Google Hosting Event Next Week, T-Mobile Included

Well, well, well…what have we here? Google has sent out invites for an event next Wednesday, November 16th at 2pm pacific (5PM eastern) and if you look really close at the picture, T-Mobile’s included. Given the invitation and the references shown, our initial guess is that this has something to do with Google Music. However, we all know what really want this to about…Nexus, Nexus…NEXUS.

So what will Google announce with T-Mobile? Right now, throw your guesses against the wall and we’ll see what sticks. What if Google is announcing a Music store exclusive to T-Mobile? That would rock, no pun intended.

Want to watch the event live? Try right when the music starts next week.


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  • Chad

    Knowing Google you may never know or you get what you expect plus more..either way I’m happy that T-Mobile is involved and excited to see what this is about. It seems like it’s been a long while since they’ve been featured in a big keynote/presentation with a huge partner.

  • Joey

    Oh please Google let be the next Nexus for Tmobile. Crossing fingers and tuning in.

  • Drepope100

    Fingers crossed for Galaxy Nexus!

  • Am I the only one debating what Google means by “these” I know the phrase “these go to eleven means “going to the maximum” but If they were talking about one thing it wouldn’t make sense. Maybe it’s both the Galaxy Nexus and Google Music?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think it will involve the next Nexus phone. Maybe Google is going to announce their cable Service I have heard rumors about for Tv and high speed Internet. Maybe Tmobile is involved in its deployment in someway or another. I guess we shall find out soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tmo.. you need to get your hands on some leaks.. please give me a reason to cancel my pre-order 

    • Didn’t you just email me this? :-)

      • Anonymous

        LOL… I have to know everyway i can! i will tweet it to you too

  • Matthew Lawless

    A Nexus Tab?

  • Foo

    These things go to eleven: galaxy nexus and t-mobile hspa.

  • Toightlikeatoiger

    It’s the GSM version of the galaxy nexus which will FEATURE google music. It will have those beefed up specs that were leaked and caused all that confusion prior to the Samsung event back in October. 

    1.5gz exynos, 8mp camera, 2050 mah battery, etc etc
    This is the real Nexus 3. The Galazy Nexus is a CDMA toy. 

    • Anonymous

      and if it had any tmo bloatware.. i would pass..

      • Toightlikeatoiger

        It’s a Google hosted event and this is a Nexus device. 

    • Mike

      And what makes you say this is true?

      • Toightlikeatoiger

        I’ll let ya know. 

    • whosaidwhat

      Are you guessing or do you know this for a fact?

      • Toightlikeatoiger


    • Gr8caleb

      I wish SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much that is true, however probably unlikely.

    • Hark

      This is false

    • Enoel69

      A beefed up Samsung GT-i9250 Galaxy Nexus w/ micro SD card slot..some times wishes do come true…hopefully Google can make so. We know the Galaxy Nexus (Samsung SCH-i515) is the CDMA LTE version which is an exclusive to Verizon. So hopefully Google will assert control of their device and give the GSM version (Samsung GT-i9250) a GO FOR LAUNCH on Tmobile. 

      • Toightlikeatoiger

        There is no SD card slot on either version. There is some buzz in regards to a 64gb version coming out in June, but I wouldnt put much stock into that. 

    • I hope you’re right…we’ll find out tonight (EST) I guess.

  • Anonymous

    If they announce a G Nexus for T-mobile, I will stay with TM even though reception in my home sucks. Just to fuck Verizon, I will do it!!!

    • Erik Neu

      Have you tried calling TMobile and asking for the signal booster for home? Seems to work–as long as you have some signal to boost (e.g., 4 times 0 would still be zero, but 4 times 0.5 bars is a solid 2-3 bars)

  • Fdss

    Did anyone else catch the “Life is Beautiful” tag? Isn’t that a Mr. Brainwash tag from Exit Through The Gift Shop?

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope so that it is the galaxy nexus for t-mobile because me and my wife returned the galaxy s2 back to sprint hoping t-mobile would bring this phone to us. GSM is the best.

  • Anonymus

    How about Google buying T-Mobile?

