T-Mobile’s Next myTouch Devices Will Be Made By…Huawei

T-Mobile’s myTouch line is their staple line and it all kicked off with the original myTouch, from HTC back in 2009. Skip forward two years and LG takes over with a pair of phones under the myTouch brand. Now, in 2012, T-Mobile will introduce Huawei as the next manufacturer for the myTouch.

We’re looking at two Gingerbread-powered devices, the U8680 and U8730, two identical devices save for the keyboard. Both phones sport a WVGA 800×480 resolution and that’s about all we know spec wise.

Huawei might seem like a strange-choice for T-Mobile to bring to the myTouch name, however, don’t discount Huawei’s global presence and size in the Chinese market. Huawei continues to become more of a recognized name in the United States so it’s likely we’ll see more devices, including higher-end offerings reach the T-Mobile and AT&T network in the future. Perhaps we’ll see another Huawei-branded device in the future? Hint hint.

T-Mobile’s myTouch entries aren’t typically higher-end offerings, geared more toward the “family,” with enough features to offer the true smartphone experience but not too many features to distract from T-Mobile’s truly high-end smartphones. Expect to see these devices land sometime in the second quarter of the year at an “affordable” price.


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  • charlieboy808

    so when did myTouch turn in to a shit design… lol

  • Bubonik

    This is just rediculous. Huawei? What about the HTC one series…

    • jonathan3579

      Ridiculous how? I can almost guarantee you Huawei is a better choice over LG.

      Secondly, the HTC One-series has nothing to do with this post! If you want to ask questions related to those phones then maybe you should post on those topics. 

      • stoneyjonez

        Agreed. This has absolutely nothing to do with the HTC One at all.

        • Bubonik

          The one series is a superior line that would have transformed the “mytouch” brand into a high quality marker. Not a cheapo line.

        • jonathan3579

          But that would ruin the One-series. HTC is wise to not mess with what they’ve introduced.

      • Please shut up

        Garble garble garble, get off your high horse about LG. LG= company that’s been around for a long time and has brand recognition, Huawei= garbage company that makes historically garbage phones (i.e. the Tap and the Comet). Not many people will by this but many people would buy the recognizable LG name. Now take a seat.

        • guest

          LG is garbage. The only thing they are good at is appliances lol! You shut up, douche

        • jonathan3579

          Get off my high horse? The Huawei Ascend has mad a lot more ground in the developer community than any LG phone. Guess what, Huawei even released a Ice Cream Sandwich beta for users and modders alike. LG has a reputation for appliances and TV’s. Do you believe all devices LG has made are worth mentioning? Why don’t you do yourself a favor and walk away before I find more ways of making you look misinformed and unintelligent.

      • Matthew Thompson

        Huawei devices are not that great. To be fair the only phones I’m familiar with are the Tap and the Comet, and the LG devices have been trouble since day one.

        • jonathan3579

          They have good devices. Just because the carriers over here buy crappy devices from them does not mean they are not a great company.

    • Wilma Flintstone

       Whats ridiculous is that you can’t even spell “Ridiculous”…

  • jonathan3579

    This is a good thing. It seems as though T-Mobile (might have) learned that LG is a terrible company when it comes down to support and updates. I look forward to these phones even if they’re not for me.

    • PimpStrong

      So do you think these are simply meant to give the LG versions the boot or is this what TMO feels that consumers want?  More of the same but a different manufacturer?

      • jonathan3579

        I feel like it might be. All the things that I read regarding the LG versions are okay at best so that’s not saying much, lol. I used to love the myTouch line but it’s fallen from grace.

    • Please shut up

      Do you have a learning disability?
      A few things:1) This article has NOTHING to do with LG so like in your other comment please stay on topic.(but since you bought it up)
      2) You can’t honestly make a reputable argument showing that Huawei is a superior company to LG in any way.
      3) You can’t expect to get updates on a such a low tier device with any amount of immediacy, like anything else you get what you pay for.

      • Robert Beier

        Well….LG is mentioned in the article, which is about the MyTouch series…which is currently made by LG…so how is this NOT about LG??

