T-Mobile’s 2 for $75 Offer, Upcoming Prepaid Charges to Take Effect in April

A few days ago, it was reported that T-Mobile’s 2 for $75 unlimited offer will be postponed. At the time of reporting, there was uncertainty on when the offer will go live. 

Fortunately, T-Mobile was able to sort out the details and plans to roll out this promotion next week. Through this promotion, you can save $85 when getting a second plan. The offer also saves you the cost of T-Mobile’s $25 Device Connection Charge (DCC) fee. 

PhoneArena shares that this will be available starting Wednesday, April 3. Unfortunately, this is also the day when T-Mobile Prepaid will be charging $25 for new device connections. A previous report shared that there will be two new charges on T-Mobile prepaid accounts. Apart from the new $25 device activation fee, a second prepaid fee will be implemented in April. PhoneArena says this will take effect on April 25th. 

So those are the important dates to remember for T-Mobile customers.

Source: PhoneArena

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