Images Of Google’s Upcoming Music Store Leak Ahead Of Announcement?

While we had already had our suspicions that Google’s November 16th event had something to do with music, a writer at TecnoDroidVe has discovered what appears to be a work-in-progress of Google’s upcoming music store. Able to access the images from an HTC Inspire 4G, it’s unclear how Ricardo found his way into the Music Store, but the screenshots themselves look both promising and hard to imagine as fake.

For the moment, we’re still trying to figure out what T-Mobile’s angle is in all of this. We know they are a part of the announcement, but to what end? I know that a metric ton of you are hoping, perhaps some of you are even praying that the announcement will have something to do with the Galaxy Nexus and T-Mobile. Provided that Verizon has a known exclusive on the device lasting for an unknown length of time, I wouldn’t have any hopes that the Galaxy Nexus will a part of this event at all. At least not in a T-Mobile-oriented kind of way.

For the moment, our best guess is some kind of T-Mobile exclusive on the Google Music Store, perhaps some kind carrier billing for music? For now, we’re just taking our guesses as to what T-Mobile’s involvement is as we simply just don’t know.

Come Wednesday, November 16th we’ll know exactly what the deal is.

Android Police via TechnoDroidVe

You can watch the announcement live on YouTube.

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