Samsung Galaxy S 4G Upgraded To Android 2.3 Gingerbread

T-Mobile has just released a long-awaited software update for the Galaxy S 4G. The update brings Android 2.3 software version T959VUVKJ6 Gingerbread to the smartphone. Of course this update includes various improvements such as a Google Security Patch and Camera and Wi-Fi enhancements.

For Galaxy S 4G owners looking to receive the update, you must install the upgrade through Samsung Kies Mini Software. You’ll find the steps to perform the upgrade at the T-Mobile link below. Happy Gingerbreading.


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  • estrada

    What about the Vibrant?

  • Rashad

    what about the samsung vibrant 3g?

  • Josalgado12709

    Finally, can’t wait to get CM7 on this beast now :)

  • Dhsteeler


  • Anonymous

    Vibrant users: you’re prob out of luck.  You may have to upgrade or root to get the latest os version.

  • cilojunk

    way to go samsung!!!! prove us wrong o.O

  • Mvaughan06

    does anybody know if i would have a concflict doing this update coming from a custom rom?

    • Anonymous

      possibly you might want to revert back to stock but dont quote me on that. 

  • Anonymous

    That sucks, the Galaxy S 4g is almost identical to the Vibrant.  The vibrant should be getting gingerbread at the same time.

    • JustMike

      No upgrade for Vibrant is exactly why I am NOT buying a SGS2.

      • Anonymous

        Me too, I dont trust samsung to give timely updates or support their devices. they just care about putting out new phones.

        • Frigadroid

          Amen that!

      • Anonymous

        So true!

  • Action 6

    so  whats up with with the WIFI CALLING FEATURE on GS2?  software update was supposed to come yesterday. well another lie by TMO< first i was lied to about  FM TUNER and now no wifi calling update!

    • Frigadroid

      Don’t be surprised you should have took notes when I warned you not to ever believe a tmobile or samsung spokesperson without having it in writing then certified and notarized. (same goes for other carriers and manufacturers)
      I would love to replace my Vibrant, but since I’m not satisfied with any thing tmobile has to offer out of the box I’m not buying for now.

  • Guest

    Had this update 3 months ago – Vibrant users…just root your Ish’ no Updates for you…Rooters unite’

  • Bryan Sandoval

    Were’s the vibrant gingerbread, I’m already rooted though.

    • Guest

      You’re Rooted, and  you don’t have GB, have you though about Installing a custom ROM?

  • Jamar Eccleston

    sgs4g gb can be ported to the sk4g ;)  WIN WIN

  • Anonymous

    The vibrant is long in the tooth. You cant expect phones to get updated forever….if youre not willing to upgrade your phone, just root it

    • Anonymous

      It’s less than 1.5 years old… high-end phones should (IMO) be upgraded for the 2-yr. term of an average contract.

      • The fact is Samsung only upgrades phones for 1 major update. After that it doesn’t do any major updates. If you got Froyo and you want Ice Cream well then buy an Ice Cream phone. It’s to costly for them to put a bunch of developers on upgrading a phone that doesn’t make a profit anymore. Also they most likely heavily updated Touchwiz with the newer update so they feel like it’s a new phone and people that were used to the old UI might not like the new UI. 

        • Anonymous

          I’m not asking for ICS — but GB would be nice, if they’re releasing it for the 4G (a very similar phone, no?). Wouldn’t most of the development work already be done(?)

        • Epic 4G (Galaxy S on Sprint) got Gingerbread last week, so hopefully the Vibrant will get it too. 

        • Anonymous

          Say what about the UI??

      • Anonymous

        I hear you, but thats old in “phone years”…i owned a g2….that thing went end of life only having been out for barely a yr.

    • Aneftp

      The Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G are essentially the same phone. The Vibrant had the front camera removed on purpose by Tmobile. All the S 4G has is the missing front camera, hspa plus chip and and updated GPS chip since the Vibrant/galaxy S GPS were defective. Tmobile essentially discontinued support for Vibrant owners after 7 months after its release. (02/2012). Release date was 07/2011. That’s why Vibrant owners are pissed. Discontinuing support after 7 months. And AT&T Samsung Captivate and Epic 4G will get gingerbread. Who’s to blame? Tmobile or Samsung? The Galaxy S4G should have been released with gingerbread to began with since the source code was given by google 2 plus months before its release back in 11/2010.

