T-Mobile’s Next myTouch Devices Will Be Made By…Huawei

T-Mobile’s myTouch line is their staple line and it all kicked off with the original myTouch, from HTC back in 2009. Skip forward two years and LG takes over with a pair of phones under the myTouch brand. Now, in 2012, T-Mobile will introduce Huawei as the next manufacturer for the myTouch.

We’re looking at two Gingerbread-powered devices, the U8680 and U8730, two identical devices save for the keyboard. Both phones sport a WVGA 800×480 resolution and that’s about all we know spec wise.

Huawei might seem like a strange-choice for T-Mobile to bring to the myTouch name, however, don’t discount Huawei’s global presence and size in the Chinese market. Huawei continues to become more of a recognized name in the United States so it’s likely we’ll see more devices, including higher-end offerings reach the T-Mobile and AT&T network in the future. Perhaps we’ll see another Huawei-branded device in the future? Hint hint.

T-Mobile’s myTouch entries aren’t typically higher-end offerings, geared more toward the “family,” with enough features to offer the true smartphone experience but not too many features to distract from T-Mobile’s truly high-end smartphones. Expect to see these devices land sometime in the second quarter of the year at an “affordable” price.


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