Preview T-Mobile’s Commercial For “Magenta Saturday” Sale

T-Mobile just posted a sneak preview at their upcoming commercial for the “Magenta Saturday” sale. T-Mobile continues their holiday themed marketing with an elf and Carly discussing the upcoming promotion. Then Carly gets put on the naughty list. Sorry Carly, I guess it’s coal for you this year.

Check out the full pricing breakdown for T-Mobile’s “Magenta Saturday” after watching the commercial.

T-Mobile (price breakdown), YouTube


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  • Anonymous

    Can they do this sale again when the Galaxy Nexus comes out??

  • eriddler

    So if I have an old school Family plan (not value plan), I don’t get the price…nice.

    • Jacop_s

      Yeah I thought the whole point of the value plans was it
      gave you the best price because the phones were not subsidized, but they are
      getting a better discount then me on the classic plan.

      • tmotech

        This is exactly why T-Mobile needs to knock it off with all the confusing small print/this customer gets a discount here but not on the phone and oh let me break down the math for you BS, people just get confused and jump to the conclusion that they’re getting the raw deal.

        I’m not even gonna take the time to explain this to you guys, but suffice it to say, Value Plan customers will NOT be getting a better price on the phone than those on Classic or Grandfathered plans and are qualified for the full discount do, even with this sale.

        • TYLERDERK


        • tmotech

          Apparently, it IS confusing to a lot of people. Did you read the comments above mine? I understand the plans and pros/cons fine, but to a new customer or someone that’s not good with math, it’s more complicated that it should be. Plus with today’s consumers being as spoiled as they are, having two different types of plans like this give them one more thing to complain about.

          Value customer: “Wait, you mean I can’t get a good deal on a phone just because of what plan I’m on? Screw T-Mobile!”

          Classic customer: “Wait, you mean just because I got a discount on a phone my plan is 20 bucks more a month? Screw T-Mobile!”

        • Jacop_s

          I am looking at the gs2 or the amaze, so it is really a wash
          because I am paying $20 extra a month on those phones. I have to wait 20 months
          to save any money. That is not really a good deal in my eyes. It is not a
          matter of not understanding “math” for a lot of people this is not really a
          sale, so it comes across as a smoke and mirrors trick.

        • tmotech

          A reasonable response … except for the fact that during this sale, you
          get a $150 rebate card. So you’ll see your savings once you get your
          mail-in rebate, not 22 months. 

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Every since that Tmobile Behind the Scenes with Carly video, she’s been cool with me.  I got to see how she is when the camera is not on her and she’s MUCH cooler. Go Carly!!!

  • K

    Carly on the naughty list? hmmmmmmmmm….for some reason that sounds….. interesting.

    • AV

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that had this go through their mind.

    • Google search is your friend O_o

  • RoyC

    So What about the old customers ,same ol stuff -new line, 2 years contract blah,blah,blah
    You would think it was about time they gave something to clients who are already there-as a thank you
    Wouldn’t that be original !!!

    • Kristoff119

      This applies to existing customers within 18+ months contract tenure.

    • Anonymous

      What do you expect? TMO has already given you gift cards in the past. It’s a cell phone sale. Not a giveaway.

  • *Google searches Carly Foulkes*


  • James

    T mobil makes me sad

  • Billy

    With this ‘sale’ I can purchase a Samsung Galaxy S II for only $599!  I hope Tmobile has stock of this mobile, when I finally make it through the door on Saturday.  Go Tmobile!

  • TMO Fan…4 Now

    So how is this really a “sale” if you end up paying full retail price in the end? Maybe I’m just a little confused?

    • Naes 06

      The rebate–that’s where the savings come from.  In addition, if you are on classic, you save on the plan.

  • Cespdxxx

     So, maybe I’m not understanding this sale. I want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II. Why would I purchase the phone from T-mobile and pay $49.99 plus 20 monthly payments of $20 when I could buy it at Best Buy for $199? I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I really don’t understand how this is a good deal.

