Some T-Mobile customers now able to roam on Sprint network


Sprint customers have gotten some nice benefits from T-Mobile as a result of the companies’ merger earlier this year, including Sprint Galaxy S20 owners accessing T-Mo’s 5G network and all Sprint users getting T-Mobile Tuesdays. Now it looks like T-Mo is beginning to roll out a new benefit for its own subscribers.

Some T-Mobile customers are now able to roam onto Sprint’s network. It seems to be hit or miss so far, with some folks saying they’re able to manually connect to Sprint’s network in their phone’s settings, others saying it happened automatically, and some saying it’s not working at all.

There are also reports of some people able to connect to Sprint’s network but then getting no data.

Of those who are able to connect to Sprint’s network and get data flowing, some say that they’re getting faster data speeds than they are on T-Mobile’s network.


Both iPhone and Android owners have had success manually roaming on Sprint’s network. There are T-Mobile customers having success in places like Pittsburgh, Houston, Kansas City, Gainesville, and Cheyenne. Meanwhile, people in places like San Diego, Raleigh, and Denver have checked in and said Sprint roaming is not working for them yet.

Having Sprint roaming working for T-Mobile customers offers benefits like improved download speeds and getting better coverage in places where T-Mo service is weaker. T-Mobile hasn’t announced this feature which helps explain why it’s not working for everyone quite yet, but now that it’s starting to work for some folks hopefully we’ll get an official launch soon.

Are you able to roam on Sprint’s network?

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  • Jared

    Works in the suburbs just south of Denver. I was able to manually select Sprints network on my iPhone and connect with data.

    • Trevnerdio

      Yep, same area (Tech Center). It was a weird hit or miss situation where sometimes on my Note 20 Ultra, I could connect to Sprint, but other times I had to select 310120 (also Sprint) or one of the other numbers (I can’t remember what it was) because it’s an MVNO of Sprint, apparently.

  • Sharti24

    Only Tmobile and At&t come up when i Manually select networks under “network selection” on my iphone

  • jroblopes

    I connected T-Mobile iPhone 11 Pro to Sprint network somewhere in Utah over labor day weekend.

    T-Mobile is up to something, I’ve been on TMO since 2004 and there’s something seriously wrong with the network over the past week.

    • TheTruthIsOutThere

      I connected T-Mobile iPhone 11 Pro to Sprint network somewhere in Utah over labor day weekend.

      Somewhere? You don’t know where you were?

      T-Mobile is up to something, I’ve been on TMO since 2004 and there’s something seriously wrong with the network over the past week

      Is this the same week that you were lost in Utah?

      • jroblopes

        No, we were driving back to LA from Utah from a camping trip over the weekend. I just noticed when I went to reboot my iPhone, in hopes to getting data working, I noticed it said Sprint where it normally said T-Mobile in the upper left corner of the screen. Google map wasn’t loading. We eventually got my phone to load the maps, but the car play wouldn’t load Google map on the drivers phone. -Super frustrating ride. The drivers phone didn’t load maps from Moab all the way through Las Vegas and I think it was around Baker CA (~7 hours into our 15 hour drive) the map finally appeared on the screen.

        • SirStephenH

          You can set Google Maps to save offline maps. You can choose the area(s) you want to download and, depending on the size of the selected area, the maps only get up into the mid 300MB range. Navigation will even function in areas with an offline map.

          I always setup the largest selectable area (a little over half the state of Washington) around my house on every new phone and download other areas when I plan on traveling outside of it. It’s really helpful when I travel to the mountains.

  • Bob B.

    Connected in Webster, NY near Rochester tonight. But saw no performance increase. I normally only test at 35 to 45 Mbps on my phone inside the house. But I am also using 500/500 fiber internet, so what do I care ? :)

    • Mike

      Well your paying extra for that fiber. And in sure it’s not cheap?

      • Bob B.

        $50 a month for 500/500. Look up Greenlight Networks in Rochester, NY. The upload has been increased due to Covid.

        • Mike

          So equivalent to a cell phone plan. I’d take the 35mbps any day and save the 50.

        • Bob B.

          Wait, you would take a cell plan over home internet that is 500 Mbps download for $50 a month ? At any rate, my wife and I are in the 55+ T-Mobile plan and we are locked into $60 a month for life with that for 2 lines. Streaming YouTube TV at home on our fiber Internet. Wife works from home and needs good Internet. I am on this PC all the time. Life is good. Spectrum wants $69.99 a month for 100/10 speed !

        • Mike

          I cut the cord a while back and have always tethered my data ever since Tmobile plans have been good. Having another internet sourse at home don’t make since, much like having a home phone line, don’t need it. I’m glad you got a good internet plan and it works for you. I just don’t like how cable companies price there internet. A+ about the Tmobile 55+ plan. I would take that to if old enough. But I think they cap tethering to 10 gig?

  • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

    Not working on note 20 ultra las vegas

  • Working great on my Galaxy S20 Ultra and Pixel 4 XL in NYC

  • Glenn Gore

    It’s good that in places where T-Mobile’s coverage is weak that those gaps can be filled in with old Sprint sites. Oklahoma does not receive any benefit from this because Sprint never build much of a network here in the first place, only a thin string of coverage along I-35 and I-40, but hopefully some of those sites will help travelers. I always found it odd that travelers on interstates were more important to Sprint than covering places where people lived, or covering US, state and county highways, but that’s just me.

