T-Mobile, Google Hosting After Party After The Google Music Event

We’ve just learned from our friends over at Androidandme that T-Mobile and Google are hosting a special event the night of their special announcement. So let’s just get the elephant in the room out of the way first…with some major musical guest appearance, it still by accounts looks like a music announcement. There has yet to be any indication Samsung has any involvement in this event and it’s absolutely plausible that an event can happen without a device launch and focus completely on music. We still don’t know much about the event but we’re still by all accounts expect Google to launch their very own music service.

Reiterating our post from this morning we urge you to look at this event as a music-specific happening and not something that indicates T-Mobile and Google are ready to launch a new smartphone. I know there are high hopes for a possible Galaxy Nexus launch and even so we’ve already said it half a dozen times, keeping your hopes tempered is the best thing we can do.

No matter what, you’ll see the announcement live on YouTube.com/Android.


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  • Youngt82

    WOOOOOOW!!!! This sounds great and interesting!!!! I see my boy Drake is performing as well busta rhymes haha thats whats up…Im hoping and praying this is a T-Mobile version of the Galaxy Nexus or even the T-Mobile G3 with hehe cannot wait…stay tuned guys:D

  • How do I get invited?

  • My fear is that Google Music will be some sort of TMo exclusive out of the gate. I don’t see how or why, but it’s hard for me to believe that Google would muddle up it’s own announcement by letting TMo announce a bunch of semi-related things side-by-side.

    • Frank

      I have a feeling you’re going to be right. Or perhaps a special edition phone that they debut it on, but don’t actually announce until later. Something akin to the MT3g Fender Edition, or Sensation XE.

      • Frigadroid

        Looks like another beta google app that they want to test on us. To bad I don’t have the extra data to spare. Let me know when they get the bugs out :-

  • Anonymous

    There will be no Nexus…

  • Anonymous

    Just music wont make ABSOLUTELY no sense. 
    Pretty sure this is Nexus. There is no such thing as google music being exclusive to t-mobile. Doesn’t even make sense…

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      pretty sure using double negatives makes your statement say that just music will make sense.

      double negatives isn’t what you don’t want to use.

  • T-Mobile needs to annouce they are getting the Titan, Focus S or Nokia 900(Ace) soon are they can kiss my ass.

  • Anonymous

    But.. Why would T-Mobile even be involved at all if there is nothing going on phone wise? Google has phones with music app capability on all carriers. Multiple of them…

    I suppose if only TMo phones are getting the new music app first? Hrm.. Seems fishy.

    • What’s fishy about it? Why is it hard to believe that it could just be music related. Not every event has to be phone related.

    • ThisThat

      Think Tmo will be offering some kind of streaming plan. Like Cricket does.

  • TMoFan

    I have to admit I got myself all caught up in the excitement! It’s nice to see T-Mobile getting in on some action. Whatever it is I’ll be watching.

  • JustMike

    Maybe T-Mobile passed on the Galaxy Nexus so they could get an exclusive on the Google Music launch?  Hope not!

  • josue cifuentes

    Drake is buying t-mobile lmao…but i hope its something else *coughs* ice cream sandwich *coughs*

  • Nocubans

    Big brazilian company looking to buy tmobile…

  • Trotter121

    Great root hoot hoot no nexus but we got exclusive music yippee.
    Just watch Drake and busta rhyme about that sweet Verizon nexus were not getting

  • Youngt82

    But waitttt knowing T-Mobile this event will just probably be a give a way day like free pre paid phones and t-shirts, buttons etc haha

    • Occupytruth

      and cups lmao

  • Guest

    But what phone will Google use to show off there new music store? and if they do use a phone it would be stupid of them not to release it on T-mobile because who shows off a feature with a phone and then not sell that phone on the carrier.

    • JBLmobileG1

      I say if it is a phone it will be the Tmobile G3. Why not introduce a new product with a phone line that has been a first in something since launch. See my post above.

      • Manofcity1

        Or maybe they are bringing out the Nokia 2721! To replace the 2720! or The Nokia 6264! LoL!

  • JBLmobileG1

    Maybe this announcement will involve the Tmobile G3. Being from the line that brought you first ever Android experience… the first 4g experience on Tmobiles HSPA+ network. Maybe Tmobile will announce the G3 and it will follow the trend by being the first phone to offer Google’s new music experience. It would make sense as to why Tmobile is involved.

    • G3…hmmm
      But is there any HTC phones, close enough to debut, that could be called a G3?? It has to perform ‘like’ a Nexus…. To garner that name IMHO.

  • Dvaughn88

    I hope its the beginning of Google buying T-Mobile USA!! Down with the death star!!!!!

    • JBLmobileG1

      As much as I would Love that I doubt Google could make any moves on Tmobiles until after the current sale between Tmobile and At&t is officially denied. But this could start a spark between the two… so we could only hope.

  • Goneblown

    If you want nexus go to verizon

    • Gm Aharrington1

      Its going to all the carriers. Not just Vzw.

      • TMOTECH

        Why does it matter. The SGS2 is a better phone.

        • Anonymous

          You must be smoking some good shiet….

  • Gm Aharrington1

    What about the late night sale of my touch 4g slide and galaxy s 4g for free tonight

    • Bklynman

      That were only for new customers. I saw that. Then when I went my tmobile,hit the upgrade button.it was $199. Didn’t check to see how much the GS4 was going for. MMMM,funny thing they stop selling Exh.1,but they are still selling the GS4.   

  • Anonymous

    I bet we will be offering some kind of google music credit with every android phone sold.

  • Enoel69

    I love that caption…”EXPERIENCE THE WORLD OF T-MOBILE & GOOGLE”…. will hope for Google to buy or partner w/ Tmobile after the Att attempted buy out is stopped. There is nothing  against Att , we just want Tmobile maintained as a separate entity. Either DT will have a change of heart and support Tmo’s revival/comeback or will love to see some kind of partnership or out right buy by Google. Now back to this upcoming event and what millions of us will be hopping to see or hear…bring on the G-Nex baby. Will want Google to take control of its Device and get it out to carriers already…can’t stand to see all the delays and what so far seem like the bungling of another Nexus device launch. Why would they allow Verizon to sort of hold onto the G-Nex to suit their device release time table. The way i see it is Verizon has too many super devices ( Rezound, Razr, Bionic, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, etc) and the G-Nex launch keep being pushed back and with such a line up of super devices, the G-Nex won’t get the proper attention it deserves. These are no times for exclusive anymore…that is why Apple is moving away from such a model. The G-Nex comes with all the necessary bands to work on many carriers..just get the thing to all major carriers who want it. Delays are costly on many fronts..reduced of interest by some, other tempting devices popping up, not taking advantage of this crucial window where G-Nex will be the only ICS device, holiday sales window etc. I expect Google to do right by Tmobile mostly giving the history and tradition. They can really use a life line right now…that life line equals the Galaxy Nexus launching on Tmo ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Magentaheaded stepchild gets no love.

  • Richardthegrape

    Htc G-Infinity release?!
    Maybe… just maybe?
    We haven’t heard anything about the G-Infinity since like June, that I can think of.
    That was suppose to release November or December wasn’t it? It was on the T-Mobile Roadmap anyway.

    Maybe they will announce this phone with Google Music!
    Wishful thinking.

  • guest

    Noticed the “PLEGR, RK” in the upper right.  PLEGR RK’s flickr stream: