HTC To Scale Back 2012 Smartphone Production, Focus On “Hero” Phones

HTC’s lead UK representative Phil Roberson has provided a little insight into the company’s 2012 plans. Roberson recently spoke with Mobile Magazine and admitted that 2012 would see HTC trimming back on the number of new devices introduced to better focus on “hero” devices.

We have to get back to focusing on what made us great – amazing hardware and a great customer experience. We ended 2011 with far more products than we started out with. We tried to do too much. So 2012 is about giving our customers something special. We need to make sure we do not go so far down the line that we segment our products by launching lots of different SKUs.

Roberson also stated that HTC would place tablets on the back burner though he stressed HTC isn’t exiting the market completely. HTC’s new focus will be smartphones and with the release of so many handsets in 2011 that seemingly fell off the map just weeks after they released, we can’t say we blame HTC for their new approach. We’d love to see HTC consistently push out more devices like the Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G.

Do you believe that HTC can retool and revamp their lineup while living up to their “quietly brilliant” mantra?

Androidandme via Mobile Magazine

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  • None

    Absolutely. HTC hardware is solid.  If they scale back some of the custom UI, HTC can regain their past (earned) reputation.  Number of units sold does not make you the ‘best’ (Samsung).  HTC has all the tools at their disposal to be the best.  In my opinion, ‘best’ was their title to lose, and they lost their way in 2011.  HTC should never have began to make mid/low-end products to begin with.  It is a matter of knowing your reputation and taking a ‘do no harm’ approach, even if that means less units sold.

  • nd5

    David… sorry for hijacking your article but this is why T-Mobile needs to have an iPhone

  • JadeDOS4

    My G2 and Sensation were great phones, they felt very well made. I couldn’t stand the Sensation’s UI (stoopid Sense), though. Moved to the GNex. The user experience and screen are excellent and there is no-nosense Sense but Samsung has mediocre hardware (all flimsy light plastic)! But hey, cant have everything in life!

  • MjH

    HTC G1 and Magic (MyTouch 3G) were not high end devices. They were mid to low, and the first Android phones on T-mobile, so I don’t know where the “HTC used to mean high-end” comes from…

    • The Nexus One was HTC and considered high end right?

    • Anonymous

      The G1 and Magic weren’t just the first two android phones on T-Mobile, but the first two android phones, period.  Though these days I’m rocking a GSII(really needs a trackpad), I still think the Magic was by far the best built and best quality phone I’ve had.  That little bugger was more solid than the Glacier I replaced it with, despite the plasticky look of it.  Never could scratch the screen on it too.  It only just died a month ago after 3 solid years when my nephew gave it a spin in the washing machine.  We held a service for the poor thing.  Best damn phone I ever owned.

      • Realcool2000

        If I had a trackpad on my sg2 I would be so happy!……what Samsung got against trackpads anyway.

        The little arrow they have just doesnt worl that great for me.

        Sg3 trackpad please. ( haha, no way in hell ).

        Seriously tho more phones need trackpads, sometimes old school is good.

    • The G1 was also considered a high end phone when it was released…we weren’t used to all these svelt android phones!

    • Tmo4theWin

      The G1 was the First Android Phone in America. It was definitly High-End at launch.

    • BigMixxx

      How was the G1 not a ‘high end device’? 

      There was nothing to compare it to when it was released…

      (while I don’t like the mytouch label, they sold a lot of them…it was a bad thing)

  • KoldKore

    Their Legend is still one of the most beautifully designed smart phones. Make more like that, HTC.

  • Deceptivesmiles

    My goodness it was hard reading those comments. Just a bunch of bickering.

    Tmo does need the iPhone, no doubt about it. Just a matter of if Apple will deliver a 4G model and make it TMO compatible

    • Spanky

      Gotta love the Sheeple!

      • Tmo4theWin

        Regardless of why people like iPhone, they do, and not having iPhone hurts T-mobile’s ability to remain competitive.

        I work at a T-mobile store and I can honestly say more people come in asking if we sell iPhone than any other handset. It’s tough to say, “No. Everyone else sells it but us”

        And sson we will be saying the same out LTE.. “No. Everyone else sells it but us.”

        • Realcool2000

          Yeah, tmo is the only one to not sell out to apple…..( even tho they tried to SELL OUT to att )

  • Anonymous

    Samsung has the right idea.  Galaxy S II for all the carriers(well most).  The EVO(s) shoulda been a four carrier device.  Sony and Moto are all over the place.  

    I know this is mostly drivin by carrier requests but there should at least be one flagship that goes everywhere for each manufacturer.

    • Motorola is focusing on LTE devices this year, they haven’t released a new phone on T-Mobile, Sprint or ATT (other than the Atrix2) in quite a while

    • Realcool2000

      So why did you choose the name pimpstrong anyway? Just wondering what was behind that……

      • Anonymous

        I’ve had it since the early 2000s. Early 20s. Gamertag is ColoredMurker. My regular SN is my initials and my birth date. Any other questions?

