$0 Add-A-Line Promotion Ending, T-Mobile Sending Out Reminder Messages

T-Mobile is set to begin SMS reminders to customers who took advantage of the $0 add-a-line promotion offered between September 8th and November 2nd of 2010. The promotional offer was extended toward add-a-lines on family rate plans that typically offered a $5 add-a-line on Even More and Even More Plus plans.

From our August 30th post of 2010:

The offer is available to both new and existing Even More and Even More Plus subscribers.  To take advantage of the promotion, existing customers must change to the new promotional $0 add-a-line family plan. Additionally, Even More subscribers will have to extend their contracts 2 additional years for each line on the account.  The offer is only valid on the 750 min/1500 min/3000 min family plans and 200 minute unlimited family plans.  Activation fees, early termination fees, and taxes still apply to this offer.  On January 1st 2012, the $0 promotional price will revert back to standard add-a-line pricing.  T-Mobile will notify customers via a free SMS message prior to the price change.

The time for that notification text message is almost upon us with T-Mobile offering customers one of 3 options based on their current rate plan option. Customers will need to reply directly to the message with “Yes” to accept the new add-a-line offer. They will receive confirmation via text message that the change has been made to their account.

Customers will start receiving the text message add-a-line offer on November 21st notifying them of the December 31st promotion conclusion.

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  • derek 21

    i can’t wait to see how many people are going to say they didn’t know the free promotion was ever going to end.

    • Anonymous

      And then again about the early termination fee

  • dvd37

    T-Mobile honestly needs to pick some price points and stick to them, they have the most complicated plans out of all the carriers, I think thats why there in forth place, new customers look at their plans and r just confused, always some gemick promotion with this company.

    • What T-Mobile needs to do is if they introduce a promotion, CARRY IT THROUGH YOUR CONTRACT! PERIOD. Not offer something for half your contract length.

  • Once you signed up for a promotion, and locked into a contract, T-Mobile (or any other company for that matter) can NOT raise the price, for whatever reason, UNLESS the contract specifically stated the amount of increase and tenure of promotion end date. 

    If T-Mobile thinks a text message, while people are still locked into a contract is going to lock people into paying ETF, and none of this was explained in plain print in the contract, they got another thing coming.

    • bhags

      This plan clearly stated that the add a line price was free until January 2012.

  • Coolitnow

    glad i added t-mobile in Bankruptcy