T-Mobile amps up Simple Choice with double data, Family Match

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UPDATE: I’ve added a graphic below that should help to clear up these new Simple Choice Amped plans. They’ll be available starting November 15.

UPDATE 2: I’ve confirmed with T-Mobile that unlimited customers that switch to the the unlimited plan on November 15 will get the 14GB of hotspot usage. T-Mo says: “Customers currently on the Unlimited Simple Choice plan will have to choose to switch over to the new plan. Those who enroll for the unlimited simple plan as of Sunday will get the 14gb of hotspot data automatically.”


Today is T-Mobile’s big Un-carrier X event, but before revealing the Un-carrier X move, T-Mo decided to amp up a previous Un-carrier move.

T-Mobile is doubling the high-speed data allotments included with its Simple Choice plans. The data buckets used to include 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB of high-speed data, but now they’ll be increased to 2GB, 6GB, and 10GB.

Also a part of Simple Choice Amped is Family Match. With Family Match, all of the lines of a family plan can get double the data for the same price when all lines have the same amount of data. So you start with 1 line for $50 per month for 2GB of high-speed data, the second line is $30 for 2GB, and any additional lines up to 12 are $10 per month. Additional data can be bought at a rate of 4GB for $15 per line, but with Family Match, you save some money when everyone on the family plan ups their data. Moving up to 6GB will save $5 per line, moving to 10GB will save $10 per line, and moving all lines to unlimited 4G LTE data will save $15 per line.

For a limited time, T-Mobile will make the fourth line of a family plan for free. So with 6GB of high-speed data at $30 per line, you can get a family plan with four lines for $120 per month.

T-Mobile is also showing some love to unlimited data customers. Folks on an unlimited 4G LTE data plan will get their monthly hotspot allotment doubled from 7GB to 14GB.


Sources: T-Mobile (1), (2)

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  • sosarozay300

    what about us with 2.5gb promotion do we get 5gb now

    • steveb944

      I doubt it as promos are normally excluded.

    • Rene Shabastari

      you will get 2GB when your promo expires. Almost making the promo permananet. I’d say that’s a great consolation

      • sosarozay300

        the promo 2.5gb doesnt expire

        • Rene Shabastari

          o that’s even better I guess I missed that update, last I heard it was end of 2015 and then possibly extended. Thanks for clarifying

        • steven berson

          Yeah customers are grandfathered in. =)

        • MadJoe

          Yeah, I thought the same thing. I was told “end of 2015” when I signed up for it last year, but I jumped to the 10GB per line promo the first time they offered it, so I don’t know if it changed.

    • Tom@L

      no that is the thing here. You can keep your 2.5gb plan forever but wont be able to get the new benefits like these double data or free streaming. I bet you dont even have free north america calling to mexico and canada even with those old promo plans.

  • silverhawknike

    Wait.. I currently have 3GB data plan and they will upgrade to 6GB data for free!?! Thanks Tmobile!!!

    • lomsha

      I was abt to upgrade to 5gb, but no need now lol.

    • Alex Pilaia

      what about the 2.5GB promo plan? will that get doubled to 5GB?

      • Walt

        It’s for 3gb plans and higher :(

      • MadJoe

        The 2.5GB plan is actually a 1GB plan with 1.5GB of free promo data per month, so I would think no and assume it’s going to be 2GB per month when everything goes into effect.

  • Best part I heard is for us unlimited customers, 14GB of tethering now! WooWoo!

    • ragumaster

      Yea for 45$ a month

  • Is there a Simple Choice Amped Prepaid?

  • Brad

    This is phrased a bit confusingly… is this only referring to family plans?

  • PacMann

    isn’t the current 10gb x4 lines for $120 promo better than this new offer?

    • Brad

      If the math checks out, probably… but the big win is that this is not a promo and the 10×4 is

    • thenew3

      10gb x4 is a limited promo that is ending on the 14th. This does not seem like a limited time promo but instead a permanent change to their standard plan. So everyone gets 2x the data starting in a few days with this new change.

      Also government and employer discounts could not be applied to the 10gb x4 $120 promo. Since this is not a promo, those of us who get a discount from tmobile (either government employee or employees of certain companies), should still get our monthly discounts with the new plan.

      • stuman74

        I just went through a ton of trouble when I converted from my previous Simple Choice family plan to the 10×4 plan. I was told I would not lose my 15% corporate discount but I did. Just had then flip me back to my old plan 2 days ago. One reason they told me I lost the 15% discount was, as they told me, because the free 4th line was a promo and they cannot apply 2 promos. And they want to get rid of those corporate discounts of course too.

        Be VERY careful if you make any changes to any new plans if you have a corporate discount! You may lose it forever! I look forward to my next bill in 4 weeks to see if I get screwed or not.

        • Acdc1a

          You were misled if that’s the case. Shoot an e-mail off to John Legere and see what can be done. All of these insane (and they really were) promotional plans did not include the corporate discount.

    • Josiah

      Does the 10gb x 4 lines qualify for the Binge On cause it’s a promotional plan and not paid data?

  • steven berson

    Will grandfathered unlimited plan ($20) get any benefits?

    • Nik

      “Folks on an unlimited 4G LTE data plan will get their monthly hotspot allotment doubled from 7GB to 14GB.” And I’m on the grandfathered as well – my hotspot is currently at 7GB (up from 5GB on their last bump) so this includes us.

      • Josiah

        We only get 3gb though on the $20 plan so I’m wondering if we are excluded or just not mentioning it to everyone as it might just confuse more people

        • inuyasha1999

          I’m curious about this as well. I also have the $20 grandfathered unlimited plan, but have 5GB of hotspot usage after they bumped it not too long ago(looks like June after a quick search). Wonder if we’ll get anything, or if we’d have to switch in order to be included this time.

