T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Software Update Rolling Out Now

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G customers should be on the lookout for a new software update that kicked off yesterday and will last through December 15th. It’s a minor bug fix update but any and all updates are welcome. The new update features the following improvements:

  • Ability to turn off optical trackpad
  • Improved device stability
  • Improved performance of DriveSmart over Bluetooth

That’s all for the update, Ice Cream Sandwich it isn’t but we’ll take anything that improves device stability any day. If you want some extra homework, you can always read our Sidekick 4G review. Cliff Notes version: Best.Keyboard.Ever.

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  • Anonymous

    Anybody own one of these?

    • Alishasnodgrass

      I do :/

      • Bretthutton19

        thought about getting one off ebay cause im still rocking a g1 :( 

        • Manofcity1

          The G1,is still better phone,than some of the phones tm has out now. Look at the key pad. The G2,even those it’s faster phone,the key pad can’t even compare to it.

  • Auser72

    Still waiting on Wifi calling for my Samsung Galaxy S2.

    • Anonymous

      Auser you try the NFC out yet?  I got some extra stickers I don’t need and they work like a charm

      • Anonymous

        NFC is already working on our phones? I’ve just had it disabled this whole time because I assumed it wasn’t functional yet.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah its working and surprisingly does not kill the battery at all.  I leave mine on all the time now and use the NFC stickers to change my settings for when I’m At Home/Work, on the road, or just want to fire up an app like Pandora when I put my phone down in the bathroom.  

          Want one?  I’ma give out samples cuz like you, people see no use for NFC yet probably because the Mobile Payment System isnt set up yet for TMO.

        • Anonymous

          So would you say there’s no difference between having it on/off in regard to battery life? For some odd reason, Android OS is constantly taking up more than 10% of my battery life. (It wasn’t ever an issue on any of my previous Android devices.) 

          Yes! I most definitely do. I’ve never had an experience with a NFC sticker yet. (Much less anything NFC-related, lol.) I thought the Nexus S was supposed to come with one but Best Buy never said or knew anything about it. I’d love to be able to show the feature off and honestly just test it out.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe I’m still new to DISQUS but I cannot find your email on your profile. Any advice there? Lol.

        • Anonymous

          My bad I forgot that you can’t just do that lol.  mdw92581@gmail.com

        • Anonymous

          I would that having NFC run all the time is consumes no more battery than if it was off all the time and I’m GLAD because I will be making payments whenever possible in the future via NFC.

          I’ve noticed that with the GS2 that the screen consumes less battery percentage which in turn makes everything else a higher percentage.  Namely the Android OS.

          Soot me an email and I’ll hook you up with the app I use and the site I got my stickers from as well as a sticker.

          Its one of those gimmicks that serve a real purpose.

    • Auser72

      @PimpStrong,Didn’t know they were using it, had mine turned off since I got phone. Wouldn’t mine trying it out.

      • Anonymous

        My bad on the late reply.  Hit me up at mdw92581@gmail.com and I’m sure you followed the conversation below with @jonathan3579:disqus 

  • Ex-SKLX09_User

    I got one cheap off ebay, i also have a mytouch 4g. the mytouch is a better built and smoother running phone, but the keyboard is too good to pass up on the sidekick. 
    I rooted and have a custom 2.2 rom on the sidekick, so it runs so much better than stock and this update will not push to my phone anyway.the mytouch4g still runs better then the rooted/rom on the sidekick, but after over a year, I have not been able to use a virtual keyboard without wanting to pull my hair out after a while.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this one is better than the last update. Made my phone super slow and had to restart phone every few hours. And texts slowed down. Best feature was disabling the trackpad, other than that I actually considered rolling back. Oh well, lets wait for this one now.

    • Anonymous

      Mobo Task Killer (Android Market) works pretty well and kills the active bloatware on regular intervals to keep the phone running longer and faster. I have been using it for a few weeks (saw it advertised on the Dolphin browser) and have been VERY happy. I can now play Plants vs. Zombies without the phone crashing mid-way!!

  • Thecityboy781

    Whats a sidekick lolz

  • Hopefully this will calm the storm of Sidekick returns and issues. While not the best phone in the Tmo line up like those before me have said the keyboard is pretty much the best available. It will be nice to see if this phone gets a bit of a second chance.

    • Anonymous

      Problem is this is the 2nd update Tmobile has pushed out… why they didnt fix it the first time idk. in fact, they made it worse. Hopefully this fixes what they “fixed” last time.

      • Frigadroid

        add 1 part tmobile bloatware to buggy samsung software = the recipe for failure.

