T-Mobile’s November 19th Sale, Dubbed “Magenta Day” Is Another Value-Plan Promotional Sale

Update: We’ve updated this post to reflect T-Mobile’s official announcement of the sale.

Back in late October we got wind of T-Mobile’s next “All Hands” sale and after that details were scant, until today. Thanks to some ninja tipsters we’ve got a full look at what to text come this Saturday.

“For one day only, Saturday, November 19th, customers can purchase any smartphone on any of T-Mobile’s Unlimited Value Plans and receive a Mail-In Rebate, bringing the net device down-payment to $49.99 or less (in some cases $0.00).”

  • An Equipment installment plan of $5 to $20 per month will still apply
  • Customers will pay full device down payment until they submit and receive mail-in rebate
  • Must sign up for new Unlimited Value Talk, Text, Web Value Plan (2GB minimum)
  • Existing customers eligible within 18+ months of contract tenure
  • T-Mobile G-Slate Tablet will also be included
  • No other mobile broadband or tablets included in promotion
  • Promotion will kick off Black Friday shopping period with T-Mobile’s most aggressive offer
  • All Smartphones at $49 or less down payment
  • Stores receiving enough inventory to last through sale and Black Friday, additional inventory on “high priority accessory items for key devices” as well

T-Mobile is said to be preparing a large TV, Radio, Print and Digital ad campaign to help promote this weekends promotion. Beginning tomorrow, T-Mobile’s retail stores will begin receiving their own merchandising info and displays. We hope that some of you find this offer very attractive and take advantage of the special promotion. Of course, after Saturday our attention turns to Black Friday and what T-Mobile has in store.

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  • Brianb

    What about people not ON the value plan?  Why is tmobile pushing this value plan so hard? 
    I prefer a discounted phone with the classic plan.

    • guess

      you actually ended up saving more money in the long run

      • CMPunk

        And the short run…

        • Ab1555

          you still save money! the down payment on the phone is the same price as the classic plan price!

        • Antoinetrenton2003

          T mobile is high.I have the old even more plus plan. I paid my taxes for my g2. T mobile charge me 25 dallars and I got the g2 when it first come out. My bill is after taxes is 146.92 a month t mobile is high

    • meat men

      Brian classic plan you pay more in total net cost for plan and phone. for example unlimited data talk and text for 2 lines on classic is 140. where as on value its $100 for service alone. However based off the phone you put the down payment on your payment per month is either 10 or 15 because t-mobile sets the down payment. This equates to  a cell phone bill in the $120-$130 a month range where only the 100 gets taxed. also keep in mind that the payment (extra $20-$30) is there for only 20 months. where as on classic plans you pay 140 for 24 months regardless of the phone you take. Also on classic when you want to upgrade you have to wait for your “upgrade tenure to receive discount” when customers on value want a new phone at down payment price. they just have to pay off whats left to get new phone @ down payment price. That’s t-mobile IMO thinking outside the box on how they can make your experience better. 

    • Anonymous

      there is no reason to pick classic over value at this point. if ur on classic and are eligible to move to value without fee, u ahould. generally speaking, no rebates on value smartphones mean u pay less up front and ur saving money on the plan each month even with phone installments factored in

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. I don’t even mention classic plans anymore. It’s more expensive today and per month.

  • Briguydj32


    • Anonymous

      If you don’t like a discount on a phone that is normally full price, wait for black Friday.

  • Justin Hunsley

    UGH, since the value plan came out, no deals for us on the classic. At least give us the option of switching over to the value plan without paying a migration fee. With 2 lines both on different contract dates I cannot afford to migrate. Dammed if you do dammed if you don’t!

    • Anonymous

      They have to make up the cost of the discounted phones you got.

  • Pky182

    Can i use this to upgrade my phone know a family plan

    • Anonymous

      If you are almost out of contract.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know how long the mail in rebate takes?  I can’t spend $500 for two new phones and have to wait 6 weeks to reover $400 of that.

  • Anonymous

    this deal is actually good, they are giving you money off a phone that is usually full price.  If you dont like this deal, then make tmobile hire you so you can do a better job.

