 12 only so there are other reasons for it.

  • Andrew

    No way without Band 12.

  • Tony Fuerte

    The EIP pricing makes no sense. If you do the $199 down payment, 23 installment payments and the $236.58 final payment, you’re paying well in excess of the $1,079 price. I am assuming that sales tax would be charged up front for EIP. Am I reading too much into this?

    • kbiel

      I saw the same thing and totaled it up: $1,279.98. That’s a lot of interest.

      • Tony Fuerte

        EIP was meant to have zero percent financing. So either Alex wrote this wrong or TmO is changing just for this product.

    • JE_25

      The final payment is $36.58. Alex just made a typo.

      • Tony Fuerte

        Works for me. Thanks for the clarification

      • Alex Wagner

        Apologies for the error. Post has been updated.

  • DStudio

    Alex, you have to options – proofread your articles, or let us do it.

    • Tony

      And who will proofread your comments?

      • thepanttherlady


      • 21stNow

        DStudio did that to point to the original error in the blog post.

  • ZW

    Heads up everyone Data Match will be gone at the end of business NOV 13TH!! Get it while you can.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      ZW nice catch I totally forgot about that!

  • kev2684

    20 LTE Bands and it just happens non of them are T-Mo’s 12. LOL

    • yankeesusa

      Band 12 is great but it’s not a necessity most of the times yet. Once they expand it to even more areas then yes, it will make a difference.

  • yankeesusa

    $1,079? Can’t wait for reviews and battery life.

  • Mark

    You guys complaing about the iPad not supporting band 12, does your phone even support it?

    • Andrew

      Yes. But why does that matter? Maybe if we’re investing $1079 on something brand new we’d like it to cover the full range of spectrum…

      • Jsun

        I guess the logical thing to do is not invest that $1079 on something that doesn’t meet your needs. If band 12 is a must, then it would be wise to not put your money on this. Sure, I kinda laughed that it didn’t have band 12, because it could make this device benefit for some in the future. Even if it did, I would probably just get something else at this price point.

    • iPhone 6S + here, and yes. And it’s awesome.

  • Trevnerdio

    Lol “we support all 300 LTE bands*”

    *Band 12 excluded

  • rcarlosnyc

    Is the iPad unlocked? When purchasing using EIP is a data plan required?

    • Andrew

      yes to both of those things i believe. i had to get a minimum of 1GB data plan when i first started with T-Mobile and only had an iPad on EIP.

  • thatuptowncat37

    WTF is the deal with Apple…….The OS is for simple minded people at best!!

    • Jeremy

      Its like buying car. The devices hold their resale Value. Sold my iPad Air 2 for 500. iPad gets updated and the apps also get updated in a timely matter.

    • donnybee


      ^^ You forgot this

    • Richard Roma

      Versus waiting 8 months to 2 years, for the manufacturer to decide when it’s time to update your OS.

  • Jeremy

    This is another fail with Apple for T-mobile. Why is T-mobile last ? At 12:01 ET Verizon order went live. Att also went live early this morning and Apple went live at 2:06 AM PT. I picked up my iPad Pro from an Apple Store around 10 AM.

    • Tommy

      There is no way you picked up a pro from the store. There is no need to lie. They don’t have them in the store yet

      • rcarlosnyc

        The iPad Pro is available. Order from the Apple website and select in store pickup. They are available to pick up in NYC.

        • Tommy

          Yeah I know they are pre ordering but you can’t get them in the store today but it sounds like NYC is the only place you can I ordered mine picked next day shipping and I get mine friday

        • rcarlosnyc

          Check by zip code. Several Apple stores besides NYC had in store pickup for today.

      • Jeremy

        I did pick up in Store from Apple. I ordered at 2:07 AM. Google Macrumors you will see many picked up in store today.
        Apple Store, Willow Bend6121 West Park Boulevard19.13 mi19.13 mi from 76092
        Available today

    • Ordeith

      I… don’t know if I would publically admit to being gullible enough to actually buy one.

  • Nick Ramacciato

    Can’t wait to get some real, decent, and lower priced tablets.. like the Surface 3. (not the Pro edition.

  • trife

    People make too big of a deal about Band 12. I understand that it’d be great if every device supported it. But not having it isn’t going to cripple any device.

    I’ve lived without Band 12 support until 2 months ago. And guess what? I was just fine. My phone did what I needed it to do when I needed it to.

    The whole Band 12 fake outrage thing is really just because people hate Apple. Let’s be honest.

    • Laststop311

      its not that it lacks band 12 it’s like its almost a purposeful omission so they can just put it on the ipad pro 2. My problem with it is we will almost surely see band 12 on the ipad pro 2. So just wait till next year to get it. Plus you’ll get the A10X then as a nice bonus for waiting.

      Basically if you are going to invest 1000 dollars on this, for a purchase like that you want it to be right. Band 12 does make a big difference. In large buildings like say a library the AWS frequencies can’t penetrate the huge stone walls but the band 12 keeps my lte bars full or close to it almost everywhere I go. It really fills in all the weak spots beautifully.

  • mavricxx

    Why would you want this Surface wanna be? iPad Pro can’t hold a candle to the Surface! You can do a million more things with the surface you can’t with the Apple devices (simultaneously). They finally just added the ability to do 2 tasks at once and even that is half baked.

    • matt

      as soon as apple wants to reserve 16 gigs of your device’s storage for the operating system alone, the iPads , iPhones and iPods will hold a candle to the surface. the reason why surface can do “much more” is because it has a full windows installation of 16 gigs. ios only takes up 6. early reviews show that the ipad pro is faster then the latest surface. and it is cellular, which Microsoft has given up on. so anything you can come up with to compare ipad vs surface is just software.
      its the hardware , the cpu, the gpu, that counts. the operating system can come and go and change over time, as new features are introduced.

      • matt

        oh man that is just crap. i cant believe it. the so called “full office” that comes with the surface is only a 30 day trial. thats it. i give up. I’m never going to read about micrososft products ever again, so if you buy a surface for 899 , how much do you have to pay for office? what if you already have office on your desktop? can you activate your key a second time?
        give me a break

        • Ordeith

          You can get the same Office 365 subscription for Office on the Surface that you would need if you wanted to use Office on an iPad.

      • Derrick Ford

        Only faster than the i3 model of the Surface Pro 3 in benchmark test. Thus, you are incorrect in your statement. All Surface Pro 4 runs circles around this POS!!!

  • Laststop311

    wow no band 12 really blows. you already know the ipad pro 2 will have band 12 so just wait.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      I thought it was a software issue and it can be updated to accept such Band!? Not that I don’t believe ya’ll..

  • Cam Fas

    Hope the iPad air3 had band 12 its the only reason I would upgrade my my air and my air2 and binge would finally make it worth it since I only use it for netflix when traveling effectively making my 5 gig line unlimited. Binge won’t do much for my cell line since its already unlimited, although it would help me stay away from the 23 gig deprioritization.

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    I just got a rep leak their is going to be a promo on iPad Pro so I would hold til this promo appears! Happy Saving Hunting Everyone!