        • jonathan3579

          Thank you! I’m glad that someone removed the comment even though I got the email from the downright derogatory remark that was made. :-/

  • Elykoncl

    This is ridiculous because Huawei is under investigation by the FBI for cyber crimes! DUMB MOVE!


  • Trablezie

    Hmmm,I love my mytouch 4g slide,to me,htc did a good job on it,don’t know why lg even made the ones this year,now its going to be made by huawei this year,hmmm we shall see if its as good as htc.

  • Akulamenuri

    They really need to stop with the Mytouch series of phones and software and just have full-fledge devices running the newest version of Sense like the HTC One S and One X.

    • Robert Beier

      The HTC One S will be on T-Mobile…so it’s not like they are choosing the MyTouch line over others. 

  • The_Connection

    Had the T-Mobile Comet (as a warranty replacement for the infamous Motorola Cliq) and it was horrible. If this is the direction, thank god I am locked with my S2 for the next couple of years.

  • baopham

    So long as these are cheap I think it should be ok.  Gingerbread though….

  • Godson1227_Barry

    So the “Mytouch” is mid-range exclusive now its seems. So I guess the “G Series” are the high-end?…interesting.

    • None

      I think the ONE-series is going to be the high-end now

  • PimpStrong

    Hey T-Mobile, Huawei has introduced some high end stuff by the way.  You don’t HAVE to settle for this out-dated stuff.

    How are these any different than the current LG Mytouches?

  • Dublin39

    oh great we are going with chinese crap now cant wait wait until my contract ends im going over to verizon. dont we have american companies????

    • Ryan

      HTC is from Taiwan and LG is from Korea. 

      • guest

        You’re point?! Taiwanese/Korean tech in the new Japanese tech. Keep up, slowmo! Chinese make garbage stuff now. Maybe in 20 years, it will be different.

    • PimpStrong

      Dude you’re gettin’ a Dell.

      • None

        Venue Pro was ahead of its time

        • Wilma Flintstone

           Wow I completely forgot about that phone.

    • 67_390_coupe

      So which American phone manufacturer are you going with? Yeah… good luck with that one.

    • Aaron Tant

      not sure I follow.  With no American manufacturers and Verizon tied to Vodafone (England), how is going there going to help?

    • Bklynman

      I know you will get Iphone right? American company right? USA all the way! But wait! That right,the Iphone is made where? China that right! No there are no American cell phones makers.

  • maruichan

    I owned the Mytouch3g and now the 4g… this stinks… I just use whatever is the latest anyway

  • Huawei phones are terrible! Worst phones i have ever owned! U can pack watever software and hardware into them and load as many apps as u would like to make them look more appealing they still would be a crappy phone!

  • dduran

    I disagree with Tmobile on this decision, bad enough Huawei has crap reputation, how do you even pronounce their name? Oh wait!

    Who cares?!

  • Get_at_Me

    This makes sense when you think about it. Tmobile is starting to align itself with the rest of the world regarding highend devices. Which means its not bastardizing them or trying to use an existing brand as a “substitute” device for something ppl really want. Wise to move their mytouch brand to a smaller player to make room for the likes of HTC Ones, GS3s and Optimus of the world. Would you rather have a custom skinned decently specd htc mytouch or a pure HTC One X?

  • Rosario

    Sigh, Ive always wanted Tmobile to release two phones, one with a keyboard and one without. I was just hoping they would be high end. My contract form G2 is up in August so if theres no high end keyboard phones out by then, guess Im gonna have to start training myself to only use the touchscreen.

    • PimpStrong

      I was like you once.  Now, with my GS2 I don’t even type anything in landscape because my phone is that big.  If its accuracy your worried about then worry not because the stock ICS keyboard is crazy accurate.  Far more accurate than SwiftKey.

  • JQuest

    I felt at the time HTC’s versions of the MyTouch were high end, especially with the 4g… Mine still runs great! of course HTC isn’t known for making very many garbage phones. While I’m sure folks will buy these for the name, I don’t think they should jump OEM’s every year. This series is kind of like T-Mo’s money phone and it could be even more of a hit if they just stuck with one manufacturer that can build a quality mid-ranger.