    • tmoer

      If buy it from best buy for that price you won’t be able to take advantage of the value plans.. which gives you a cheaper monthly cost that is offered thru best buy

      • tmoer

        Not offered buy Best Buy *

      • Cespdxxx

         Oh, thanks for the clarification.

  • Bklynman

    This all well and good if you want to change over to value plan,I don’t mind having under cont. Why is it
    we can’t a price break? The other night they had midnight madness sale,free phones! Guess who? New customers only! Iam due for upgrade since April,what do I get?$50.00 in a form a rebate card! Wow! Can I get refub.
    phone for free? No! What I been reading here,there last great super phone (before GS2)was HTC Sen.
    people are having problems with it anywhere from the speaker,to the os not working right! Now with 
    GS2,it didn’t come with wifi calling???? They are selling to new customers refub. HTC Sen for $99.00,
    don’t get me wrong I know I can get some nice mid range phones from for decent price,Exh2 for 29.99,The
    Radar etc.But why if I want high end phone I have paid anywhere from$200+ and get back $50.card!
    Like wow!

  • Travelinbruin

    The price of the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been raised $70….it used to be $529.99, now with this “sale”, it is $599.99 retail plus tax minus $150 rebate card so in reality you save around $75 after all is said and done.  It is still $75 saved but not as advertised.

    • Bklynman

      So since Iam in NYC,sale tax being like 9pct. it will bring the total to $654.00-150=$504.00!
      Wow,so if I fall for this so call sale,I save $25.00!!! I can’t wait unlit Saturday to get this great deal!
      Maybe I will see what att.can do for me! LoL!

      • Guest

        I didn’t check the math or price change of the above post, but your point of living in NY is irrelevant.  You still have to pay tax on the original price so your savings should be relatively the same…  $504 net for the sale, with a $577 price for the device ($529 + tax) regular price.  

      • Billy

        Don’t forget to add the NEW line activation fee in your calculation, if you are considering using the full rebate promo price.

    • Billy

      Don’t forget to include the activation fee in your calculation. 
      If you are a current customer; plan on adding a line, activation fee, commit to 2 years agreement, and a ClassicTalk+Text+Web plan or Web Service.

    • ahaha such a croc. i love how retail price can, literally, mean anything. 

  • Disgusted

    Ugh. I HATE these commercials. They make references to “faster than home internet” and “Goodbye computer”, when in reality these  phones need a computer for many updates, file transfers…etc. There is also the data cap, and the recommendation of using WiFi for streaming video because of the large amount of data used. And these smartphones, no matter how capable, have never been meant to be a replacement for your home computer and internet service. These commercials send the wrong message and just make the jobs of customer service impossible because now people will be calling in screaming that their speed is not faster than home internet, and “it says I can watch videos, why has my speed been reduced when I just got this phone two weeks ago”…etc. It will be a frigging nightmare more than it is already.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Agree. E.g. on my home computer my average use per month is about 60 GB. I watch Netflix streams, video on news sites, download files, upload files, and I use my phone on WiFi to download anything to my phone.

      It is totally BS that carriers advertise that a phone can replace a home Net connection. Of course I don’t think even the dumbest user falls for the carriers’ con. While many, many people are now using wireless talk at home, and ditching the land line, I am not aware of anyone (who has DSL or broadband available) using a cell connection as the sole basis to connect to the Net at home.

  • slightly off topic, but does anyone know what the story is with enabling a wifi hotspot on your device without the wifi hotspot add-on? i do it very infrequently at airports, etc to use my laptop and it works seamlessly and i love it, but i dont have a wifi hotspot plan with tmo. do they know i’m using it and they’re just too nice to charge me? i dont get how there could be such a huge loophole. thanks.

  • Erknnd

    I have used mine infrequently as  a hotspot over the last several months and never got charged on my bill.

  • GuessImaGuest

    Everybody seen what AT&T is doing for their T-Giving sale?  Smartphones for a penny.  Makes T-mob’s “sale” look “pale”.  Maybe when this merger crap gets wrapped up they’ll get back to competing .