T-Mobile Announces 11 New HSPA+ Markets Going Live In 11 Markets, Expanding In 9

T-Mobile announces another expansion of their high-speed, super fast HSPA+ 42Mbps network in 11 new markets and expanding its 21Mbps network in 9 additional cities.

The HSPA+ 42Mbps launch markets are : Bend, Medford and Corvallis, Ore.; Benton Harbor, Mich.; Bloomington, Champaign–Urbana and Springfield, Ill.; Columbus, Ga.; Hagerstown, Md.; Montgomery, Ala; Yuba City, Calif.

T-Mobile 4G 21 Mbps markets where HSPA+ is launching today: Corvallis, Ore.; Decatur and Peoria, Ill.; Evansville, Ind.; Holland and Kalamazoo, Mich.; Santa Barbara, Calif; State College, Pa.; Yuba City, Calif.


Full Press Release:

America’s Largest 4G Network Expands to Cover More Locations

T-Mobile’s 4G network is now twice as fast in 163 markets and available in 208 markets nationwide

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Nov. 16, 2011 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced the company has doubled the speed of its 4G network in 11 additional markets, offering faster 4G (HSPA+ 42) to nearly 180 million Americans in 163 markets. In addition, T-Mobile expanded the reach of its nationwide 4G (HSPA+ 21) network to 9 additional markets, now covering 208 markets across the country and reaching more than 200 million people.

T-Mobile continues to expand and enhance its 4G network, providing customers with a rich mobile data experience whether they’re at home or on the go. Offering compelling 4G network speeds across a broad lineup of devices including smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and more, America’s Largest 4G Network?makes it possible for customers to stay connected in new and exciting ways virtually anywhere their busy lives take them.

“Our customers are taking full advantage of these faster 4G connections through services such as streaming video and audio. In fact, these services now account for more than half of the 4G device usage on our network,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA.

“T-Mobile is committed to delivering a fast, reliable network experience to our customers ? paired with compelling and affordable 4G devices, applications and services ? that can keep up with and enrich the busy lives of our customers.”

T-Mobile’s portfolio of more than 25 4G devices gives customers access to the content they need and desire almost instantly, whether downloading large files or streaming the latest episode of their favorite TV shows. In addition to a full portfolio of 4G devices, the company recently introduced its first smartphones capable of taking advantage of T-Mobile’s faster 4G (HSPA+ 42) network ? the Samsung Galaxy STM II and HTC AmazeTM 4G. With the introduction of these two smartphones, customers can now access rich Web content on their smartphones at speeds faster than the average home Internet connection, with average download speeds approaching 8 Mbps and peak speeds around 20 Mbps on T-Mobile’s 4G network. The company also recently introduced the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot, T-Mobile’s fastest mobile hotspot, providing access to T-Mobile’s 4G (HSPA+ 42) network for up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices including iPad?s*, tablets, music players, gaming consoles, laptops, cameras and e-readers, among other devices, all from virtually anywhere.

T-Mobile 4G markets where HPSA+ 42 service is launching today:

Bend, Medford and Corvallis, Ore.; Benton Harbor, Mich.; Bloomington, Champaign–Urbana and Springfield, Ill.; Columbus, Ga.; Hagerstown, Md.; Montgomery, Ala; Yuba City, Calif.

T-Mobile 4G markets where HSPA+ 21 service is launching today:

Corvallis, Ore.; Decatur and Peoria, Ill.; Evansville, Ind.; Holland and Kalamazoo, Mich.; Santa Barbara, Calif; State College, Pa.; Yuba City, Calif.

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  • Anonymous

    Clockin’  5-10Meg downloads in KC in spots.  I’m loving it but I wish it was more consistant from mile to mile.

    Where is the full list of cities? I STILL don’t see Kansas City.

    • H Nathan Harper

      I’ve seen 12Mbps at 119th and 69 Hwy during rush hour… Go figure.

  • Jabombardier

    If they can spread it throughout their network as far as their spectrum allotment can take them, and try to expand in Vermont, more customers will come.

  • Nemrod1177

    All this high speed and I can’t even get 3g service a few miles outside houston where I live

    • Anonymous

      Where outside of Houston do you live? I’m right around the beltway near Jersey Village and my speeds are hit or miss.

  • Yancy

    Clocked 16 yesterday!

  • Mark

    Still not in Maine.  I’d be happy with whatever their “basic” 4G is when it comes time to upgrade, let alone 42Mbps.

    • curtbrue

      We need it in Maine for the people that reside there. We always vacation in maine and it stinks cause I have to rely on hotspots or the local library!!