    I am however glad that they are at least keeping it alive, as it’s one of the only lines out there where you’ll at least have a choice between a physical keyboard vs touch screen. Naturally these phones need to at least have the current version of Android as it’s no excuse why ICS shouldn’t be on it. :-) 

  • Youngt82

    I noticed the status bar looks aosp gb hmm, but anyways these mytouch devices are for the kids and teens now  so i definitely dont see me buying them ever again smh@t-mobile once again

    • None

      “Kids and teens” do not want this myTouch or even Sidekick crap… these days the kids have the same high-end taste as the rest of us.

  • Deadeye37

    I actually wouldn’t mind this, just so long as the new MyTouch is the Huawei Ascend D Quad that was just released at MWC.  Now that’s one sexy piece of hardware I wouldn’t mind touching :)

    • PimpStrong

      The D Quad is a sleeper and I really hope we get it since the two companies have a relationship.

      • jonathan3579

        Man, after going Galaxy Nexus it will be A LOT harder to buy T-Mobiles bloated handsets. :(

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Yes it is.  The D Quad XL is better than alot of the phones out now and it’s coming with Stock ICS and TMo 1700 Bands

  • Ryan

    Unless these are photoshopped, they seem to be running sense and have a nice HTC form factor. Although I may be wrong seeing how the menu and home button are swapped. 

    • Vim

      I was thinking something similar.  They look like cheap HTC knock offs… 

    • baopham

      Thats clearly not sense.  The Notification bar is wrong and the sense 3.6 and 4.0 docks are close but not exactly like that.

      These phones aren’t unattractive if the build quality is reasonable, if they come with 1GHZ cpus and decent graphics and if they are sold cheap or free I think this is a good move.  

      Think of these phones are replacing the Exhibit II 4G and the Comets in the lineup.

      • Ryan

        I was comparing it to the HTC slider. Almost looks identical (form factor and the bottom icons on the screen) with a couple features on the bottom that remind me of the sensation. 

  • Jamal Adam

    Oh!! That horrendous grill. Man! They need to stop and understand that it is really ugly.

    • None

      first thing I noticed too.  lol

  • Nickts1989

    Im interested to see Huawei make a presence in the US market with higher end phones. Their past phones here havent been great in my opinion and I overlooked them.
    I’m surprised though that T-Mobile hasn’t gotten a myTouch line with Samsung as the manufacturer. But when they make all latest the nexus phones it makes sense I guess. 

    • PatheticLoser

      Interested? They’ll be garbage. Because Huawei is garbage. The only device I’ve seen worth anything from them is the Springboard, which has held up pretty well. 

      • jonathan3579

        Huawei’s Springboard was just a taste of what the company can do. All their upcoming devices will blow a lot of upcoming phones out of the water. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when the reviews are in.

  • How come they didn’t get the quad core phone announced at the MWC with their own home brewed processor ?

  • Elvis

    we can live with average hardware and huawei’s lack of positive reputation, but gingerbread?  for heaven sakes, it’s 2012!

    • what are you talking about there running ice cream sandwich out of the gate

      • Bklynman

        No Elvis is right. It’s GB they are running with these 2 phones,read what David wrote again. 

  • Elvis

    finding cheaper and cheaper OEMs (from HTC to LG to Huawei) certainly make sense from a business standpoint — but this phone just won’t sell, period

  • JBLmobileG1

    Is it just me or does it seem they are trying to kill the mytouch line? They keep going with crappie manufacturers after HTC was through with them. LG and now Huawei. While some of Huawei phones may have impressive specs for the price… the company in general has a bad wrap. They also seem to be famous for making phones for prepaid companies such as Cricket. Why even bother with the mytouch line anymore if your not going to improve upon it?