        • SpaceGhost09

          I’m on the same plan and was wondering also. I would assume they bump it up to 10GB but I could be wrong. I dont use hotspot very often but it would be nice to see the allotment increase

    • NardVa

      Was wondering the same. Got the bump from 3 to 5 a few months back. Would be nice to get another bump.

  • Sushimane

    Does any of the uncarrier x announcement affect select choice plan holders?

  • Erick121

    I have unlimited data and a tablet which only has 5gb do I get anything besides the hotspot doubled

    • Josiah

      “And with Binge On, streaming video from participating services won’t eat into that tethered data.” That’s the only thing I’m noticing for unlimited users


    Hey, maybe I’ll tether now… Been loosing out on my 7 GBs. Now 14!

    • Acdc1a

      If I can really tether my Netflix, I have no reason to continue paying Comshaft…NONE.

  • JoeBlowTheLoverMan

    Just for clarity….the only thing for unlimited data customers is the hotspot bump correct? I’m not complaining and will gladly take it, just wanted clarification.

    • James Sisay

      That as well as a free movie rental from vudu every month. ALSO a discount on sling tv if you’re into that kinda thing.

      • Acdc1a

        Another dozen or so channels and Sling could take a HUGE bite out of an already floundering cable TV market.

        • James Sisay

          Definitely. Change is imminent & Sling is still in its infancy. In time Sling will offer more and hopefully offer better/different packages to satisfy different needs/wants.

    • StevenM

      You can also stream the eligible video services on another device using the hotspot function and that will not count towards your hotspot allowance.

  • pseudoswede

    I’m on Select Choice FAM UNL TT+D 60. Four lines: three with 3GB of data each, and one with no data. I wonder if our plan qualifies for the BingeON and double data. This plan doesn’t qualify for Mobile without Borders (but it does qualify for Simple Global, Music Freedom, and Data Stash). I guess I’ll have to make a phone call.

    • Joe

      Is it a grandfathered plan? If yes than no this probably doesn’t apply.

      • pseudoswede

        It was introduced after Simply Choice was introduced. It’s an unadvertised plan for people with many years of service who don’t need much data. Base plan is $80 for two lines with 3GB of data each. The $5 add-a-line feature (unlimited talk & text with unlimited throttled data) is awesome since I have foreign visitors 2-3 times a year who stay for 3-4 weeks. Enable when they’re here, cancel when they leave; all pro-rated.

    • Sirmakoto

      I’m on the same plan, but with 5 lines, 4 with 3gb and 5th has no data. I thought John Legere said legacy plans, assuming ours, would qualify no? Guess we’ll know when we log into out accounts on the 19th.

  • pengko

    alex wagner you really need to update this

    How does it work?

    As before your first line is $50, second line $30 and additional lines just $10 (up to 12 lines).

    All lines get 2GB of 4G LTE data included.

    Additional data is now $15 per line per 4GB LTE high speed data.

    Introducing Family Match, save up to $15 per line when everyone adds data.

    For a limited time get the 4th line FREE with Family Match.

    Simple Choice plans also includes all the Un-carrier benefits that you’d expect from T-Mobile including Mobile without Borders, Data Stash™, Music Freedom and now Binge On™.

    • nutmac

      Family Match is the confusing one. To get discount, everyone on the Family plan must be on the same data tier. And the discount is $5 for 6GB (or $10/line instead of $15/line), $10 for 10GB (or $20/line instead of $30/line), and $20 for unlimited (or $30/line instead of $45/line).

      And in exchange for Binge On on 6GB or higher tiers, Data Stash is now capped at 20GB.

      Also this looks to be a new plan entirely, called Simple Choice Amped. Those on Simple Choice or Simple Choice North America will need to change the plan.

      No one has confirmed whether corporate or government discount will be applied.

      • Acdc1a

        A rep who didn’t seem very sure of herself told me the new plans would NOT include my corporate discount which I lost when I switched to the 2 for $100 unlimited anyway.

    • Kevin

      Totally confused by this: “Additional data is now $15 per line per 4GB LTE high speed data”. Then “Family Match save up to $15 per line when everyone adds data”.

      It words like the the additional 4GB data is free.

  • Kiwini

    Is the 2/6/10gb a limited time promotion or permanent? Individual customers need some love

  • Derek

    When does this go into effect? The website still has the 1,3,5 plans. My wife and I currently both have 1Gb each. Will we get automatically bumped up to 2gb?

    • Ryan Radford

      I think he said on Sunday these plans go into effect.

    • gmo8492

      Sunday for amped plans and November 19th for everyone else.

    • Sanka Muzikant

      you never upgraded to the temporary(which became kind-of permanent)2.5 gb for all 1gb plans? I got 8 lines, 2.5 gb each, for $140 before taxes.

  • SFBayAreaWaitingForBand12

    Great news, really appreciate the bump from 7 GB LTE to 14 GB LTE via hotspot!

    Now…. how about Band 12 deployment in the SF Bay Area?

    • wezi427

      One thing at a time.

      • Ryan Radford

        I would much rather they had coverage in my area at all, but that’s just me.

    • socalrailroader

      It’s been up in the SF North Bay for quite a while now, in Santa Rosa, Windsor, Guerneville, Healdsburg, Geyserville, Cloverdale and Calistoga. We’ve had it for a while up here in Mendocino County, Sonoma County’s Northern neighbor. I live in Redwood Valley in Mendocino County, I have Band 12, it’s allover Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma Counties .

  • David

    I’m on the very first simple choice plan, $100 for 4 line each line with 2.5G data.
    Do I now have double the data to 5GB instead?