  • Anonymous

    Always glad to see more cities joining the 42 party! remember, even if your device isn’t compatible with 42 speeds, it still benefits.even older 7.2 3g phones benefit

  • Jdw97702

    Nice im in bend. Curious what time they are doing this so I can check it out!

    • Reverend_Ink

      I’d be happy to get consistent signal at all (usually hang out around 1-2 bars on a Sensation, and HD2 before that) over in the Old Mill district.  Thank goodness for the wifi calling on Sensation and Bend Broadband’s plans being cheap enough for my inlaws to have it.

  • JQuest

    Ummm… T-Mobile… Where is the love for Kansas City? Let’s make this happen!

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY!  I don’t get it.

      • Alexfromop


        It’s borderline laughable at this point.  Wichita, but no KC?  Really?  Way to really hit the potential customers T-Mob.  I’m pissed.  The Star didn’t even mention T-Mobile in their article about KC’s expanding 4G services today.  Glad we’ve been beat to oblivion here. 

        • JJ

          Guys ……….please remember there are many cities that doesnt have spectrum yet i.e. spectrum to expand from 21Mb to 42Mb. This could be the reason.

        • Anonymous

          We’re aware that there are reasons behind the “delay” here but KC is a much more major city than Wichita or Lawrence KS.

          WE HAVE THE CHIEFS!!  LOL I don’t even know if that’s something to be proud of really.

        • Anonymous

          Well you can’t really be pissed cuz the 21Mbps (theoretical) here is damn good.  

        • Alexfromop

          You must be in the burbs my friend.  I’m in Midtown and consistently see 1-2 on my G2X.  It’s slow as molasses down here.

        • Anonymous

          “By Sunday, all three of the leading national cell phone companies will sell high-speed wireless Internet connections in Kansas City.”

          Man… T-Mobile is really a bastard stepchild.

    • 4G

      I wonder the same things but I have to admit the speeds are pretty fast here. But I really want my gs2 to flex its muscles with this chip it has inside

  • Tom A.

    T-Mobile, expand 3g/4g to the highways! It’d be nice to be able to listen to Spotify/Pandora while traveling.

  • Deeg

    Just read reviews saying the Samsung exbhit 2 they’ve been pimping so much for prepaid doesnt work on the HSPA+42…another bummer…add that to the poor screen – can’t even see it in daylight- and a crummy battery that even after minimal use dies by evening…Ugh.

  • wildside84

    Who lives there? What about Memphis-the 18th largest city?

    • BigMixxx

      That’s what I’m talking about.  When I go back to the M for thanksgiving, I want speed for my phone…

      How ’bout them tigers…it’s hoop season and Joe Jackson is looking good….

      • wildside84

        LOL thought I was the only one on here. Yeah man I keep waiting for them and they keep passing us by. Not to mention my 3g nexus s gets faster speeds than my “4g” g2x.

        Tigers look great this year–fastest team speed in the nation I believe. Gotta use my student ID and go to some games

  • Bummerj

    WTF! Im real happy all my neighboring Towns here in Oregon are getting great speeds, come on though TMo… Albany, Oregon has sub par edge and a supposed 4g on my GS2 that is nothing even near 3g. There is a lot of people that would switch to tmo here if there was good service… Besides we are on I-5 corridor, this town also has a community college that is growing strong. PLEASE give us something better!

  • How about Philadelphia, the FIRST HSPA market period?  I can barely get EDGE speeds during the day here in Center City…

    • Dennis Morales

      i have the amaze and this phone runs fast in certain parts but im still disappointed cause i barely run faster than a my touch 4g aint that some shit 

    • Jabombardier

      Obviously a lot of people are on the network? Because i was in south area of Philadelphia (Eastwick) and i was getting close to 8 mbps

  • We’ve had “4G” according to my phone (actually more like 3G – speeds don’t exceed 800 kb/s, but after years of EDGE, I’m not complaining) for a month now. Even so, when you pull up the coverage map, it shows 2G there. T-Mo, update your coverage maps if you want to steal other carriers’ customers. Verizon’s 3G in my town is not as fast as the 3G on T-Mobile.

    • Steve

      Same here. My T-Mobile Galaxy-S (3G) gets 2.5 Mbps whereas everyone I know with Verizon only gets about 800Kbps or at most ever 1.5Mbps. Even still though, I cant wait to get a Galaxy-S II cause 2.5 is too slow for me now, after using my friends GSII and my other friends Bionic, mine seems soooo slow. 4G here gets about 8Mbps on T-Mobile and about 17Mbps on Verizon. Although it looks like we will be getting the 42 network here soon so at that point it should be a little faster than Verizon. :)

  • Tatdude806

    And yet T-Mo still puts HSPA+ in cities and markets smaller than Lubbock, Texas… Sheesh, maybe I should switch to the big V…

    • ogopogo

      Curious – Have you done a price comparison recently?

