T-Mobile Says Wi-Fi Calling On Galaxy S II, HTC Amaze 4G Still Priority, Coming Soon

While the hope of a November 13th release for Wi-Fi calling capability on the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G has come and gone, T-Mobile is still working to push the update out. Unfortunately, the November 13th update was “incorrectly communicated” and now T-Mobile says the update is a “top priority and should be available in the near future.”

Sounds good, but we all know that the “near future” in wireless speak could mean anytime between now and forever. Let’s hope it’s soon.



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  • And the BlackBerry 9900 is still waiting for it’s WiFi calling update.  Promises, promises.

    • Cashman

      Seriously……”Coming Soon” is slowly becoming a common phrase for T-Mobile

      • That and having to pay 50% more for phone upgrades.  Two years ago I got the the Bold 9700 for $129 a month after it came out.  They want $250 for the Bold 9900 and the Torch 9810. 

        • Roy

          I just got my S II less than a week ago and I am paying the full price $530 with a two years contract. $230 down and $15 every month added to my monthly bill. I have been with tmobile for over 7 years now. I didnt know about this until after signed. Ridiculous!!!

    • Stonesfan1973

      Does ANYONE know WHEN the 9900 Wifi calling upgrade, will be available
      The OS7, in my TMo 9900 is buggy
      I keep getting the phrase “Uncaught exception”, during & after phone calls
      What’s up with that? Also, the battery life sucks compared to my 9700; the HSPA sucks the life out of the device. With the 9700, I NEVER, EVER, had to charge the phone more than once a day. Now, the 9900, has to be re-charged, at least 4 or 5 times a week.
      We desperately, need a software upgrade. Apple did it with the new IPhone; I know it’s TMo , but it’s also 2011!
      Lets face it; there are countless places in the New York boroughs, & suburbs, where you need Wifi calling.

  • Rickm8384

    This all reminds me of the issues we have all always had with T-Mobile. The Galaxy S 4G GB update? DELAYED DELAYED DELAYED. The G2x update that would fix all the problems? DELAYED DELAYED DELAYED. The Sensation 4G OTA update? DELAYED DELAYED DELAYED. And now we come to an actual FEATURE of the phone that we were all told was included until after we bought it and found out it wasn’t anymore. Looks like this is what we are in store for with TMO for the near future. 

    • Psycogirl87

      the galaxy s 4g (incepcion) not vibrant… is now update to gingerbread 2.3.6

    • Anonymous

      I kind of disagree with the Sensation 4g OTA, didn’t we get that pretty quickly. Definitely not the same time as Europe or Asia but I think a month afterwards, we received a Sensation update. That’s what I like about HTC vs. Samsung…. Thoughts anyone?

      • Anonymous

        It was two months after.

      • Jabombardier

        The updates were quick. Getting updates 2 months after release of a new phone is very quick. The G2X got it’s gingerbread update 3 months after release. That is plenty quick. People need to be realistic instead of being impatient.

    • Ryan

      Don’t forget the Cliq, it got 2.1 a month before 2.3 came out.

      • Eric

        What is funny is that I still have the Cliq (I become eligible for an upgrade on the 23rd), and I am looking at either the Amaze and GSII as a replacement.  On the whole, I like the look and feel of the GSII better, but I don’t want go go deal with another long-delayed update.

        • Sam

          they are just like any other big corporation they smile in our faces and stab us in the back and tell us thank you for your support, dummy

  • Anonymous

    If I NEEDED WiFi calling at my house then I would switch carriers cuz the call quality was horrible when I tried it anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, at least for my Sensation, the incoming and outgoing call volumes are low when using wifi calling. Anyone else experience this? I really like the idea but the execution is a bit lacking…. I wish there was a way to increase the volume on both ends…

      • Anonymous

        Before I switched to an Unlimited family plan, we decided to take advantage of the free wifi calling.  Couldn’t believe how bad it was and ended up changing our plan.  

        • Ryan

          You must not have very fast internet, or you ISP throttles VoIP/UMA traffic.  WiFi calling has always worked fine for me, even at hotel hotspots overseas.

        • Anonymous

          I have 12Mbps Xfinity Internet.

        • Ryan

          So you have internet from the company (comcast, not xfinity), that started the whole net neutrality debate by traffic shaping and throttling their users?

      • Argcdm

        I’ve had no problems with WiFi calling on my htc sensation. Works great.

      • Skihiker21

        If you check out the forums regarding low speakerphone volumes while using wifi calling there are a couple of good suggestions. I’ve found using the Volume+ app (free in the Android Market) to work exceptionally well.

    • MDS

      I had it on my galaxy s 4g and really liked it. I am looking forward to it coming to my galaxy s 2. I personally thought it worked really well when I had it.

  • Biancakensington


  • frustratedTMobileUser

    I spoke to someone on Monday the 14th at corporate who put me on hold FOREVER but finally came back to tell me the update is about a week away.  Guess we’ll see.

  • Anonymous

    Damn… promised when we started our new 2-hr contract and bought two HTC Amaze 4G units.  I really need the WiFi calling.  Thankful to at least see this being talked about.  It suddenly felt like it was a verboten topic as nothing else showed up online the last few weeks. 

    I’m sure looking forward to it with low coverage at home.