    • Anonymous

      That would be cool.

      It would keep competition in the GSM space.

  • Anonymous

    So many people are dreaming of the Galaxy Nexus but my only dream is for Google to announce a plan to buy T-Mobile. Hopefully that would allow us get our hands on some exclusive googlerola phones. Fingers crossed

    • R A Cruz


  • Ash

    Google buys T-mobile.

  • Kevinmarchibald

    Someone commented on another board that they thought they saw a Fender logo above the Android icon. Another Fender myTouch phone with Google Music and HSPA+ 42?

  • Bob

    There is a fender logo.

  • it has to be the galaxy nexus because doesnt tmobile have an “all hands day” on Nov 19

    • kenbot

      I’m really hoping it’s the Nexus but like others have said, it’s most likely a Google Music exclusive.

  • Rockb Blues

    These things go to eleven

    Galaxy Nexus

    11 letters, coincidence? I think not !

    • tmotech

      If I could like your comment 11 times, I would.

      Oh, how I pray it’s true

  • clk111584

    Its an announcement for Google Music. I worked with a rep from T-Mobiles marketing agency last night at the Adult Swim Block Party and he said T-Mobile gets the exclusive before the other carriers.

  • Jack

    Looks like an Ice Cream Truck at the bottom right ;) Hopefully means Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile!!!

    • Nick

      Good eye

  • R A Cruz

    Maybe it’s the iphone 5s with ice cream sandwich preinstalled!!!!

    • kenbot

      with mango update coming before xmas

      • Kristoff119

        And fax services on board powered by aol!

        • Fish


        • Anonymous

          And webOS apps pre-installed!

  • Zecarioca

    G3 coming ( htc edge) quadcore ics exclusive for tmobile !

  • Guesty

    probably g music and something to with Photoshop. i wonder what happened to g infinity?(not amaze i hope) 

  • Greg

    According to CNet, it’s for the introduction of Google Music.

  • Anubis

    Google will buy T-mobile

  • Greg

    It’s the debut of Google Music.

    From Cnet:
    Google said to be launching music service next weekby Jay Greene November 11, 2011 11:58 AM PST Google will reportedly take the wraps off its new music service on November 16.The Web giant e-mailed invitations to an event that day that it is calling, “These Go To Eleven.” That’s a reference, of course, to the mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap” and its lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel, who had an amplifier with volume knobs that went to 11.The beta version of Google Music.(Credit: James Martin/CNET)Tech news Web site The Verge broke the news, reporting that its sources say the event will be the debut of Google Music.Google declined to comment.Music industry sources have told CNET that Google does not yet have licensing deals with all four of the major labels–Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI. Earlier today, The Wall Street Journal reported that Universal would buy EMI’s recorded-music unit for $1.9 billion, and Sony would pick up EMI’s publishing operations for $2.2 billion.CNET broke the news last month that Google was planning a social “twist” to a traditional MP3 download store. The Journal reported that the new music service would connect to the company’s nascent social network, Google+.Google has been negotiating with the labels, and sources have said that the top labels want Google in the market, but not all of them have been able to reach terms with the company. Sources told CNET last month that about a dozen large independent labels have reached agreements with Google.Previous reports speculate that the service will let users buy tracks, just as they can from other online music stores. But Google will add a feature, according to those reports, that will let users give songs to their Google+ friends to listen to one time for free.Google debuted a beta version of a music service earlier this year. That service didn’t include the ability to buy songs from labels. Rather, users could upload their entire music libraries to Google’s servers, making those tunes available to stream from any browser orAndroid-based device, such as a phone, atablet, or Google TV.Updated at 1 p.m. PTwith more details and analysis.CNET senior writer Greg Sandoval contributed to this report.

  • Silk7412

    I think i’ll post this at the FCC 11-65 and ask ” If Tmobile is so down for the count why is google doing a event with them? HMMMMMMM?

    Just like firestarter – Charlie is saying” Back off ATT- just back offfffff”

  • Anonymous

    Better be Nexus. Keeping my upgrade eligibility to get it. I have GS2 but Aint a big fan of its resolution. 
    Google should be grateful for t-mobile for risking G1 and contributing for the success of android. I hope they have a personal agenda to help t-mobile when Steve jobs screwed Tmobile by not giving iphone. 