      • Anonymous

        Hey im not saying its right….just the sad reality……youre right about the vibrant being gimped by tmo in the beginning tho….u can blame the mytouch 4g for that… being the flagship device at the time

    • Anonymous

      Yo getatme that’s just wrong to say and i must re-iterate what @4489d56563b8362b907fa93680a2a9f0:disqus has said.  The Vibrant is just a Galaxy S 4G minus a front camera and a faster radio.  Nothing more nothing less and it deserves the same attention.  Remove some lines of code from the update and apply it to the “Out Dated” device.

      But still, I saw this coming.

      • Anonymous

        Im not saying its right but thats the reality

  • Anonymous

    finally i really like this phone and it desperately needed some gb. 

    for vibrant owner… just upgrade with cyano what are you complaining about its been available for a long time,correct me if im wrong . Gs4g, as far as i can tell, never got cm7 so this update was really needed.

  • emdz

    Lets hope they release the kernel source code

  • Mark Hennessey

    Vibrant owners -“What just happened here?”

  • Diamond Prince

    I Tried Updating A Phone Before And It Didnt Work. Does Any1 Know If We Can Go In To A T-Mobile Store To Get This Update?

    • Kristoff119

      Some stores will assist you, but I would give it a try by downloading samsung mini kies. It works well.

      • Diamond Prince

        Okay cool thanks

  • Anonymous

    Carriers should support rooting and not void your warranty if you do it. If the manufacturer isn’t going to do it in a timely matter. Timely updates should be in your contract and you have the right to cancel if they take forever to update. I think thats fair; gingerbread for vibrant.

    • Anonymous

      well in all fairness they dont really have to update anything. You paid for a phone and its features..nothing guaranteeing an update. In other words…. buy a nexus

  • Mike

    If this update is good maybe I’ll return my Galaxy S2 and keep my S 4G until the nexus comes out. The galaxy s 4g was freezing and lagging to much.

  • How about the vibrant is it getting it??

  • Jordan

    God damn it! I’ll never be able to get it because I have a PPC.

  • I just posted my disappointment on the Samsung Galaxy S Facebook page about no GB for the original Vibrant.  I asked about GB a couple months ago and they promptly replied to me, telling me they were working on it, so hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

  • Anonymous

    This is the nail in the coffin with Samsung support. They won’t update an identical device?

    Samsung should have had the update for the Vibrant 3G first since they had more time…haha!

  • Tayysayshi

    what do i do if it says that the device does not support kies 2.0?

    • Kristoff119

      You are using samsung mini kies, not samsung kies, right? I ask because it is a common mistake.

  • Anonymous

    As a former Vibrant owner Im not at all surprised that it was skipped out on with this update. I saw it coming actually.

    Galaxy S 4G owners have yourselves a nice up to date device now…

    • MK Terra

      … Just in time for Ice Cream Sandwich’s release, sigh.  And unlike the Vibrant, the Galaxy S 4G is NOT supported by CyanogenMod.

  • Action 6

    heared update for GS2 will only come in NOV 2012, so i am not able to take advantage of free wifi calling on the GS2. sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kgrant_e2

    Thank you thank you. I’ve been trying to get my galaxy s 4g into download for two weeks and bam they release the update.Today i stand as a happy customer to bad for my wife and her vibrant. she probably end up updating her phone anyway.

  • SamFan

    I’m a Samsung fan and I started with a Galaxy S 3G and from a handset exchange with my pHp bundle T-Mobile gave me a Galaxy S 4G… With the Gingerbread 2.3.6 update gave me video chat from Google Talk and better battery life

    • Anonymous

      WTF Video Chat with Google TALK?!?  For some reason its not available on the GS2.

  • Tayysayshi

    Mini kies is saying its an unregistered device so I can’t upgrade. Any help?

    • VibrantKid

      sometimes pulling the sd card out of the phone might be able to recognize the device. i did that to a few of my phones in the past (vibrants and galaxies) and it has worked…try doing that..

  • squidycent

    yo I just upgraded and I have to say I’m really impressed so far. seems to have sped up the whole phone. really pleased with this upgrade, its given new life to my galaxy s 4g

  • Anonymous

    If you feel comfortable installing this through kies, installing a custom ROM or even Samsung’s own is basically the same.

    The vibrant has had this update for months. your phone is probably out of warranty anyway.

    • HandsomeSam

      Oh…so you dumb AND ugly. The Vibrant HAS NOT has this update OFFICIALLY. You can shove your unofficial ROMs where the sun don’t shine. ;-)

      • Anonymous

        Reading comprehension fail

      • kir

        what’s wrong with “unofficial roms”? they work way better than anything from the manufacturer in every way.

