Target Retail Stores To Stock White T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

Looking to get yourself a White Samsung Galaxy S II from a brick and mortar location rather than T-Mobile’s website? Well now you can, or at least you can in two days from your local Target Store, which will stock the White Galaxy S II beginning Thursday, February 9th. Target will make the Galaxy S II available to both new and existing customers for $149.99 on a two-year contract. Anyone looking to purchase the phone outright can expect to pay $599.99 for it, the same price as T-Mobile direct. The White Galaxy S II is exactly the same version as its black counterpart, except it’s — white. That all we’ve got, pick up the White Galaxy S II from Target beginning this Thursday.

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  • Matthew

    Why do people really care about a white phone, dont they understand its just a different colored piece of plastic.  Just give us the Galaxy Nexus, thats what a lot of us customers want a android phone with ICS on it. 

    • James

      I am disappointed with the way google handled the galaxy nexus. I wanted that phone bad…now I dont considering a new one is coming out aroud october/november time frame and its still over 500 dollars.
      At this point im going to wait for that iphone 5 coming to tmobile which im sure its got to happen this year.
      Looks like google is losing an android user since the g1 (im all about the stock android)

      • Matthew

        I would like the galaxy nexus as well but i am not going to pay $600 for a smartphone right now.  Kinda lame how Google is treating their own creation of a smartphone. the only carrier it is on at the moment is Verizon, in the US.  The iphone seems great and everything but i just can’t live with such a small screen.  I would even go for a Galaxy Note i could see the benefit in using a phone/tablet.

        • Guest

           I really hope that tmobile get the galaxy note.  That’s a really nice phone, I would love to upgrade to that phone on my value plan that I’m currently on.

      • HarryHuckster

        Keep hoping because the Iphone 5 (when it is released) will not be coming to TMO

        •  I’m sure the iPhone 5 WILL be coming to T-Mobile this year finally.  Tho I don’t want it, it will be an important addition to the lineup.

  • …desperately hoping for the Galaxy Note. =(

    • Anonymous

      me to!

      • Guest

         me four………

        • Tbyrne

          me five!

        • Mark Hennessey

          Six…. and I don’t know why… I really want a galaxy nexus or other AOSP ICS phone. But the Note is… jeez, The Note.

        • Anonymous

          Me 7th

        • Scarfacemario

          Me 8th :)

        • Anonymous

          9th. I’m getting mine from att when it comes out, edge has been fast enough on my sensation xl. If anyone wants to buy it let me know 

        • HoustonFinest

          10th… :) … I would give up my gs2 white in a hard beat for that Note… That phone is just sexy

    • Lani

       me three…

  • Might get one for my second line seeing that its $149.99 and that line is OOC, in addition to an upgrade fee it will be cheaper. It’s funny that most retailers that carry T-Mobile products offer better pricing structures than T-Mobile itself.

  • Matthew

    Even with this sale and the Valentines day sale there is nothing that new that i want.  I am waiting for a ICS phone. Hopefully by this coming November when my contract is up T-mobile will be offering some nice phones with ICS and a smartphone that has a battery like the Razor Maxx. Because ICS and a good sized battery is what i am looking forward too.

  • Anonymous

    Walmart has these as well. 

    • Guest

       Do you know if Walmart or Target do the EIP installments for value plan customers or does the retail stores only deal with new and existing classic plan customers?

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure about Target, but Walmart does not handle EIP or Value plans.

        • Guest

           Thank You Roswell_V for the information

  • Lani

    If TmobileUSA does not plan to sell iPhone anytime soon, hopefully TmobileUSA will announce that they are going to sell the Samsung Note, before it is passe’

    • Guest

       I’d much rather the samsung note over the iphone.  I really hope that tmobile gets the samsung note early and not 1 year after all of the other carriers.

