Wi-Fi Calling Comes To Blackberry 9900, 9810 With New Software Update

Blackberry Bold 9900 and Blackberry Torch 9810 customers on T-Mobile can let out a collective “it’s about time” as T-Mobile releases two new software updates. Both updates introduce a host of new features, few of which are more important or desirable than Wi-Fi calling. Notably absent from the introduction of both devices last year, unofficial word had us hoping to see the software update come as early as last November. Well, some five months later it’s out and ready for download and that’s really all that matters. So what else is improved?

New Features

The new BlackBerry OS 7.1 has the following features.

  • Wi-Fi Calling: Allows you to make calls over a Wi-Fi network. Does not support handoffs to cell network, so calls will drop when you leave the Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Mobile HotSpot/USB tethering: Allows you to connect up to five devices to the internet through your BlackBerry device.
  • Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS): A personalized emergency alert system designed to alert people of nearby threats or emergencies.
  • BBM Music: A new feature that lets you download 50 tracks when you sign up and up to 25 tracks per month.
  • Bing search: Device searches also use Bing to provide additional search results.
  • BlackBerry Device Analyzer: Lets you perform diagnostic tests to check for errors or issues, which can help you resolve device problems without having to call Customer Care. Check out the What is the BlackBerry Device Analyzer to learn more.

Key Improvements

The new BlackBerry OS 7.1 provides the following improvements.

  • Helps resolve JVM error 517
  • Resolves audio issues
  • Resolves issues with devices not indicating or taking a charge
  • Improves random reboots or powering down
  • Improves freezing, slow, no response, or hourglass issues

Blackberry Bold 9900, Blackberry Torch 9810

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  • I can’t believe this got released.  I beta-tested .284 on my 9810 and it has a huge memory leak and WiFi Calling is flaky.

    • bulls2213

      .284 works fine on my Bold.

  • ogopogo

    So, they went from a rock-solid UMA solution to a software-based WiFi solution. Did they not realize that the last saving grace for the Blackberry was UMA?

    • bulls2213

      Yeah. Not really.

  • EXIBITman

    Who still uses blackberry. Not me Androids are the only device I purches these days

    • NICOLE


  • Blkbear

    As long as I’m using Wifi at home or work, Wifi calling works great on my Android phone. Funny that it’s not working well on Blackberry. But I liked UMA a lot when I was using Blackberry phones.

  • Cp60188

    stick a fork in rim, blackberry is juice. and have a 40 oz Mickeys malt liquor along with those flamin hot Cheetos, they’ll go down a lot easier than with that purple pop you’ve been drinking.

  • Blkbear

    Too bad the software version of WiFi calling, can’t hand off to cell towers.  That was the best thing about UMA.

  • Stonesfan1973

    Works great, except BlackBerry Protect, which disappeared from my screen, & is somehow not supported by TMo; weird

  • Mike22

    Yea does matter how good BB10 is the USA market left BB months ago.