    • Guest

      ROFL, can I get one of those two hr contracts if I buy two HTC Amazes!

  • Class Action anyone?  False advertising… the question though is who to go after HTC or T-Mo?

    • Shlomo Sandusky

      Get a life moron. Geez, your comments are thoughtless. Get over it. I rely on wifi calling a bit and I’m not stupid enough to buy a product that is not capable of it when I buy it. Obviously its not that crucial to you, otherwise why did you buy it…. are you that stupid? Guess so since you can’t live without wifi calling, but bought a phone without wifi calling. Dumbass…

      • Ryan

        The Amaze shipped with WiFi calling.  An update removed it.

        • Shlomo Sandusky

          If thats true, thats messed up…

        • k-mack

          not true.  it didn’t ship with it.

        • Dennis Morales

          it actually did look at xda and under the general topic for the phone people have actual screen shots of there phone with the wifi calling activated plus its on the usermanual and i had it before the update and guess what no longer there it was there for maybe half a day then gone

        • Ryan

          Yes, it did.  Software version 1.36.531.4 had WiFi calling.  Pages 19-21 of the Getting Started Guide that ships with the phone details WiFi Calling, how to enable/disable it, and preferences for it.  It’s also detailed in the Users Manual on Pages 47-48.

          Software update 1.36.531.5 removed WiFi calling.

          Take a look at the Amaze WiFi calling threads over on XDA or the official T-Mobile support forums.

      • dawgesq

        You may not be that stupid, but T-Mobile apparently is. Just got off the phone with two service reps and a tech rep, all of whom swear up and down that WiFi is currently available on the GSII so long as you have the new and improved SIM card.  So, jacka$$, how is a customer supposed to know otherwise until you get the phone home and actually try it?

    • Matt

      Class action over what?  Where exactly was this advertised?  Just because something is mentioned on internal communications does not mean it was “advertised”.  Comments like these never cease to amaze me.

  • Anonymous

    Spell check is a must for T-Mobile

  • Now that I have internet sharing on my HD7 how about some WiFi calling love??

  • AndroidLuv3R1

    Yayy! Thanks T-mobile

  • Action 6

    there will be no WIFI  CALLING FEATURE on GS2 just like it’s got no FM TUNER. tmo has no reason to lie to us about  wifi calling on this phone. no update on nOV 13TH

    • Matt

      Of course WiFi calling is coming.  Why make such a statement?

    • Billy

      Review the features on the Tmobile site for GS2.  It does ‘not’ list FM Radio or WiFi Calling unfortunately.  We all learn to not listen to ‘hearsay’ eventually…  Even if it comes from a CSR or documented on the Tmobile site.

  • Auser72

    Very dissappointing, i really need wifi calling at the house. My wife has it on her sensation and it works perfectly.

  • Xboarder56

    If you go to xda i have got wifi calling working on the amaze 4g :D in my roms thats if you root


    • Ocpokesmot

      Im pissed that tmobile is being sneaky and misinforming its customers

  • Thebuckstopshere

    yes and the re-nweing of mt contract w/ all my lines is coming soon also. Just wait, really we really will renew…

  • Thebuckstopshere

    PS, and as for the 19th being Magenta Day-  Hmmm HA.  It will be more like RED DAY, when TM really starts going into the RED.  Profits and subscribers start dropping…
    No one to blame but their own lack of integrity ! 

  • Quaestor

    I called the local store on the 14th to ask about the wi-fi calling
    rollout since I never saw any updates on my GS2 on the 13th. The sales
    person put me on hold and then finally came back and said that it was
    automatic and that the wi-fi calling went in and was active. Their
    employees have absolutely no idea. What a lack of communication.

  • Billy

    On Tmobile, I read through the features list of the Amaze and GS2, and there is NO- WiFi Calling listed.

    Oddly on Tmobile site, on the left-menu when you check-off features you want in a mobile such as WiFi Calling, it will display the Amaze and GS2…

    Those with a bad home cell signal will need to contact Tmobile about the Cel-Fi Booster.  Anyone have a Cel-Fi Booster?  Does it actually help?  I’ve tested a different brand, and it did NOT increase signal bars on my mobile.

  • Quaestor

    Actually Billy…it is listed…just maybe not intended. Go to the Galaxy S II page on T-Mobile and scroll to the bottom with the fine print. Near the bottom of the paragraph it states “Wi-Fi Calling:
    Qualifying rate plan and Wi-Fi connection required.”  This may be a
    generic statement but its misleading since it is on the GS2 phone
    features page.

  • Don5504

    Anyone else get a feeling we won’t see it until ICS because its been confirmed from HTC the Amaze will get ICS early in 2012?

  • Technical

    WiFi calling is T-Mobile’s signature feature and market differentiation.  Dropping the ball on this feature would be something similar to, for instance, GMC not supporting 6-cylinder engines.  I am wondering if there is something deeper here…  Maybe, I am just overly disappointed with T-Mobile…

  • Dennis Morales

    htc amaze got theres today and im loving it 

  • Gj2

    hey dave

    you think you can get us any update on this through your”ninjas?” Would be highly appreciated!

  • Isaiahw91

    Ihave galaxy s and wifi works perfect, xginity 100mbps, it does your minutes. The fact you can use wifi is great, because when your in the basement, or in the booneys and have zero service