Recent Price Change Raises Full Invoice Price On Samsung Galaxy S II

A quick little note on some recent price changes that took place yesterday involving the Samsung Galaxy S II and Nokia Lumia 710. With regards to the Nokia Lumia 710, the Value Plan pricing has changed a little allowing for a $30 mail-in rebate bringing your initial net down payment to just $19.99.

The Samsung Galaxy S II sees a price bump on its full invoice price from $529.99 to $599.99. There was no indication given for this price increase, though we should mention this now brings both the Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II price points to $599 for full retail pricing. That’s all for now.

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  • sensation user

    Was the amaze really that much of an improvement over the sensation?

    • Anonymous


    • PapeshFoo

      Yes…IMO its a much snappier phone.

    • I’ve own the Sensation and Amaze. Besides Sense 3.0 The Amaze is what the sensation should have been. From build quality to sheer power, the Amaze wins hands down.

      • Ryan

        Don’t forget the much better camera.

    • Amaze User

      No Not Really I just got the Amaze and had the sensation, it seems like a step backward, too many issues with the device such as major screen bleed and wifi is capped at 15-20 Mbps.

    • Mjsherrick15

      Not if ur using customs roms :) sensation all day

    • Anonymous

      Yes because the Amaze has a 42mbps modem so it churns out faster download speeds.  Three times that of the Sensation in the same area.  I get 8-12mbps consistently.

  • Amaze User

    Maybe My Phone is defective? Been using it for 2 weeks now have had many problems with wifi calling  Error REG99, WIFI surfing freezing, overall device randomly restarts, and freezes. I do like the weight of it and its design but for a premium headset they really screwed up, the screen bleed issue is really a careless design issue.

    • Error REG99 is a 911 Location issue I believe depending on where you are using the WiFi (some free public wifi has timeout settings that don’t work with WiFi Calling) but lately thre has been another issue with it for what appears to be Amaze and GS2 users.

      • Amaze User

        After doing much research REG99 error seems to be a wifi calling integration issue with tmobile’s software and the the wifi calling portals. It’s at least a known issue, if they will ever fix it is not known. And yes under normal circumstances you will get an orange wifi calling icon signaling a 911 location issue but this is mostly a glich.

  • These corp people wack

    Also reading the fine print there the mail in rebate for the lumia is only for upgrades? Why not new activations? Whoever decides these rebates and pricing for phones needs to be let go IMMEDIATELY!

  • Anonymous

    This might be a Samsung price increase because @ the start of January the unlocked Amazon price increased $20.

  • JamesJ

    Can someone give me an explanation as to why phones are costing so much lately like described in the article? I don’t understand. I would appreciate it if someone would explain it to me (:

    • Phones are computers. Computers cost a lot to make. Factor in R&D, marketing, licensing, etc. and they get even more expensive. Additionally, people’s idiocy in buying subsidized actually raises retail prices because carriers have the power to artificially keep stock low and prices high.

    • Simple, idiots like us keep buying them. =)

      • Tbyrne

        Good one dean. Really nailed that one.

  • Really? Wow, might as well go for the Galaxy Nexus for a bit more if the GSII on T-Mo is $599 before tax.

    • Anonymous

      You can get the Galaxy Nexus for $565 and no tax if outside of NV from Negri.

  • randyohsofly

    Early upgrade pos?pos means piece of sh!t?

    • Anonymous

      Point of Service ie retail store

    • Duck Dodgers

      Point of Sale

  • Vim

    There was already a price difference between the “full price” listings of the Classic and Value plans.  Now the discounted price for the Amaze on the Classic plan has dropped while the price for the Gal S2 on the value plan is increasing.  These adjustment seem to indicate a gradual widening of the handset price differences between the subsidized and unsubsidized plans.

  • ChurnBot 2012

    Called tmo to complain @ new phone not working. Several reps admitted there were known issues and there was nothing they could do. Another (rude) rep said that since my contract recently expired, I should switch carriers if I wasnt satisfied, while a third told me that contract expiration was perfect time to buy a new phone at a discount. WTF Just told you I bought a new phone and u tell me it has issues and ur response is to buy yet another? Tmo Cust Serv really has gone down the drain. If Humm wants to reduce churn, he needs to have a major companywide retreat and get back to their roots when they actually cared about customers and did whatever it took to resolve issues

    • Bratty

      It seems like you bought the new phone from elsewhere. If thats correct, then TMo doesnt have to support the phone. Not being rude but they owe you nothing. You are off contract.

    • Tbyrne

      It looks like problems follow you wherever you go. Right churn?

