PSA: Don’t Forget to Disable Roaming When Traveling Internationally

PSA Reminder: if you’re traveling internationally, make sure to disable roaming on your device. Otherwise, you might be shocked with your bill when you get home. 

This is what happened to a family who came back from vacation with a monthly bill of $78,240.61. As the post shared, the family forgot to disable roaming and got hit by charges while they were on vacation. 

As shared by PhoneArena, T-Mobile charges $15 per MB of roaming data. So for every GB you consume, that’s already $15,000. To deal with these charges, some users activate a plan on T-Mobile’s Simple Global. 

The Redditor who shared his story is not alone. There are countless more users who have been hit by roaming charges when they went on a trip abroad. This sort of thing also isn’t exclusive to T-Mobile. It can happen to any carrier you’re using. This is why the best thing you can do is to disable data roaming when you’re going abroad. 

Before going on your trip, you can check the roaming charges you might incur with your carrier. You can also switch to Airplane Mode so that you can avoid such charges. Once you install a local SIM card from the country you’re visiting, you can switch off Airplane Mode so you can activate your phone’s radios. 

Source: PhoneArena

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