Newly Leaked Unofficial Blackberry Bold 9900 Software Includes Wi-Fi Calling, Mobile Hotspot

The folks over at have made quite the happy discovery for Blackberry Bold 9900 users on the T-Mobile network with the newest leaked software including both Mobile Hotspot and Wi-Fi calling. The software isn’t specific to T-Mobile but the knowledge that Blackberry has finally included the options inside a new software release is a pretty good indicator we aren’t far away from seeing official software updates.

With time running out on the November timeframe for the update we’re at least happy to know that the software seems “ready.” Now, let’s hope for a short wait for carrier official software versions.

If you’re comfortable uploading unofficial software on your Blackberry you can grab the software here.

Crackberry via

P.S. Before any of you inevitably ask in the comments, there is still no solid date for Amaze 4G or Galaxy S II Wi-Fi calling updates. There, now you don’t need to ask.

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