      • Littlesis1774

        Don’t why they don’t just get both. They need variety of phones

        • Dominique

           Easy, did you see the 4th quarter numbers of Sprint?  They lost $1.3Billion dollars and they said selling the Iphone was one of the big factors, not to mention that Verizon had higher revenues, more customers, but lost hundreds of millions of dollars in profit and the Iphone was also part of that.  DT won’t allow T-mobile to take that hit.  They’re trying to make every dollar they can now and they’re definitely not going to sacrifice hundreds of millions just to get the Iphone.

        • Lani

          Sprint spend a lot in advertising to tell everyone they have the iPhone, and got 1.6 million new subscribers in the process.  In the end the 1.3B spent in advertising and signal improvements, will just be a wash out of money well spent for the betterment of the company.

  • Anonymous

    My friend has the white one and I don’t like it, the light bleeds on the bottom where the home back search and menu keys are and it makes it look cheap.

    • Nearmsp

      I agree. I have a white one too:) and my wife has a black one. If I bought another one, it would be black.

  • Bryan

    There not going to have it at the T-Mobile store? Or Best Buy??

    • Scarfacemario

      I doubt it my local T mobile store wont have it but they can send it to your house address if u take advantage of saturdays sale.

      • Scarfacemario

        They will order it for you and send it to ur current address from what I was told by a tmo rep

  • Littlesis1774

    I am really am on T-mobile get the iphone because I can’t stand my phone. It locks up and freezes when I go into apps. My phone has many problems and don’t want to waste $180 on a replacement phone when they just going to send me the same messed up phone. GET IPHONE OR I AM GOING TO AT&T

    • Read_Carefully

      so what kind of phone do you have?

      • Littlesis1774

        HTC HD2 and it sucks.  I am hoping my upgrade comes in June I can get the iphone but if that does not happen I will just switch

        • Thebananamaster

          HD2 is a Windows phone, not android. Your comment is of no pertenece here if you’re rocking a crappy first attempt at an HTC Windows phone which everyone and their moms hate. You’re quite possibly a complete idiot and should jump off a cliff with you’re beloved iPhone which in reality is of no comparison to newer high end phones. I hate you and hope you have a horrible experience.

        • Littlesis1774

          Wow your fanboys are pathetic.  How can you hate someone that you never have met? Geez you are pathetic and sad.

        • Scarfacemario

          Exactly these comments are getting out of hand.

        • Anonymous

          no reason for all the hate bro

        • Oscar

          HD2 is a really old phone and its not android its windows so just try an android for once trust me i think you’ll love it.  BTW i know the HD2 sucks but it brings transformers :)

        • Fatgurl22

          Dude u fuckinqqq stupid azz fukzzz LOL its just funny u dont even have an android phone and ur talking shyyt??? lol u have a fukddd up windows phone which sukz azzz.

        • do this

          If you have insurance on your line which i would suggest you add if you dont since this month is open enrollment, go to your local store, do a warranty exchange and you are able to get a radar as an alternate device. Ive been looking for an hd2 so i can do this

    • guest

       I’m so tired of the whiners about the darn iphone.  Their are more phones that have much better features than an iphone.  The iphone is soooooooo over rated. I guess if everyone was jumping off of buildings majority of the people in the world would follow just because everyone else is doing it.  With that being said *good bye*  – adios….see ya   move along to AT&T and then you’ll be in their forums whining about something.

      • Littlesis1774

        Android sucks

        • Fatgurl22

          ur titts suck

      • Nearmsp

        AT&T sold 9.4 million smart phones in the last quarter of which 7.6 million phones were iPhones (81%)! The rest of the 19% included BlackBerry, Android, Windows etc. So clearly when given a choice the iPhone wins hands down. Sprint gained 1.6 million NEW customers who switched to iPhone 4S on Sprint. So if the iphone was “sooo” over rated why would 80% of smart phone sales on AT&T be JUST for iPhones? You can deride people who are complaining about a lack of an iPhone on T-mobile as much as you want, but the fact is every post paid customer that leaves makes T-mobile that much weaker and closer to being sold off. 