    • Not such a great deal if I have to wait 6-8 weeks to get my rebate.

      • Anonymous

        once again, if you have a better solution, please bring it forth.

        • Guest

          Give the money off instantly like best buy and radio shack often does.

  • Rmellenhead

    This sucks it is only the unlimited value plan.  I was hoping it would apply to one of the smaller value plans

    • Anonymous

      you can always switch to a cheaper plan after u receive the rebate



    • Anonymous

      I think this deal only applies to customers with contract tenure of 18 months. Meaning, if you have to pay any migration fees, you are not eligible for this.

      Also, remember you have to still make monthly payments on the phone.

    • Alex

      Another lost confused customer. You are getting a rebate on the DOWN PAYMENT…you still have to pay the full retail price of the phone in installments.

      For exampe if the phone is 600 normally. 200 down payment and 15 dollar monthly payments. This promotion takes off 150 for example from the dowbpayment….meaning you still pay 450 for each phone plus you sign a two year contract.
      Not a good deal when you can buy the phone off ebay for the same price and avoid rebate hassles.

  • Nocubans

    i open my g2x battery cover and i fond 2 bed bugs inside.

    • Tbyrne

      They came from your mattress while you were sleeping and crawled underneath your nice warm battery. Those buggers can squeeze into just about anywhere.

  • It says there that the Radar will be $50 cash back.  What does that mean? Isn’t the Radar already $50 cash back? Or is this an additional $50 bringing the price to $49.99 after MIR?

    • Anonymous

      -$50 down payment after mir. You still have to pay the monthly payment

  • Anonymous

    They called me today, trying to get me to change over from my “Unlimited Loyalty, $19.99 Blackberry add-on, and Unlimited Messaging”, to a Value plan. I told them no thanks. The rep asked me why not. I told him, that I don’t want a capped data plan. He said the plans are not capped.

    Yeah, right. No thanks, since I have been contract free since 2006.

    • Anonymous

      Yours is still throttled at 5GB.

      • Anonymous

        No, I am not. Have the data plan before they started throttling.

        • Anonymous

          Everyone was throttled at 10 before. Now it’s 5. They just never said anything

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          I guess you are an exception… I pull up grandfathered plans all the time and they show a 5GB cap

        • Anonymous

          Unless you just don’t know because you don’t use that much

  • Jacop_s

    Can I transfer to the value plan without the migration fee
    if I am out of contract?

    • Jacop_s

      Another question, are the value plans eligible for the
      monthly corporate discount?

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        if youre out of contract on your current plan, u can migrate to value without a fee. youll be eligle for this promo as well as on contract tenure

  • Guest

    Mail-in rebate??  Please….next.

  • Jo Jo

    Yes Jacop_s

  • Anonymous

    They just locked me on this plan last month, but I haven’t purchased a phone as of yet. Would I be eligible?

    • Anonymous

      Wait, their plans changed again?! Now it’s 200 minutes for the additional lines. That’s terrible!

      • Anonymous

        Huh? We haven’t had 200 minute aal for about 6 months when the classic plans came out

    • Anonymous

      most likely no. you have to have 18mos or more of contract tenure as an existing customer to take advantage of this promo

    • Guest

      Call them and get it fixed. They changed our plan and reset our contract dates. I calles back, fuming, cussing, and MAD. They put my contract dates back. The CSR even tried to lie and say we agreed to it and it was noted on the accoubt. T-Mobile are scum.

  • Ltgisabeachbum

    T-mobile, please stop with the equipment installments on value plans. It makes no sense. The whole point of the value plan is that you dont have the price of a phone subsidy built into the plan. Financing the phone by adding the $5-$20 dollars a month just makes the plan price very similar to the classic plan and defeats the purpose of the value plan. Value plans are for people who buy their phones outright through ebay, craigslist, online retailer, etc.  PS: Who does contracts anymore. I have two $30 walmart plans and am loving life with no etf fees anymore.