    • SFBayAreaWaitingForBand12

      Sounds like each line would be 5 GB LTE now.

      • Ryan Radford

        From what I understand of that press conference was that the double data only applies to the current simple choice plans, but then again I could be wrong.

    • nutmac

      No, from what I heard, Simple Choice Amped will replace Simple Choice North America. You are on Simple Choice plan, which isn’t eligible. If you can live with 500MB less, I would switch and get free Mobile Without Border (which otherwise costs $10/month). Or spend $20/month more and upgrade all 4 lines to 6GB (4th line is free if you sign up during limited time promo period).

      • TechnoRealz

        They have had several iteration of the SC plans, how the heck do we know which one we are on?

        • Ryan Radford

          The current 1,3, &5GB plans get the double data bump.

        • TechHog

          No, they don’t.

        • Ryan Radford

          From the article above:

          “T-Mobile is doubling the high-speed data allotments included with its Simple Choice plans. The data buckets used to include 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB of high-speed data, but now they’ll be increased to 2GB, 6GB, and 10GB.”

        • Except that doesn’t appear be the case. This seems to be very poorly worded, because it’s not actually doubling anything, which implies that the other variable, namely price, remains the same.

          It’s catchy, sure, but not entirely accurate. More accurate, based on what I’m reading, would be to say:

          We have a new rate plan, entry level data plans have increased from 1gb to 2gb, additional tiers of data represent a rate increase of ____with the following additional features….

        • Ryan Radford

          From the T-Mobile simple choice amped fact sheet:

          “Adding 4G LTE Data Customers who want more than 2GBs of 4G LTE data can add it to each line. Previously, customers could get 1 / 3/ 5 / Unlimited 4G LTE data. Now, they can get 2 / 6/ 10 / Unlimited 4G LTE data. Instead of adding LTE data in steps of 2GBs for $10 (or 4GBs for $20) as before, customers now add data in steps of 4GBs for only $15 – or 25% less per GB”

          And also I watched the press conference video, I suggest you do the same.

        • OK, let me rephrase and see if I can explain where myself and some of us are having trouble. It’s over the language vs the math. What we heard, having watched it and reading transcriptions, is that “we’re doubling the data”, what their own news report says is “doubling the data at every level and cutting the cost of extra gigs. On top of that, families can now get twice as much high-speed data as before—at no extra cost”, and then you look at the numbers and it doesn’t in fact halve the cost per gb in a tier, the price has changed for tiers.

          So yes, price per gb is 25% lower, but it locks you in odd data tiers. They could have done 2 gb tiers for 7.50 or 1gb tiers for 3.50.

          I’m not saying you’re inaccurate entirely, But I must not have been the only person who read it that way because plenty of reports say things different.


          ” The new tiers are 2GB, 6GB and 10GB.

          Prices for existing customers remain the same, but new customers will have to pay more for the different tiers.”

          Of course not all plans can be a good deal for everyone, but if you’re bepopping around 2-3.5 GB a month, and data stash is working well for you, changing plans might not get you ahead on this deal.

          And if you can point me to the point in the presentation where he says existing customers would get the double data and extra perks at their current price points, I’ll gladly eat my words.

        • nutmac

          Login to My T-Mobile, then Plan, then Change Plan. Currently, there are 3 plans:
          1. Simple Choice Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text (probably what you are on)
          2. Simple Choice Plan North America Plan: Unlimited Talk + Text
          3. Simple Choice North America 10GB Family 2-10 lines

          Well, you should see #1 if and only if you are on the plan already. Once you switch, it should go away.

          On Sunday, #2 and #3 will go away as well, replaced by Simple Choice AMPed (or whatever it will be called).

        • Chadd

          So if I am on #3 and I have 10GB per each line and it’s going away, what will my data allotment be and how much is the difference?

      • David

        thanks for your reply. Can you help me figure things out a little further? I have a special pricing family stateside calling with mobile for $10 that covers all line. YES, all lines for $10, not $10 extra for each line. So here is how pre tax bill looks like:
        $100 first 4 lines
        $10 line 5
        $10 line 6
        $10 line 7
        $10 line 8
        $10 line 9
        $150 9 lines
        $10 family stateside international call with mobile feature
        Total for 9 lines pre tax is $160 which gives me unlimited everything w/2.5GB LTE data for each line, AND every single line can simply call internationally directly for free.

        It is worth it to switch? If I were to switch say all line 9s to the new plan w/3GB data for each line, add stateside calling with mobile, how much would the total be? essentially just trying to get the unlimited video streaming.

        • Cruise Guy

          FYI, you would lose your amazing $10 stateside, and it would go up to the current prices PER LINE. That’s why I’m not switching. I pay $5 for all 9 lines for unlimited calling to landlines. If I switched, it would go up to like $10 per line. You should stay with your current plan most likely.

        • Cruise Guy

          oh, and if you ever travel to Canada or Mexico for a week, just add that feature on for a week. For $2.50 (7 days worth) everyone has Canada and Mexico like their home area.

  • Logan S

    This is a not a uncarrier-move for many. Good for those who needed/wanted to pay for the additional data, but not for those who are happy with their current data allowance in the $60+ tier.

    Today’s 1 line:
    $50 1GB,
    $60 3GB,
    $70 5GB,
    $80 UL.

    In comparison, Amped:
    $50 2GB
    $65 6GB (base + $15), or $15 more for extra 3GB,
    $80 10GB (base + $30), or $10 more for extra 5 GB,
    $95 UL (base + $45), or $15 more extra +7GB Hotspot

    Similar things goes with family plan.

