Google And T-Mobile Announce Music Purchases On Your Wireless Bill

The Google Music announcement has just finished and we’ve heard the T-Mobile news as T-Mobile will be the first wireless carrier to partner with Google for direct carrier billing for music purchases through the Android Market. T-Mobile customers will also receive a selection of songs for free via the Google Music app on your Android smartphone from such artists as Drake, Maroon 5 and Busta Rhymes.

T-Mobile believes that the combination of their 4G network along with Google Music will help transform the industry. Given that over 15% of 4G data on the T-Mobile network is for mobile audio, T-Mobile customers clearly use their smartphones for a music experience and they’ll happily use more Google Music. As a side note, video accounts for over 45% of data traffic on T-Mobile’s network.

T-Mobile extended their “first” claims with Android as they remain the first US carrier to work with the Android platform with the announcement of the G1. With Google Music, T-Mobile continues their streak as a true Android believer by helping deliver a better and easier way to purchase music. No official date was given for when T-Mobile customers will be able to bill music directly to their wireless accounts.

Google Music will launch with over 13 million tracks from over 1000 independent and major record labels. Over 8 million of those tracks are already available with more arriving each day. Google Music users that don’t have an Android device can purchase songs directly from the Android Market as well.

Google Music users can upload up to 20,000 songs that become available for streaming to all of their devices.

Play with Google Music now on the Android Market.

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  • Anonymous

    What the heck. Why have an event for this crap. I hate this but still i love tmobile.. I mean whr the heck is nexus
    r they gonna anounce tonights party ???

    • Why would T-Mobile Announce the google Nexus we know they wont do it until verizon gets first dibs. T-Mobile will eventually get it but this announcement is more like T-Mobile is playing guinea pig to see the response of consumers paying music through their wireless bill which I think is a horrible idea.

  • Diamond Prince

    Thats cool i got the app already :D

  • Younggodde

    This is all crap

  • Youngt82

    Did anyone noticed the Htc Amaze 4g running stock ICS? lol

    • Mikeo82

      I didnt know the amaze was made by samsung. honestly dude geez

  • Younggodde

    David do u think there’s any hope for a galaxy nexus on tmobile

  • Deeg

    Excuse my ignorance, but if you stream music, you’re using your data plan, correct?  So that is even more reason to look at unlimited data plans before they become history.  So how does all this compare to Apple – doesnt Apple charge to upload your entire music library?  (Isn’t that part of what iTunes Match is)…I don’t really see an advantage to having a song billed to a Tmobile bill vs my credit card on Android market?  Hopefully there’ll be a lot of articles written in the coming days explaining this and comparing it to what Apple is doing.  

    • Kizo Inc

      Google music, the app, you’ve got to download which scans (from pc, ph etc) and  stores music in the “Cloud”. The music store is on the market, where you can buy the music or app movies etc, and store it in the cloud using the google music app or download it thru the app.
      Apple Itunes match, does the same thing, scans music files and id’s files on your PC and puts it in your clouds, with apple you, pay for the Itunes match and maybe cloud service. Google is free, at least for now, you just buy the music.

  • Anonymous

    Only idiots thought that Google would announce the launch of Galaxy Nexus today without Samsung.

    • Simpleknow

      They already announced the Galaxy Nexus with Samsung… idiot. It’s up to the sellers to announce they’re release schedules now. 

      It goes on sale on Friday btw. 

      • Hark

        No they didn’t. They announced a verizon version

        • Sevenwithfreeze

          they announced a CDMA LTE version and a GSM HSPA. There not going to announce anything further. It’s up to the carriers to be announcing the release dates. Best Buy etc. 

          I did have a shread of hope though that TMO would at least mention it. Ah well. 

          Friday matches up to what I’m seeing on XDA anyway :/

      • Occupytruth

        You have no idea what your talking about. Previous poster should smack your mama. 