    • Realcool2000

      Dude tmo rep would never tell you to go to another carrier…..if u got problems then that sucks, but dont spread lies….I just dont believe a tmo rep would tell you to go to another carrier when the convo is recorded and they are in the business of making money for tmo so they can make money, not to get fired for telling churnbot to leave the company….

      • Ive actually been told by T-Mobile reps in various departments that if I was unhappy with T-Mobile or their service, there are many other options out there that may fit my needs but no one has a better value than T-Mobile and they welcome my business if I change my mind. 

        So yes, they WILL tell you if you dont like T-Mobile, there are other options, ie, “Leave”

        And yes, they are there to make T-Mobile money, so if a customer is complaining too much, or is asking for more from T-Mobile, then its not making the company money, and sending them off with a $200 ETF is!

  • tmojoe

    Wow, never saw handsets go up in price! We have 4 lines, got a gs2 for $80, got a gs2 for $100 aftermail in rebate, & got an amaze for $120 if I recall correctly. We just watch for the after hours sales but these are both very nice devices so if you cant wait they are well worth the 250 or so with an upgrade. If a premium handset is not a top priority to you, then these ptices are way too high. I also have a galaxy nexus wich is the device I use, & if I were going to buy a phone without the upgrade discount, I would not even consider the gs2 or the amaze when the nexus is $50 more! The only drawback to the nexus is I get 3-7mbps data, as opposed to 10-16 with the amaze or gs2. I really find the speeds of the nexus to be sufficient though, for the small amount of time I spend away from wifi. It still streams video very well, downloads email attachments, very reasonable rates.

  • Wow now we’re getting to ~300% markup?

    • Wheresbrent

      uh no, used to be $529.99 its now 599.00, if you are familiar with a calculator, That would be a net 13% markup

      • I’m talking about the markup over the actual cost of the device that TMO pays Samsung

        It was ridiculously overpriced before, now it’s even more ridiculously overpriced.

        • Aaron Tant

          it is a, more or less, 25% markup from wholesale.  A 300% markup would be close to $1440.

        • Yeah I don’t buy for one second that TMO pays more than $250 (probably closer to $200) for one of these phones.  Even if the “wholesale” was higher there are some back door accounting shenanigans.

        • Aaron Tant

          You’re entitled to think what you want, but the profit margin on phones is minimal.

  • Nearmsp

    Bottom line on a classic plan you still get the phone for $229 after rebate. For Value plan instead of getting it for full price of $529 they will let you buy the phone for $599. Next they will give a $100 cash back for value plan in exchange for 2 years of contract. I would rather go to e-bay and buy a phone there for less than what T-mobile is selling for.

    • Omondis99

      you are right buddy !

    • JustMike

      Exactly.. I just bought an Amaze for my wife last month on ebay.  We paid $400 for a brand new, unopened phone and she couldn’t be happier.

      Sure, the warranty is a concern, but I’m willing to take the risk for the money saved.

      • Jemar55

        If you have the premium insurance plan ($7.99 version), you can buy an Unlocked/locked T-Mobile Device else where and use it with your current sim card and it will be covered by the plan. 

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Probably everybody was buying it out right to use it in prepaid.

    • Thats what is exactly what is going on. Who the heck wants to deal with their headaches lately. better off going prepaid at wal mart than dealing with skyrocketing bills with no possible explanations and very very rude reps.

  • How the frak can they raise prices when they are losing subscribers already, and on phone thats been out what a few months. Looks like that public memo Tmos CEO sent out was nothing more than empty promises. They have gone down a very icy hill

    • Bobby Phoenix

      And to boot the GSIII is coming soon.  haha wow

    • Realcool2000

      Haha, stop watching frakin battle star Galactica and you will feel better about everything in general.

    • Wheresbrent

      Jesus Christ, check your facts at the door, according to the last quarterly, they netted 30k + subscribers. I HATE BS facts used on replies in these forums.

  • 599.99? Plus very very sketchy billing practices lately, and reps that claim fault yet say there is nothing they can do? Are they intentionally trying to sabotage themselves?

  • Wow. That’s crazy lol, no way.

  • Anonymous

    WE and by we I mean us Americans are a little spoiled when it comes to buying phones.  We get the subsides price for years now our friends in Europe and the Caribbean have to pay full retail no matter what but at the same time they are not on a contract and they can either go postpaid or prepaid.  I am just saying we are lucky to get a $600 phone for $250 or $300 so what if you are stuck in a 2year contract its a choice.  You could buy the phone at full retail if you wanted to

    • Dominique

      Their rate plans are cheaper.  It’s kind of like getting the Value plans in the European market. 

      • WW

        Except that the Value Plan requires a contract.