    What this means is, for folks who DON’T need the extra data and happen to be on the $60+ plans, TMO IS MAKING THEM PAY MORE! Sure, Binge On is the carrot on the stick (and +7GB hotspot for UL), but making consumers pay for things they don’t ask for is a carrier-move in my book.


    • Acdc1a

      Not fantastic for single line users unless 2gb covers you…

      • Jay Holm

        I thought this is about family plans, not individual lines. Is this for new accounts, or existing customers also?

        • Acdc1a

          From what I see if you have over 3 GB you get all the benefits without changing your plan. Otherwise you need a minimum plan of $65 ($50 + $15) to take advantage if you’re a single line user.

    • nutmac

      Unless you are streaming tons of video from HBO, Hulu, Netflix, etc. those on unlimited or 10GB Family Plan should stick with their existing plan.

    • lomsha

      Migrating from current simple choice to the new plans with double the data will not increase your bill, or so says the tmo rep i spoke to.

  • I don’t know why I’m so confused. This seems like it should be simple but my brain is stuck. For one thing, do we have to call in and change it or is it automatic like data stash was?

    Right now I have a 5 line plan $180:


    So in theory that should switch to:


    With no charge in price? Or are they going to start charging me $225?

    • mwolverine

      In theory, it might change to 50 + 30 + 10 + 10 + 10 (5 lines, each with 2GB data included) + 45 + 45 (2 unlimited lines) + 15 (6gb line) = $215

      I’m not sure what will happen to existing customers. It seems like the price has gone up for customers such as yourself.

      • Whoops, bad math on my part, $215.

        It’s hard to tell sometimes what T-Mobile is going to throw at you and what they don’t. My tethering on unlimited randomly went up from 5 to 7 and data stash went into effect with no input on my part. But if my calculations are correct, I’m definitely not going to want to switch unless they force me off my current plan. It’s rare for the two unlimited plans to bump up against the 7gb tethering limits, and my 3 gb hasn’t even used up his data pass from when stash first came online. And my two 1gb phones live in an area where there don’t get 4g anyway, so who cares about throttling, geography is effectively throttling them anyway.

        • mwolverine

          Their customer service is typically very good at accommodating cases such as yours. If and when your price increases, just phone and ask to speak with customer loyalty. I’m reasonably confident that they’ll give you a solution where your price won’t increase.

        • Yep, but it’s good to know the score so you can speak from a position of informational power :)

          And, while not the most ethical option, sometimes you can argue yourself into perks if you throw enough rebuttals at them. Having been with them for 15 years (yes from Voicestream), I’ve had some interesting “plans” that later reps have been completely baffled by.

          I’ll admit, while their simpler plans are probably simpler for most people, I kind of miss the bargaining. There’s not as much room as there used to be.

    • Jwajid

      With the new plan , the 4th line is free for a promo for a limited time. Also do not forget family match. Truly unlimited for 5 lines will be $220. Again truly unlimited every single last line. Now as far as you getting new plan at no additional cost, you have to factor in what you used data on. If you use data on netflix, crackle, hulu ect up to the 24 on binge on…….you would be good. BUT if you stream youtube, facebook video or porn your kinda SOL. Honestly take an hour out of your day and focus why you need data and TMO would help you save money.

      • I’m more confused about if this is one of those situations where they’re going to force me off my current plan or not. I’ve been on T-Mobile since it was Voicestream, I’ve seen some shit. And I just did a savings audit last weekend. An hour isn’t remotely necessary. 10 minutes looking at historical usage and another 5-10 minutes on the phone with a rep is typically sufficient. Considering usage of current users I’m on the cheapest possible plan. We don’t actually need unlimited for everyone, so that’s not a bonus unless it cost me the same.

        And they’ll randomly throw features/perks at current customers willynilly. For instance my tethering was 5gb and randomly it got upgraded to 7 with no input on my part.

      • Cruise Guy

        50+30+10+10+Free=100 for 5 lines access.
        30+30+30+30+30(Not Free for the extra data on 5th line)=150
        Total cost with this promotion is $250, not $220.

        • randian

          “Not Free for the extra data on 5th line”

          I’m pretty sure the extra data is rebated on the promo line. The press release says 4 unlimited lines for $180. That’s 50+30+10+10+(30×4) = 220 – (10 + 30) = 180 or $45/line + tax. Not bad. 5 for $220 per Jwajid’s example.

          The 10gb plans are a big increase though. Currently it’s 4/$120 (50+50+20+20-20) but will soon be 4/$150 (50+30+10+10+(20×4) = 180 – (10+20) = 150, or a cool 25% increase.

    • TechHog

      Nothing changes unless you change your plan.

      • I’ve been with them too long to believe that off the top. They’ll sometimes shuffle you over.

        It’s frustrating that they, and everyone else, keep saying they’re doubling the data. If they’re changing the price for those tiers, they are in fact not doubling the data. That’s not how math works :/

        • gmo8492

          To be honest they are offering more for more. In a sense you are paying a cheaper price when you take into account the extra data that’s being offered. John has always said if you like your plan, keep it. The problem with people being shuffled around are those who had unlimited data when T-Mobile offered it through T-zones. Last time I heard people were paying $60 for unlimited data if their legacy plan was migrated. I’ve called customer support in the past after every uncarrier event to make sure my 50+20 plan hasn’t been changed. They make sure to send an alert or email if your plan has been modified. The only thing that has changed was the tethering limit from 3GB to 5GB which had it’s own press release on T-Mobiles website.

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          It’s 7gb for unlimited customers

        • Acdc1a

          I feel like a broken record, but the “increase” is an increase in 2 scenarios. Single lines and accounts with people in multiple different data tiers. Frankly, a lot of people can now save money by putting everyone on the same 6GB plan. Only the heaviest of users on Youtube (or doing things against the T&C’s) need a plan higher than this.

