Images Of Google’s Upcoming Music Store Leak Ahead Of Announcement?

While we had already had our suspicions that Google’s November 16th event had something to do with music, a writer at TecnoDroidVe has discovered what appears to be a work-in-progress of Google’s upcoming music store. Able to access the images from an HTC Inspire 4G, it’s unclear how Ricardo found his way into the Music Store, but the screenshots themselves look both promising and hard to imagine as fake.

For the moment, we’re still trying to figure out what T-Mobile’s angle is in all of this. We know they are a part of the announcement, but to what end? I know that a metric ton of you are hoping, perhaps some of you are even praying that the announcement will have something to do with the Galaxy Nexus and T-Mobile. Provided that Verizon has a known exclusive on the device lasting for an unknown length of time, I wouldn’t have any hopes that the Galaxy Nexus will a part of this event at all. At least not in a T-Mobile-oriented kind of way.

For the moment, our best guess is some kind of T-Mobile exclusive on the Google Music Store, perhaps some kind carrier billing for music? For now, we’re just taking our guesses as to what T-Mobile’s involvement is as we simply just don’t know.

Come Wednesday, November 16th we’ll know exactly what the deal is.

Android Police via TechnoDroidVe

You can watch the announcement live on YouTube.

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  • Zeonreborn777

    What device are they going to use to shoe off the service? It would make sense if they use a Galaxy Nexus, I hope they annouce the music store along side the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Dt Danny

      Thats what I was thinking. Why show off a music store without a flagship device to carry it in all its glory. Even if older devices are to recieve the new market apk with the music store, the exitement would lose some flar…

      • Excursel

        Exclusive was removed from Verizon site remember so I bet you this is the gt-i9250 and Google is making up for iPhone not hitting tmobike and decieded to scrap the verison exclusivity

        • Frank

          I think Verizon probably paid good money for a period of exclusivity in the US, so I doubt Google could just scrap it.

        • Anonymous

          I think Frank is right.  They are not going to back out of the contract with VZ and risk fee’s etc.  It could be they are choosing TMO for its large Android base as a launch partner to test how it works.  They are going to be competing with Amazon and Itunes which won’t be an easy feat to do.  Be easier to test it on the smaller carrier and work out the bugs than bring it out to all of the major ones where millions of people more are going to be experiencing whatever hiccups they find.

          That could be a backhanded complement though.  Oh yeah hey TMO, we’ll let you launch this product.  Market it away etc.  The backhand is we are going to use your smaller base to troubleshoot the product and fix what needs to be done before the real major broad launch.

          Magenta is the 3rd step child that gets peed on. 

  • Joey

    I hope Galaxy Nexus is announced with the Google store app. Crossing fingers and parying.

  • ColdFeet

    I hope they announce that the iPhone is coming!!

    Just Kidding.

  • Anonymous

    Please oh please, Nexus! I need a phone

  • Rickauris86

    Music Store, Nexus HSPA+ version Exclusive for T-Mobile, LTE version Exclusive to Verizon. DAAAAAZZZZ IT (Thats It)

  • Anonymous

    Google Music Store along with the new T-Mobile Nexus S 4G Ha ha!

    • Anonymous

      Nexus S 4G or Galaxy Nexus 4G? ;)

  • Anonymous

    We all know that its hard to make apps and services device or carrier exclusive thanks to the dev community. Although vzw finally figured out how to lock down nfl mobile. If tmobile does indeed get first dibs on the music store, how would they keep it exclusive?

  • Anonymous

    Ur prob right…lol

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to have a music store…. for the people that don’t get it “other” ways. For me, Its looks to be a pretty good move from google for android and a way to compete with Apple, Microsoft, and hell lets face it Amazon at the point in time, in the dept.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever it is, this should be related to the Nov 19th “all-hands day”, no? I haven’t seen a mention of it since it was first leaked. 

    I would love to see this as the announcement of the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus as well, but not getting my hopes up too much (a little yes…)

    If this was *just* about Google Music, it seems that it’s too tied to Android (via youTube link). Yes, songs will be able to be bought through the Android Market, but Google Music itself is device agnostic (as a website). I would assume that an official launch of Music, with a store, would be bigger than just Android and that they would put their store online as well just like the current Google Music is.

    I would love to see: Google Music out of Beta, Online Music Store, New Android Market with Music. All of this ready for the Nov assault of the Galaxy Nexus now with an HSPA+ version available for T-Mobile. Available for pre-order *now*, in-store launching Nov 19th.

    Ok, now I am getting my hopes up… :)

    • Don’t get your hopes up for a Galaxy Nexus.

      • Anonymous

        Wishful thinking is all :)

      • Enveed05

        Of course we shouldn’t David… T-Mobile USA always seems to just miss giving us the phones we really want.  iPhone 4S anyone?  Nope.  Galaxy Nexus?  Nada.  How about the Lumia 800?  Ah… no.  But here’s a fugly Lumia 700 for ya…

  • fixxmyhead

    i wish it were the galaxy nexus


  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile’s probably getting an HTC phone with Beats. Sensation XE, maybe?

  • Anonymous

    the only reason i can think why google ans t-mobile are having an event together is to launch a device,otherwise google don’t need t-mobile there, they can announce carrier billing on t-mobile without t-mobile there. my hopes are up because t-mobile needs to get this phone. First no iphone, then no galaxy nexus? That would be a huge blow to t-mobile faithfuls such as myself. Not that I would have considered the iphone but there are alot of people out there who would have,so t-mobile, bring us the best phone asap. My money is ready as well as me my 5 lines ready to resign.

    • randyohsofly

      If you want those phones then leave stop complaining

      • Anonymous

        What? Who’s complaining.

  • Cameron W3st

    This is a terrible idea in My opinion…EVERYONE I know uses Itunes…even if they don’t have an iPhone…

    This will be just another one of those things…Hot for a month and then left and forgotten about…

    • Vw65bus

      Not everyone uses iTunes… I for one like the idea. There’s more Android phones than I phones. So I think it will be a big hit.

      • Cameron W3st

        It wont be. Mark my words. This is a terrible idea. Its going to flop

    • Anonymous

      I never liked itunes. i use amazon mp3 for everything right now. everyone i know complains about itunes

    • ticojpunk

      I buy on from the Amazon MP3 store 90% of the time. Better prices. And download right to my Android.

  • Trotter121

    Personally anything short of nexus announcement is a flop.
    T-Mobile carried every nexus to date. Verizon is definitely dropping the ball here to offer us exclusive music deal is a kick in the nuts.
    nexus or save your breath

  • Pamma83

    Not sure if this app is old or not, but noticed in my HTC Sensation there is a app when you view applications from settings that says Music Store (Beta) .. anyone else noticed this?

    • Juang30

      Yeah, I thought I was the only one.  But then, I look it up and nothing.  It better be something good