Some T-Mobile customers now able to roam on Sprint network


Sprint customers have gotten some nice benefits from T-Mobile as a result of the companies’ merger earlier this year, including Sprint Galaxy S20 owners accessing T-Mo’s 5G network and all Sprint users getting T-Mobile Tuesdays. Now it looks like T-Mo is beginning to roll out a new benefit for its own subscribers.

Some T-Mobile customers are now able to roam onto Sprint’s network. It seems to be hit or miss so far, with some folks saying they’re able to manually connect to Sprint’s network in their phone’s settings, others saying it happened automatically, and some saying it’s not working at all.

There are also reports of some people able to connect to Sprint’s network but then getting no data.

Of those who are able to connect to Sprint’s network and get data flowing, some say that they’re getting faster data speeds than they are on T-Mobile’s network.


Both iPhone and Android owners have had success manually roaming on Sprint’s network. There are T-Mobile customers having success in places like Pittsburgh, Houston, Kansas City, Gainesville, and Cheyenne. Meanwhile, people in places like San Diego, Raleigh, and Denver have checked in and said Sprint roaming is not working for them yet.

Having Sprint roaming working for T-Mobile customers offers benefits like improved download speeds and getting better coverage in places where T-Mo service is weaker. T-Mobile hasn’t announced this feature which helps explain why it’s not working for everyone quite yet, but now that it’s starting to work for some folks hopefully we’ll get an official launch soon.

Are you able to roam on Sprint’s network?

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