T-Mobile joins CCA Data Services Hub for added roaming partnerships


T-Mobile today joined the Competitive Carriers Association’s Data Services Hub. By becoming part of the Hub, T-Mo can more easily work with smaller and rural carriers to complete roaming deals. These deals will help our Magenta carrier expand its coverage in regions where its network might not be so strong.

Here’s what Steven K. Berry, President and CEO of the CCA, had to say about today’s news:

“I am delighted that T-Mobile has committed to working alongside many of CCA’s other carrier members to ensure a pathway to robust nationwide 4G LTE coverage. The Data Services Hub is quickly becoming a phenomenal resource that provides invaluable benefits to every CCA member, especially those operating in rural and regional areas. I am extremely pleased that T-Mobile has taken a leadership position in ensuring the future of a competitive mobile ecosystem, and its decision is proof-positive that the idea of a one-to-many connection will bring enormous benefits to all competitive carriers.”

And here’s a statement from Dirk Mosa, T-Mo’s SVP for Corporate Development and Roaming:

“T-Mobile continues to aggressively expand the nation’s Fastest 4G LTE Network which already covers more than 290 million Americans. The Data Services Hub enables better collaboration with smaller carriers which will ultimately help T-Mobile extend our voice and data roaming capabilities even further.”

While T-Mobile’s network has been shown to offer speedy data, it catches a lot of flak for being less than stellar outside of metros in rural areas. Joining the CCA’s Hub could help to change that, with T-Mobile able to form roaming partnerships with the other operators that are in the Hub. According to the CCA, there are more than 12 carriers in the Hub.

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Source: CCA

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  • Dokman

    I am just curious if they will change the roaming data allotment for the carriers they use as 50 meg’s of data doesn’t go far.

    • Marianne Myers

      There are more favorable data allowances while roaming overseas than in the South Dakota! That is backwards.

      • sikety

        This is true but it makes sense if you think about it. I am sure that ATT rapes T Mobile on roaming charges because T-Mobile has nothing to offer ATT as far as having their customers roam on T-Mobile. These international carriers on the other hand get heavily discounted or free roaming for their customers on T Mobile in exchange for the same for T-Mobile customers.

        • Marianne Myers

          That really makes a lot of sense. Thanks for putting my gripe into perspective. I really do wish SD had better coverage as I have extended family there. Based on CCA’s coverage map, though, I may be out of luck even with this agreement.

    • Visvism

      More than likely they will have reciprocal agreements with the members that will allow customers to roam on each others network as if it were their home network. Similar to what T-Mobile currently does with GCI in Alaska.

      • Willie D

        Tmobile from my understanding is offering plenty of foreign carriers and smaller domestic carriers a rate so low that it’s compelling other carriers to offer a reciprocal agreement. Unsure if its a completely free agreement or of it is a wholesale bulk tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of gigs free per month and charge overage after or if it is a price of 0.001 per GB

    • Willie D

      Considering it used to be unlimited data roaming in the past, I’m failing to see why this is even an issue today with networks much bigger than before, so much so that MORE users SHOULD be on a native carrier over a roaming carrier that the amount of users who do roam should be inconsequential to the roaming/roamer carrier. That’s to say, with networks larger and less roaming areas that are now covered by native carriers, the amount of roamers on a carrier is so little that offering unlimited roaming isn’t going to be as costly as it was in the past, even with smartphone hogging data.

  • Marianne Myers

    This is a step in the right direction. If T-Mobile wants to keep expanding, they have to look inward towards the rural US.

  • Willie D

    Does this mean roaming still limited to 50mb? Or can we go back to unlimited data roaming like we had in the past pre 2009? Does this mean roaming on ANY carrier within the CCA or only where TMo lacks service and update the sim to selectively chose where and when you roam? Does this mean Sprint users with Band 2, 4 and 12 devices will roam on TMo and vice versa?

    • nycplayboy78

      Excellent questions….EXCELLENT!!!!!

    • Fabian Cortez

      I suspect the roaming terms will be similar to Mobile Without Borders.

      In other words: fully reciprocal.

      AT&T is the issue with the 50 MB cap. As evidenced by T-Mobile’s other roaming they offer their customers.

    • Torry Skurski

      Absolutely my biggest gripe with T-Mobile. I’m a huge supporter of the company, but I travel to northern MI often and having no data there is always such a pain in the butt. I’m on the 5gb plan so my data cap is 100mb, but that can disappear in minutes if you forget to turn off autoupdates! I always end up bumping up to the 11gb plan just to get the 200mb roaming cap for a few days. It’s such a pain in the ass.

  • Marcelo_L

    They definitely have to do something about their coverage and roaming in areas that are U.S. Cellular’s stomping grounds, because their coverage in parts of Wisconsin are NON-EXISTANT ( I don’t CARE what your Magenta coverage map says, they’re falsehoods because I get “G” on my phone where you have 4G listed, standing in the open air! ).

    • You need to speak with them about that because the coverage map is what it is. If you aren’t getting what you paid for, be proactive and find out why!

  • Peter

    tmobile needs to turn on voLTE for nonT-Mobile phones.

    • Austin

      They did. It’s not “HD” like for T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls, but whenever I call family members on Sprint, it says “LTE” in the top bar instead of dropping to 4G like it used to.

  • Fabian Cortez

    To be clear: this is intended for roaming and is unrelated to their EOY 2015 goal of 300 million POPs and a coverage expansion from 0.6 million square miles to 1.6 million square miles.

  • YABD

    We need that deal to be on by now please.

  • Aaron Riley

    This is definitely a problem here in Arizona. Essentially one is forced to get Verizon if you want any sort of coverage beyond leaving the metro areas. The current lack of rural service for T-mobile here is making me think twice about continuing with them if they don’t get their act together.

    • steven berson

      Hey buddy quick question. I will be around 10-15 miles of Sky Harbor international airport. How is the reception with tmobile in that area. I pray its decent need my google maps lol.

      • Acdc1a

        In and around Phoenix is great. Don’t venture too far out and you’ll be just fine.

        • steven berson

          Thanks man appreciate the feedback!!

      • Aaron Riley

        Completely agree. In Phoenix you’ll be fine. Outside of the metro area it quickly goes bad.

        • steven berson

          Thanks man appreciate the feedback!

  • Paul


    This sounds like a great deal.

  • Steve Griffin

    I wish Tmo would update the towers around the northeast out skirt of Peoria Illinois. I’m about 3 air miles from getting LTE. I deal with it cause of my Wi-Fi. A couple months ago my 2g data ceased for 2 days, Tmo said they were updating the towers. Nothing has happened yet. Cross my fingers by at least 2016.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    this is great and all if they remove the 50 MB HARD-CAP ON DOMESTIC DATA ROAMING!!!
    The irony is if you go over your 50 MB alotment, they send you a text with a link to a website with more info.The website doesn’t load though BECAUSE YOUR DATA IS SHUT OFF!!!