    • Minioninnc

      I wouldn’t care if I only had 1G coverage, I wouldn’t switch to Big Red.

  • BigMixxx

    Ok, T mobile….Focus Daniel’son. 

    Expanding network capacity, this is good…Saturday’s sale is bad. 

    Focus on winning over those Metro PCS, Leap folks, and still customers from them.  Continue to chip away at the other part of the big 3, Sprint, ATT and Verizon — in particular Sprint — and steal thunder from them. 

  • Minioninnc

    It never seems to fail. They keep adding 4G when they don’t even have everyone on 3G. T-Mo, why do you keep doing this?

  • Magnum500s

    I live in the Los Angeles area and have a tmobile G2.  When I had Froyo my connection would move between H and E.  When I got Gingerbread it moves between “4G” and “2G”
    When it says H and “4G”  no matter where I am, the network type listed in the settings menu has always read “HSDPA”.   So my question is… Have I ever actually been on the Real 4G network??? 

    For all the people in HSPA + 4G areas either 21 or 42, when you are connected to those networks does it read “HSPA+” instead of “HSDPA” in the settings???  Doesn’t matter what city in the county I have never seen HSPA+ as the network i’m on…   Feeling bad about this… any input would help

    • P Bulger1

      From South Florida, Coverage is great.  4G works great.  All stores are open.  Boston, NYC, Chicago all 4G.  All super fast.  

    • GinaDee

      No.  Your device only has a radio capable of up to 14.4 Mbps and will never hit those 21 Mbps or 42 Mbps theoreticals.  The 4G symbol is a marketing stunt to make the dumber customers think they have 4G.  You are smarter than the average customer and are making the first right step by posting here.  

      Even the 2G symbol hides the areas in Los Angeles that fall back between GPRS and EDGE.  

  • Thomas

    dear t-mobile, Get 3g coverage to EVERYONE, then tout about your 4g…… service sucks just 12 miles north of Dayton Ohio….. will be leaving you soon…. thanks…

    • 123

      Haven’t you heard? Tmo wants to leave you sooner. 

    • David

      You think the Midwest is bad, the entire Eastern Coast of NC is lacking a 3G network. As of 3 months ago all the Tmobile retail stores closed down as well, Even Best Buy and Wal-Mart stoppped carrying Tmobile. Everyone knows coverage is just as if not more important than speed

    • Cundiff R

      thatall im asking for too, 20 miles east of columbus…..

  • JAX**

    In the Albuquerque there is 42mbps and in Rio Rancho we have 21mbps, weird how much larger cities don’t. Rio is not listed in the coverage map but the 4G is there.

    • Jabombardier

      Because the tower is somewhere else.

      • JAX**

        How? Towers only reach so far especially because I live at least 15 miles from the nearest listed tower that has 4G.

  • GinaDee

    Technically all T-Mobile has to do is enable two cell sites with HSPA + in any town and claim to have the city “lit up,” with 4G.  That’s why after you leave the metro area you are back to GRPS, EDGE or no service.   Many times even within the metro area phones will randomly fall back to 2G.  

    Last year T-Mobile claimed to have “over 200 million POPS,” covered with 4G.  Almost a year and 11 press releases later they still claim to have “over 200 million POPS,” covered.  

    By now T-Mobile should have its entire network covered with HSPA + 42 Mbps or 21 Mbps in areas where they only have 10 MHz of spectrum.  With no money from DT and the same “200 million POPS,” covered these press releases leave little to bolster any form of confidence in the networks ability to deliver.  

    We should not applaud these slow upgrades.  T-Mobile customers deserve better.  

    • Scarfacemario

      What the hell are u talking about all the tmobile cell sites I go to have 4g it just switches to 2g when your far away from a cite but if u leave ur phone on 4g only u wont have that problem at all

      • GinaDee

        T-Mobile is a national mobile phone service provider.  Each area is different.  But no not all cell sites in all “4G,” areas have HSPA + software enabled on them.  Even more damning is the fact that there are still many 4G panels that don’t even have enough backhaul to offer customers anything faster than 500 Kbps.   T-Mobile will still advertise “4G,” for these areas even though the user doesn’t get anything remotely close to “4G.”

        T-Mobile phones fall back to EDGE all the time not because you are far away from a cell site but because many 4G sites lack enough capacity to properly serve the area and the network tries to balance the load by throwing us back to 2G.  

        I still say that many of us loyal T-Mobile subs have been given the shaft and expect more from a company who demands 2 year contracts for switching rate plans. 