        • It is also an increase if they roll people over automatically, which they have been known to do with older plans. Some reports have indicated that this will rollover to current plans on November 19. Whether they mean that it will be available for current users to switch to or whether they mean to switch you remains unclear.

        • randian

          It’s still a reduction. Current promo is 4/10gb/120, new is 4/6gb/120.

      • With reports like this can you see why we’re confused.

        “The new tiers are 2GB, 6GB and 10GB.

        Prices for existing customers remain the same, but new customers will have to pay more for the different tiers.”


    • Ontwowheels

      Confused…exactly, so much for “Simple Choice”

  • FILA

    14GB worth of HotSpot for us unlimited plan people!!! Thats great news.

    • TechHog

      Only if you switch to the new $95 plan.

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile has explained that customers that switch to the unlimited plan on November 15 will get 14GB of hotspot usage:

      “Customers currently on the Unlimited Simple Choice plan will have to choose to switch over to the new plan. Those who enroll for the unlimited simple plan as of Sunday will get the 14gb of hotspot data automatically.”

      • Joemail

        Alex –

        sorry for being dumb but switch…does that involve me shelling out more money.

        This is what i got

        I have 5 Lines
        Line 1: Unlimited Data ($20 grandfathered)
        Line 2-5 @ 2.5GB (wasn’t this permanent a while ago??)

  • Jesus Enriquez

    So what happens to us on the old plans 50+20? Unlimited everything?

    • I’m hoping nothing, we keep our plans and remain happy.

    • Brian the populist.

      Idk I don’t use the Hotspot I might add a tablet since now I can watch movies without it counting towards my data!

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Your plan stays the same. You keep your $70 rate, unless you want to be switched to one of the new plans

  • stuman74

    So how much will 5 lines be if each has 6 GB data? $140?

    • livewire1981

      Sounds about right. Good deal!

      • stuman74

        I currently have the older plan. $130 total for 5 lines (4 each with 2.5 GB plus mine with the old $20 unlimited plan). I’d think I’m better off leaving it as-is for now, right? Especially since I supposedly still will be getting my 15% corporate discount on top of that until they decide to bong that.

        • livewire1981

          Probably, unless you are interested in getting more data for your other lines.

        • stuman74

          If no extra cost, sure. But I pay the bill for the family :) I’ll keep the unlimited for me I think.

        • Sam


        • Hello

          U don’t get discounts on promo plans

    • TechHog

      Or you could get 10GB on 5 lines for the same price if you buy now. This event was the biggest price hike in T-Mobile history, and they tricked you all into thinking that it was a good thing.

      • Acdc1a

        The plan you speak of is promotional. If you throw promotional plans out the window, this is only a price hike for those with single lines.

        • TechHog

          No, it’s a price hike for every customer who wants more than 2GB of data not using Family Match, which is also a promotion.

  • Joey

    What about streaming Netflix via hotspot? Is that data free as well?

    • Jeffrey Wang

      Short answer: No
      Long answer: If your hotspot runs through the fast.t-mobile.com APN, then yes. Otherwise, if it uses pcweb.tmobile.com like T-Mobile intends you, then no.

    • Stefan Naumowicz


  • kgraham182

    Is it me or is T-Mobile quietly getting expensive, $95 for the unlimited plan now really. Add in JOD and you’re paying $150/month, WOW.

    • TechHog

      It’s not just you. The main point of this event was to make price hikes sound like a good thing. We’re now at Verizon prices but with more features.

      • Ontwowheels

        And less coverage

        • TechHog

          That goes without saying.

        • Ontwowheels

          Agreed, but wanted to say it anyway ;-)

    • Cruise Guy

      T-Mobile is becoming outrageously expensive as the other carriers drop their prices. This has been their game plan. Smaller footprint than the big boys, but TONS of great features (like Mexico/ Canada- Free worldwide roaming, and all of these music and video Binge passes. ) BUT, T-Mobile is very quickly becoming as expensive as at&t and Verizon. So one just needs to decide if all the extras are really worth it. I’m 2 plans back and sitting pretty for now. I can’t afford these new plans.

      • Acdc1a

        These “price hikes” are only hikes if you’re a single line. I’m not sure why T-Mobile has decided to go this route but the majority of their postpaid adds are on the multi-line side of things. You certainly have options (even within the T-Mobile family) if you don’t want to pay that much on a single line.

      • Ontwowheels

        I totally agree. I am a few plans back, 4 lines for $100 2.5GB each line. If I have to start paying more I’ll switch. The TM coverage is just flat out not as good as VZ or AT&T, but I can live with that knowing I am paying less. If I stop paying less, well………

  • Adrian Archer

    Confirmed with a rep: if you’re a government worker and switch to amped, you lose your discount. My discount is $12. I would in essence be paying $12 for 1 GB of data. Smh.

    • Kevin

      Bummer….but that is kind of expected…I’m just hoping the BingOn doesn’t require a plan change…(like Music Freedom, unlike Without Border)..

    • I have a 5 person family plan with the discount. That is a $36 discount to lose on top of the $35 price jump for my needs, so yeah, I think I will be staying too.

  • Hiro

    It’s getting more and more expensive… Inching up :-/ base stays the same, but everything else goes up. And you don’t automatically get the bump unless you change with the more expensive pricing.

    • mmunson

      I am ready to consider bolting out to a prepaid brand. Sending in the router from them back, buying insurance just in case if they say they don’t receive it. Jump to a cheap ass phone and then putting a Nexus 6P on a credit card.

      • Rob H.

        Go to MetroPCS $60 monthly unlimited. Same Tmo network and same price every month. It’s where I’ve been for over a year now.