        • Realcool2000

          And then smack his uncle for not slapping him sooner…

  • Yassora7

    I really don’t understand. So to use Google music and stream the songs from my pc to the phone I have to pay for it or what?

  • Trotter121

    Cmon T-Mobile stop playing oh sorry Google played you. Verizon got the nexus you got music epic fail.
    So you’re excited over this, really.
    No nexus I say T-Mobile middle finger to you all day

    • Anonymous

      shut up, at least tmobile is advertising themselves for once.  we are going to get the nexus sooner or later.

      • Trotter121

        Open ur eyes failure.

    • Lunar1

      Tmobile is getting worst and worst by the day esp their customer service….

  • Cameron W3st

    Also, Google Music doesn’t have Warner Music Group…that equals a HUGE FAIL.  Let me spell this out for you, that means NONE of these artists  will be available. This whole thing is going to be a HUGE flop

    • Highmaintenance

      free online storage for 20,000 songs is a flop? 

      • Cameron W3st

        yes it is…because I have free storage for 100’s of thousands of FREE songs…it’s called torrent sites and a hard drive…

        • Landon Gonsalves

          You are the problem. (yes i got sucked in and fed the troll). Its also called STEALING! just because you didn’t walk into a store and physically walk out with something doesn’t mean its not stealing. DON’T GET ME WRONG. I download torrents too, but i never once flaunted it. Its wrong and illegal. but nowadays you can’t go buy everything u hear because the rest of the album is watered down crap…but when I do download something I like I go buy it. My recent purchases (after downloading the torrent); Drake (Take Care), Adele (21), and (this was a while back) Paramore (Brand New Eyes). So if downloading music on the go from my phone means that I can then log into ANY computer and have it there…. I’m all for it.  

        • GetAlifeThisIsAGoodThing

          both of you guys are just some Google hating trolls give credit where it’s due. A. Google will eventually make music native to android that’s the real reason why they are doing this. B. Android is the number 1 OS worldwide love it or hate C. one reason why it won’t flop….YouTube integration will be huge!! I’ve worked in marketing for years and if I had a dime for every time some goofy troll said apple or Google won’t succeed at something I’d be rich…

        • Cameron W3st

          Thank you for your 13 year old insults and input

    • BigMixxx

      let me help you restate that…they are MISSING the Warner music group, That doesn’t mean they don’t have them yet.

      Universal by represents a LARGE majority of artisits.  Also Sony is on the list of approved companies….THAT’S a LOT of MUSIC.  Warner will be assimilated….

      • Danny

        Universal Music Group (UMG) is the largest music conglomerate.  Warner will sign on eventually but they are likely holding on till the last minute.

        UMG has newer leadership who feels it’s better to capitalize on newer more modern methods of distribution instead of fighting it.  

        Labels need to get with the times.  People don’t buy CD’s anymore.  Digital, Mobile + Cloud media distribution is here to stay. 

    • Realcool2000

      Your post is a huge flop.

    • JSet

      Actually… a lot of the artists that are located at your wikipedia link, are ALSO located at Google Music.  Sounds like a HUGE flop to me…

  • PhantomWraith

    so let me get this straight… T-mobile is going to help google do something new to make it big only to give T-mobile the shaft in the future like they did with the galaxy nexus? There must be some real winners running T-mobile USA.



      • Mopar6464

        Keep dreaming , lol.

    • Anonymous

      verizon isnt going to have the nexus forever, we will get it after them.  they did make a hspa+ model.

  • Auser72

    One of the greatest pros of iPhone and iPod, is iTunes. And the only reason I still have an iPod. The only way google can truly compete and surpass Apple is by building a ecosystem to support their product, and this is a big step in that direction. I looking forward to the day when I can plug my Android into my car stereo and stream Pandora, listen to google music library, and control it all through head unit.

    • BigMixxx


    • Cameron W3st

      It wont ever happen. Even if it does, iPhone and iTunes will never lose the market share to android…as people have stated before, there is just nothing NEW about google music…they took everyone else’s ideas (iTunes, Amazon and spotify) and used all their pre existing and already working elements…

      this will flop.

