T-Mobile Stops Nokia Belle Update For Nokia Astound?

Thanks to the @NokiaUS Twitter account, we’ve learned that the Nokia Astound will not receive an update to Nokia Belle. While Nokia is pushing out the Belle update as I type this to almost every Nokia smartphone currently running Symbian Anna, the Astound will unfortunately not be among those receiving the update. Now, at first glance we might point the finger at Nokia and ask why? However, the boys at IntoMobile are hypothesizing the fault lies with T-Mobile. When Symbian Anna dropped for the Astound last November, it weighed in at around 10MB and now the the Nokia Belle update is a larger update weighing in around 250MB. Perhaps T-Mobile doesn’t want Astound owners downloading that much data on their network (even so they could emphasize Wi-Fi only), or maybe they just want customers taking advantage of more modern smartphones on the network. Perhaps Nokia and T-Mobile want customers to upgrade to the Nokia Lumia 710…it could be any of these reasons or none of them.

In any case, we hope T-Mobile changes their mind and while we’re not sure how many Astound owners are still out there, I imagine those that are would want to keep their handsets as up to date as possible until they decide the time is right to get something else.

IntoMobile via @NokiaUS

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