T-Mobile begins updating Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and OnePlus 8 to support standalone 5G


Today T-Mobile flipped on standalone 5G, which is greatly expanding its 5G coverage and bringing lower latency with it, too. And there are already a few devices that are being updated to support this new coverage.

T-Mobile is now updating the Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra as well as the OnePlus 8 to support standalone 5G. The Galaxy S20 update is version G981USQUATGL and is 543.73MB, while Galaxy S20+ owners can expect a 557.32MB update to version G986USQU1ATGL and Galaxy S20 Ultra owners are getting a 547.64MB update to version G988USQU1ATGL.

Here’s the full changelog for all three of these Galaxy S20 series updates:

  • Enable standalone 5G
  • August 2020 security updates
  • Camera visual image quality updates
  • Additional updates and improvements


OnePlus 8 owners should begin seeing a new update today, too. T-Mobile says the update is version 10.5.17.IN55CB and includes the following changes:

  • Enable standalone 5G
  • July 2020 security updates
  • Additional updates and improvements

If you’ve got a different T-Mobile 5G phone, don’t fret, because you’ll likely get an update to enable standalone 5G as well. T-Mo has confirmed that it will also update the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, Galaxy A71 5G, OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren, and LG V60 ThinQ to support standalone 5G. Only the Galaxy S10 5G won’t get the update to enable standalone 5G, likely because it lacks support for the 600MHz spectrum that T-Mo’s standalone 5G is using.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series and OnePlus 8 owners, let us know when you get your new update!

Thanks Daryl, Debjit, KitPogi, Moshe, and Paul!

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, OnePlus 8

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  • Crucifixion Cruxi

    What about unlocked Galaxy S20

    • JLaw

      Gonna have to wait it out.
      90% of the updates my unlocked s9+ got were from using a Google Fi sim.
      T mobile is horrendous on updating factory unlocked Samsung’s. Update is released from Samsung to T Mo, and they just sit on it. So, it seems.
      Speaking of updates, my s9+ is still missing the latest security patch. Back to Go, just to update.

    • Mike

      Best bet is to flash Tmobile rom to your S20 or just wait it out for the unlocked firmware update.

  • J Desai

    What about sprint s20

  • Greg Victor

    Will the unlocked s20s purchased from Samsung get the update?

    • Robert Thomas Johnson

      Unlocked S20 Ultra on metro by t-mobile no August update and its August 5th

      • Dummy Up Meathead

        Never would get it by the 5th of the month.

      • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

        Wish unlock version you have U or U1

        • Robert Thomas Johnson


        • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

          Okay update for u1 should b available soon I try used my computer to update it on smart switch but nothing yet…I saw the firmware available to download… FYI it won’t have standalone 5g.. No really worth it anyway

  • Nate

    So uh we’re just gonna skip the July update and head straight for August. I’d unlock my device for fast updates – but don’t want to pay for an unlock code. Also looks like my patch is downloading on my phone already. hmm..

    • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

      Have you try flashing unlock firmware I did it’s eazy

    • Robert Thomas Johnson

      Ha unlocked fast updates my butt carriers get updates before my unlocked s20 ultra

  • izick

    When’s the update coming for OnePlus 7T Pro 5G

  • big curt

    Does the update also go for the OnePlus 8 pro 5g

    • ericdabbs

      It is not confirmed because Tmobile does not sell the phone. Most likely OP will provide a firmware update for the unlocked version of the OP8 Pro 5G phone.

  • ericdabbs

    I hope Tmobile provides an update for the Samsung Galaxy A71 to 5G standalone.

  • Glenn Gore

    No update for the OnePlus Mclaren?

    • shawn murray

      I’m right there with you they still haven’t updated the note 10 plus either but I have the McLaren fear they’re probably trying to test it more maybe they’ll wait till and include August is update.

  • AA-Ron

    What about unlocked phones. Will they get access access as well?

    • Robert Thomas Johnson

      Yea I have an unlocked s20 ultra on metro by t-mobile I always get the updates so late im still on July

  • Josh Smith

    Got it on my OnePlus 8!!!

  • Dummy Up Meathead

    Can anyone explain what Standalone 5G is vs whatever 5G I have running currently on my S20 Ultra? Will it be better, faster, stronger??