  • Jrzypnoi116

    Can anyone tell me if I can still do the update even if the phone is rooted? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I really wish there was a way to know which sold more, the Vibrant or the Galaxy S 4G…

    • Frigadroid

      It would have to be the Vibrant at over 1 million.
      My conspiracy theory on the latest Vibrant update fiasco. We could raise a stink and get all croc with them history repeated. Then they would say something bogus like we are working on it. Then after the new year they will say the holidays caused more delays and now the Vibrant is near to end of life and sorry will no longer be receiving any support.
      In other words same as before it is tmobile’s and samsung’s combined plan to continue to absolutely not update the Vibrant, so Vibrant owners will feel the need to upgrade to a new phone.

      • userofphones

        The Vibrant did get an upgrade from Android 2.1 to 2.2. That was a good upgrade and I did it to a Vibrant that I had. It just looks like that’s as far as Samsung is going to take it.

  • Fish

    El oh el. And people will still buy the SG2. I don’t get it. People say they care more about the hardware than the software, but when they don’t get the software they put up a stink. Why are you buying their phones?

    Nexus or bust. Otherwise it ain’t worth it.

  • bryan

    Saw this post last night it pissed me off so I contacted Samsung last night . Here’s our email exchange.
    Dear Bryan,

    Thank you for your correspondence. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    As of the moment, Samsung is unable to speculate when/if there would be any update might be available for your phone due to the fact that this might lead to inaccurate information and confusion.

    Should this become available for Samsung US handset, it will be posted on our website in the Samsung Download Center or you will be informed by you Service Provider.

    Do you have more questions regarding your Samsung Mobile Device? For 24 hour information and assistance, we recommend viewing the FAQs, Videos, How To Guides and other support materials on our Samsung Support website. It’s like having your very own personal Samsung Technician at your fingertips.

    Again, we thank you for comments and appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter. Have a good day.



    Technical Support

    The information was useful to me

    Satisfied 5 4 3 2 1 Not Satisfied * Please do not reply back to this email message as this email address is used for outbound messages only. * If you are not satisfied with the answer we provided, please click here * if you have a question on another product, click here

    my question is why hasnt this galaxy S phone received an upgraged os yet? All over verisons across various carriers of this phone have received their upgrade. I will surely no longer support your products if this capable phone does not receive the upgraded os like all other galaxy s phones. Futher proof that the phone is capable of the upgrade Showcase_Android_2.3.4_Instructions.pdf

    • kir

      you obviously can read and write so….follow simple instructions to root your phone instead of wasting your time writing emails to samsung and you would have this update months ago

  • T Johnson2485

    can someone help? I cant update i’ve tried everything

    • Anonymous

      Charge it fully 
      get off wifi and directly connect to moden ( wifi sometimes drops connection and update stops)
      turn off firewall 

  • Anonymous

    Great update phone is fast camera is much much better. 1 issue… phone has crashed 5 times in the past 24 hours for no reason….. really samsung ? it took you this long and the dam thing crashes ? 

    • Jacob M

      Wow I haven’t had that problem yet, but do a master rest on the phone and that should take care of that problem

    • Jacob M

      Wow I haven’t had that problem yet, but do a master rest on the phone and that should take care of that problem

  • Datruth63

    I upgraded my wife’s gs4g today.. I have to give it a thumbs up.. ran a quadrant standard before the update I was getting in the mid 800s to mid 900s with the update I’m getting close to 1400. Its updated to 2.3.6. The ui has a slight Makeover… overall the phone is much fluid then what it was before the update

  • Rey Flores

    T-Mobile Galaxy 4G: I upgraded my phone from FROYO to GINGERBREAD last night and let me tell you this thing seems to run faster, the icons in the home screen seem more vibrant, it’s like having a brand new phone!!! I upgraded using mini kies on my windows vista laptop and it took about 5 minutes tops. Did not run into any problems whatsoever. 

    • Jacob M

      I Just updated mine tonight, and i agree it is like haveing a new phone much much faster

    • Jacob M

      I Just updated mine tonight, and i agree it is like haveing a new phone much much faster

  • Morethanlife7

    Did anyone get a “Unsupported device” when trying to update? 
    Any ideas on how to remedy this?

    • Jordo1177

      I had to go to my old pc that is 32 bit windows instead of 64 bit windows.  I read somewhere that the Kies wont work in 64 bit.  
      The update really sped my phone up nicely though!
      Good Luck!