        • Jabombardier

          Don’t have that problem but then again I live in a major metropolitan area

        • Scarfacemario

          @Gina OK I understand you .. IM sorry to say this but here where I live Tmobile doesn’t have that problem our internet speeds are always 6-10 Mbps I live on a 21Mbps hspa+ I own a G2x by the way

  • Jdw97702

    So far the best speeds ive gotten as of today have been 1.81mbps down and 1.53 up. Wonder if thats the best im going to get or if they just havent fired it up yet???

    • Jdw97702

      In bend oregon btw

      • Jabombardier

        Some days it will be super fast and other days it will be slow. However speed tests don’t mean anything. Just surf the web and if you see that websurdinf is faster than before then you see improvement.

      • I’m still only able to connect to the HSPA network for a second before going back to UTMS. This is the same on all my TMO devices and friends in bend.

        • Let us know here in Bend if you can get on reliably.  My phone’s 3G only, pondering Galaxy Nexus.

        • Really? I thought your phone was a 4G ready phone? I would be giddy if HSPA works inside Bo

  • Guest

    Did anyone else think the title was confusing?

  • FauxG

    I’ve been in an area that has been 4G for over a year.  Still can’t hit 1 Mbps at work or home even with full bars.   This faux G network is getting pathetic. 

  • GS 2

    I live in San Diego and got down load speed up to 16 mbps, some time it when over 21 mbps.

  • kyle

    Benton Harbor? Really? I know Whirlpool is there but that is it. I don’t really see whirlpool with a TMO corporate plan. That is wasted network $.

  • nivek

    Half of DeKalb, IL has 4G in it, even though it was never announced. I’m getting like 6-8 Mbps on a Mytouch 4G. What’s even more surprising to me is that fact that T-mobile was the first carrier to bring 4G here, not even Verizon has it here yet

  • Tuliom Mesa

    Tmobile needs to do something about NYC and NJ, the congestion of data traffic is horrible, i got 800 ping during almost all of my speed test runs. And thats to the NYC server hosted by Tmobile.

    Idk but sometimes it makes it so hard to communicate  to the internet ._.

    • I understand your frustration… Hmm, don’t take this the wrong way, I’m sure you’re aware of this, since NYC provides so many services, but have you considered using wifi? It’s literally everywhere, even in parks. :)

      We can’t always rely on cellular Internet. The speeds depend on so many factors, unlike wifi, which is more stable, and less people hogging it.

  • Anonymous

    want galaxy nexus.

  • Scarfacemario

    Well at least there still expanding and upgrading there network I thought they stopped at least we know there still expanding :)

    • YouGuessedIt

      Under the terms of the deal with ATT, T-Mobile has to maintain appearances by keeping up the bare minimum amount of CAPEX into the network.  

      Most of that $$$ unfortunately goes to administrative and new Carly commercials.  T-Mobile’s claim to servicing “over 200 million POPS,” hasn’t changed since last year despite all the press releases touting new HSPA + markets.  That should tell you a lot and help you see between the smoke & mirrors. 

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering when another annoucnement was going to come out. I hope they keep thepromise of reaching my area by the end of the year!! (still in 2.5G area!)

  • booooo

    Why are they allowed to call it 4g when it’s not. Should be like 3.4g.

    • Scarfacemario

      Why is sprint allowed to call wimax 4g ? Its slower than T-Mobiles …. At&ts hspa+ is also called 4g

    • Uh… hspa+ speeds are on level with 4G LTE -____________-
      I guess you didn’t do your research now did you?

  • Still disappointed I get 1.5 in the south bay of San Diego, MAYBE up to 5 if I’m in the eastern burbs…

  • Pickle2345

    When if ever will it come to Conway, SC? Main thru fare to Myrtle Beach which already has it.

  • Danny

    Just in case you didn’t read the Tmobile sign, it says 4G “Network”, not 4G “Speed”. 

    From what I know in Los Angeles with a 4G Full Bar signal – with unobstructed views, you don’t get 4G speed just because you have a 4G signal.  Its was cool to see the speed in certain areas where they actually have better backhaul.  I am amazed that the speed slows down less than 1/1 mile and its slows down…

  • Danny

    Just in case you didn’t read the Tmobile sign, it says 4G “Network”, not 4G “Speed”. 

    From what I know in Los Angeles with a 4G Full Bar signal – with unobstructed views, you don’t get 4G speed just because you have a 4G signal.  Its was cool to see the speed in certain areas where they actually have better backhaul.  I am amazed that the speed slows down less than 1/1 mile and its slows down…

  • Mizzousnare12

    Why does t-mobile hate missouri?