    • Deeg

      IT not only confuses customers; it confuses employees who have difficulty explaining it.  It seems Tmobile thinks its customers are stupid so they are playing a shell game.  They hope people see a smaller rate and think its a good deal without realizing that when they add the phone price, its pretty much the same as the regular price.  Maybe you’ll save a tiny bit but its not as big a savings, and it confuses people to no end

  • Jaygqitalia

    Good Deal for me. Been waiting for a good reason to get off even more plus and jump on a contract to get a newer phone. If the htc amaze or sensation up end being 50 bucks. Im deff doing it

    • Alex

      You dont seem to understabd the full details of this promotion. You sign a 2 yr contract and Pay THE FULL RETAIL price of the phone in installments minus a rebate on the downpayment.

  • What about folks on a classic 500 minute plan? I pay $66/mo for 500 minutes, unlimited text, and 200MB data, all of which are more than I need. I am eligible for an upgrade, so it sounds like Im better off with just getting an upgrade without this promotion. I would rather pay more for the phone now and less in the long run

    • Deeg

      You might want to look at prepaid.  For $60 you’d get unlimited talk and text and 2gb of data, and wouldn’t have to worry about a contract.  So if you’re willing to pay for the phone this might be a better option for you.  Or if you can do less data, you can do $50 for 100 mb data. 

    • Manofcity1

      I have the same plan as Lame,but I was due for a upgrade since April,had some issues
      with Tm(too many to go into here.) Was thinking about getting  MyTouch4g side,or waiting for Jan. for The G3 which is suppose to come out. Am confuse with this,does this promo is for everyone? People that are still under,like me and Lame??? Can someone please tell us who work’s for Tm tell us? Yes or no? Thank you.

  • Olsonac07

    What does the 18+ month contract eligibility part mean? I can upgrade in January…does this apply if I want to go wit the SGS2? Confused…explain?

  • I bought my Sensation last june with a “mail-in rebate.”  I received confirmation that the rebate was going to be processed.  I’m still waiting for my money.  Screw that.

  • Anonymous

    My only concern is that $20 a month installment figure. We currently have no devices at $20 a month. I wonder if they are going to change the $15 on the sgsii, amaze, bold and torch to $20 to make up the UP TO $250 MIR

    • Ommpaloompa

      of course thats why the EIP goes up, to cover the cost of MIR

  • Thomas Brezinski

    Wow people need to go back and read the details of the sale in Sept and Tmonews should have clarified this again.  You are not going to get massive $400+ rebates.  Last time the rebates were $50 – $100 on most phones.  You will have to pay the remainder of the cost of the phone either up front or via EIP.  Just like if you were buying a car or a house you have to make a “Down Payment” and then you finance the rest via EIP.

    For example in the last sale for the Sensation 4G you would have to pay $200 day of, get $100 of that back via rebate, and then still pay $15 per month for 20 months on an EIP.  So in the end you are paying $400 for the phone.

  • ant

    value plan saves (a lot of) money. stop arguing that it doesnt, unless you can prove otherwise. Even if you pay $500 upfront for a device that you can get on classic for $250, you save $20 per month on the voice/data plan. After 1 year, you’ve already saved $240… after 2 years, you save an additional $480. pretty simple math, not to mention savings on taxes. And this is prior to this MIR deal which will save you probably $200 more.

    • Guest

      Who cares. They force you into a certain data plan qnd for existing customers you have to be 18+ months into your contract.

      Also, their coverage is terrible. I moved 1400 miles and still get slow as hell 3g with a full signal. I am talking < cdma rev a speeds. <1 mbps. Sprint has WiMax here. Verizon and AT&T have faster 3g.

      Their my account app isvbroken sober ended up paying $50 extra due to overages cause it gives thebwrong minute values on all phones.

      Theyrw trouble. I'm dropping them next month. EtFing all 3 of our lines.

      The other carriers have better phones now, anyways.

      • Thomas Brezinski

        I have no problems with their signal I get 4 Mbps+ download and never have signal issues.  I live in a major metro area and my house is a deadzone for Verizon and AT&T call quality is horrible.  Don’t complain about the contract, everyone else is just as bad.  I doubt there’s anything broken with the MyAccount app, I’m betting you just didn’t read the “As of ….” timestamp.  There is a short delay in the data.

