Reminder For $25 App Store Gift Card With Every Windows Phone Purchase

We know this offer began at the beginning of November, but a few of you have written in with some questions regarding the promotion and we thought these two images might help clarify any confusion. In summary, customers who purchase a Windows Phone 7/7.5 Device, including the HTC Radar 4G receive a special $25 Windows App Store Gift Card good for any purchases in the Windows Phone Marketplace web site. It appears that the redemption of the card, which begins on November 18th must be done online at the Windows Phone Marketplace and not directly from your smartphone.

Customers who purchase a Windows Phone can visit after November 18th to receive their card. The app card will be receive in approximately 6-8 weeks and can be redeemed anytime through November of 2012. Customers have until February 14th of 2012 to visit the aforementioned website and register their purchase for the gift card.

Sounds like a pretty good promotion to us, we do love free apps.

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  • Anonymous

    Icing on the cake. $100 visa debit card when you trade in any working phone

    • Sebastiaan van den Berg

      Wait? what? how you get the $100 than?

      • Anonymous

        I just said it. Trade in any working phone

        • Tietrue

          Where did you get this deal?

        • Anonymous

          Tmobile store

        • Sebastiaan van den Berg

          Well *insert expletive here* I was looking all over the Windows Phone site for it… not cool.

        • Anonymous

          Just go into a retail store and they can give you the prepaid shipping label and the paperwork

        • Coggy717

          any working DATA phone, not any phone

        • Anonymous

          Where do people come up with this stuff. I have done at least 10 of these myself. I can assure you that you can select any old flip phone and it offers you $100 for it. Today is the last day btw

  • BetaID

    That’s awesome. I just bought a HTC radar 4G yesterday.

    Finally, T-Mobile and windows are getting it together.

  • Unknown

    Wow! A $25 free gift card! I wonder if that’s worth with 2-years contract.

  • SmileyinLA

    BONUS!!!!!!!! I recently switched to the HTC Radar 4G. Great phone. EXCELLENT battery life. No issues with HTC Sense force closing on a regular basis. There aren’t nearly as many apps, but the ones that are in the Marketplace that I’ve downloaded are pretty good. iPhone and Android fanboy friends of mine are impressed by the UI and lack of lag on the SnapDragon. Good bye Android and your fragmentation. We’re so donezo.

    • Sheeta

      ME TOO!!!.. Love my HTC Radar.. battery life is AMAZING!! 2 days of moderate usage and still at 60% ive been a both iphone and android user and wp7 is my new favorite OS


    I want the the Htc Titan. do you think tmobile will get the titan? i refuse to upgrade to the radar and im coming from an hd2 running wp7, with no problems. super fast. or if i by the titain unlock will it work with tmobile 3g?