        • Walt

          With metro you dont get group texting, volte, wifi calling, visual VM. I own an iphone 6s purchased from apple unlocked. Just letting you know it aint exactly the same features as t mobile

        • kgraham182

          You do get group texting, volte, wifi calling, visual vm, etc with metroPCS.

        • riverhorse

          The only one i missed was the group text….thanks for that.

        • Fifth313ment

          Yeah, you get all of that but your network speed is prioritized lower than T-Mobile customers. So if the network is full Metro customers aren’t making the call over T-Mobile ones, and data, etc…

        • Rob H.

          I’ve never had an issue with prioritized data its still very fast. You dont notice a difference. Well worth the savings.

        • Frankwhitess

          You most live in a lightly populated area… Come down to South Bronx new York and let’s see how it works for you..

        • Rob H.

          Nope, In metro Detroit. I’ve never seen were my data gets throttled down noticeably below a postpaid T-Mo customers. I was aware of the possibility, but the savings have outweighed the issue, so far. I’ve seen wideband LTE download speeds over 100Mbps in my area too.

        • Tale 85

          Sorry, I’ve been to South Bronx. I’ll take your word for it.

        • riverhorse

          Ha ha, i get a nosebleed if i go that far up.
          Actually it’s not bad, but the commute is long and real horrible at peak times…packed in almost like in Japan…but without that level of politeness and personal hygiene.

        • Tale 85

          You obviously don’t understand “Polite” as defined in NYC.

        • riverhorse

          I totally agree.

        • Zer0.exe

          I believe I read on a MetroPCS commercial’s fine print (I have DVR so I paused it) that the speed is capped at 8 MBPS, which is still pretty good for a mobile network.

        • Rob H.

          That’s cricket and tmo prepaid that has you throttled to 8mbps. MetroPCS is full Tmo speed just get lower tower priority vs tmo post paid subs if the tower is congested. But I’ve had no complaints and I’ve been using MetroPCS for just over a year. 2 of those months with the Nexus 6.

        • Rob H.

          Just ran a speed test on my N6 on LTE at home. http://openspeedtest.com/results/549134

        • Rob H.

          On Metro I’m using a Nexus 6 and do get volte and B12. I don’t care about WiFi calling. Android 6 does its own visual vm, and I can group text through hangouts.

        • riverhorse

          I get all those on metro, save for group texting.

      • SirStephenH

        You could just walk the router into your nearest T-Mobile store…

  • Fritz Blanka

    really wish they would add data only plans for smartphones already.

    • Scott

      They do and have had for 9 years. It’s the hearing impaired data plan. Anyone can get on it.

      • Last time I saw the application for it, an audiologist or physician had to certify you hearing impaired.

    • Paul

      they are called data only plans. they have been available since simple choice and are only available on postpaid accounts. this used to be the hearing impaired plan but they offer different high speed amounts now. anyone can get this plan and no special requirements must be met.

      • Fritz Blanka


    • Ryanide

      There is also a plan available on T-Mobile’s website (hidden somewhere), and also available at Walmart stores that will give you a $30. plan that includes 100 minutes, and 5GB of High Speed data.
      I believe it is a prepaid only plan though.

      Just another option for your consideration.

    • Jonathan S. Flores

      just put a Mobile broadband sim card.. you won’t be able to make calls but you will be able to text and use data

  • Joe

    For folks on the grandfathered unlimited plan with a 5 GB hot spot, does that mean they will double that to 10 or 14GB?

    • Fifth313ment

      Can anyone give me a quick answer please? I’m on the Family plan with 4 lines for $100 (old family plan) at 2.5GB each plan. I have the 4.5GB promotion they had a while ago for $10 more a month. So my personal bill portion of the family plan(bunch of friends) is $39 a month. But right now if I want to go to the unlimited with 7GB hotspot it says $30 (or $20 for me as I’m paying $10 for the 4.5GB). So right now if I pay $20 more I get the unlimited plan with 7GB hotspot. What will this price be after this plan comes into affect? Anyone know, thanks? It looks like it will be $15 more a month for unlimited at $45 a month, or for me it would be $35, which is a huge increase.

      • Frankwhitess

        I recommend signing up to the unlimited plan now so you can be grandfathered in and you can keep what you have… If you don’t do it, you will regret it down the road and lose a boat load of money..

        • Fifth313ment

          I’m just curious if that is the true prices? I’m going to have to call them as those prices are a huge jump.

        • Rodion Mark

          I completely agree with you and I am so glad to have the 30.00 dollar plan.

    • Q U W A N .

      i’m grandfathered on the unlimited plan, and i was bumped up to 7GB hotspot a while back, so i believe we’re now going from 7 to 14GB


        no according to T-Mobile .. you have to change your plan .. i have unlimited data with the 7 GB of hot spot .. BINGE ON will work with your plan you will get unlimited streaming HOT SPOT data as long as the video service that you are streaming is on the BINGE ON .. list

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile has told me that you’ll have to switch over to the new plan to get the 14GB of monthly hotspot usage: “Customers currently on the Unlimited Simple Choice plan will have to choose to switch over to the new plan. Those who enroll for the unlimited simple plan as of Sunday will get the 14gb of hotspot data automatically.”

    • SirStephenH

      The grandfathered unlimited plans were bumped up to 7GB hotspot from the previous 5GB during the summer. T-Mobile is doubling that to 14GB but only if you sign up for a new plan after the 15th. It’s a pretty sizable price increase for the new plans so I’d think hard about whether that extra 7GB is worth it.

      We are supposed to get Binge On though which is pretty pointless on an unlimited plan. With it enabled qualifying video will be “optimized” (quality lowered) to “DVD quality” (480p). T-Mobile will give you a VUDU code worth $3.99 after every month you have Binge On enabled though to encourage you to enable it anyways.

