OnePlus 8 5G launching at T-Mobile on April 29th


Today the OnePlus 8 was officially revealed, and as expected, it’s coming to T-Mobile.

The OnePlus 8 5G will launch at T-Mobile on April 29th. T-Mo isn’t ready to divulge pricing or promotion details quite, yet, but the carrier tells me that those details are “coming soon”.

The phone that’s launching at T-Mobile is the OnePlus 8, which means the device features a 6.55-inch 2400×1080 AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate, Snapdragon 865 processor, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and 4300mAh battery with Warp Charge 30T fast charging. The triple rear camera array includes a 48MP main sensor, 16MP ultra wide cam, and a 2MP macro camera for close-up shots.

You can find the full rundown on the specs of the OnePlus 8 here.

T-Mobile will sell the OnePlus 8 in Onyx Black and Interstellar Glow color options, with the latter being a wireless carrier exclusive for T-Mo.

Also of note is that, as its name suggests, the OnePlus 8 5G will support 5G on T-Mobile. That means you’ll be able to hop on the low-band 600MHz 5G network that covers more than 200 million people. T-Mo has also confirmed that the OnePlus 8 5G also supports the 2.5GHz mid-band 5G that it’s getting access to thanks to its merger from Sprint. However, mmWave 5G is not supported.

Will you be buying the OnePlus 8 5G from T-Mobile later this month?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • what about the Oneplus 8 Pro? The regular Oneplus 8 is disappointing.

    • captainbdsc

      Exactly what I was going to ask…

    • Ben

      You may have to get it directly from Oneplus. They say the Oneplus 8 Pro will work on T-Mo’s 5G network.

      • djurlegit

        yeah, but it’s not the same as getting the TMo version so you can get lost and theft coverage along with. And you can always flash the Official OnePlus 8 firmware to the T-Mo version to remove the bootup splash screen, and T-Mo bloats if you wanted to.

  • SuzieSunshine

    I was really hoping for the OnePlus 8 Pro. Good to hear it will support T-Mobile’s 5G network.

    • Raiderx

      Asked OnePlus we will not be getting the pro through tmo

  • Steve Rodriguez

    Is T-Mo going to use MMwave at all for 5G? I see only the Verizon variant will at this point. Lack of MMWave support may be a deal breaker (assuming its needed on TMO)

    • marque2

      Why? Most of us are wondering what good MMwave really is. Unless you are standing out in the rain, and it is not raining, and your head/hand are in precisely the right direction to the antenna – you won’t get MMwave signal. Do you expect to be in your office and get gigabit download speeds? Well you can’t unless your office gets a Tmobile MMwave transmitter indoors. If Tmobile did 600Mhz and 2.5 ghz I would be happy.

      • Steve Rodriguez

        Its more about spending $1000 on a phone that isn’t going to support tech 6-12 months from now ….

        • marque2

          I am planning to wait until next year to buy a phone – maybe two since 5g phones are priced so high. Still won’t be excited by MMwave.

  • Sim Book

    Same price as the dual screen V60! Uh no!

    • dcmanryan

      The dual screen is a gimmick for most and take that away and the One Plus wins every time for the average user.

      • Ver

        The v60 is a great phone. Don’t underestimate it.

        • dcmanryan

          I’m not. Spec wise it is great. LG abandons phones quickly and their update record is the worst among flagship phones by far. It’s a good phone, but the I’d take a One Plus 8 over it any day.

        • marque2

          V60 is made in South Korea – One Plus China. That is enough for me to choose V60 instead, if i were in the market. My V30 is working well still, so I will probably wait until next year and dive into 5g when it gets a bit less pricey.

        • dcmanryan

          Definitely a fair point. I like LG and have owned many but the slow updates are annoying but other than that LG phones seem to always have stellar battery life and on par with the others but for whatever reason they haven’t had a main stream hit in years.

        • marque2

          My complaint with all my LG phones is that they don’t seem to get as good reception as Samsung phones – but I like their value / price point. Other than security updates – I am not one who really cares if I am one version behind on Android. And security updates do seem to come about every other month.

        • Bklynman

          Look at it this way.the S8 just got another update,Lg V30 after the long wait got got pie. None after that,no security patches,nothing!!
          I was thinking about getting the V60, Lg record,smh. Also they lose their value fast on the used phone market,u can get v20,g6,v30 all for less than $100.00 sometimes u look hard enough u can get brand new one from anywhere from $120-$200.