      • Jarrod

        I have no idea what you are talking about they continue adding new 3G areas and there speeds are better then verizon 3G miles miles. When i had verizon my typical speeds were .5 to .8mbps with tmobile at a minimum i get 1.5mbps with average of 3mbps and peaks as high as 10/11mbps on a mytouch 4g slide

      • Anonymous

        Value plan has no data requirements

    • Oldj

      They jacked up the EIP’s, but yes, you still save quite some money on the Value Plan in relation to the Classic Plans.

      • Deeg

        The rates are even better on prepaid aren’t they?  $60 for 2gb and $70 for 5gb (not 74.99) and from what Ive seen prepaid saves about 20% of your bill because you don’t have any fees or taxes.  You just pay the advertised price- no surprises when you get a bill. Get the phone online for less.   

        • Oldj

          Well, I work with Family Plans, so theoretically, no… But I think if you’re on an Individual plan, the prices are relatively close. I’d have to run and check… I think it’s like $50 for 2GB and unlimited everything…

    • Occupytruth

      ^This peron is correct but i dont know about “a lot” of money. The difference is usually 200 bux or so but dont forget the fact that on a classic you can get an early upgrade. even though for some people it sux …. for others its your only option. Best way to maximize the value plan is not buy a phone full price from t-mobile because their prices are way to high full price on phones, only advantage is you can finance.

  • Deeg

    Is this for new and existing customers?  I hope for their sake, they do actually advertise it for once.  But why not just buy the phone and use it on prepaid – same price or cheaper and you won’t have to worry about a contract so you can leave whenever you want. (I guess only if you can’t spend the money up front for the phone – Im still unsure if you get a subsidized price because I keep reading all sorts of stuff but every consumer should do the math for themselves)  $60 for 2gb of data on both…On value, 5gb is $75 while on prepaid, its only $70…Plus on prepaid you don’t pay any fees so it actually is cheaper. I know my old bill had 20% added in taxes and this and that fee which disappeared on prepaid.   Can anyone tell me how SLOW the speeds are once they’re throttled.  I thought they were 3G but Im told they’re less than 2G and the website says its equivalent to dial up.  So does that mean pages will barely load and you can’t watch any video because you’ll constantly have buffering errors?  What would happen to things like GPS if they can’t get data on a timely basis?  Im new to smartphones so don’t pummel me with hate…Im just trying to get information.

  • WillNY

    now they have unfortunately linked the Equipment Installment Plan with a contract plan (i.e. the “Value Plans” since july), it’s a bit confusing to see the real interest about the handset payment: here with this offer, for example with the Samsung Galaxy S II, what are the savings compared to the case where I choose the Galaxy S II with a Classic Plan (where the handset is subsidized)

  • Cody

    Is this at all locations? Because I went to my local T-Moible store to pay my bill, and when I asked the employees about this sale. they all looked at me like I was insane.

    • Sheppie636

      Does sale start on Friday or sat

      • Well, it’s a SATURDAY sale…soooo, it’s starts on a Tuesday. :-)

    • Malkalv

      It may be only at corporate stores. The sales rep that I usually shop with told me early this week that I should wait until Saturday because the Radar might be in the list going on sale.

  • Ommpaloopa

    they jacked up EIP…this sale is a complete joke and fraud….bait and switch…customer thinks they are saving money because of a 1 day sale commercial, but in reality EIP goes up and the customer still pays the same amount…what a complete fraud!!!

    • guest

      for example: 

      The Samsung S II, you will end up saving about $80
      Original price: $529.99Magenta Day: phone will be $600 but you will get a $150 Mail in rebate!
      $600-$150 = Total price of $450
      Savings = 529.99 – 450 = 79.99The HTC Amaze 4G, you will be saving $110Original price: $559.99Magenta Day: phone will be $600 but you will get a $150 Mail in rebate!$600-$150 = Total price of $450Savings = 559.99-450= $109.99

  • Aublutiger

    Does anyone have a copy of the Magenta Day rebate form? They have “lost mine” in the mail and I unfortunately did not make a copy.