HTC HD7 Windows Phone Software Update Brings Internet Sharing

T-Mobile HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 owners take not as a recent update has turned on the internet sharing feature allowing your phone to become a mobile hotspot. We believe the update began as early as yesterday and like most rollouts, could be staggered for the next few days. The introduction of internet sharing has not brought word from the Magenta mothership as to what if any changes must be made to a data plan in order to take full advantage of this new feature.

For the moment however, HD7 owners should be on the lookout for this update and the goodness that internet sharing can bring.

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  • With T-Mobile, is tethering included in my plan. There is no option to select it. Only the $9.99 wifi hotspot add on.

    • Schippma

      Technically, no. Tethering is an ‘optional’ $19.99 feature add-on to any data plan $20 or above. If you don’t abuse the tethering feature or use it extensively, then I would say don’t add the feature. If you are a power user, then I would say add the feature. T-Mobile, for the moment, is the most leinent carrier when it comes to tethering (with or without the tethering add-on), as I have never gotten an upsell message when I use it on occasion.

      • Yaddamaster

        and that fuzziness is why I’m still sitting on my HD2 and occasionally boot into Android. I don’t use internet sharing that often but when I do I don’t want to be forced to upgrade from any carrier for casual use. I’m not going to get locked into another 2 year contract while this is still being worked out among carriers. Yeah, TMO is lenient but that could change. I’m considering just getting a dumb phone with pre-paid minutes and getting a hot spot since I’d rather work with a tablet or laptop.

        • Kinson888

          where is the update link?

      • Mopar6464

        Does the HD7 already have the tethering app loaded in it like the HD2 does from the factory ?

        • Schippma

          Some yes and some no as the OTA update is bringing this feature.

        • Mopar6464

          Thanks , but can you tether WM 7.5 with a USB cable to your laptop like the HD2 allows ?

        • Schippma

          Yes you can. Just install the phone driver to your laptop so your computer recognizes the phone to use as a phone as modem.

        • Dr.J

          How do you get that phone driver for tmo htc hd7 ?

        • I did not realize usb connectivity was possible. — schippma is way ahead of me on this.

        • I did not realize usb connectivity was possible. — schippma is way ahead of me on this.

      • Interesting. Tethering is built right into Android on my cheapo T-Mobile LG Optimus T. No problems with using it, no special plan or add-on required. Then again, I don’t use it super extensively so I maybe that’s why I haven’t heard from anyone? I’ve used it at the most to stream two Netflix movies to a laptop when the local ISP got crappy.

      • Creolcousin

        It is optional, and the feature is 14.99 added to an existing data plan of 19.99 or above.

    • Lili

      9.99$ hotpsot is for wfi calling not tethering, the tethering feature is 14.99$

    • Camusa

      I still have the Customer Loyalty Smartphone plan…tethering included.

  • Matthewsj

    Got it and it works great.  Got my visual voice mail, got my internet sharing.  Only thing missing now is WiFi calling. 

    • Iookpareke

      So I got the update but My visual voice mail still doesn’t work. What do you mean by WiFi Calling? There are apps for that. Try Tango. Free WiFi Calling on 3G also. Uses your address book to keep track of contacts like Whatsapp does for free messaging. With those two apps you really don’t need a plan with tons of minutes or messaging if your friends have the apps too.

  • Anonymous

    Which other windows devices do this? I’d jump to Windows in a second as this was the only feature I keep Android for

    • Sheeta

      htc radar comes with internet sharing.. i was surprised when i saw the option in settings.. it works great!!
      i have the 25 dollars (5gb of full speed) internet plan.. and i use tethering quite often with no problems.. i asked a t-mobile rep and they said you can tether all you want just be aware you of the 5gb cap as after that its EDGE speeds

    • For T-Mobile both the HD7 and Radar have this feature.

    • Guest

      All Windows Phone devices even the old ones from last year got this update and now almost all of them have Internet sharing feature around the world.

  • J. Williams

    Very nice…

  • CO_yeti

    Internet sharing this the major new feature in this update, but it also fixes the bug that froze the phone when playing music with the screen locked and on battery power.

  • William Cron

    Hmmm. This eliminates one of the reasons to get the Radar. So, now the question I’m facing is do I want a larger screen and more memory on the older devise, or the newer device with a front facing camera that is better suited going forward? My guess is both phones can handle the next OS update, but will the HD7 be able to handle anything after that?

    • Guest

      You are not gonna keep your phone for ever. So I think you should go for HTC Radar 4G. It’s a beautiful phone with great build quality and very very smooth OS.

      By the time devices come for the OS after Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) you will have an option for much much more powerful hardware, for example Quad-Core processor even though Windows Phone doesn’t need more cores since it is really fast and smooth with even one single core.

  • Thanks for this, I finally got my updated visual voice mail and internet sharing.. :)