        • Anonymous

          To be fair, even though Sprint did technically get a bunch of customers, they didn’t actually make money on the deal. In fact, because of how much they paid to get the iPhone in the first place they actually lost a LOT of money (I believe that’s in the last quarter, don’t remember the source)

    • Datruth22

      @Littlesis1774 honestly i had it with people like u if u dont like t-mobile then get da fuckzzz out already nd go to at&t we dnt want u on t-mobile. u think t-mobile cares if u go to at&t??? umm news flash they dont so gtfo already and go to ur stinking at&t.

    • Anonymous

      So go!  And guess what, you have 3 carriers to choose from…to get the all mighty iphone.  Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, just in case you forgot.

    • Matthew

      If your tired of T-mobiles android phones, you could always try the HTC Radar or Nokia 710 Windows phones.

    • Tbyrne

      You’ve been saying this for a long time littlesis. Just admit it. You’re not going anywhere!

  • Calebbushman

    Will we be able to get the white galaxy s2 for free on valentines day or will you only be able to get the vallentines day offers at a Tmobile store?

    • Dominique

       Only T-mobile corporate stores.

  • Hungdang80

    I just came from a TMO store and the broad there tells me I don’t qualify for Saturday’s promotion because I’m only 16 months in on my last upgrade and would have to pay fulll price for the GS II. WTH? I thought the promo says its open for existing customers too

    • Jason

      Sounds like you don’t have a full upgrade available. Don’t act like an idiot.

    • Guest

      yes, it’s open for existing customers that qualify for an upgrade … you should try to read what you just typed … 

  • GinaDee

    Target will also give you a gift card on the spot for (some) cell phones and other electronics which you can use towards your new phone purchase.  Check their website first to see if your old cell phone or gadget qualifies.  

    They won’t force you to change your rate plan either and there is no extra ETF if you cancel your service or lower your plan like you get when buying from Lets Talk or Amazon.

    • Seventy9ers

      Can anyone else confirm this? No extra ETF if we cancel or lower plan within 181 days? 

  • Tilatequila

    can anyone help me?? i live in los angeles right in the city and have verizon which is great in terms of reception and all. But crazy expensive its ridiculous i pay 120 for 1 phone. Im planning to switch companies i narrowed it down to either at&t or t-mobile. Does anyone know which one is better?? in terms of reception amd coverage? i DONT really care about data i only care about signal and beeing able to talk in as many places as possible. i have heard mixed reviews from both at&t and t-mobile in LA. some say at&t sucks others say it has improved a lot same thing with t-mobile. ugh it sucks . also does anyone know if its true what they say about t-mobile that signal is not good inside buildings?? thats the only bad thing i heard from t-mobile and the one of the good things i heard from at&t that at&t offers better service in buildings. And in case thats true then its gonna suck for me cuz most buildings in LA Dont have free wifi amd if they do there locked. so yea can anyone tell me there experiences in LA?? with either at&t or t-mobile i would appreciate it thanks.

    • Maritza22

      Dude guy gurl wateva u are lol DONT SWITCH TO AT&T!!! u gonna regret it u gonna wish u nvr left verizon trust me!! i also live in los angeles by wilshire and 5th in dowtown LA im pretty sure u know were that is. And i have at&t i berly had them for 2 months and want out. i do not have an iphone i have samsung skyrocket my man has an atrix 2. And let me tell u at&t network is pretty bad all over LA . I Been to ghetto east La, pico rivera, montebello, compton, south central, wehollywood (so far the worst), long beach, santa monica, glendale, anahaeim, bev hills, and at&t network is horrible in all those places. And no its not my phone because im on my 3rd skyrocket . I called the signal bars fake bars because the phone apparently shows 2-5 bars but once i punch in the area code and number and call i instantly get “call failed” . its frustating. the calls that do go tru after 5 or more minutes of talking the phone disconnects the call and just leaves u hanging and the other person gets mad cuz they think i hanged up on them on purpose. u drive? try talking with a bluetooth forget it on a moving car its impossible. i never ever had so many call fails or call ended on my life. i never dropped this much calls on verizon in 4 years than this past 2 months on at&t i seriously cant take it anymore. THE only good thing about at&t that so far i have no complaints with is data but u said u dont care bout data.. SO far at&ts 3G and 4G lte networks has been good its fast evn in ghetto east LA and compton i had strong LTE service. But for calling is a whole different story its horrible to make calls .. i dont get it?? data on at&t network is good and fast with speeds up to 30 mbps on LTE but voice service is crap?? i dont get it?? !! can anyone explain?? oh and to answr ur question at&t signal does penetrate good inside buildings i dont kno bout t-mobile cant help u there sorry..