        • JLaw

          Agreed. The v60 is very underrated. The battery life alone makes it worth it.
          And the bogo T mo was/is running is great. I skipped the dual screen.
          About 935 after taxes isn’t bad. Was gonna get a s20 ultra, but that’s turning into a kluster#uck of problems.

        • dcmanryan

          The battery life alone has me considering the phone as my Pixel 3 XL can hardly ever get over 4 hours of screen on time.

  • While I have been a supporter of OnePlus in the past, the promises of top-of-the-line camera has fooled me more than once. Until I see proof of a top-level camera performance to match it’s parameters, I will no longer believe in their empty promises.

    • djurlegit

      shouldn’t stop you from buying their phones. Everything is is great

  • David

    me too, given i have the 7pro 5G and wanted to use my JUMP for the Pro.. but shitty now!

    • Bailey

      Would you jump because you are in that jump program or you see something that is an improvement over the 7 Pro 5G? I’m asking because I was considering the 7 Pro 5G

      • David

        I was hoping for 8pro 12gig model but I’m sure they may release it later!

        • Bailey

          Got it!

  • That Guy

    If the price is right I’ll give it a whirl.

    • Anthony Reyes

      From Oneplus it’s $699 so should be that

      • That Guy

        Tmob had a promotion on an earlier OP launch. Let’s see if they are sufficiently motivated. Perhaps they want to keep Samsung in check by promoting OP. Or perhaps OP has raised retail prices to allow for carrier discounting.

  • Michael childers

    when are we getting the pro version? I want the wireless charging and larger brighter display.

    • Raiderx

      Nope, I messaged support asking about and it’s only available through OnePlus

  • Frank King

    You can only get the 8 pro from one plus or Amazon. I have 7pro, while this 8 / pro is nice but minimal in upgrades, not buying. They need to increase the trade in, $220 for my 7 pro from OP, $185 Tmobile.

    • Anthony Reyes

      Yeah Samsung did like $300 for my wife’s Note 5 I think at the time for a Note 7

  • jer85008

    Was it confirmed that TMO will sell the 8/128GB version? Strange because direct from OP the interstellar glow is only on the 12/256GB variant. I also heard a rumor that the carrier version for TMO will in fact have IP68 certification.

    • Tale 85

      It’s confirmed for the Verizon variant. We won’t know until T-Mobile releases it’s specs. It would depend on T-Mobile paying for the IP68 Certification.

      • jer85008

        I’m hoping the Verizon variant is $799 because they had to add mm wave 5g and not because of the IP68 rating. I won’t pay $799 for the 8/128GB version from TMO just because it’s IP68 when we all know damn well it’s the exact same phone as the unlocked version.

        • Tale 85

          I’m wondering if the IP68 rating was part of the Verizon deal to make a special phone for the mm wave 5G. It would be an additional selling point to justify the $799. Anyway, I think I’m going to wait and see what the 8T has to offer.

        • jer85008

          Not a bad idea. I’m not convinced the rumored “Z” phone will be sold in the US but if it is, and covers all of the TMO bands (Including 5g) I might go for that, even if I have to buy it unlocked direct from OP.

        • Tale 85

          I’m in no rush to upgrade this year…. Then again I said that last year. We shall see.

  • the martian ambassador

    You can get the OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB for just $450 at T-Mobile.

  • David

    i have a 7pro McClaren edition and i am not into wireless charging,no need to spend more money for other than wireless upgrades!

  • Dominimmiv

    If it beats the LG V60 bogo deal perhaps…
    If not no

  • Tale 85

    With OP’s track record, I might just wait for the 8T. No wireless charging and a lower screen resolution doesn’t inspire me to trade “Up”.

  • Walter Kowalski

    Hole punch phones are so ugly. Pixel 4XL I can deal with a forehead.

  • Nevsky

    Main problem with the OnePlus 8 is that the only version that will work with mmWave (at least announced) will be the Verizon version. Do not know if that would even work with T-Mobile mmWave.

    Problem with buying from T-Mobile is that it will not (as far as I know) be the dual-SIM version. Also, updates might not be as fast as from OnePlus.

    Problem with the basic OnePlus 8, which is the only one that will be sold by T-Mobile, is that it does not have optical zoom. I may “settle” though, but would buy direct to get dual-SIM.