Google And T-Mobile Announce Music Purchases On Your Wireless Bill

The Google Music announcement has just finished and we’ve heard the T-Mobile news as T-Mobile will be the first wireless carrier to partner with Google for direct carrier billing for music purchases through the Android Market. T-Mobile customers will also receive a selection of songs for free via the Google Music app on your Android smartphone from such artists as Drake, Maroon 5 and Busta Rhymes.

T-Mobile believes that the combination of their 4G network along with Google Music will help transform the industry. Given that over 15% of 4G data on the T-Mobile network is for mobile audio, T-Mobile customers clearly use their smartphones for a music experience and they’ll happily use more Google Music. As a side note, video accounts for over 45% of data traffic on T-Mobile’s network.

T-Mobile extended their “first” claims with Android as they remain the first US carrier to work with the Android platform with the announcement of the G1. With Google Music, T-Mobile continues their streak as a true Android believer by helping deliver a better and easier way to purchase music. No official date was given for when T-Mobile customers will be able to bill music directly to their wireless accounts.

Google Music will launch with over 13 million tracks from over 1000 independent and major record labels. Over 8 million of those tracks are already available with more arriving each day. Google Music users that don’t have an Android device can purchase songs directly from the Android Market as well.

Google Music users can upload up to 20,000 songs that become available for streaming to all of their devices.

Play with Google Music now on the Android Market.

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