  • 19fonzy

    HTC > LG > Huawei

    They just keep on downgrading

    • None

      good.  mytouch should go away

  • JamesJamesJ

    lol! huawei? tmobile is better of killing the mytouch line…its never been great.
    huawei is horrible

    • jonathan3579

      You guys seriously need to disregard the former Huawei handsets before bashing the company. This isn’t gonna be their debut devices but the Ascend P1, P1 S, and Ascend D Quad will rival Samsung Galaxy S II phones. Watch!

      • Jjbadd385

        HTC MyTouch handsets are the only ones I would own…and do. I have currently 3 mt4g and my brother has an LG mt4g and its just awful. I dont know about this next group, but Im already sure Id rather have the HTC branded ones like i have now..

  • CryptoNoel

    Panasonic is next, watch!

    • None

      Sanyo might give them some competition

  • Btsay

    Not surprising since T-Mobile allowed Version to take over the android market with much better phones.

  • BigMixxx

    Huawai now has a national carrier partner.  Make MyTouch phones….

    But people are straying away from MyTouch.  I thought T mobile had this vision thing going.  Not good.  just may as well kill the line…..

  • Dudznyc

    these mytouch phones are just as ugly as their fucking names.

  • Thismainevent

    Oh here we go again…please tmobile ,Sony Ericsson please you tools!

    • jonathan3579

      You mean Sony. ;)

      • StonersLane

        You mean Sony Mobile.

    • None

      I do not understand why they are so under-represented in the US. 

  • jonathan3579

    Hmm, I’m also just noticing the keyboard only has the front facing camera. I don’t get the varying specs with the myTouch line anymore. (I’d think a simple keyboard option and touch screen only would suffice without something like a front facing camera being omitted.)

  • Wilma Flintstone


    I like Huawei more and more everytime they announce something *Erm* Huawei just partnered with Tizen *Erm*  and The Ascend D Quad and Quad XL are possibly two of the Best Android phones coming this year and they have 4.5 inch displays, Tmo’s 1700Mhz Frequency, MicroSD Card Slots AND they are coming with STOCK ICS!!!

    I’m all for Huawei.  They used to be bottom barrel but now they are coming out swinging.

  • tapmaster

    Tmobile on Wednesday: We have a new “Challenger Strategy.”  Also, We’ll “focus” our handset
    lineup to stop confusing our customers with unknown brands.

    Tmo-customers: Yeah!!

    Tmobile on Friday:  Our namesake handset is now going to be made by Huawei.

    Tmo-customers: *facepalm*

  • Could it be?? Has the chin returned??

  • WillieFDiaz

    Thought TMobile wanted to move to trusted brands and away from unknown brands… huawei isn’t exactly a well known trusted brand.

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    As a user of a really sweet ***HTC*** MyTouch 4G (Best phone I’ve EVER owned!) I say…

    OH HELL NO!!!!!!!


  • Guest

    The MyTouch line keeps going downhill!

  • phunk

    Don’t understand all the gripe? Huawei is kinda like Hyundai in the US. In the past, they were pretty shitty, but they’ve moved up the chain quite a bit. Phones like the quad D and tablets like the MediaPad line have proven to be strong devices for an afforable tag. These phones aren’t supposed to be top of the line. Wait for the One series and GS3 and some more power houses in the future.

    • jonathan3579

      Someone with some sense. :)

      • None

        That would be HTC  :)

        • jonathan3579

          I see what you did there…and I approve!

  • weinerschnitzelboy

    I actually think this might be a step up from the LG myTouches. Maybe this will be better than the LG ones!! It actually looks like one of the HTC type myTouch devices they used to make. 

  • steveb944

    Thanks, I’ll make sure to not buy a myTouch now. I refuse to buy a phone from China, I just can’t support this company no matter how hard I try

    • None

      What phone could you possibly be using that is not from China?

      • steveb944

        That is true, I should have specified, a company based in China and their products. There should be some manufacturer out there that doesn’t make their devices in China…SOMEONE

        • Samsung and LG products are made in South Korea, not China. HTC products are made in Taiwan, with a few Asian-specific models made in China as well.

        • J-Hop2o6

           I think he’s trying to say a company with ties to the Chinese Gov’t. That’s the main issue with the US Gov’t and Huawei.