  • Anonymous

    I have a Sidekick 4G and the LAST upgrade already included the ability to turn on/off the Trackpad. IT also ADDED even more bloatware and slowed the system even more! I have tweaked it as much as possible short of Rooting & Rom-ing it and I finally reached a point where it is usable and doesn’t freeze/crash several times a day. Too many small problems that should also be addressed (like force-doublespace with the hard keyboard with no option to turn it off, no Unicode entry, very limited symbol support, “Smiley button” ONLY works in a few native apps but not system-wide). Many common symbols are missing from the keyboard (tilde: ~, for 1). Thankfully, Netflix now works *with* captions and video relay apps for the deaf (my wife is hard of hearing) and video chat apps have been added. However, the TV-Out button (though very visible in the Settings Menus) is entirely NOT functional! Samsung claims it isn’t even supported (then why is it in a menu??)

    Other than that, they Keyboard (other than the previousluy mentioned issues) is awesome and the Hinge is still (6 months later) very secure and as stable as day one.

    • Anonymous

      what did you do to tweak it to make it stable? phone is still very slow after what seems like memory leakage (memory is unusually high and i cant close out of apps) and i am forced to restart a few times a day.

    • Tmobile doesnt believe me when i told them after this upgrade the.phone just doesnt work like it used to i went thru 3 sidekicks so now its time to get rid of the phone tmobile didnt care about my poor hardware so i left

      • zenadee1

        you can file complaint with better business bureau and file direct complaint with Samsung.  If samsung does not offer any ‘off site’ assistance, then file better business bureau complaint against Samsung.  The equipment manufacturer is also responsible for providing assistance and service.

    • yeah i dropped the stock ship and put the ICS voodoo port from xda on there and suprisingly it works just as good as the stock rom minus the bloatware and the homescreen is way better, just doesnt yet have all the features of ICS but it has enough to be better than stock

      and wifi calling never seems to work for me, both sidekick or mytouch 3g slide w/ cm7 both break up a lot, mabye i dont know how to use it…

  • Klotz
  • Anonymous

    Can someone can upload update.zip??? I dont want to wait for it

  • Anonymous

    Has any1 gotten this update yet? I have not and I want to see if it improves anything.

  • I got an iPhone now. I couldn’t take using the Sidekick anymore. I hated to leave T-Mobile, but I just had to get something more stable. No, I’m not an Apple Fanboy in no means, I just wanted to try something different and thus far it’s pretty good. But, I still check in with my T-Mo news :D

  • Chrissydelabar

    U already can turn off the trackpad by going into acessibility.. stability would be great but I’m not holding my breath with this phone.. I’m ready to throw it under a bus…

  • Fr3sh

    has anyone received this update yet. does it make the phone faster?

  • Valleg26

    download kies firmware for your computer and you won’t have to wait for T-Mobile to send you the update.

    • Anonymous

      did you do this? is KJ2 better than KG2?

  • Anonymous

    i just updated to KJ2 with Kies. ill let you guys know how it works out

  • Omnimaxus

    Did the same with Kies. Phone is working great now.

    • Anonymous

      one thing that i had an issue with was having to restart the phone every few hours because it seemed to run out of memory. also, my battery life has been shit ever since KG2, used to get 60 hrs on edge, now only 20. hope KJ2 is better?

  • Choochamo

    I just got my update a few hours ago, and like everybody else the 1st update was horrible and made my phone unbearable. I’ve been using it since the newest (2nd) update and it seems to be running a lot smoother. No freezing or anything crappy yet..hope this has improved it for good.

  • Tina_williamson

    Where can I get the update?

  • Customer for SIDEKICK 4G

    The first update was fine fixing the graphic error in the text screen, this new 2nd update seems fine, but the same problem with it reacting to twitter, and the scrolling issue is still there. The scrolling issue is when you try to scroll down to the bottom of your texts, it shoots back up to the top again, very annoying. Fix that t-mobile!  And with twitter, sidekicks dont like twitter, it always stops working unexpectedly and buzzes you. I await these both fixed in the next 2.2.2 update. 

  • Poco

    The web app still freezes at random

  • zenadee1

    there are several items which need updates: 1) add camera flash: pics taken during evening are very dark and same goes for video. 2) display menu: more background color options.   3) text size: text size for ‘mature’ eyes and the ability to set text size across all applications and screens.   4) speakers: speaker location placement and output quality.  5) volume: increase output quality and ability to adjust via equalization.    6) gallery: more picture editing options and auto save to SD card.   6) personal ringtones: update to add application which will perform DRM removal from personal ringtones, when adding/uploading to list from outside/3rd party source.   7) sleeper key: verification menu – provide verification menu when sleeper key is pressed to avoid accidental closing: considering the location of the sleeper key is a DESIGN FLAW, which could have been corrected BEFORE product release.    These are some of my top issues so                  

    • iziag

      How can u add flash in an update dipshit, or speakers LOL

      • Kingsalvii


  • Marcus

    I want that update to come quick…the sidekick 4G is cool to….especially when u have high elevation
    like one time i went to this camp called u.p.a.c. and the elevation was 8,000,000 feet in the mountains and i was scared that my t mobile phone didnt have any coverage but…..IT Did

  • Kingsalvii

    get the volume higher cause its not too loud . another thing since its a 4G than why not just add some G shit …