    • Realcool2000


      • Auser72

        “An economic community supported by a foundation of interacting organizations and individuals—the organisms of the business world

  • like i said .. if this was all just some google music announcement i’ll pass .. i mean seriously .. a billion people either use iTunes or some other music store like amazon mp3 .. i don’t need yet another way to store and play music .. especially an announcement that omg we’re getting a free Drake song!

    good job TMO of getting “music” from Google. 

    • Infamouslysin

      Except google music will even sync iTunes and windows media player from the computer… Like google cloud music for your phone

      • that i didn’t know .. so i can put my iTunes library in the Google Music cloud?  well i guess yeah if i have all my iTunes MP3’s which i don’t lol  oh well does me no good that feature then.

    • BigMixxx

      I feel you on the Drake song, “He is REALLY singing on the hook AGAIN…and people like this…” 


      The other 6 billion people in the world may like something else.  I’m not an iTunes fan, but I have an iPod, so choices to manage music, PROPERLY is not too great there.  Carrier billing is a good way to go to really push your product out the door, and for T mobile to be first in line with the carrier billing option, I see myself spending 10 extra dollars a month on just music…….

      • i don’t know BigMixxx .. i dont listen to enough music to warrant any monthly expense .. i have an ipod too with thousands of tracks on it that suits me fine and is a library i’m not soon looking to part with .. i’d rather not carry my ipod and Sensation around but i can’t port all my ipod music to my Sensation with Google Music.

        • BigMixxx

          Don’t get me wrong….my Work phone, MY Ipod, my (now Sensation) personal phone, and bose headphones, go into my pocket before my wallet.

          I have music on my phone, just in case I’m in a mood, sitting in my office and I want to hear something good.

          It’s a good PR move to promote those value plans…

  • Music tab for Android market isnt showing up for me yet… (myTouch 4g)

  • BigMixxx

    Wait, If I have friends we can share an album?  That’s kinda cool…That’s another Google+ push there…

    • Dpro

      I do not think they allow you to album share. If I got it correct it was share a song and if you like you can buy it. Not share an album.
      This whole service looks half baked and rushed out to soon. Not having Warner Bros on board is a indeed a big mistake. I am in the music industry and indeed content is king . Both Itunes and Spotify made sure they had 4 majors on board before going public.

       Plus I do not see an advantage of billing my music purchases to my cell bill. LOL
      This is a rush to market situation from Google and possibly a marketing misstep and attempt by T Mobile to still look relevant without the Iphone.

      Another fail on T Mobiles part and possible fail on Google’s. There have been some great expert opinions on this on the net that do point out the fact that Google is rushing into this to quickly. While they do have a good idea, I think they are again making the same mistakes they have been making with Android.
       Android currently has to much fragmentation in the marketplace . While they have gain market share with lots of manufacturers pushing out phones they have created a vary fragmented market that frustrates quite a few users. Including you with your damn GX2. LOL

      • BigMixxx

        I feel you, I just don’t think fragmentation is as BIG of an issue as everyone is claiming it to be.  Google development cycle is faster than everyone else’s, it’s a mater of Both Carriers and Manufactures to release the devices to the market faster in not continue to overhype the devices.

        T mobile’s problem right now…advertising.  They aren’t really pushing these plans, that are VERY good, into the industry as one would expect them to.  

        OF course google has to get this out of the gate and check the adoption out.  That’s google mantra.  Heck the first android phone was a success because SO many people could not get iPhone, then the large push for Android on Verizon.  It’s really not until this year where ATT really saw android as a viable solution and offered some pretty decent devices.  

        Net of it, google has to start somewhere, and of course it’s not gonna be a complete success overnite (a la Gmail). 