        Though, recently, Tmo has had frequent Value Plan sales reducing the net cost of the phone after rebate.

        When my Value Plan contract expires (if they continue having Value Plan sales), I can choose to pay full price for new phones (hopefully grandfathered into my existing plan) without a contract or get rebates/discounts on the phones in exchange for signing a new contract.

    • B

      You are a moron!  EVERYONE is getting ripped off!!!  These cost little to make and by the way I can buy a computer or tablet for what these phones are going for and they have smaller screens and less powerful processors!  BS!

      • BahamasGeek242

        Well then make your own phone from scratch or do not use one because these are the options and there are no other options MORON :)

  • Roshan

    i wonder how much the koreans are paying for their GALAXY S3 and GALAXY S2 HD.

    • Uncle Ming

      At the end of December, you could buy Galaxy S2 for about $600-$650 in Hong Kong, and the Galaxy Note for $780. Both unlocked, of course. Unlocked Iphone 4s for about $700.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know what POS stands for I keep reading it as Piece of Sh**

    • James

      Point of sale

      • Anonymous


    • Jwicks82



    The indication is PURE GREED. WAY TO GO MAGENTA.

    • JBLmobileG1

      Maybe they figured instead of raising prices on the plans to help get money to invest in the network… let’s raise the full retail prices of the phones instead. That is fine by me so long as the prices stay low and the network grows. If you want to talk about a greedy company look at Verizon… or better yet… At&t.

  • Plympton

    The Exhibit II 4g went from $199 -> $249 -> $349 (!!!).  I was surprised when it was going to sell for $199 originally, but $349?  Sheesh….

    (It’s a good phone, though – tried it for a few days, def. worth $189 that WM is selling it for)

  • JBLmobileG1

    If anyone is interested in buying the S2 outright Walmart still sells it at full retail for $570 which still saves you over the $599 price tag.

    • Daddym469

      You have a point but what MOST  people NEVER mention is, if you’re on the VALUE RATE PLAN you have a line of credit that comes with each line of service. So, that upfront all that has to be paid is the tax on the 599.99(whatever your state sales tax is) plus the 199.99. that leaves the remaining 400$ to be be paid out over 20 months…any with the cash to blow upfront probably has an I phone…

    • Mcclurej

      One would think that if TMO were interested in keeping certain segments on the family onboard they woul continue offering top line phones at a competitive price point. I buy all my phones at list to avoid contracts. In the future I might start churning away and looking to other carriers if TMO continues with so little regard for their high end users, both those on or off contract. Sometimes the rice of loyalty is a good deal. How American, long live capitalism!

  • Asdftheasdf

    IMO T-Mobile has something going on with Microsoft and Nokia to steer more customers to Windows Phone 7.

  • Daddym469

    This price hike does suck considering, but I have a theory…and prediction….
    Now both the Amaze and Galaxy S 2 are now $599.99
    For now we can all assume they are the top dog Android devices available @ Tmo.
    The theory…the prices were raised because of a lack of high end devices currently available.
    My prediction is this….with the Lumia fire set and blazing and the competition, mainly. Verizon and At&T releasing so many premium phones, My firm prediction is the next Tmo release will be very high end with Ice Cream Sandwich is with a display larger than the Galaxy and higher in resolution as well…oh and last but not least, it will cost more than the Galaxy S2.
    I firmly believe the recent report on the phone with the model SGH-T999 IS THE GALAXY NEXUS. I ALSO PREDICT IT WILL SELL FOR 699.99. FOR THE VALUE PLAN MEMBERS LIKE MYSELF, IT WILL BE $299.99 WITH THE $400.00 DOLLARS DEFFERRED TO EIP, @ 20$ for 20 months. I dont think we’ll see the blaze until April. Think about it the Sensation has been reduced, the blaze will essentially replace its spot. The Nexus is coming….for those willing to pay 700$ for a phone.

  • Nearmsp

    Another $100 more and T-mobile should be able to sell the Iphone 5 (if it gets one) to Value Plan customers at $699. When SGS2 was at $529 the gap was too much.

  • GinaDee

    It just goes to show how artificially inflated the MSRP of these devices are.  

    T-Mobile gets more free $$$ by increasing the cost of this phone for Value Plan users.  This way they get more revenue from our wallets without having to say they raised the prices on their rate plans.  

    I don’t mind if T-Mobile raises rates on rate plans as long as they keep their end of the bargain up by converting all that 1990’s GPRS network to HSPA+.  Until then raising prices and adding bogus fees are not in their best interest.  Bogus fees added in the past 2 years are what I really despise with T-Mobile.