  • dave

    So, right now I am on the 2 lines for 100.00 plan, with a 3rd line @ 40.00. I assume based on what I’ve read that I won’t get my tethering data doubled to the 14GB unless I change to the new plan, which based on my math is around 195.00 a month. Is this in fact correct? If so they can keep their double tethering data as I don’t care about the other stuff (binge whatever, etc.).

    • maximus1901

      i’m EXACTLY where you’re at. Switching would only make sense if I found a fourth person to join because then, it’d be $180 for 4 people unlimited which is $1 less than what I’m paying now (per line).

    • Alex Wagner

      Correct, you’ll need to switch to the new unlimited plan to get 14GB of hotspot usage.

      • dave

        Screw that then. I don’t care about the video binge BS to begin with, rarely if ever watch anything on my device anyhow; the extra GB to tether would be nice, but at the increased cost. Also don’t use/care about the international offerings (Mexico, Canada, or anywhere else either) so I guess best option is to hold tight to this plan. Thanks.

    • Zer0.exe

      Actually, under the new plan, you’d only pay $180. 3 lines are $90 (50+30+10) plus Family matched unlimited for $90 ($30 each). So with the promotion, it’s $180 for 3 or 4 lines with unlimited data (since the 4th is free). Still a big bump for what you’re used to, but I have 4 lines and only 2 are unlimited for $170, so I’ll be taking advantage of this offer to get everyone in my family unlimited.

  • KenP

    “For a limited time, T-Mobile will make the fourth line of a family plan for free. So with 6GB of high-speed data at $30 per line, you can get a family plan with four lines for $120 per month.”

    I think this means that there is just a limited time to sign up. Or does it also mean that the 4th line is free for a limited time, say 6 months, or until the user switches plans or what?

    • maximus1901

      it’s free forever if you sign up within the time it’s offered.

    • Alex Wagner

      Yes, that means that there’s a limited time to sign up for this particular promo.

  • Daniel Marcus

    It’s good to see T-Mobile keeping unlimited people in the loop. While it’s not direct confirmation, it’s likely that it indicates that the unlimited tier isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    • kgraham182

      While unlimited data plan isn’t going anywhere, it’s over $100 after fees and taxes. Ouch.

      • Daniel Marcus

        For one person, yes. The price comes down significantly as you add family members.

      • Agreed it’s an ouch. For me it’s very important to keep my bill $100 or less. If someday I can no longer do that, there’s always MetroPCS or Rok, both use Tmo’s network.

  • Alex Pilaia

    What does “Watch up to 3X more video” actually mean? for the 2GB tier??

    • Alex Wagner

      Because T-Mobile is optimizing the video that you stream with Binge On, it says that you’ll be saving enough data to watch 3 times more video than you could without Binge On and its optimizations.

      • mwolverine

        seems weird, it seems like we can now watch infinity times more video than we could without Binge On because videos don’t count towards our data usage.

        • Alex Wagner

          Binge On’s free streaming is only available to customers with a data plan of 3GB or higher. Also, not all video services are included with the free streaming part of Binge On.

        • mwolverine

          thank you for clearing this up.

  • Increase Pricing

    Great Job Alex (Tmonews)…

    My understanding per another site, Tmobile will debut new pricing for its unlimited data plan on Nov. 15. The price will increase from $80 per month to $95 per month, a jump of $15.

    For the price increase, T-Mobile will doubled the amount of mobile hotspot data available to unlimited customers from 7GB per month to 14GB per month. Also, T-Mobile is changing its single and family plans, as well.

    The entry-level, single-line plan costs $50 and includes unlimited talk/text and 2GB of data, up from 1GB. The $65 plan bumps data from 3GB to 6GB, but also increases the price $5 compared to the previous offer. The $70 plan doubles data from 5GB to 10GB and maintains the same price point. T-Mobile’s two-line family plan with 10GB of data per line increases from $100 to $120.

    However, I still need clarification about the unlimited grandfathered plans…

    • Alex Wagner

      There’s an image in the post that lays out how the pricing breaks down for the new plans. A single line with 2GB is $50, 6GB is $65, 10GB is $80, and unlimited is $95.

      What about the unlimited grandfathered plan do you need to have clarified?

      • Increase Pricing

        Thank you, Will the grandfathered unlimited data plans automatically get the Hotspot bump, without a price increase?

        • Alex Wagner

          It doesn’t sound that way, no. Here’s what T-Mobile told me: “Customers currently on the Unlimited Simple Choice plan will have to choose to switch over to the new plan. Those who enroll for the unlimited simple plan as of Sunday will get the 14gb of hotspot data automatically.

        • Increase Pricing

          Thank you, again, Great Job!!! I am long time customer….and I think it is advantageous to stay with my grandfathered plan…..

        • SpaceGho5t

          yeahh same here, all these price increases really makes my $70 unlimited look great. glad i jumped on the wagon while it was still cheap.

    • mwolverine

      “The $70 plan doubles data from 5GB to 10GB and maintains the same price point.”

      I think it will become $50+$30 = $80 (since there is no family match for individual plans). So without match, in comparison to the older plans

      a bump in $0 per line gets the user an extra 1GB (2GB from 1GB)
      a bump of $5 per line gets the user an extra 3GB (6GB from 3GB)
      a bump of $10 per line gets the user an extra 5GB (10GB from 5GB)
      a bump of $15 per line gets the user unlimited with an extra 7GB in tethering (14GB from 7GB).

      If every user in the family plan has the same amount of data added, then family match ensures that there is no price increase with respect to the old plans.

