T-Mobile Galaxy S20 and Note 9 receiving new updates


T-Mobile has begun pushing out some new Samsung updates, including some for current flagships and one for an older model.

First up, the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are all getting new updates. The S20 is getting bumped up to version G981USQU1BTI2 while the S20+ is getting version G986USQU1BTI2 and the S20 Ultra is being updated to version G988USQU1BTI2.


The changelogs for these updates only say “Various bug fixes and improvements”, and the updates are still based on the August 1, 2020 security level that the Galaxy S20 models got last month. Folks on Reddit say that these updates include fixes for some standalone 5G issues that some Galaxy S20 owners have been having.

Also receiving a new update is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This update is version N960USQS5ETH5 and it includes the September 1, 2020 security patches.


All of these new updates appear to be going out over the air now, so if you’ve got a Galaxy S20 series phone or a Galaxy Note 9, you should see your update soon. You’ve also got the option to check manually by jumping into your phone’s Settings app and tapping on “Software update” and then either “Download and install” for S20 phones or “Download updates manually” on the Note 9.

Thanks James and Debjit!

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  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    I really hope the fix the text message and call reception issues on the S20, because the latest software has been tripping like crazy on all T-mobile Samsung phones. Drops calls, takes forever to send texts and hangs up the web like crazy. The plethora of T-Mobile users I know are experiencing the same issues on their Samsung phones as well.

    • Brian

      The last update created a total mess with the S20 series devices on the T-Mobile network. I was on Twitter with both Samsung and T-Mobile, neither of whom had confirmed the issue that a knowledgeable corporate retail store had advised me. I went to a Samsung Experience Store last week and it was only after they ran tests on my S20 that the head tech guy came from the back office there and confirmed issues and advised associated with 600mhz band being used by TMO for 5g and only good for building penetration in cities like NYC but that’s it. Only temp solution was exactly what I had done….switch network preferences to the one that does NOT include 5G. This basically made having a 5G phone useless as the S9 on another line was working better, especially with GPS and texting.

      FYI, I did tweet and email TMO News about this and never heard back about it.

  • Antonio Ventura

    Is battery life improved on the Galaxy S20+ with this update? Noticeably dropped with last month’s update.

  • Joe

    Does this fix the GPS locking issue though? After not the last update but the previous one many people including myself have had major issues with GPS not locking and therefore making google maps impossible to use.

    • Alexander McCall

      It does not fix this issue. It’s a shame. I have an S20+ for my main phone and an A71 for my second(business) device. I consistently have to use my A71 for gps because of the exact issue you’re having.

      • Joe

        Did you start having the issue after the August update? That is when I first realized the issue myself. I seem to have potentially found what causes it. On my most recent trip I set GPS and it would not lock I tried toggling location, airplane mode, closing reopening maps, everything except for shutting the screen or restarting the phone. When I got to the restaurant I closed my GPS and shut the screen, than when I got back in my car I started the GPS and had no problems. So I think it has something to do with the screen being on and off that sometimes it glitches and the phone cant tell the phone to lock. IDK.

        Sure feel good when you spent $1200 for a phone that cant do a basic task that a $300 phone can do….

        • Alexander McCall

          It was definitely after the August update that I noticed it. I the GPS sensor in the phone is somehow to blame. I tried switching to Waze and it can never seem to get a solid gps connection. Neither TMobile or Samsung seems to know the cause of it.

  • Brian

    I just did the update and it does nothing to address the 5G issues. Download/upload on 5G still 13.0/5.5. Went back to 4G setting and 55+/5. All results via Ookla Speedtest app.

  • Pri

    I am glad I’m not the only one having issues with dropped calls, texting issues, and receptions issues since the last update. I called Tmobile and they did nothing. They told me to do a full factory reset, even though I know thats not the issue. Hopefully this update fixes these problems.

  • Rydnlow

    Well it didn’t fix the 5gSA time zone issues so that must be a routing issue.

  • Todd N.

    I saw this https://www.t-mobile.com/support/devices/latest-sim-for-great-network-experience?cmpid=MGPO_SS_C_SVCMSG_LUED3SQVQJ1JN1U7P58686 and sure enough the sim card that came with my S20 ultra was not this SA 5G compatible R15 sim. Going to the store today to get the sim cards swapped

    • Joe

      Well that might just be my problem. I sure love it that t-mobile does not put some sort of disclaimer in there update telling people to go to there store and make sure to update there sim before updating.

      • Todd N.

        This might not apply to everyone, you just have to check if your sim is correct or not per the link above. I just got my new R15 sim in. 5g Speeds are matching what 4g/LTE which in my case were typically faster then 5G with my old sim. I never had any issues with txting and dropped calls on my S20 Ultra so can’t say if it help with that. Worth a try as it is quick and free.