    • Jordo1177

      I had to go to my old pc that is 32 bit windows instead of 64 bit windows.  I read somewhere that the Kies wont work in 64 bit.  
      The update really sped my phone up nicely though!
      Good Luck!

  • Lbarcenilla

    upgrade is amazing. this will keep me content for awhile as i’ve been looking to upgrade my phone. thank you samsung and tmobile

  • warpwiz

    Who killed the Kies site. I get 404 when I try to go to the page. What alternative sites for this app exist?

  • Dzapal

    Does anyone know how this upgrade would work on VIBRANT T959. In my ABOUT PHONE I have:
    model number SGH-T959 (no “V”)
    firmware version 2.1-update1
    baeband version T959UVKA2
    kernel version 2.6.29
    build number ECLAIR.UVKA2

    let me know anyone at dzapal at

  • GeneEinAbottle

    The link for “mac users” brings you to a download for the vibriant (yes, i know its almost the same phone) but when I connect my Galaxy S it just gives me the “Unsupported device” message. I have tried all the suggestions on the blogs but nothing seems to work. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Jason Godfrey

    I’m disappointed they don’t have an update for the original (3G) Vibrant.

    • Rithasastar

      Me too! Im so not happy with Samsung.

    • Marcus L

      No gingerbread for me i get a message saying phone can`t be upgraded i tried everything & still get that message i just don`t get it somebody help!!!!

      • Jacob M

        You need Kies Mini to do the update

      • Jacob M

        You need Kies Mini to do the update

    • Lexaries2981

      Yes there is i got.the update before i had 5 vibrants over the last year 2 g2x and 2 mytouch 4g but i recall my last vibrant i had came with the update have you tried in.the menu option at the bottom that says update usually mine would say no firmware but i did it through kies and if your phone is not recognized i guess this is for the other posters u need a new driver which i found on the manufacturer website or Google kies but make sure obviously that its the real one and it.might recognized it also i don’t remember which phone it was but i had.the option to select a usb constant option ie.. Mass storage charge or the other one surprised that the.3g still works my boyfriend had mine and he had no problems he says its me and i just and break it 9 phone in 1 year and no never tried to jail break until my mytouch 4g stopped working and i.dropped t mobile as a carrier i was so disappointed with them been with them.since 05 i still had fave 5 but rhetorically vibrant 3 surprised me it has been dropped in a bath and a port a potty and still works . Personally after the potty i would have left it but my man he is a contractor so he said he has delt with worse so Ewwwwww hope with All my rambling it helps someone Im a jack of all traids and a master of none.( really having to use the original saying i am a master of a lot which i.suprise myself sometimes) Im impatient and don’t like waiting on anyone else to do it for me so i just do it myself HTC evo was having issues with the power button and it was being depressed because the internal button was not made long enough.but my girl.was.gonna.spend 100 to.get it fixed which is.bull.its.about 2 months.old hello factory warranty on defective parts but they told her there has not been.enough complaint which Google it yes everyone is having the issue but ok end of story i just removed the outer.power button sure.she has to press other with her nail but it would not even.turn on anymore but now its just fine

  • can the vibrant be upgraded 

  • userofphones

    I just did the upgrade to 2.3 and it took 2 tries. I got an error message the first time, telling me to pop the phone’s battery out and try again. So I tried again and it upgraded perfectly the second time. The new version of Android is 2.3.6. (The old version was 2.2.1.)  I checked with Quadrant and Smartbench before and after, and got some interesting results:

    The good news: Quadrant score increased from 999 to 1545!

    The bad news: Smartbench scores dropped from P994/G2216 to P786/G1728.

    Weird! The updated phone seems to run perfectly and nothing seems to have changed beyond the Android version.

  • I tried to upgrade mine but i got so many errors. Maybe the software itself needs an update.

  • lol

    the update works but ive had 2.3 runnuing on my galacys4g for almost 6 months I thought this would be an update to GINGERBREAD!

  • Mr. Awesome

    Just recently switched over to android from blackberry and this update was by far the easiest update I have ever done on a phone. went smoothly and fast.

  • Carloshtl

    I have Samsung galaxy vibrant 4g rooted and unlocked, can I upgrade and keep it root and unlock? or can I root and unlock after upgrade?

  • Ellering59

    sorry im just soo confused but where do i go to download the upgrade to actually upgrade my phone!?! could somebody please give me the link?

  • killabee313rd


  • karly

    will this delete any of my contacts,pictures.etc,?