        • Realcool2000

          Got it. What made you choose pimpstrong tho? I mean, I think im pretty cool ( im sure some would disagree :) ,and the year 2000 has meaning to me. This steadymob guy im sure is steadymobbin in one way od another, sparkingcyanide is pretty cool and creative, poopstain is obviously someone that watched to much cartoons and not creative at all, justmike is well …just mike.

          So why did you choose pimpstrong…..what I mean is….is there any meaning for you in the name or did you just pick it “spontaneously” like mr.poopstain did…..

        • Izzybrexx

          Y is urs realcool?..was y2k ur only good year as a cool person…lol

        • Realcool2000

          Lol, good one Izzy.

        • Anonymous

          I’m gonna change my name to “ScreenNameTroll”

        • Realcool2000

          Haha, that would be great. I like it. im changing mine to ScreenNameRegulator. Then I can be like the crew of Young Guns, lol.

        • BigMixxx

          is @PimpStrong:disqus  gonna hafta slap a blogger?

        • Realcool2000

          Good one Big. Hey I found some old footGe of when pimpstrong was puttin it down in his younger days……must be why he got that name


      • Anonymous

        Catchy. My screen name in no way represents me as a person. I’m not in the human resources department.

  • Silk7412

    Didn’t you hear? we are getting one!!! i know you cant wait like most of us. It’s iphone 28 !!! it will look just like 12 but without anything new!

  • TMoFan

    My G2 is solid and well-built. Dropped it a few times and don’t have any scratches on it, not even on the screen. The only thing is that the protective covering (or whatever it is) on the back metal plate has peeled off but I like it much better like that. I can’t speak for sense, I never used it, but if they keep up with the quality of their devices I think they’ll do good. Nobody needs a new phone release every other week.

  • Littlesis1774

    Who freakin cares and beside HTC phones are crap. They need more phones selection besides androids and windows phones

    • so what would these phones be running if not Android or Windows?

      •  You read his name littlesis1774 cant have a convo about phones with her but anyway htc phones are best to me

    • Silk7412

      The first nexus was crap? Please show me what your smoking!!!

    • Enoel69

      Goes to show how much u know abt phones. My two year old N1 still works flawlessly even in the phase of dual core devices…the only gripe i have/had with the N1 was the amount of internal storage and the amount of RAM, to some extent battery. But the hardware was top notch and i foresee HTC building on that with more aggressive build quality devices in 2012. Even though i am now rocking the GNex…i am very eager to see what the Ville, Edge and all the upcoming HTC devices bring to the table. I am also salivating for the Samsung GS3…good times ahead for phone Geeks and Mobile tech lovers

    • Quinntenfelde

      ummmmmmmmmm i doubt there ganna run on webOS or  or and i know they wont run on IOS or Black berry so ummm what did u have in mind?????

    •  That’s the most unintelligent thing I’ve heard all day.

    • Spanky


  • HTC from what Ive seen and experienced tries to give their customers what they want on every release on every carrier, how many companies actually pay attention to consumer feedback? And extremely Dev friendly.

    • Tmo4theWin

      HTC is great, but I had to ditch my Amaze, I was charging three times a day. Just needed more battery life.

      • Anonymous

        same for me

        Before the update (out of the box) it was dying within hours, sometimes as little at 4 under moderate-heavy usage, charging 3x per day. After the update, it was still barely making 6-7 hours, charging 2x per day. I had to either get juice defender (which really doesn’t help as much as you think), or turn off 4g, turn brightness down to 20-30%, turn off syncing.. just to get it to last 10 -12 hours. If i turn off all radios and simply don’t use the phone, i can get 1.5 days.. but wtf is the point of having a smartphone then?

  • Anonymous

    How about focusing on releasing the HTC Titan 4G here on T-Mobile??

    • Gac

      how about you just wait?

      • Anonymous

        Well, I guess I have to don’t I?

  • BigMixxx

    That is obvious, but we are talking about iBGR er BGR. 

    The premier device on AT&T’s network is the iPhone.  There is not question; the ecosystem started their, the loyalty of apple users (such as myself, albeit I like android, iphone was just not good for me)  is playing to ATT advantage.  Android is an afterthough.  After the debacle of Motorola and the Atrix, the plethora of android devices on the market.  It’s about time the phone manufactures are taking the time to make a few well designed devices and not skimp on much (ala amaze — what the sensation was supposed to be –, and the galaxy s2). 

    BGR never says this.  Don’t pull a me and over-analyze…

  • Anonymous

    They need to return to the old glory days of the HD2. That phone is still a monster till this day, there is almost nothing it can’t run.