    • JLaw

      NSA 5g relies on 4g as a “backbone”. Meaning, from my understanding, that if any issues arise with a 4g antenna linked to 5g, the 5g will be effected.
      SA 5g is stand-alone, no reliance on the 4g antenna for transmission.
      SA is really just beginning to roll out en masse. The sunset of Sprint and slow (very) integration should really increase SA.
      Converting and upgrades to equipment is what’s taking so long.
      Imo, true potential on 5g speeds won’t be realized till 2025 or so.
      LTE took yrs to get where it’s at, so 5g won’t be much of an exception.
      However, it should eveolve in the following yrs as well.

      • Dummy Up Meathead

        Thank you!

  • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

    For those wondering if we make a lot difference.. It will not I have 2 s20 ultra 1 running on Tmobile firmware and 1 running on unlock us version speed test are pretty much the same in Las Vegas with about 2 o 3 mbps on the Tmobile version no really worth it… Thinking of re flashing unlock version it has wait better scam and caller ID protection

  • Sysko

    I got the update on my Tmobile S20+ yesterday.

  • NC Hummer

    After installing this SA update I am seeing a lot more dropped calls on my s20+. 4 out 5 outgoing calls get dropped after first ring. Same happens with incoming calls. If I change my network mode from 5g to lte, problem goes away. No more dropped calls. Anyone else experience this?

    • Kyrylo Gaychenko

      yes! same problem here! it drops almost all my calls when connected to 5G, so I disconnected 5G completely and it works now

  • Luis Miguel Hidalgo

    Got mine yesterday on Sprint s20 Ultra. No word on the NR feature though.

  • sergeiserdyuk

    I’m a bit confused. Why is SA 5G requiring a firmware update anyway? Is SA not a part of standard 5G feature set? I am wondering because I tend to buy devices directly from the manufacturers like Motorola and Google. I haven’t yet seen any mentioning of SA vs NSA in the phone specs.

  • Kyrylo Gaychenko

    t-mobile wanted the best, you know the rest…had to turn off 5G in settings completely and stick with LTE. After update my galaxy s20 didn’t want to switch back to LTE once it was on 5G, and to tell you the truth 5G didn’t improve my reception a single bit in spots that had problems with service before 5G launch here in NYC. So even though I see 5G icon on my phone I still have no reception, and latest update wouldn’t allow for my phone to switch back to a better LTE connection even when I’m 100% sure there’s a good LTE coverage.

    • Nate

      My wife and I have S20+ devices.. since this patch my data is on and off and requires a device restart when it happens. Our time also jumps back and forth and hour all the time. I live 150+ miles from a time zone change. Both our buildings need the 5G to work. LTE is great if I walk outside, but inside a concrete building it’s no good. So I guess we have to wait for a hotfix. :/

  • William Shader

    Have Oneplus 8 5G but still showing newest update as 10.5.10.IN55CB with June patches.

    • disqus_XU69KLXkbx

      They halted the rollout of this update over a week ago but have not publicly admitted to it. They introduced a major problem breaking wifi calling and calls frequently fail to compete on 5g too. I confirmed the issues with both TMobile and OnePlus, both said they were aware of the issues and there is no ETA on a fix. I got this update on 8/5 and it’s really interfering with my ability to use my phone as a phone, so it’s probably a good thing that you did not get the update. Getting pretty fed up at the beta quality software coming out of OnePlus.

  • Stephen Huddleston

    I have the S20+ as well and had no issues with 5G or anything else until this update. Since the update I would get incoming calls that ring once then go to VM. Outbound calls would fail after connecting for 2 or 3 seconds or fail to go out at all. Once I disabled 5G no further issues. Really hope they get this patched and fixed quickly.

  • Mike Smith

    For anyone in SoCal, the true test is coverage on the Los Angeles to Las Vegas drive. Looking forward to doing that with CellMapper open (does it even map SA yet) and see what I get!

    Interestingly my iPhone is dual SIM on T-Mo and Verizon and my car is on AT&T so I can tell better than almost anyone where the coverage is!

  • StevenSteele45 _

    Everyone check your S20/S20+. After the update I can’t record in 60fps 4k. The auto focus goes crazy! They need to fix this now. I’ve had no problems before this update.