      The biggest price increases will be for people who have a family plan where each user has a different amount of data. I wonder if family match works such that for example if each member has *at least a 6GB data plan*, then all those on the 6GB plan are eligible for family match pricing.

      While the perks are good, this is simply not an uncarrier move. It is making it more complicated for consumers.

      However, for mine and my family’s usage, the base plan is far more than enough so the jump in 1GB plus music freedom and binge video make this almost an unlimited plan.

      This seems to be a move to get people on unlimited plan to step down a tier if they want their prices to remain the same, motivated by studies of users’ data usage habits.

      • Increasing Price

        Great, thank you for the additional details!

  • kgraham182

    Johnny is slick taking away shared family plans. All the unused data your elders had, is gone now.

  • Sushimane

    So select choice wouldn’t get the 14gb hotspot upgrade? It’s not I care because I rarely use hotspot but more curious if they would upgrade it. I have unlimited text,talk,data and 7gb hotspot. Anyone would to answer my question :)

    • GadgetQueenn

      What’s Select Choice? I know that Unlimited customers get a 14GB hotspot boost,

      • No they don’t unless they upgrade to the new higher price plan.

      • Sushimane

        Select choice are a legacy plan before simple choice. I basically have what some of the features of simple choice music freedom,hotspot 7gb, I can’t also go to other countries without paying roaming charges unlimited data 2g and maybe 3g. I been with tmobile for 10 years


      I have SELECT CHOICE plan and the answer is no .. you have to change your plan .. and I don’t recommend for you to do that

      • Sushimane

        Yeah I’m not. It’s the best plan for me unlimited everything for 65 dollars.

  • Raymond Baez

    What would the price for a family of 6 with 10GB each be under this new plan?

  • David

    I’m confused about pricing. I have 9 lines, how much would it be for all lines to have minimum data just to qualify unlimited video streaming.

    • Unlimited video streaming, as i was told by CS by chat yesterday, requires at least 3 gB data plan. So your best price would probably be to switch to 3gB now if you haven’t already. Otherwise everyone would have to be on the 6 gB plan, which for 9 people sounds like a lot.

  • j jeff

    Will Prepaid Customers currently on Simple Choice also get the double data? Thanks

    • nearvanaman

      The answer seems to be “no” unless you’re on the base plan.

      Reply from TMo CS on Twitter to a question about this: “we would never make your mind up for you”.

      So they want you to go to your account online and say you want to move to the new But when the Simple Choice plans went from 2GB to 3GB, it was automatic. The trick here is that these are “new” plans and if you want to stay on your existing plan you can. But if you want double the data then you have to elect and pay more.

      Sure an extra 3GB for $5 is very good, but Legere is done with his race to the bottom and prices are starting to “inch” up as he offers us more data that most of us probably won’t use.

      I enjoy watching Legere but looks like the party is over. The only thing T-Mo really offer that I really like and can’t get elsewhere, is the international 2G data roaming for free.

      • j jeff

        thanks for the reply but Im not following here. What do you mean pay more more for double data?

        Currently it costs the same for Simple Choice Prepaid or Postpaid so when the $60 plan gets 6GB data so you are saying its going to be $5 more for a Prepaid customer?

        I only have one line, mine.

        thanks for clarification in advance, Jef

        Edit: Oh I think I am getting it now after seeing that pink chart above, though it seems to indicate a chart for postpaid customers?

        • nearvanaman

          Yeah I didn’t notice any mention of prepaid or postpaid in the stories I’ve read so I assumed they were all affected – but maybe not. Sorry.

          I did see this online for what it’s worth:

          While prepaid wasn’t mentioned explicitly, it was said that EVERY customer gets BingeOn. It’s just that you won’t get free streaming, only the optimized video stream. So you can use it and consume (allegedly about 3x) less data for watching videos on the included providers, but the data used will still count toward your data bucket.

          Only those on Simple Choice plans with an add-on data feature get unlimited video streaming. The rest just have the option to use the optimized video for lower data usage (and battery too).

  • nearvanaman

    Legere is still trying to explain it on his feed – https://twitter.com/JohnLegere

  • joemail

    These plans suck!
    I have 5 Lines
    Line 1: Unlimited Data ($20 grandfathered)
    Line 2-5 @ 2.5GB (wasn’t this permanent a while ago??)

    I’ll stick with this plan until they kick me off…then time to compare plans then.

  • TaekwonBo

    I’m not understanding this. Could someone clarify?
    Families can get 4 lines for the price of 3 with up to 10GB of 4G LTE data per line. That’s $30/mo. Per line!
    Call 844-222-1941 to order
    This sounds to me that I can get 4 lines (avg $30 each cause nothings really free) which totals 120.00 for 4 lines w/10GB each line.

    But looking at the AMPED picture above
    Line 1 = 50.00
    Line 2 = 30.00
    Line 3= 10.00
    Line 4= 10.00
    Grand total of 100.00 now add in the 10gb family match of $20.00 per line (4) for another total of $80.00 my new grand total is 180.00 for 4 lines but that average is 45.00 per line not $30.00

    Where am I going wrong?

    • randian

      You forgot to subtract the $30 discount for the free 4th line. It’s $150 ($37.50 per line), or a 25% increase in price over the current promo.

      • TaekwonBo

        So why isn’t it saying “Get 4 lines for the price of 3. That’s 37.50 per line?” but instead its saying its 30.00 per line

        • randian

          $30 per line is today’s price. $37.50 is the new price this weekend.

        • 78 Spitfire

          I have 4.5GB “Promo Data” out of Unlimited… I’m already confused…

    • Lloyd Benjamin

      Yeah bro, I’m right there with you…also, those of us that have this plan with 10GB of data, do we now have 20 as they doubled our data?