T-Mobile strikes Cuba roaming deal, will offer cheaper calls to the country


T-Mobile today announced that it has struck a roaming deal with Empresa De Telecomunicaciones De Cuba, S.A., which enables T-Mo to offer cheaper calling to the country as well as roaming while there. Specifically, Simple Choice customers can make calls to both landlines and wireless phones in Cuba from the US for $0.60 per minute with the $15 per month Stateside International Talk add-on. That’s 65 percent less than it costs today.

T-Mobile’s deal will also enable you to use your voice, text, and data if you take a trip to Cuba, starting this summer.

Here’s John Legere’s statement on today’s news:

“The historic opening of Cuba is a natural opportunity for us to take action, and we are. That’s the Un-carrier way! We have more customers of Cuban descent than any other wireless provider – so connecting them with family and friends in Cuba is a message we heard loud and clear!”

It’s good to see T-Mobile responding to the opening of Cuba by improving its services for customers, making it cheaper to contact people in Cuba and easier to stay connected if you decide to take advantage of Cuba’s opening.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Hondaking96

    Is the date roaming free when am in Cuba

    • keepitreal25

      It says it will be later this summer!

      • Phone Guy

        Not free. It says roaming will be enabled later in the summer. Roaming rates for voice text and data have yet to be determined by T-Mobile. They said to stay tuned to their news pages.

  • Hondaking96

    Is data free when in cuba

  • guest

    Rates with Ultra and Univision are 65c for landline and mobile and you don’t have to pay an international access fee. Cricket rates are 70c per minute with a $15 intl access fee, but that $15 gives you 15 minutes.

    • BreakingData

      It looks like Cricket is 15 or 15 all around, I don’t see anything on their website about 70 cents a minute. Plus it seems like you can’t get on the Basic plan. I could be wrong their site doesn’t off a lot of information

      • guest

        Sorry, I was incorrect. I remember I saw it somewhere in there, but I can’t find it now.

  • Acdc1a

    Just got back. It will be nice to have more than just wifi calling if needed. Internet is not exactly reliable or cheap for that matter ($5 for an hour).

  • Omar Boyer

    sounds good while roaming there but i DOUBT it Data will work. Cubacel which i used last month and is the ONLY carrier there has NO DATA NOT EVEN GSM,gprs,EDGE,3G or lte it only works for calls n txt no pic or video messages. if they dont even let their own customers have access to data what makes u think us that go as tourists and roam with our US phones will have free data? I highly doubt it ! my family members over there all have cubacell and only time they use data is when theirs wifi available and they have to first buy a card which is not cheap and only gives u 15 mins to use the wifi after the 15 mins are over they gotta buy another card and again 15 mins..

    • matt

      yeah . but they do not charge for those calls and texts. i was curious about this. so i googled it. and the fcc says if you don’t pay the roaming fees to verizon or sprint for cuba, your only alternative is to buy a ten to 40 dollar data plan, PLUS you have to pay three dollars each day to rent the sim card. t-mobile goes out of their way to offer people free roaming in cuba and theres always one jerk somewhere who has a problem with paying zero to for roaming in cuba

      • Phone Guy

        I just got a message back from T-Mobile. Roaming rates have not been set as of yet for Voice, Data and Text. They have the calling rates set from the US to Cuba but they have not decided on the price of on island roaming as of yet. They said to stay tuned to further announcements. O well. I bet it won’t be free.