It’s Just A Few Hours Away…

We’re T-Minus 87 minutes to the expected announcement of Google Music. All eyes are on Google as they prepare to launch what is likely to be billed as another “iTunes competitor.” We’re certainly eager to see what Google has in store, however the of involvement of T-Mobile on a mystery level is where our attention is truly at. Well now we have just 86 minutes to find out.

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  • Taffarelpeixoto

    I can only wonder … hummm

  • Jdavet

    Galaxy Nexus announcement PLEASEEEEEEEE

  • D4niel

    Come on, GSM Galaxy Nexus…

  • The Dude

    Maybe Google is announcing that they are purchasing T-Mobile???

    • Buggone

      i was thinking the same thing

    • Alex wardlaw

      that would be sweet… but the crappy att is screwing that up..

    • hope so

    • ticojpunk

      Or a permanent partnership, but operating as seperate companies, thus escaping concerns about Google creating a vertical monopoly.

  • Aj2012120

    On my nexus s watching now

  • Aj2012120

    The ghost of Steve jobs is interfering with the stream

  • Vlad2277

    nothing on youtube, where is the event?

  • Anonymous

    I knew the T-Mobile thing was just trolling!

  • Mirsad Karahasanovic


  • Anonymous

    Ah, so the T-Mobile thing was about being able to add another charge to the bill! Now that’s extreme trolling!

  • Anonymous

    this should have been a small article in the news, not a ffin live event. wow i got trolled hard.

  • Jay

    This was lame. Get ready for T-mobiles new “music plan.” Watch, it’s going to happen. 

  • Extra free content til the end of the year? What they can’t afford to do it after December? 
    Also yeah thanks for adding hardly anything T-Mobile.

  • BP

    Another reason why this AT&T deal should hurry up.  

  • Fixxmyhead

    They should of said “oh and one more thing we’re getting the nexus”


  • Festis869

    PISS ON T-MOBILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get the freakin Nexus already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    This announcement makes me sad. No Nexus, but a lame music service. I have Spotify and Sound cloud for all those needs already. T-mobile needs to grow a pair and learn how to make business moves.

  • Adeschanel1

    Can people stop with this is T-mobile getting nexus, if you have been reading the articles from the past weeks  it look like it going to Verizon for a while. But then again when has T-mobile ever really gotten a nexus from Google here’s the answer never, and what I mean by that is that T-mobile has never carried the nexus in store its always been available from a third party retailer such as Nexus 1 from, Nexus S from Besbuy. So it will be a damn miracle if Google actually let’s T-mobile actually carry the next in a retail T-mobile store not Bestbuy or but actually in a T-mobile store

  • John

    Tmobile users get more free music.  That’s a good thing people.

  • kir

    if you all love the nexus so bad, switch to verizon or whoever is carrying it. Nexus must not be as great as you’re making it out to be or you would switch.