        I’m a BIG fan of google music, best way to discover unheard of music.  and my Damn G2x pissess me off EVERYDAY…

      • Realcool2000

        What do u do in the music industry dude?….get peoples coffeee for them, take notes and and analyze googles marketing in ur spare time…..?

        Sounds like ur a profesional fetch it… go get my coffee gopher!

      • Anonymous

        I don’t see any appeal in billing my phone bill either.  I guess they think people will be happy with not paying for about a month??

    • Actually Dpro is wrong your friends can listen to a whole album one of you purchased on G+ but you can only stream it once.

  • Maybinder

    can someon please explain to me how I can get the free tracks from drake and maroon5.  yes I am a tmobile customer

  • ByeByeTmobile

    i’ll be honest if that’s all T-Mobile has, they are in trouble really thinking about switching carriers. Google music is great so far tho…

  • GueSt :]

    all Google has to do buy T-Mobile =]

  • Festis869

    Did no media at this event at least press T-mobile for information on possible dates for our Nexus????  This is killing me!!!!!!!  I don’t care when it comes out, just give me a ballpark…month, and that it is!!!!!!

  • Rush420

    II wonder if this means the end of the sd card like the iPhone or wp7

  • zazou1

    It’s kind of funny that the Galaxy Nexus phones sent to Boy Genius and Engadget are for the GSM network.  Boy Genius said that the Galaxy Nexus that was sent to him had a T-mobile sim card in it.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah… But when. It has to be before Dec 1 or there is no point…

  • Allglorytoadonai

    I have the new market and under music there is no t mobile free tracks icon??

  • Deeg

    Is anyone familiar with the Audiogalaxy App?  Im wondering if Google Music does anything different?  I found t his app that has great reviews on both iTunes and android market…Itsfree and quick – Its downloading my entire iTunes library quickly and Im already streaming on my phone.  Nothing else Ive tried has been so quick and easy and idiotproof for a non-techie like me.  Ive heard Google Music would take days to upload thousands of songs, and honestly not sure I see what the difference is – I tried downloading a free song from Google Music but I can’t figure out how to get it to my computer or iTunes.  It is NOT showing up in the Phones music app – only in Google Music – so I can’t transfer it to my computer..  I have a Samsung with Kies Air to transfer wirelessly over wifi and the Google Music downloads don’t even show up.  Im sure its easy if you know how to do it ..but right now I don’t know how to do it. This Audiogalaxy thing is working in seconds.  Im amazed.

  • Greg

    I’ve been playing with Google Music for about a day now. After 10 hours, it’d uploaded 1200 of my 2200 songs to Google. So far I don’t think I’m all that impressed.
    I guess the carrier billing for this is kind of nice, but other than that i don’t see any reason to use it. It’s nice having my music “in the cloud”, but it also means I’m dependent on a decent data signal if I want to listen — and it’s continuously eating up my bandwidth.Call me old fashioned, but I think I’d rather just plug my trusty old 80 gig ipod into my car stereo. It controls the music right through the head unit, and I don’t have to worry if I’m out of a T-Mo service area.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, the ability to have access to the same music is excellent. I access on 3 android phones( just add the gmail acct which has music), iphone, tablet, laptop and even google TV. 
      Who these days carry a seperate  ipod for music ??

  • Lewcarue

    WHEN ??????

  • M74

    why wouldn’t music purchase go thru my google account like all my other app and movie purchases so I can track in case of an issue. I don’t see the benefit of having that on my phone bill.

  • M74

    why wouldn’t music purchase go thru my google account like all my other app and movie purchases so I can track in case of an issue. I don’t see the benefit of having that on my phone bill.

  • still waiting

    Any news on when exactly will Tmobile carrier Billing be available?

    It should have been there day one with the music store.

  • Celticsunshine Cc

    can you explain to me why i dont have this option and i have tmobile!!!! I have a LG My touch Q

  • Celticsunshine Cc

    can you explain to me why i dont have this option and i have tmobile!!!! I have a LG My touch Q