      • Justbeingreal

        BS.  AT&T is not horrible in all the places you mention.  You try way too hard.  

        You forgot to mention how T-Mobile phones drop to EDGE in all these areas for no apparent reason.  

        • Maritza22

          um yes it is come to LA at&t sukz nd find ou for urself how much at&t sukz and how did i forgot to mention that t-mobile drops down to edge in all those places?? if i clearly mentioned i do not have t-mobile i never had so i cant say anything good or bad about them. maybe they do drop to edge in those places maybe they dont maybe there better than at&t maybe there not ? i dont know? why cuz i dont have then which i think i mentioned…

        • Scarfacemario

          Very well said Maritza

    • Justbeingreal

      AT&T is decent in LA.  Coverage does vary.  

      Keep in mind this is a T-Mobile enthusiast site.  They hate AT&T and will do everything they can to convince you they are terrible and waiting to eat your children when they are asleep so take their vitriol with a grain of salt. 

      What makes AT&T a better choice than T-Mobiel in LA is that they have a much larger 3G coverage area and service works better indoors due to the lower frequency they use.  

      T-Mobile is cheaper so you decide if your monthly bill or coverage is your main concern. 

    • bri

      I live in Santa Monica and have no problems with Tmobile.  Been with them for 5 years now, and the only areas i lose coverage are in some of the more obscure canyons (and some areas of residential hills of Encino).  But otherwise, its been great.  For me those areas are a nonissue… but from a true Tmobile user in LA area, I have no issues with them.  Any places I cannot get service, I jump on wifi.  Never had an issue in office buildings either. 

       If you are gonna spend a lot of time in the hills/canyons, then I think Sprint or ATT or Verizon would be better.

      You get 30 days in CA, so might as well try it out.  If you dont like it – then take it back.

  • Mr_malina

    I don’t understand what the big deal with with phones is.  I have the white SGS2 and hate the color, I tried to get the black model but that were out of stock for a month before I gave in and got the white one.

  • Paul

    Language skills on the blogs suck. Is it not worth a few minutes to proof read anymore? I just came across two articles that I had to play “guess which word is missing” in order to understand the sentence.

    “Looking for a get yourself a White Samsung Galaxy S II…”

    • Tbyrne

      Ya I gree wit yuo . It stupe in here


    white phones are just FUGLY. IMO

  • Lani

    Have you ever put a white mobile case on a mobile with a light sensor on the front of it, like a MyTouch 4G?  They don’t play well together.  Remove white case, instantly back to normal.  Place black case on mobile, no problem.

  • Lani

    Have you ever tried a white rubberized mobile case?  Mine got dirty looking after 2 days.  Kinda like wearing a old white shirt that doesn’t have the brilliance of white anymore.  I trashed my white rubberized case after about 2 weeks of use.

  • boss blanchard

    my walmart has the white and black one for 148 on new contract

  • Matt Finger

    I know this may be a stupid question but when they say “Target Stores” are they referring to Target department stores? The webpage that is in the picture shows TGT Kiosk and I am not sure exactly what they are referring to.

  • EXIBITman

    I might pick 1 up

  • W8tor

    Grabbed one on Wirefly yesterday for 179 and thought i got a deal…..but the lady at Tmobile laughed when i asked about one in store today like they are super hard to come by.

    • Mariabeck1322

      Got one for free with tmobile’s valentines special today

  • Janice 618

    is 5gb required?

  • does anyone know where i can find a the galaxy in white/

  • michael

    not in arizona. been to 4 targets and they all laughed and said thats not true

  • $550 at walmart out right

  • Davenycept

    Go to best buy $199 no rebates to deal with