Have You Purchased A Nokia Lumia 710? If You Can Say Yes, You Get A Free Cover

There are times when I believe a carrier or manufacturer goes above and beyond to do something nice for their customers — and this is one of them. Nokia has just dropped a note in our inbox directing us to a special website for Lumia 710 owners (or owners on or before March 31st) offering a free Xpress-On cover, just to give your phone a little more personality. To claim your Xpress-On back cover, head over to nokiacolorcover.com. From there, you’ll enter your name, mailing address, date of purchase, IMEI number, and your choice of any color, so long as its yellow, fuchsia, cyan and white. Me, I went with Cyan. The cover is absolutely free and should take about 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The only catch is that you must have purchased your Lumia 710 at a participating T-Mobile retail store or T-Mobile dealer store in the 50 United States, Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia.

A pretty nice giveaway from Nokia don’t ya think?


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  • Rclubine

    I just bought for the valentine sale.

  • Eric

     Cool deal.

  • pm-9hurrdurr

    im sorry, “no” because im still waiting for that SGS3 or idk the tmobile 4gx of whatever.

    • Irishgreendavis

      HTC One X EVO varient(HTC jewel) on Sprint this summer is what I’m waiting on…I will admit the lumia is a sexy phone tho

  • BigMixxx

    the are REALLY pushing this thing…

    • MacRat


      Seems like they are trying to keep people from returning the phones or something.

      • David

        Nice try trollbut you failed big time.

  • Awesome.  I saw someone selling the pink battery covers on ebay for $70.  Good luck for them on selling that now, lol.

  • iTried

    This is pretty cool props to Nokia!

  • Taron19119

    @David Beren can u make a video or story on how to start/make a website u have a good website and I like to start a website but cant find out how

  • Deaconclgi

    I just submitted my request for the Cyan (blue) cover. Nokia did something similar with their E73 Mode, giving a free Navigation Kit that had the car holder and other accessories. I took advantage of that one too. :)

    My black 710 will look mighty spiffy in 4-6 weeks!

  • Dboy

    no…. can I still get a cover thou?

  • Peter

    Very cool. Sucha great phone and realy enjoying the OS and how fast and smooth it works. I got black one so I guess I will get white color cover to have both colors. :)

  • Apollo66

    go nokia. Good stuff. 

  • David LaFleur

    White 710 with the Sky Blue cover. Thanks Nokia!!! Get Tmo the L-900 now please.

  • Thanks to Nokia, woohoo.  Got a white one for my wife’s white 710, good stuff.

  • Landmarkcm

    Already got the blue looks good on my white Lumia.  I paid like 20 bucks though lol from online. Cool deal though. Getting the yellow as well. Glad they are promoting the phone & it’s doing well.

  • I got all these covers from Expansys last week lol! :) Well all of em’ except the red one. 

    • tmotech

      I guess you know which cover to pick as your free one, then ;) lol

  • Cashman

    4-6 weeks on shipping? Free is great, but it’d be nicer if it was shipped out a little faster


      I guess you cant please everyone. Even when it is free you have to complain. 

      • JQuest

        I know, right? They need to find a way to blacklist people like this. “Sorry Cashman, you failed to meet our eligibility requirements…”  :-)

    • eliteconcept

      Good, cheap, fast you ONLY get 2 of the three.

  • Lumialover

    Off Topic(Sort of): does any one know if the lumia 900 will be coming to tmobile? my contract ends on 3/27 but i wouldn’t mind wating until may to get it. if anyone has any factual information please post it along with the link to where you got that info. Thanks

  • Purplemac

    you have to send in the original upc code but if you already sent it (upc) in for t-mobile rebate your screwed. 

  • x1

    WHAT GIVE? tired this today and their website display ”
    There are no current promotions running for the purchase date given.”

    promotion won’t end till 31st.

  • already got the pink and yellow color plus my phone is whit it goes great with it also getting the yellow one yay they company is awesome go nokias