    Go google. Go T-mobile.   Gives us nexus and screw apple and AT&T

  • zazou1

    What is interesting is that if you look at the top 10 reasons to work at Google number 2 is “Life is Beautiful”…


    • Lcg1519

      Good find….hmmmmm

  • Nick

    I just want them to release an iTunes type program for syncing music, photos, etc

    • Anonymous


      • Noone

        Absolutely, assumng you also consider the crack whore on the corner a substitute for Elle McPherson…

    • Anonymous

      iTunes is the worst POS to every come along. iTunes is the CASH COW for Apple. They do EVERYTHING to protect that cash cow. They MAKE (read: FORCE) you to use with all of their BS so that they will make money. Does it work. I’d say so… But what if I want to use some other player to play my music.. Too bad.     And now you know why Android is popular. If iTunes totally died and completely disappeared, I wouldn’t mind it one bit.

  • Lubbalots

    I don’t think Google will do much for Tmo.  Tmo has alot of Android phones and that includes the nexus S, yet they are still behind.  Even their cheap plans aren’t helping.  Why?  Lack of variety you F**king Android fanboys.  Not everyone wants an Android phone.  Though the perception is, but its not the case.  Its something the CEOs of Tmo needs to realize.  Unless all this BS has to do with the ATT acquisition.

    • Silk7412

      Ok – just step back and i’ll close the gate and get the meds and  put the lock back on -Ok?

      • Lubbalots

        lolzz!   good one.  i might need it.  lolzz!

    • Hark

      Android is the best selling platform and everyonev was adding customers even before the others got the iphone. T mobile just posted profits and net gain in customers. So nothing about your post stand up to any sort of analysis. Besides, tmobile carries android, blackberry and windows.

      • Lubbalots

        not enough BB, not enough WP7, but too many Androids.

        • Hark

          they have every type of bb there is except for an all touch version. More wp7 devices would be nice but no one buys them.

        • Kahlayoh!!

          sucks for you!! Maybe majority of the people that buy phones are Android users!!! 

    • Boss302Owner

      Tmobile doesn’t carry the Nexus S.  You have to buy it unlocked and you can call Tmobile and add it to your plan or open up service, but you can’t buy it directly from Tmobile.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, you’re right. Not everyone wants an Android phone. Only about 6 out 10. The other 40% is divided between iPhone, BB and W7.  And as for your ridiculous F**king Android fanboys remark…. get a clue. This is a Tmobile site with Tmobile news and Tmobile carries more Android phones than any one else, plus they were the first to carry an Android phone. And since this article is about Google & Tmo, do you think its going to be about BB or W7 or Apple? Duh…..

    • Mcclurej

      Hey, Are you a liberal? Sounds like you need anger management.

  • Frigadroid

    I hope that it is not just another music store. I don’t get it. I thought the big deal with android was borrowing all the music & videos you wanted for free straight off the web on to your phone to use whenever and wherever. Even an amateur like myself can all ready text any music video to anyone with a smartphone and they can watch & listen as many times as they want for free.

  • Fish

    They are going to announce a Nexus tablet…and, ATT has given up and selling Tmo to Google!

    • Flashy4bb

      Yeah right! Lol…that will be great.

    • P1aya

      Wishful thinking, but I like the way I sounds like.

    • Anonymous

      Att hasn’t acquired anything to sell but i like the thought. 

  • Beatles4ever

    Is that the Fab 4 below the TMO logo??

  • Stream

    What if it’s Google debuting some sort of music service that’s available exclusively on the T-mobile Galaxy Nexus?!

  • Cybersedan

    I’m hoping for a Galaxy Nexus as well, but here is why I doubt it, wouldn’t Samsung also be at the event if that were the case? I hope I’m wrong but I’m skeptical that it’s the Nexus.