    • Littlesis1774

      HD2 sucks

      • Zxjeffroxz

        You must know nothing about the HD2 and what can be done with it. Get rid of the Winblows Mobile and replace with Android and it out performs most of the new phones today.

  • Anon

    HTC’s MyTouch 4G was a great phone.  If it it had a massive screen or if they updated it with a big Galaxy S2-like screen, I’d be all over it.  I miss the touchpad.  

    • Auser72

      Have to agree with you. It was best built smartphone i had to date. If screen was a little bigger i would probably still have it. But loving my SGS2:-)

    •  Heck yeah! I love my myTouch 4G!

    • Spanky

      The MT4G was a good phone for its time, and I also missed the touchpad when I sold my MT4G and got the Sensation. I’m now using a Galaxy Nexus, and ICS’s text selection is far more intuitive and user-friendly than it was in prior Android versions. Touchpad is no longer necessary.

  • Tenor79

    Was this supposed to be more than one sentence, “HTC’s focus will be directed toward smartphones with the release of so many handsets that fell off the map just weeks after they released, we can’t say we blame HTC for their new approach.”
    Also, “Senation” is missing an s.
    Grammar and typo’s aside, it’s nice to hear this about HTC. I’ve had nothing but HTC Android devices since the beginning, and I’ve loved each one. However, this last year did see lots of HTC handsets that were forgotten as soon as they’d arrived. So, kudos to HTC and thanks to TmoNews for the post.

    • Sorry about that, I tried to just clean it up a little…wordpress keeps posting wrong revisions of posts these days, hence some of the blank text postings you’ve seen as of late. The idea behind my comment is that I would rather see HTC focus on high-profile handsets than less notable handsets that just occupy retail and warehouse space.

  • bman325i

    i just got back from the tmobile store that i used to work at here in carson, ca. off of normandie and carson st.  my old boss just got a whole bunch of fresh inventory of iphone cases, chargers usb and a whole lot of mini sim cards.  is tmobile getting the iphone?

    •  You have to realize there are more than a million people using the iPhone on T-Mobile so, there’s going to be a bit of a market for accessories. The iPhone has not been announced as of yet for T-Mobile.

    • sino8r

      are you a 3rd party retailer? That might explain it… otherwise, its strange indeed.

  • randyohsofly

    Nope.had the amaze and its so Damn buggy.HTC is downhill

    • Anonymous

      same here. I’ve never owned a phone where hard resets and random restarts were part of the experience.

  • Vim

    AT&T was the last carrier to carry android, and did so only very grudgingly.  It’s line-up has always been the weakest of all the major carriers.  Even some of the regional carriers have better android line-ups.  In a nutshell, AT&T’s android phones have historically been crap. So of course the IPhone is going to overwhelmingly dominate there.  The Gal S II is the first competitive high-end android phone they’ve ever carried.  Most android fans had already left for other carriers by then.

  • Anonymous

    Man that was one of the funny skits on that show!  

    • Realcool2000

      For sure, those guys were pretty good sometimes. I heard theres a new in living color coming out and they r trying get original cast.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I heard about that some months back and Id dam sure watch it again. J. Lo should be a guest Fly Girl.

  • Just Root It

    Persoanally I agree with the concept of reducing the number of low end Android Phones, and sticking with champion devices.
    I really don’t see a need for all the low-end Android phones. Users do not get the same experience as they do with premium devices. Carriers can work on prices to ensure more customers have access to the high-end phones.

  • Pikachu

    Lets all just rejoice at the fact that a company like HTC is owning up to problems rather than just slinging dookie at us for years to come. I for one (tmo employee) was shocked at how fast the HTC Sensation came and went and was replaced by the HTC Amaze, I literally JUST bought the thing and within weeks the HTC Amaze came out from paper to store. I was pretty pissed off. If im going to spend top dollar to get a high-end device at least let me own for two months to revel in my glory SHEESH

  • Samsung needs to do the same. They have an new phone out every week, and there answer to a problem is build a new phone. forget about trying to get a software update, you have to buy a completely new device.

    • MjH

      Patrick, I agree here. It seems to be that Samsung plays to consumer mentality that there must be a new “killer” device right around the corner.  They should release a solid device, then refine their implementation of the software, drivers, and apps.  People will buy a device that is more than a few months old if everyone agrees that the software and user experience are rock-solid.

  • Jay_blade_88

    FINALLY thank you Mr. Roberson, it’s getting absolutely ridiculous how many phones are released by companies only to be completely forgotten days later when THE SAME COMPANY releases another new device which over shadows the last.  Companies should focus on the quality of handsets and use software updates to correct problems instead of replacing the device completely and making the device many customers just paid top dollar for now obsolete.

  • Jae1496

    This is Awesome….i hope they bring ics to the g2 because this phone is great…

  • HTC needs to fix the audio coming from their mics. There’s also a light bleed issue on the Amaze 4G which is inexcusable. HTC better step their game up!