    • SirStephenH

      Doesn’t sound odd to me. Sounds like they gave up on the state so they only covered the areas that out of staters would frequent.

      • Glenn Gore

        They didn’t “give up” on the state, they never built a network to begin with, just relied on a local CDMA carrier, Pioneer Cellular, for roaming access for their customers, with restrictions. Even though they owned spectrum over the entire state. That is a very common practice, a lot of carriers do it, but it is not good for their customers, as they are usually capped with how much data they can use and other restrictions.

        And in the case here, Pioneer dumped the same-as-native roaming agreement with Sprint in order to participate in Verizon’s LTE in Rural America program as a quick and easy way to get LTE service to their customers, which worked out great, Pioneer had LTE service over their entire service area, rural areas in included, within 2 years. This left Sprint customers out in the cold, though, and Sprint did nothing about it.

  • Brian Cain

    I’m in Cheyenne on T-Mobile with iPhone 7 but haven’t been able to connect to the Sprint network. I wish that I could because I’m constantly roaming on the Union Wireless 3G network, which renders my data inoperative.

  • Paul

    I’m able to manually switch to Sprint on my iPhone 11. I’m in Sw San Antonio. The data is working with it to.

    • JLaw

      Glad I’m not the only one in here in San Antonio.
      I’m gonna try connecting in my v60 and se2020. I’m not too sure my v35 or s7 would connect. My g965u1 s9+ should work. Seen some pretty slow speeds around Bandera and 1604.

  • Fire Breathing Rubber Duckling

    I was able to join Sprint and connect to LTE, but data wouldn’t work. I’m in Worcester County, MA.

  • HangmanSwingset

    iPhone 11 Pro Max, manually switched from T-Mobile to Sprint in Spokane, WA. Data works. Haven’t tested SMS or calls. Data roaming turned off.
    An interesting thing I noticed is download speed is higher. I’m over 50GB, but it feels like deprioritization doesn’t apply on Sprint.

    • SirStephenH

      Deprioritization only happens if you’re over 50GB for the billing period AND the tower that you’re connected to is congested. Move one tower over and you could lose the deprioritization if it’s not congested at that time.

  • gramps28

    I’m in the Chandler AZ area and I can connect to the Sprint LTE with data speeds of 30 up and 10 down using a Pixel 4XL. On Tmobile LTE I can get 110 up and 30 down but it’s nice to know that there’s more coverage.

  • Omar Boyer

    My sister has a samsung 20 ultra with tmobile. She told me the other day in home depot were tmobile always crapped out her phone rang. And she was surprised! She even took a screen shot and sent it to me . It said “Sprint” were it usually says tmobile. Then as she walked out of home depot her phone connected to tmobile again . We live in los Angeles California so apparently that roaming is also working here.

  • dcmanryan

    I’ve been on Sprint since Reddit first posted about it and I’m actually getting better than T-Mobile at my house and I’ve left it there. This is off a spare iPhone 6s Plus laying around. I tried it in my OnePlus 8 it won’t connect.

    Sprint 38/14
    T-Mobile 16/13

  • Javon K (GlenCoco143)

    I was able to manually do it here in NJ on my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • Shaun Michalak

    In Erie, PA.. Nothing.. I tried to connect on my Aristo 3 and it said it could not connect to the Sprint tower..

  • izick

    Works great on my Pixel 3.

    Sprint is giving me 145 Mbps down, 25 Mbps up, 18ms ping on LTE in downtown Boston.

  • Justin Miller

    Today I noticed I automatically picked up Sprint on my 11 pro max in the Beverly Hills / Coldwater Canyon area.

  • Robert Lynn Calhoun

    Picking up band 25 here in Seabrook Texas, east of Houston.

  • UniBroW

    “ There are also reports of some people able to connect to Sprint’s network but then getting no data” not surprising

  • disqus_n3uD7xh3KE

    In Denver Im attached to the Sprint Network….

  • KMB877

    Doesn’t work in Brooklyn, NY. My SIM is “not allowed to connect to this network”.

  • was able to here in narcoosee florida.. signal was no better than that of tmo though

  • rwmgd2

    Not working in Northern Virginia.

  • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

    Update swap to my iPhone 11 Pro Max I was avail to roam and get better signal and speed on sprint @las Vegas

  • Mike

    It works in nw Floida, but the speed is no different, still 2 meg download and 1 meg upload. Only bands 2, 4 and 12. No band 5.

    • Drako Tags

      2, 4, and 12 are T-Mobile bands, not Sprint. Sprint has bands 25, 26, and 41.

  • Omegajb

    I can’t connect in Northern Virginia, but Sprint has always been spotty in my area so it might just be a weak signal preventing me from connecting.

  • Stephen Lee

    No dice in Madison, WI

  • Brian Cain

    Update: I was able to connect to the Sprint network here in Cheyenne WY and it worked perfectly, however, that only lasted a few days. Now I can’t connect, but there are available 2 T-Mobile networks to choose from. Interestingly I can connect to both, but one has a better signal.