  • Lee

    Out of all the carriers, T-Mobile would be ideal for Google to acquire. Then it could reasonably partner up with Amazon to reinvent the music. As a sideshow bonus, acquire some cable to broadcast and voila! G-mobile Amazon, Inc.

  • Brettgosper

    Google Nexus Tablet..  yeas?  Can I Haz please?

    Seriously.  If Google was going to launch one T-mobile could be in the running for the same reason they were in the running for the Nexus one.  They aren’t going to put a bunch of restrictions on the product.  If google wants to sell an unlocked tablet vis a vis the original Nexus then Tmobile would be more than happy to help.

    Would I want to make a tablet if i were Google?  hmmm..  Yes.  I mean Amazon just took our OS and skinned it so badly that no-one can even tell it is an android tablet.  Furthermore, the trend is to create proprietary tablets and put them on lockdown and use them to generate revenues for whoever is selling the tablet.  Google’s mission statement is to “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.  These two things do not work together.

    I submit that google’s plan to include NFC chips and Google Wallet apps is going to draw alot of ire from the big boys who are attempting to do the same thing (

    Google’s Music Store is guaranteed to annoy just about everyone except consumers and record labels since they are both being squeezed to death by Apple.

    Anyway, my point is this…  Google still cares about and believes in open access to data for everybody.  T-Mobile is the only carrier who is still amenable to being a “Dumb” pipe (

    So… the question becomes, could Google have created a tablet without anyone knowing, and the answer is yes!  Basically every manufacturer is making google tablets already (and google now owns one of them) and how different could a Nexus tablet be?  Just strip off all the skinning and throw in an NFC chip.  Viola.  Nexus Tablet available for sale this Christmas.

    I love it.  This will give me reason to live until the 16th or so when Google announces that T-mobile phones will all come pre-installed with Google Music or some equally silly uselessness.

  • Anonymous

    tmobile isent getting an iphone that 1 blow. If they dont get the nexus ( the only android phone i would buy ) im done with them my contract is over anyway.. 

  • Brian

    The “Life Is Beautiful” has to do with the billboard for the Art Show 2001.  Go to it’s website which is on the billboard and it talks about Life Is Beautiful.  While all of the reasons below stating that it is the announcement of their music store make total sense and I would tend to believe them, what does not make sense is the reason for the Art Show 2001 billboard and the Life Is Beautiful on the building on the invitation.  

    Perhaps it is some Google Art thing.  However I have no clue what that would be, unless Google is somehow tying art into their music store.  Sorry no answers here, just more questions.

  • Neil Cooke

    Please proof read this article. Just a little typo…..

    • It’s the Internet. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation don’t count. Retardation is the accepted norm.

      • Anonymous

        What do you have against people with disabilities?

  • am79

    Does anyone know if I buy an unlocked galaxy nexus from overseas, will it work on T-mobile USA’s 3g AND 4g bands?  Please help.

    • Enoel69

      Seems to be the case cz the device has all the necessary bands (penta band) to work on Tmo and Att GSM/HSPA+ 21Mbps…GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 and UMTS: 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100. All this should be in the same device world wide except the CDMA/LTE version which is different. At least that’s how i understand it…

    • Billy

      Edge only on Tmobile.  Keep in mind, there are models of the new overseas Galaxy Nexus that does not have 4G.

      • KG

        it will work on tmo’s bands….both 3g and 4g

  • Enoel69

    Bring on the Samsung GT-i9250 the Galaxy Nexus. While Verizon is hording all these super devices and holding some of them hostage to suit their calender plans…i think Google needs to do whats best for the Galaxy Nexus…UNLEASH THE MONSTER ASAP. At least i will hope for loyalty sake and following tradition..they should throw Tmo a life line by giving the G-Nex a go on Magenta. Since Tmo is the only one out of the big four US carriers not to carry the iPhone (hate it or like it a serious magnet device), in my opinion may be due to pressure from those who want to see Tmo’s demise. Certainly the iPhone on Tmo would’ve meant keeping customers at bay and also drawing customers from the other three and some from the smaller carriers Google giving the green light for the G-Nex on Tmobile will be a serious boost to kick off the holiday stampede…trust me Tmo needs it badly.