  • Techie

    The MyTouch line went from being top-of-the-line to something pretty shitty right now :/ and it’s not getting better.

    Way to go T-Mobile…you ruined your flagship device.

    When is T-Mobile going to learn than the high-end, expensive devices are the ones that people want? Just look at the iPhone and it’s success……many people would rather pay a high price for an amazing phone over a low price for the crap we’re getting now (LG MyTouch comes to mind).

    • Nox0202

      The only thing is, less than half of cell phone users use smartphones. So the majority of a minority buy the highest end phones. T-mobile is trying to get the majority of cell phone users who still use feature phones to buy, that is why cheaper phones like the Nokia Lumia are selling so well.  But yeah… I had the mytouch 4G and loved it. The LG version is crap, I tried it and just couldn’t buy.

      For existing smartphone users…Most of us want the best features, so We will buy the high end stuff. 

  • None

    Sure.  Why not.  If LG did not effectively kill off the myTouch line, why not let Huawei

  • None

    …until proven guilty?

  • With the controversy surrounding Huawei and its links to the PLA, I will never touch a device from that company and tell my family and friends the same.

  • StonersLane

    I can live with it. The MyTouch made by lg were like an oversize TMobile Comet. It’s plain terrible.

  • Mamons83

    I lost my first mytouch 4g, had to replace it with, the crappy ass LG on I had!!

  • TechHog


    Next, they’ll be made by some random Chinese rip-off company.

  • Deff

    no FFC on the left one… and they’re “identical”? Not the phone for me.. but still. Confusing concept to grasp.

  • I don’t think they look so bad at all. Quite attractive. Reminiscent of earlier HTC Android phones. Huawei isn’t a small company by the way, just to let you know. They have just been more low key in the American market.

  • I like it. It’s cute. I’ve had the MyTouch 3G & I liked it for the most part. 

  • mytouchmyself

    There was never an HTC myTouch that wasn’t worth buying. The 3g slide is probably the closest thing to that, but it still had a niche. There were people who would choose it over the other phones available based upon its merits. The LG myTouches are a little different. Theoretically, there’s not a lot to place a myTouch by LG over an Exhibit II. The genius button is still better than google voice search, but if you don’t need the genius button… well, there’s not much left to win on.

    This is the final stage of infection. Huwawea cannot design a device on par with LG. This will be worse. The name “myTouch” was a horrid idea. The phone is soon to live up to the name.

  • Mattcat03

    Tmo shoud create a new line instead of “my touch” rather “out of touch”

  • Jason Turner

    I still would rather have my rooted HTC Glacier (original Mt4g)…after the HTC ones..there have been no others….

  • Jioprince

    Panasonic is releasing nice lines of phones in Japan…Although, Japanese companies are late in the smartphone game, I think they will eventually be better than their Korean & Chinese counterparts.

  • Leslie Carmichael

    There is no middle finger big enough to show my contempt for the Huawei QWERTY Mytouch.  As someone who kinda liked the design of the HTC Status, I could forgive a lot of its failings, but I could never forgive putting the backspace button in anyplace other than the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. Anybody with keyboard training knows that’s always where the backspace goes, but instead, I’d end up hitting the P key. This Huawei QWERTY commits the same sin, which is unforgivable to me. 

  • Jim Jiang

    I just find it funny how people are bashing Huawei on this. I would like to say, most of these coments are by sense less white bastards. Well, Huawei has changed their style, from being crap, (about 2008 era) to being decent and a good company that makes decent products. The Springboard is a decent tablet, and is made by Huawei. People  saying Huawei makes their phones in China is being irrational, Apple makes their iphones and ipads in china. Samsung will start making NAND Flash memory in China, If someone can find me a phone with NO COMPONENTS(inc’l cables) made in china, this arguement is basically saying, im a dumbass and huawei is shit b/c its made in china. Well, If the iphone is made in china and is one of the best selling phones ever made. Ive had worser electronics than what huawei made, some of my microsoft stuff beaks within the first month, therefore all microsoft products are bad, so there. Then i will say that the keybord thing is bad,